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Friends - Lost in the City


She had known them only a few hours, two men she had never seen before, two men she had met in a down town New York coffee shop no less - yet now here she was, with her barely clothed petite frame repeatedly skewered by a massive cock while being held aloft, her shapely legs spread wide open for all the world to see. The thought occurred to her that she did not consider herself to be promiscuous or wanton or even loose enough to accept any offer for sex that came her way but somehow today had been different.

Caroline Duffy caught sight of herself in a mirror that hung on a nearby wall, watching her reflection through shaking eyes as his cock slammed into her pussy from below. The short black skirt she had on was now all bunched up around her waist with the crotch of her lacy white panties pulled to one side allowing his manhood to pummel mercilessly unimpeded into her trembling body. Her blue blouse, the one that she had chosen to wear after spending over half an hour that very morning trying on countless others in a vain attempt to match her skirt, was unbuttoned and was slowly and surely slipping off her right shoulder by the force of each of his thrusts. To top off her slide into near nakedness and debauchery her small but pert breasts were fully exposed with her bra now sliding loose around her midriff.

A long and loud moan of pleasure escaped from her lips as she cast her eyes downward and to one side of the room. On a couch nearby knelt the other man, who naked from the waist down was driving his cock vigorously and with a great deal of effort judging from his laborious breathing, into the pussy of a very attractive blonde from behind. The shorts and panties she had on were now located around the knees of her open spread legs as she watched him slide his thumb in and out of her puckered ass hole as he fucked her. Her moaning and cries of pleasure were partly muffled as she in turn had her head buried between the legs of a diminutive brunette, her lips and tongue licking, sucking and biting ravenously at the soft wet skin of her pussy.

The almost surreal scene playing out before her eyes combined with the loud cacophony of moaning and the continuous 'slap' sound of colliding naked flesh to resound inside her head, her mind now a jumbled mix of desire, pleasure, nervousness and confusion. Her hands slid backwards to grip the strongly built torso of her new lover in an attempt to balance herself, her body woefully unprepared for his powerful, almost crazed thrusting into her pussy. She found herself hanging on for dear life, wondering how she was going to stop herself from toppling face first on to the floor, below, wondering she got herself into this naked predicament.


The revolving door spun almost silently on its axis as she made her way out of the hotel and onto the pavement outside, her hand shielding her eyes from the bright sunlight.

"Damn so what do I do now?," Caroline Duffy muttered exasperatedly to no one in particular as she glanced at the time on her watch "It's only 9:30!"

She had arrived at the hotel in an area of New York that she was not at all familiar with for a prearranged meeting with one of the newspapers that published her cartoon strip Caroline in the City. However after being kept waiting for over half an hour in the sparsely furnished hotel lobby she was handed a note by a receptionist that informed her that the other party would not be able to attend the meeting. No reason was given, not even one of the old standard excuses given to explain why they were not coming and she stormed out of the hotel in a huff, cursing them silently under her breath for making her clearing her schedule for an entire day for nothing as she made her way out.

Caroline surveyed the street outside in all directions watching as the people strode past her as if she was not there. Her hand ran through her hair as she tried to decide in which direction to move, quickly turning this way and that way bumping into a few people as they rushed past her.

"Sorry!" she called out after bumping into a rather rotund man as he walked past. She put on a nervous smile in an attempt to calm him, to ease any anger he may have.

"Hey watch where you're going!" he shouted as walked away.

The smile soon disappeared from her face as she stood watching him walk off feeling hoards of people brush past her in both directions. She began to walk, her eyes studying the passing shops looking for a place to rest, to get her bearings on this unfamiliar and strange part of New York. Her legs had carried only for a few blocks when she suddenly she turned and started walking in the opposite direction. To this day she does not know why she turned and walked the other way, although she would later claims woman's intuition or prerogative as part of her defence to changing her mind.

She had walked past the door when she doubled back to stand on the pavement outside letting her eyes scan the interior, watching people enter and leave.

"Central Perk," the words came out of mouth slowly as if she was reading from an eye chart. "This looks like the place."

Her hand pushed the door open, standing just for moment inside as the door swung shut behind her before she slowly made her way over to the counter.


It was Joey of course, that saw her first standing near the counter handing her money over to Gunther. His head had turned slowly around locking onto her presence in the coffee shop like a heat seeking missile, totally oblivious to words that were coming out of Chandler's mouth. He remained seated on the couch biding his time, his head turned almost ninety degrees as his eyes scanned her body from the smooth glistening skin of her legs, to her short black skirt and blue blouse up to her coppery reddish hair. It was not until that she had bent over trying to retrieve a dropped coin giving him a look at her legs with just a hint of her panties that he rose from the couch.

"Jo-, Joey where are you going?" Chandler looked on confused as Joey suddenly and silently rose from the couch, ignoring his questioning. His eyes followed his path through the coffee shop, his face breaking out into a smile when he noticed his intended destination.

He stood behind her watching as she raised her body to the upright position, seemingly in slow motion after retrieving the dropped coin.

"How you doin???"

Caroline turned on the spot coming to face to face with his smiling face, his body blocking her path.

"How you doin???" he repeated his face displaying his trademark sly smile.

She was silent for a moment before her face changed to a quizzical, almost confused state. "Excuse me?"

"You have to excuse my friend here," Chandler remarked as he hurried over to join them before standing next to Joey "he comes on a bit too strong most of the time!". He gave him a playful slap across the back of his head before he continued before extending his hand outwards towards her.

"I'm Chandler and my over eager and horny friend here is Joey."

Her hand reached out slowly and she felt his hand enclose hers in a brief but firm hand shake before separating.

"Hi I'm Caroline Duffy."

"Duffy, Duffy now where have I heard that name before?"

Caroline watched as he arched his right eyebrow and raised one hand to his chin as if he was deep in thought. Suddenly a huge smile lit up his face as he gestured towards her with one hand.

"You're the cartoonist right? You have that strip in the paper Caroline in the-"

"Caroline in the City, right" she interrupted him

"You write cartoons?," Joey exclaimed loudly as he let small laugh escape "that's my favourite reading material, not too long and it's always funny!"

"Well that's good to know Joe," Chandler replied before he turned back to Caroline "so what brings you to this part of New York?"

"Well I was supposed to have a meeting with one of the newspapers that prints my strip but they abruptly cancelled the meeting leaving my whole day free and with nothing to do."

"Well we only live a couple of minutes away, you're quite welcome to kill the rest of the day with us." Chandler suggested displaying his best innocent smile.

"Yeah two minutes away!" Joey parroted.

She eyed both of them suspiciously, her gaze shifting from one smiling face to the other and back again before she replied. "Well I do have nothing planned...,." she drifted off into silence for a few seconds "but how do I know you are not just trying to take advantage of me, lost and alone in an unfamiliar part of the city?"

They both turned to face each other before turning back to face Caroline replying almost in unison "Us....No!"


True to their word it was less than fifteen minutes later she found herself sitting on the couch in their apartment, sipping from a glass of cheap wine that they had scrounged up from somewhere. She let her eyes scan the apartment, her head slowly turning as she twirled the remaining wine in her glass - there were two big leather armchairs that sat in front of large cabinet that she guessed contained a television. A foosball table stood in the small kitchen area by the front door while on the opposite side of the apartment were two bedrooms.

"So Caroline how long have you been drawing cartoons?"

The voice seemed to come from nowhere, surprising her and snapping her back to reality.

"Sorry what was that?"

"How long have you been drawing cartoons?" Chandler repeated as he swung the leather armchair he was sitting on to face her on the couch.

"Oh not long around five years. I used to work in an office and doodle all day long because I got so bored then one day someone saw my little scribbles of boredom liked them and as they say the rest is history." She downed the rest of her wine before placing the glass on the table in front of the couch.

"It was the luckiest break of my life!," she continued as Joey sat down on the couch next to her "so what do you do Joey?"

"I'm an actor" he replied with a broad smile.

"Really!" her voice expressed more surprise than she intended and she noticed his smile soften on his face. "Is there anything recent I might know you from?"

"Only two years as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of our lives that's all!!" he replied, his voice seemed to rise in volume as he spoke.

"Sorry I really don't remember you."

Joey threw his arms up in the air in frustration with one of his hands falling on to the bare skin of her leg, the touch of his fingers sending pinpricks of electric like pulses through her unprepared body.

"What do ya mean you can't remember me?," he leant in closer to her as if this would give his words greater emphasis, more conviction "two years as the ruggedly handsome Dr Drake Ramoray the best brain surgeon television has ever seen?!"

The smell of his aftershave or cologne permeated her nostrils intoxicating, almost drowning her senses as time seemed to slow down, their faces only inches apart. She felt his hand start to caress her leg and then it happened, their lips met softly for one single quick kiss.

Caroline was surprised when their lips touched ever so briefly, even more so when he lent even closer letting their lips met in a series of quick but passionate kisses each one lasting for less than a second. Looking back she told herself she should have stopped him there, stopped his advances cold and gone no further but she had lost all willpower to resist succumbing meekly like a prey cornered by a lion with no chance of escape. Their lips separated for a brief moment before colliding again, meshing together in a kiss that seemed to release all the pent up passion and desire that had built up inside them both.

She found herself forced backwards on to the couch his hands at first framing her head as she writhed and squirmed against the slippery yellow leather. So intense was the passion that their lips frequently lost all grip and purchase, sliding and slipping almost uncontrollably against each other like a car with bald tyres on a unsafe wet road. A barely audible moan slipped from her lips as his tongue slipped into her mouth and his hand slipped downwards rubbing against her blouse covered breasts his fingers fumbling their way in undoing each of the buttons.

"I think we better slow down" she breathlessly whispered unconvincingly as their lips parted for just a second.

"Sure sure" Joey replied, his face displaying a broad smile as their lips continued to nuzzle together, meeting in the occasional quick kiss. Her hand made a feeble attempt to brush away his hand as it slipped inside her now unbuttoned blouse, teasing her by at first fleetingly brushing past soft silken material of her bra.

"No n-" her words of protest were silenced as their lips met again, his hands now encasing each breast in turn before his fingers slid inside her bra feeling unexpectedly cold against the warmth of her body. Caroline knew that she did want him to stop, that she wanted him as much as he wanted her probably more so. Her body squirmed against the leather of the couch with every touch of his fingers against her soft skin, responding in kind as their lips meshed together in a kiss that was full of passion and desire.

The scent of her perfume filled his nostrils as his lips parted with hers both of them taking the opportunity to momentarily catch their breath as they stared into each others lust filled eyes. Joey let his lips kiss their way down her neck before he began teasing at her nipples with his mouth, teeth and tongue.

Caroline moaned in delight as he expertly let his mouth play with her ultra sensitive nipples, pleasure sweeping through her body in intense powerful spasms. She let her hand reach down between his legs, her fingers feeling his bulging monster straining to be set free from its prison.

"Do you want me to-"

"Hell yeah!" he exclaimed not letting her finish as a beaming smile appeared on his face. He lay back onto the couch as she turned slightly on her side, her fingers quickly undoing the button and zip of his trousers. Her hand slowly slid inside his briefs wrapping itself around the shaft of his manhood, a gasp of surprise escaping from her lips as she could feel its tremendous size and hardness before with a quick pull she set it free. His cock sprung out swinging to and fro before settling in a vertical position before her amazed eyes.

She let a nervous giggle slip from her lips before a cheeky smile spread across her face as her hand began to travel up and down his shaft. Caroline let her hand move at ever increasing speed, his moaning seemingly keeping in time before flicking her hair to the other side of her head with her hand she let his cock slip into her mouth.

"Oh yeah this is the life!" Joey exclaimed as her head began to bob up down on his cock, letting more of his shaft slide between her lips with every stroke.


He had viewed the scene playing out before his eyes with astonishment, with a sense of utter disbelief. Chandler, at first, could only sit back in the leather armchair with one leg crossed over the other admiring his best friends luck and extraordinary skill with the opposite sex but with each passing minute he found himself moving ever so closer. He found himself dropping to his knees just in front of her legs that were dangling over the front of the couch, his hand nervously reaching out until his fingers came in contact with the soft skin of her left shin. The sound of her moaning filled his ears as his hand started to move ever so slowly up her leg, his fingertips feeling the warmth of her skin until a sudden loud moan and a movement of one of her hands startled him making him react as if he had been caught.

His confidence renewed but with his heart feeling like it was about to burst from his chest his hand began to move ever faster, sliding up her leg and under her skirt. His other hand began to roll up the hem of her skirt, his eyes widening as inch by inch the lacy panties covering her most private parts came in to view like his own private peep show. He smiled as he could plainly make out the outline of her engorged pussy, camel toe style, in the silken material of her panties before he let the tip of his thumb rub along the vertical fold in the soaked material.

"Oh god yph-" Caroline could feel his thumb rub along her wetness, her body reacting by trembling with even the slightest touch of his fingers on her womanhood Before long his fingers had begun to rub furiously against the thin drenched material of her panty covered pussy, her now frequent and loud cries of pleasure partly muffled as she continued her unbridled attack on Joey's cock. Suddenly she could feel two hands on her hips pull her lower body slightly more forward on the couch and then in almost simultaneous action the crotch of her panties roughly pulled to one side before fingers slid inside her pussy and begin to pump.

"Ohhhhhh god"

Her cry of pleasure escaped from her mouth softly almost as if she was releasing air from her body before her head reared upwards, a thin sliver of saliva forming a bridge between her lips and Joey's glistening cock before in an instant it was gone. She felt her body go limp, losing almost all ability to control her bodily functions feeling as if her lungs were suddenly devoid of oxygen as Chandler fingers continued their savage assault on her pussy. Her hand slowly jacked the cock in her hands as she struggled to breathe, as she struggled to regain her composure and balance when she felt a hand push her head downwards. The cock slowly slid back into her mouth and she began to slowly bob up and down, gradually picking up speed as she felt his hips pump the cock from below.

His fingers produced loud squelching noises as they slid with surprising and rapid ease in and out of her wet hole. Chandler lifted his gaze for a moment watching almost in awe as Joey pumped his cock into her pretty little mouth with small but powerful movements of hips and legs, her hands pressing against his legs in vain bid to hold on. Saliva dripped from her mouth running down her chin and then onto his shaft in little streams as she sucked in rapid breaths of air in a desperate and sometimes futile bid to replenish her near empty lungs before his cock slid again down her throat. Joey smiled his trademark smile before giving him a wink of his eye and a thumbs up gesture with his hand.

"Way to go Chandler!"



"Don't you look nice!"

Monica Geller watched on as Rachel Green emerged from her bedroom striding past her as she sat on the couch leafing through a magazine. She wore a pair of frayed denim shorts that appeared to be several sizes too small together with a white tank top and her long legs were tanned from spending a few too many days in the sun or the tanning salon. To round off the outfit her feet were clad in a pair of high heel wedge sandals which made a clunking sound on the floorboards as she walked. The sweet floral smell of her perfume wafted through the room as she placed her bag on the table in the kitchen and began to sort though its contents.

She turned on the spot to briefly face Monica sitting on the couch, a smile spread across her face "Why thank you!" she replied before turning back to recommence her search through her bag.


"Yes" She replied without turning around giving her full and undivided attention to her apparently fruitless search of her bag.

"Where did you get those shorts from?"

Rachel was silent for a moment as her hand delved repeatedly inside her bag tossing items out onto the table.

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