tagErotic Horror"Friendly" Undertaker

"Friendly" Undertaker


CAUTION: This is a story about Necrophilia. If you get grossed out easily, you probably shouldn't read this. It's a story about something pretty disgusting, even to me.


Nathan Manning was distraught. Carmen, his beautiful and beloved young wife, had slipped in the bathtub, struck her head and drowned, and he and everybody in her large family already missed her terribly. In addition to the loss of his bride of only a few months, he was going to need to spend a lot of money for her memorial services and funeral.

Since the young couple was just starting their married life, and money had been so tight they had decided to delay buying some things they felt they wouldn't need right away. One of those things was life insurance. He couldn't possibly afford the thousands of dollars a decent service and funeral would cost, but he also didn't want the approbation that he would have to endure from her family if he buried her too much on the cheap.

Nathan spoke to a friend who made a suggestion. "I've heard of a brand new mortuary in town, named O'Dell's Funeral Parlor, where they provide good services for low prices. Maybe you should look into them."

"An undertaker named O'Dell? The name sounds familiar for some reason, but I don't know where I might have heard of them. I've been looking at some other places, and they all charge an arm and a leg. Thanks, I'll check out O'Dell's."

With some trepidation, Nathan went to the new establishment and was very pleasantly surprised at how low their prices were and at the friendliness of the owner. The coffin and other items related to internment were at least the same quality as they had been at other establishments, but at half the price. When he showed Myron O'Dell the photo of his late wife, which would be needed for her final preparations, he was even more surprised at the deep discount that was offered to him. It was also gratifying that Carmen's memorial services and burial could be paid for in easy installments. Every other place he had been insisted in cash up front.

Nathan and Mr. O'Dell came to a cordial agreement, shook hands and signed a contract. According to it, the earthly remains of the bereaved man's wife would be picked up that same day from the coroner's office by Mr. Odell's hearse. All due and proper respect would be paid to them, and they would be lovingly prepared for viewing, followed by a dignified memorial service and burial in her family's plot in two days. After the contract had been signed and hands were shaken, Mr. O'Dell smiled, happy in the knowledge that he would be able to help another grieving fellow human being at the time of his need.

He smiled even more that afternoon when he beheld the body of the dead woman after she was brought to his funeral parlor from the city morgue. The full length photograph had shown her to be beautiful and desirable but, when he saw her in person, He was even more infatuated. Myron ordered the truly delectable corpse brought to his well-lighted embalming room and placed on a large marble table, so he could immediately begin working on her remains.

He always kept pillows available, so the dead people left to his care would be comfortable. His employees thought that was a weird idea, but none of them ever made any objection, since they just worked there. On that particular day, they did not work there, at least not on this special subject. Usually, he would have had at least one assistant but, for his initial processing of the charming and curvaceous Carmen, he had to be alone with her. He placed one pillow under the beautiful dead woman's head so her face would be propped up and he would be able to see it; another pillow would be used later.

The first thing he did after everybody else had left the room was lock the door, so nobody would interrupt him when he was doing what had always been his primary reason for choosing his profession. With nobody there who might have disapproved of his activities, the mortician stood beside the table and started to work. When he began, she was still wrapped in a sheet from the coroner, but even that loose cover couldn't hide her gorgeous body. Like a boy unwrapping an expensive Christmas present from his doting grandparents, Myron eagerly removed the sheet and discarded it, leaving the late Carmen Manning lying on his work table in all her glorious nudity.

Almost drooling, and with his cock already stiff in his carnal anticipation, he admired her breasts, which would have been jutting in life, but were still large, even though relaxed into soft mounds. With an attitude that was almost reverent, he held one of the succulent globes in either hand and leaned over to start licking their dark brown nipples. They were cold, of course, from her body having been in the refrigerator at the coroner's office, and soft as cotton balls, but they were exactly what he wanted in a sex partner.

"You are so beautiful, my dear Carmen," he murmured to her, not expecting an answer and not getting one.

Myron continued licking the dead woman's nipples for several minutes, his mouth alternating between them. When the time seemed right, which was something only he could have known, he drew one of the lovely, light brown globes into his mouth and sucked on it. Once again, he switched his mouth back and forth between the luscious orbs, until he decided it was time to go lower on her body. With the utmost gentleness, his mouth licked and nuzzled its way between her succulent breasts and down her belly until he reached her navel, and swirled his tongue in and out.

As a young modern, Carmen had kept her pussy clean shaven and, apparently, she had used her razor shortly before her death, because the next part of her body to attract the attentions of the friendly undertaker was as hairless as that of a baby. He stepped to the end of the table and pulled her unresisting body toward himself until her shapely ass was hanging partly over the end.

The same pillow was quickly positioned under her head so he could look at her face, and the other one was placed on the corner of the table so she rested on it. Carmen would not fall off, because her admirer draped her legs over his shoulders after sitting on the metal stool he kept there for those times that he had a beautiful body to work and dally with, such as the one he had that day.

Sitting down, he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her legs so his fingers came together on her soft mons and, before doing anything else, Myron gazed on Carmen's beautiful pussy. The insides of her thighs and her crotch were a beautiful light brown, as was the skin of her outer lips. Having been newly shaven just before her death, her pussy was as smooth as it was alluring to him. He couldn't smell anything except the slight odor of the antiseptic soap that had been used after the autopsy, but that didn't bother Myron. He had never in his life smelled the delectable aroma of a live pussy, and neither wanted nor expected to.

He leaned forward to begin what he loved doing more than just about anything. Almost reverently, the friendly undertaker started stroking his tongue over one of Carmen's soft, smooth outer lips, taking his time, because he had all day, and she was certainly in no hurry. When Myron's mouth reached her Mount of Venus, his lips nuzzled and kissed her there, before he began licking her other outer lip the same way, stopping when he reached the same point.

"My Dear, your pussy is incredible, the most beautiful I have ever seen," he murmured to the lovely young dead woman on the marble embalming table. That may or may not have been the truth, but Carmen's most private parts certainly would have been appealing to almost any heterosexual man when she was alive, but not to Myron.

Even before he earned his bachelors' degree in Mortuary Science and went to work for a funeral parlor, he had been attracted only to women who were dead or, at least, in a deep sleep. It had been that way ever since he was a teenager and had attended the funeral service of a beautiful young cousin who had died of drowning after a boating accident. The young woman lying in state was the most erotic thing Myron had ever seen, and he had spent the rest of his life searching for more like her.

He had soon been fired from that first job for "unprofessional conduct" and his departure from there had been a hasty but, of necessity, a friendly one. His former employer was quite concerned over the scandal that would surely have destroyed his business if the actual reason ever became known. Myron didn't care. Being independently wealthy, he had only gone to work for the mortician because he wanted to learn how to run a funeral parlor. Ever since the funeral of his beautiful young cousin, his true goal had been to go into the business for himself.

He wasn't making any money, but he didn't care about that either. His charges for coffins, etc. and for conducting funerals for men or any old people were low, but he did make a small profit on them. If the dearly departed happened to be a young woman, he operated at a loss and, when she was as gorgeous a woman as Carmen Manning, he operated at a big loss.

He would gladly have offered his services for free, as well as providing a coffin and whatever else was needed at no charge, but that might have raised the suspicions of her survivors. The contract he signed with Nathan Manning went into the normal detail over what services and materials would be provided and what the fees and other costs would be, but it omitted what Myron O'Dell thought of as the primary benefit he would receive.

He was receiving that benefit in his embalming room on the day Carmen's remains were delivered to him. After his tongue had lovingly caressed her outer pussy lip, he placed his thumbs an either side of her slit and gently separated them. There was no delectable aroma, as there would have been when she was alive, but Myron didn't care about that. He admired the lovely pink lining and leaned closer, to start at the bottom of the crevice. Slowly, he licked upward, relishing the soft edges of her inner lips, even avidly dipping his tongue into the sweet hole that would have been the center of sexual attraction for her man when she was alive and was then the center for him.

Myron owned his own funeral parlor and preferred a low volume of business so he could spend as much time as he wished with a beautiful subject such as the one on his embalming table. He took a long time licking her pussy, all the way to her clit, before stopping and raising his head. The object his tongue had been seeking was covered by its protective hood, so he gently spread the folds open to gaze on the little cutie. It was not swollen at all, of course, as would have been preferred by most men, but Myron was not like most men.

"Ah, your sweet little man in the boat," he murmured to his unresponsive love object, and leaned in closer to bury his face where he most wanted it.

He sucked and he licked to his heart's content, and the only response was his cock getting harder until he was through eating the dead woman's pussy and pushed her all the way back onto the working space. Myron slid the stool away from the table, sat back down to remove his shoes and socks and stood up to pull off all the rest of his clothing. As naked as Carmen, he climbed onto the table to kneel between her legs.

"Time to make sweet love, My Dear," he whispered to her.

She didn't answer, but he wasn't asking permission anyhow. He spread apart the lips of her pussy, prepared her by rubbing on a few drops of baby oil and, with one hand guiding his erection and the other supporting his weight, he leaned closer. When the tip of his cock made contact, he rubbed it in the lubricant, positioned it between her spread lips and gave a firm push. Myron grunted slightly, and sighed happily as he felt the head wedge into Carmen's soft but unresponsive love hole.

"Your pussy is so tight, my dear, and you are so beautiful, I want so much to make love with you," he sweet-talked the woman under him, before easing his cock in more deeply.

Carmen's muscles were completely relaxed and nonresistant, but her young pussy was still tight, and it took several thrusts before Myron had his cock imbedded all the way inside her. He leaned forward, covering her body with his, and whispered more sweet nothings into her ear. Slowly, he drew his cock back and thrust it forward again, all the way so his pubic hair was brushing against her bare and unresponsive pussy lips.

"Such a sweet and beautiful young thing you are," he whispered into her ear. "How utterly sweet it is, making love to you." He proved to her how much he relished what he was doing by drawing his cock almost all the way back and plunging it forward again.

Over and over, Myron O'Dell drove his cock in and out of the acquiescent pussy of Carmen Manning. He could feel his level of pleasure building up inside him, like a volcano as it prepares to erupt, but he continued fucking her with the same long, slow strokes. The baby oil was working perfectly, and he felt no friction, just the tightness of her youthful love channel. After many intensely pleasurable minutes, Myron knew his climax was about to explode.

"I'm going to cum, My Dear. I hope you don't mind if I cum into your sweet little vagina."

Receiving no answer, Myron increased the speed of his thrusts into Carmen. When his climax erupted, he rammed his cock all the way into her pussy and shot the first wad of his cum deeply inside. He knew there would be more, so he didn't stop fucking until he had ejaculated another two times. When he was through, he lay on top of Carmen for five more minutes, catching his breath and murmuring into her ear of his earnest and undying love for her.

When his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, the satisfied mortician climbed off Carmen's body and off the table. Using paper towels, he wiped his cum and the leftover baby oil off his cock, followed by going to the lavatory to urinate and clean out the inside. After he was through with that, he donned all his clothing, sitting again on the metal stool to put on his shoes and socks. When he was fully dressed, Myron turned his attentions to Carmen again, well aware that he would need to carefully wash away all traces of making love with the dead woman.

He used a syringe with warm water to wash out her pussy, and paper towels to wipe the mixed water, semen, saliva and baby oil from her. He realized such thorough precautions were almost certainly unnecessary, but he wanted to take no risks of his strange fetish being discovered. It occasionally happened that a second autopsy was performed on a corpse, even after a funeral, and he wanted to be completely safe. Not until he was satisfied there were no traces left of his love affair with the beautiful but deceased Carmen Manning did he begin the more usual and conventional tasks necessary in preparing for the viewing in two days.

When those procedures were finished, he called in a female assistant to help him dress the young woman in the clothing her widower had left with him. He wanted the help of a female because male employees were known to sometimes make rude and ribald remarks about a beautiful young and nude woman such as Carmen, and he would not tolerate such unseemly disrespect to somebody he loved. After she was properly clad, her hair would be styled and necessary makeup applied to her sweet and pretty face.

At the viewing two days later, Myron O'Dell was solicitous toward her survivors, and graciously accepted their compliments on his skillful preparations of the young drowning victim. "She looks so natural" was heard several times, as was "What a pity. Such a beautiful young girl."

"Thank you for your services," said Nathan Manning to the friendly undertaker at the conclusion of the services and after the coffin containing the remains of his late wife was carried out to the hearse. "My wife had a large family, and they were all very pleased with your work. When they have more need for your services, they will probably call on you also."

"I'm glad I could be of some help to you and your wife's family in your time of need," was his only response. However, Myron O'Dell fervently hoped there would be more need for his mortician's skills, as long as the deceased were as young and beautiful as Carmen had been.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Myron O'Dell did, although I don't recommend emulating his actions. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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