tagIncest/TabooFriends Become More Than Brothers

Friends Become More Than Brothers


First off I want to thank my friend theduck1930 for editing this story for me. He is and was a big help to me with this story.


Back when I was in my last year in the Army and stationed up in the northwestern part of the states, I met a guy that for some reason we became inseparable it seemed. It happened that he was in the same section and platoon that I was in. The difference between the two of us is, he had been in the Army one year longer than me but was still a Specialist Four, the same as I, but he had more time in grade than me. For some reason this guy and I had this connection toward each other and neither one of us are into other guys what so ever. We both checked out the women that would catch the eyes of any other red blooded man. We were the best of friends from the first day we met, and his name is Simon. Every one said back then that we should have been brothers. Simon's last name is Marshal, and my name is Joey Johnson. He is an only son as I am an only son, I have a younger sister and he has an older sister.

Simon has brown hair and I have red hair. I stand five feet five inches and Simon stands five feet seven inches and both of us have brown eyes and slender built. Simon is two years older than I am but he waited till he was nineteen before he enlisted into the Army and I enlisted at eighteen years old.

Simon got to grow up with a dad and a mom and was told that his folks had adopted him before he left the hospital he was born at, like within a few hours of being born according to the paper work. He loves his mom, dad, and sister, dearly, which is only right but hopes he can find his real mom, and dad, after he got out of the service but he knew, it was going to be a very long and hard process, since the adoption agencies try to do all that they can to keep adopted kids from finding their real parents and the real parents, from finding their children that they 'had' to give up for whatever reason, to an adoption agency.

My mom had married my dad just before I was born but after my sister was born. He left mom for another woman and divorced my mom. My sister and I had only mom to turn to as we grew up and she never married another man after dad left us. I was two years old and my sister Alice was one year old when dad and mom divorced. The two of us grew up to being very close to each other.

Simon got out of the Army seven months before I did and went back to his home, when I got my discharge papers, I went back home to my mom and my sister.

I landed a job with a construction company one month after getting my discharge from the army. One month later, I was able to move into a two bedroom house about ten minutes away from where mom and Alice live.

(A few months later)

I came home from work happy it was a Friday evening as I entered my new house and headed toward the kitchen to empty out my lunchbox. Then the phone rang just as I got within one step from it. I picked up the phone, "Hello."

"Hello bro. This is Alice. How are you doing this evening?"

"I guess I'm doing good. Why, is something wrong?"

"Only if the landlord raising the rent counts as something wrong, then yes, but if not, then no, nothing is wrong."

"Okay, that kind of depends on how much he is raising the rent to."

"He's raising it another hundred fifty dollars as soon as mom's contract is up in a couple of months. Mom hasn't had a raise in pay now for the last three years and she can barely make ends meet now, that is why I have stayed here as long as I have, to help her out with the little bit of money I'm able to give her."

"Okay, I see what you're saying. Is mom home now with you?"

"Yes she is."

"Okay, tell her to get ready to go out for supper, my treat and you do the same and we can all talk about this together while we eat. I'll be there in an hour, which should be enough time for you two beautiful women to get ready in."

"Okay I'll let her know."

"Good I'll see you in one hour. Bye."


I hung up the phone and emptied my lunchbox and then took a shower, to get ready to head out.

My mom is a slender woman and works part time for a small station owner that has eight cabins for overnighters. Mom cleans them between guests each day. They may rent all eight of the cabins which may happen once maybe twice a month. In the afternoons mom works at a restaurant not far from the station and cabins. Mom will usually go and sit at the station to visit with the owner's wife, till it's time for her to report to work at the restaurant.

Once mom, Alice, and I, had our food in front of us and we were eating, "Now do you two need a place to move to or do you want me to help make up the difference in the rent you two are unable to come up with?"

"Oh no son that is not what I want you to do. Your money is for you to keep and do with as you need to survive and for your needs and wants. I am looking into another place but all that I'm finding, is places wanting as much or more for a two bedroom place than the landlord is asking from me now. He wants me to pay as much as other places are getting paid for their places but I'm not able to pay that much and your sister here is not able to make up that much difference, as she'd like to do."

"Have you looked into a one bedroom place to rent?"

"Yes I have and they are just a little bit cheaper than the two bedroom places."

"Are they cheap enough for you to rent one of them yourself or would you still need Alice's help to rent one of them?"

"I have no problem with renting one of them myself without any one's help. I don't want to put Alice out on the street."

"Mom I told you to go for it if you can swing it without my help. I can find a place to go to, if I know that you can swing it without me."

"You know that I can take her in because I do have an extra bedroom in my house and it will be closer to her job and I can make room for you too if you need a place to go to for a while."

"That is why I'm looking now so that I can maybe have something lined out by the time I need to move, before the contract is expired. I don't want to put anyone out by any means if possible."

"You will not be putting me out in any way."

As we finished eating we talked more about mom and Alice moving and it was decided that Alice will move into my place and sleep in the spare bedroom. We also got mom to decide on moving in with me if she has not got a place to move to, by the deadline date.

Sunday afternoon I got a phone call from my friend Simon and he said he was moving to town here and needed a place to stay for about a month, that wouldn't cost him an arm and a leg so that he didn't drain his account, with no way of building it back up again very quickly. The reason for the move is the company he works for have promoted him to a manager position to manage the office here. They are paying the moving expenses but, he has to pay for his place to live. They will help with the deposits on his utilities; he has to pay them back in payments though. Till he gets things lined out he can stay with me and hope he can find a place to live in time, before mom and sis have to move from where they are.

The following Sunday my phone rang, "Hello."

"Hello Joey this is Simon. I'm at a station here that has sixty six on the sign then on the building says Roy's service station and inn."

"Oh yes I know right where that is. My mom works there. You will more than likely see her if you go inside and get something to drink or snack on. Her name is Janis Johnson."

"Okay. I'll go in and talk with her if you don't mind me doing so."

"Go ahead. I've told her about you when we were in the Army and told her all about the things we did together. I'll be there in about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the traffic between here and there."

"Okay thanks see you in a few then." I hung up the phone and headed out to my car.

When I arrived at the station I parked my car next to mom's car that is sitting there, then I went inside the station to see mom, and Simon, sitting along with the owner's wife, talking like old friends?"

"I'm doing good myself. How are you doing mom?" as I stepped over and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek, then I turned to Simon taking his hand I gave it a good shake, "Good to see you again Simon."

"I'm doing good and was fixing to go home since I don't have to go to the restaurant today when Mr. Simon came in and told me you were on your way here too."

"Okay. Did Simon tell you that he is moving into town due to his company transferring him to the office here?"

"Yes he did. He also told me what you told me about him trying to find his biological mother."

We sat and talked a few more minutes before we all parted to head to our homes, with Simon following me to my place. Once we were in the house I showed Simon the spare bedroom where he would be sleeping and then we sat and talked about old times, while we were in the service.

Two weeks later on the second Friday Simon came in from work one hour after I got home, "Hay Joey, I got a house to live in and I can move in right away. And if you don't mind, your mom can move in with me. It's got three bedrooms just in case your sister wants to move in as well."

"That's great. What about the utilities?" as I sat a platter of food on the table in the dining room.

"I had them turned on Wednesday and they just got the electric turned on in the house today so that I can start moving in over the weekend. I would have called your mom to let her know about her moving in with me but I thought I better find out from you first if it is okay with you without making you mad at me."

"I really have no problem with it myself because she is her own woman you know. While I finish setting the table why don't you give her a call real quick and ask her about it, and let her know about your new house and ask her if she would be willing to move into one of the spare bedrooms, let her know where the house is, and if she wants to meet us there, when she gets off from work tomorrow to look at it."

"Okay thanks." Simon went to the phone and picked it up as I went back into the kitchen, to get the rest of the supper to put on the table.

Just as I got the last thing on the table, Simon got off the phone and came into the dining room, "May I ask what she said? And you may want to tell me what you want to drink or get your own drink, either way."

"She said she would be there by eleven thirty to give us time to go have dinner some place after she has a look around at the house. I'll get my own drink and I'll be right back."

The following day I helped Simon move things from the spare bedroom to his new house as well as other stuff that he had in my garage. Mom got to the house twenty minutes after eleven with Alice following her. After they had been shown around the house, mom agreed to move in if she didn't find any place of her own in the next month and a half. With the house being close to where mom works at the station and the restaurant, we went to the restaurant to eat dinner, my treat, "I guess sis you have a choice to either move in with me or move in with mom, and Simon."

"I think the bedroom at your place is bigger than the one bedroom at Simon's house is, isn't it?"

"Yes by a little bit it is."

"I think I'll go ahead and move in with you as we planned if you don't mind."

"Okay I don't mind one bit really. I don't think I'm going to find a girlfriend any time soon."

"I'll have to approve of her first you know." while grinning.

My sister, Alice, and I, have been very close as we grew up since mom had to work so much to keep us in clothes, food, and a roof over our heads, mom had to work the two jobs where she is still working yet. We tried to get mom to quit one of the jobs and maybe ask for more hours at the one job, she decided to keep but she will not do such a thing.

As we sat and ate Alice, and I, were able to watch Simon, and mom, sitting next to each other and could see mom was getting along great with Simon, better than she did with me really. It really didn't bother me that much since we are not related to Simon but I was noticing a few things between him and mom and thinking how nice or neat, it would be for them to fall for each other.

When we finished eating dinner and I paid the tab for us and we all stepped outside, I said, "Mom why don't you ride back with Simon and Alice can ride back with me?"

"Okay. Is everything okay?"

"It really couldn't be better really."

Once Alice and I were in my pickup and driving back to the house that Simon had decided to buy, I said, "Since you are better at finding things on the computer than I am, how about you do a back ground check on Simon for us, without mom finding out as to what your doing?"

"Ooookay..." drawing out the 'O' as she was saying 'okay', "Why do you want me to do that?"

"Well Simon, is looking for his biological mother, it just might help him if you find out anything for him. Do you see what I'm saying? I think that mom and Simon are meant for each other but, unless he can find what he is looking for, he may not be able to give his full love to her, like he needs to do."

"Oh okay. You may have something there. I did see how the two of them were acting toward each other."

"Let me know if you can find out anything or not and let's not let them know anything just yet, and if you can, make copies of anything you find out if you would please."

As the weeks went by mom brought kitchen tools over to my place to see if I wanted any of them. Most of the things are useful but a few things were just something to set up and look at. What I didn't want, either Alice got those or the Goodwill store did unless Simon wanted it. In asking why some of the things that are useful she was giving away, she said she never used them any because she had duplicates of them and didn't need so many. Alice brought some of her things over so that she wouldn't have so much to move all at once if it came down to the dead line. When Alice brought things over to my house to leave with me, she would tell me and show me what all she had found to date, which a lot of it Simon had told me about except for a few things he never said anything about but, they were not something to be proud about.

I guess I should let you in on something about Alice and me. When we were growing up and it was time for us to get baths or showers, instead of us letting one go first then the other, we would jump in together but we never had any sex, even when I would get a hard-on. The last time we had a shower or a bath together, was the day before I joined the Army and shipped out to basic training camp. The short time I was home we didn't have any baths or showers together, like we used to have. Even though I never saw Alice nude, during that short time, I still would get a hard-on just seeing her in her short shorts or one of her short skirts and her halter tops or thin T-shirts and thin tank tops that she wears around the house.

On the weekends when Alice came over to the house with a load of her things, she would be wearing one of those revealing outfits like I described, with no bra on under the shirts or halter top and sometimes, she'd be commando with no panties on under the short skirts she may be wearing. Some of her shorts I could tell she wasn't wearing any panties but some of them I couldn't tell if she had any on or not. She usually wears thongs if she wear's anything at all under her skirts.

Mom was no help either, as I would get a hard-on the way she dressed also. She would add to it by wearing some reveling clothes as well on the weekends when she would get home from working at the station cleaning the cabins. She would put on a halter top with either a pair of short shorts or a short skirt and when she would, I would get a hard-on and she notice it and get a smile on her face, but never say anything to me and go on about her business at hand. Sometimes mom would have panties on and sometimes she would be commando under her short skirts and when she would wear her short shorts. Sometimes I could tell she had panties on and sometimes I would see no trace of panties. A lot of mom's clothes were wearing pretty thin due to being worn then washed and dried and it showed in her T-shirts and tank tops, like Alice's did.

Three weeks before the dead line date for mom and sis to move out, which was on a Saturday, Alice called me and asked me about helping her to go ahead and make the move using my pickup to get the bigger stuff that wouldn't fit in her car. I told her I would. I got to the house and backed the pickup up to the front door and then went into the house. "Thank you Joey for coming over and helping me move in with you early."

"Not a problem sis."

As soon as I was in the house and saw Alice, I saw her wearing a thin wore out tank top that I could see her nipples through and tell just how pink they are too. The short shorts she has on are a bit see through too, from the wear and tear over the years, and I could see her butt crack in the back and that she kept her pussy shaved also.

That is the difference between mom and Alice, are their pubic hairs. Mom keeps a bush but trimmed up, where as Alice shaves all of her bush off and keeps it nice and smooth.

Mom has kept her figure by working like she does and the type of work she does too. Her figure isn't much different from Alice's figure. Mom does have a little bit more hips going for her than Alice does, we figure it is due to having two kids whereas Alice has had no children but she is still, quite sexy and hot looking just the same as mom is. Mom's tits look to be about a D cup size and Alice looks to be a B cup size that sticks straight out and her nipples are usually always poking out; pointing the way for her. Where mom's tits do sag some but not a lot but they still are quite perky, with her nipples pointing out straight ahead of her when they are poking out but they don't poke out all of the time, like Alice's nipples do.

A lot of times when I saw Alice's nipples poking out I would get a look at her pussy lips if she bent over in front of me, I would see that her pussy lips would be wet from her juices seeping out from her pussy lips. When I would happen to see mom's nipples hard, I would see a wet spot on her shorts right between her thighs if her nipples were poking out for any length of time, and if she didn't have shorts or panties on but had a short skirt and she happen to bend over, I would see her pussy lips would be wet and if she had panties on, I would see a wet spot in the crotch of her panties. When I would see how wet both one of them were, and me with a hard-on, it would be very hard for me to keep from dropping my pants or shorts and sticking my hard dick into their pussy's and fucking them, which happed quite often.

As Alice and I were getting the last thing on my pickup that would fit, mom pulled into the drive way. "Hi son, I hope Alice isn't being too much trouble for you, moving this early?"

"No, she's not. Besides, like you, a beautiful woman is hard to turn down, when she asked so nicely."

"So you think mom and I are both beautiful?"

"I don't think I know that the two of you are sexy beautiful." I don't know why I added the 'sexy' in there, since I never did that before but it is the truth and I, cannot tell a lie to my mom and sister.

"That makes me feel better now that I know that I'm sexy beautiful." mom said.

Simon pulled up into the driveway and parked behind mom's car. He got out of his car and walked over and gave mom a quick but a little lingering kiss on the lips, with mom kissing him back. Then they turned toward Alice and me, "Hey Joey, and Alice, why didn't you call me to come help you load this stuff?"

"I would've if it had been too heavy for me." I saw mom slip her hand through and around Simon's arm. "Ah, am I missing something here?" looking at the two of them.

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