tagErotic CouplingsFriends with Benefits - the Prequel

Friends with Benefits - the Prequel


"Finally," Jenna said tossing her keys and purse on the kitchen counter. It had been a long busy day and she was looking forward to nothing more than some down time. Stopping at the fridge, she poured herself a glass of wine, carrying it to her bedroom.

Stepping out of her heels on her way, she peeled out of her grey pencil skirt and pink silk blouse leaving them in a puddle on the floor where they fell from her trim, tight body. Left in her garter and stockings, she padded across the room to a collection of movies stacked neatly next to the flat screen TV. Pulling her favourite from its case, she slid it into the movie slot on the DVD player and moved smoothly over the satin comforter on her bed to settle in the middle. Propping all her pillows behind her she sipped the wine, feeling its relaxing effect take hold.

Turning her attention to the images on the screen, she allowed her hands to roam freely over her body. Massaging her pert breasts until the nipples harden into wanton pink peaks, she explored further, her hand coming to rest on the mound between her legs. Rubbing gently over the entire surface, she liked the feel of her hairless skin encased in the lace of her panties, so soft and delicate under her palm. Allowing her knees to fall apart and relax, her hand continued to explore her soft curves. The images on the screen becoming more intense, her body responding to her touch, moistened. Sliding her fingers under the lace and pulling it to the side, she fingered her clit, stroking it gently, letting the warmth build. She liked the slow teasing way her body would rush forward in anticipation, and then withdraw, only to rush forward again more eager. Slipping a long manicured finger into her wet pussy, a soft moan escaped her lips. Using both hands, Jenna slipped one finger into her warmth, while the other stroked her clit hard and aching. Her back arching to press harder into her palms as they played her organ enthusiastically.

She was left to pleasure herself, since her break up from Josh. It's not that she hadn't had offers, but none of them appealed to her quite like Ben. His rugged physique and deep voice sent shivers of lust through her when she saw him.

"See him." She amused herself, she saw him every morning. She would watch him and his lethal movements from behind the brim of her coffee cup. The way he moved through the house getting ready for work. His tight faded Levis caressing the solid bulge in the front. His t – shirt hugging his rippled abs and tight pecs. He had become her fantasy and she thought of him often and in great detail. Her fingers moved on their own when she imagined him stroking her, his mouth coming down on hers.

"Mind if I help?" his voice startled her.

"Hi, I wasn't expecting you home."

"I can tell," he said smiling as he entered the room and moved to the bed, sitting on the edge.

As his hand wandered up her stocking covered outstretched leg, she could feel the rough skin of his labourers' hands through the delicate fabric. The texture against her skin was electrifying. In weaker moments she often wondered what they would feel like touching her. Now she knew. Trying not to over think the implications of them together, she let the sensations his touch was triggering in her body take over. Her fingers still stroking her hot core, his moving ever closer to her sweet spot, she sank deeper into her mattress.

He pulled closer to her on the bed, shortening his reach to her body. Bending he pushed a finger inside her slicking along hers, he moved in opposite rhythms. Slow and steady he was pushing her higher. Lower his mouth to her glossy pussy, he sucked her clit in between his teeth, nibbling on her tender lips gently.

"Ohhh!! Ohhh!" Arching her back higher, pushing off the mattress with her feet. She felt him withdraw their fingers and replace them with his tongue. Pulsing his tongue into her, licking her dripping juices and sucking her throbbing clit, she writhed in delight at his expert touch, the first gentle ripple sizzled through her, followed by a second more intense jolt.

"Yesss!" the word a breathless hiss when they escaped her lips.

"Not yet puddin'." He said unbuttoning his jeans and shoving them down his long hard legs. His manhood coming alive in its liberation.

His tongue licking up her body left firebrands in its wake. Burning her to the bone, scorching her flesh in ways she had only imagined. Her hands lunged back to her abandon pussy, stroking for relief.

"No" he said pulling her hands free and pinning them on the bed. His hungry lips sot and found an outstretched, hard nipple and sucked it in with tiny bites that drew sharp intakes of her already ragged breath.

"Do you want me, baby?' he purred releasing her hands.


"Where do you want me? " His teasing was torture, delicious, tantalizing torture.

"Anywhere!" her answer surprised even her

"Are you sure?" his teasing continued unabated. Straddling her slim body with his knees his hard cock inches from her mouth, he let the engorged tip brush her lips, depositing shinny droplets of precum on her parched lips.

Grasping him with both hands she pulled him into her waiting lips, suckling lightly, before drawing his whole length in to recesses of her mouth. Pumping her hands along the shaft, her mouth mirrored the action dipping the plump head deep between her teeth. Making a point with her tongue, she dragged it up the hard ridge on the underside of his stiff member, before plunging his cock back into her waiting orifice.

"Do you like that?" She enjoyed watching his movements, his pelvis pushing toward her begging for more.


"Do you want more?" she asked as she teased the tip of his cock with her tongue.

"I want this." He responded, turning her over and driving his hot steel into her wet sheath. Taking her from behind, he held her hips to gain more leverage. Her hips high and her breasts pushed into the mattress, he pistoned his rod into her core, his index finger drawing smooth circles around her ass opening.

She reached between her thighs, one hand cradling his balls, the other working her still erect clit.

"Yesss, Ben. Oh Yesss!!" That feels so good." The moans from the television joined with her own encouraging her higher now. The actions on the small screen mirroring those playing out within her room. His rhythm and speed increasing, she felt his body stiffen slightly before she felt the hot spray inside her.

"Oh, Ben!" The words barely audible as the last spasm of release surged through her body.

Collapsing on top of her, they lay coiled together as the heat and tension of the day left their bodies.

"Guess we're more than roommates now." His low chuckle vibrated in her chest.

"Guess so."

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