tagLoving WivesFriends with Janice Ch. 02

Friends with Janice Ch. 02


It's not essential, but this last chapter makes more sense after reading chapter 1.

The Characters:

Dan and Janice

Friends: Robert, Jake, William, and Glen

Denise, Robert's wife and Danielle, Glen's girl friend


In Janice's words:

A couple of weeks later Dan informed me that next Saturday we were going out for what he called "a practice run." I asked him what that was exactly. He said he would explain it all soon enough. "All you need to know is to be ready at 7pm, wear either a tight sweater or tight shirt with four buttons undone, a tight short miniskirt with a wide belt, no bra or panties, and sexy makeup." I still wasn't sure what was going on, but it didn't sound like grocery shopping.

Saturday I was ready to go and gave myself a last look in the mirror. I looked fetching if I don't say so myself. Dan walked in, stared at my mirror image and me for a long time, and then said, "You are the best wife anyone in the world could possibly have."

I replied, "Thanks, hon. But I think you just want to get a little."

We drove to an upscale nightclub, went in and grabbed a couple of stools at the long but mostly empty bar. Dan ordered us vodka on the rocks. Other than the bar itself the rest of the club was pretty active, looked more than half full -- good for 7:30, and had a quiet combo playing dance tunes. Dan faced the bar but had me face the room. This gave the club a nice view of my legs to mid-thigh. I squeezed my legs together so my bare pussy wouldn't be so visible.

Dan explained, "We'll just sit here as husband and wife having drinks. Before long you can expect one or two guys to come up and start a conversation or ask you to dance, even though they'll be pretty sure you're my wife or date. I want you to be civil and friendly, and when you finally dance, without enticing anyone, let them hit on you."

"Really?" I asked, "Are you sure?"

"I am. See how far you can let him -- or them -- go without going too far, ya know, no going outside or getting arrested."

"You want me to hook up with some stranger and let him have his way with me, short of letting him have a piece?" I repeated.

"Don't you want to? You're not changing your mind, are you?"

I answered, "No, babe. It sounds exciting and you're already making me wet. I just want to be sure this is what you really want."

"I do!"

"You're a naughty little boy! Making your wife do all that nasty stuff.... throwing me into the briar patch," I responded in my best coquettish voice.

"Yeah, now start being nasty by wiggling your little ass on the bar stool to see if you can draw the attention of a pussy hound or two, make sly eye contact with him, get him to come over."

Sure enough, about 8:30 as we were into our second vodka, a well-dressed young man walked over and said to me, "You haven't been dancing but look like you might want to," and turned to Dan and asked, "Is it all right if I ask your wife to dance?" Dan said sure. He asked me to dance and we strolled onto the dance floor. We danced a slow dance very properly, carrying on small introductory talk. We danced a second. This time he held me a little closer but still our bodies were barely touching; he pulled my head on his shoulder. We started a third in a row when a young man from my dance partner's table came up and asked if he could cut in. My partner said sure and the new guy pulled me very tight into him and wrapped his right arm more around my ass than my back. He was not unaware that pulling me tight made my 38C torpedoes burrow into his chest. We had our heads on each other's shoulder.

He whispered in my ear, "I watched you dancing with my buddy and said to myself, 'that is the best looking girl I have seen in ages; I have to dance with her and hold her tight.' I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," I answered.

"Is your husband bothered by you dancing with other men," he asked.

I replied, "No. He doesn't dance but likes me to have a good time anyway. You and your friends could dance the whole night and he wouldn't care."

"Wow! That sounds dreamy," he commented. His hand went lower to just an inch above the hem but under my skirt. His hand began a rotating movement on my upper thigh. I whispered a Mmmmmmm in his ear as his hand massaged my leg. He whispered again in my ear, "You're not the easiest girl to hold tight."

"Why is that?" I inquired.

"Well, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you also have the best hooters that I've seen in a long time. They're so full and firm that I can't press my body against yours like I'd like to."

"Hhmmmmm," I purred in his ear.

He went on, "Though maybe holding tight not's the best thing with you. If I back away I can get an excellent view of your wondrous boobs. See? I not only get a look at your tits, from this position I get a close-up look at your nipples trying to poke through your shirt." He pulled our extended dancing arms into our bodies. Mine rested on his powerful upper chest. His dropped down and slid under the unbuttoned shirt, found and squeezed a tit, then found and tweaked its nipple. He then pushed the shirt slightly off to the side and exposed my tit. We were still relatively close so that my tit wasn't in full view, but anyone with a side view could easily make out my lily-white tit and prominent dark nipple and areola. My nameless partner had direct access to a bare tit and exploited that with his marauding hand. He briefly removed his hand from my leg, brought it around to my front, freed my other tit, and returned his hand to the back of my leg, this time two inches up and under my skirt. I now had two tits bared but bordered by my retracted shirt. While not visible to everyone, they could be seen by a goodly number as we continued to dance and he rotated my body around in circles. It was quite a sight: two tits pretty much open to the public with my nipples in their fully extended excited state (and getting more excited as my bare nipples rubbed against his shirt), one being mauled by my dance partner's hand, and his other hand massaging my back side just a few cunt hairs away from my ass. On one rotation I spied Dan looking at us, a big smile on his face and giving me the thumbs up sign.

"Ya know, there's too many people watching. Let's sit this one out," my partner said. He covered my tits, and led me by the hand to his table -- actually a large U-shaped booth where three friends were sitting.... and, it looked like, drooling a bit. He had one friend get up so I could sit in the middle against the wall and he could sit next to me. My first dance partner was sitting at my other side. In less than a minute a fresh vodka was in front of me and I gulped half of it down. "Isn't she a good dancer?" #2 asked the others. They all agreed vociferously. #2 continued, "Doesn't she have beautiful tits? Did you guys get a peek?" Two whistled yes, but #1 said no, he didn't. #2, with his right arm around my shoulders, took his left hand and again freed my tits.

"See them now?" he asked #1.

"Sure do."

"Aren't they beautiful?"

"The best I've ever seen."

"They feel great, too. Reach over and feel them. Feel how firm her tits are and how the nipples stick out."

#1 started massaging my tits. It was more private in the back of the booth but still not totally protected from prying eyes getting a view of both tits. #2 returned to my left tit and #1 concentrated on my right tit. I was starting to moan and breathe heavy. #2 dropped his hand from my tit and invited the guy sitting next to him to cop a feel. As unobtrusive as possible, reaching across #2 to get to me, #3 now played with one of my tits, while #4 reached across #1, and I had hands from two men playing with my tits. I was starting to get hot. Then #2 dropped his right arm all the way down to my ass and his left hand to the front of my skirt. He tried raising my ass with one hand and pulling my skirt up with the other. It was a struggle so, thinking it was within Dan's rules, I gave him some help by raising myself up. They probably already thought I was easy meat (I hoped!) so a little help with them lifting my skirt wouldn't make much difference. In the two seconds my ass was raised an inch above the seat, #2 had my skirt up to my waist and had dropped his hand on my pussy. "Oh! Such a naughty girl," he exclaimed to me. Then he announced to the others, "This naughty little filly has no panties. And by the wetness of her pussy she is getting hot. And I'd bet she wouldn't mind if more than just me checked her out. Everyone reach done and check out this pussy. Let's see if we can really get her hot."

I spent the next few minutes with one to four different men finger fucking me and one to four hands massaging both tits. I wondered what the rest of the club might be thinking with all of these men scrambling over one another evidentially looking for something on the booth bench where I was sitting. And #2 was right. I was starting to breathe heavy and getting hotter than a pistol. Then #2 whispered to me, "How about we all go somewhere?"

I answered, "I can't. I'd like to have all your cocks in my pussy, but my husband has set limits and I can't exceed those limits. I'll tell you what, though: there is something I can do for you right here in the booth -- I'm a good cock jerker and can jack you all off." #2's and #1's cocks were out in a jiffy. With the skill that Dan had taught me I grabbed a cock in each hand and started jacking both off. Once in a while I would reach down and gently squeeze their balls. I jacked slowly trying to make it last, even pausing momentarily to squeeze the base of their shafts. It was a little more than five minutes when both came within 10 seconds of each other, and, as they struggled to muffle their sounds, shot cum so hard it hit the underside of the table and fell on their pants. After they calmed down I purred, "You two have peter tracks on your pants and need to clean them up."

I looked at the others and added, "While they're gone you two take their places and I'll make you cum, too." There was much shuffling and soon I was administering a hand job to two more cocks. They too blasted under the table and on their pants. With an abrupt change of pace I announced, "I hope this was as good for you all as it was for me. I hope you liked my tits and pussy as much as I liked all of you men and your beautiful cocks. But I have to go now." I continued, "The others aren't back yet so you have to wait to clean up. Maybe I can help before I go." I stealthily and slowly put my head under the table and took one cock in my mouth. It was semi-soft but I was able to suck my juices and some of his cum off of it. When I pulled my mouth off I noticed a glob of cum on his pants. I scooped that up with my finger, raised up from under the table, showed him his cum on my finger, looked him in the eye and cooed, "I couldn't get it all, but got a bunch." As he watched intently I licked his cum off my finger, swirled it a little, and swallowed it. I went back under the table, cleaned the other cock, luckily found some of his cum and repeated my performance. His response was, "Jesus Christ!" as he watched me eat his cum. I said, "That was good; maybe we can do it again sometime. But I have to go now. Say good-bye to the others for me, will you?"

I walked back to Dan. "Did you get to watch? Was I good enough for you? Did I do it right? Did I do what you wanted me to?"

Dan answered as he kissed me on the cheek, "You did fantastic. Beyond my wildest dreams. You are so beautiful.... so hot.... and all mine. Next time we'll do the real thing, but I'll tell you about that later. Right now I have to get you home and fuck you silly." We paid the bill, left, and broke all speed limits going home. We walked in the door and barely closed it when Dan tore the remaining buttons and ripped my shirt off. He worked on my belt as I undid his. Soon my skirt and his pants were off. I was totally naked and he naked below the waist. He threw me on the family room carpet and lunged at me, not to fuck but with the eyes of a mad man to thoroughly rape and ravage me. I could hardly wait.

He forcibly raised my legs to my head and rammed his cock in my pussy. His rhythm was slow but he pounded me so hard that my body scooted a couple of inches across the carpet with each thrust, giving my ass carpet burns. I eventually was against the wall. Every time his cock rammed me my head was slammed against the wall and my body compressed like an accordion. With my burning ass, contorted body and thumping head the pain of this fuck was heavenly. We started talking dirty to each other. "You'd do anything for cock, huh?"

"Can't you give me more of your filthy prick?"

"I can get you more of my and other men's pricks.... You'd love that, huh?.... you're just a dirty rotten prick lovin' slut bitch, aren't you?... you'd fuck any prick you could."

"How many pricks could you get for me? Do you want to watch every time, or can I have some pricks all to myself?

"That almost makes you a slut whore."

"If I'm a whore, you're a motherfucker. I'm not a whore -- unless you want me to be -- but if loving the pricks you get for me makes me a slut, then I'm your slut. Do you want me to be your slut?.... Do you want me to be a dirty, nasty, filthy cumbag slut?"

"I'd love you to be my slut. Love to watch a hundred pricks plowing your dirty cunt... watch up close you getting fucked by the biggest prick in town.... watch it stretch your cunt lips... plow deep into your gut... and watch you grimace with the pain."

Despite us both being on fire with passion, Dan was able to control himself and fucked me for more than ten minutes before he plastered my cunt walls with a ton of cock milkshake. I came four times in the meantime. I can't remember feeling as hot as I was that evening. I already had an inkling from the other Sunday with Dan's friends, but now I was sure: I'm going to love fucking every man whenever and wherever Dan wants me to. I get hot just dreaming about it.

The men didn't get together the Sunday after our Saturday fling at the club. But Dan told me that everyone would be here the following Sunday, and that Robert was going to bring his wife, Denise, so there will me one more guest than normal. That was fine with me -- Denise and I got along great -- and I went about my business. Until Friday, while reading the paper, I discovered that the NFL games were locally blacked out this coming Sunday. How are we going to have a football party with no football game, I wondered. When I mentioned this to Dan, he said we were just going to have a social non-football party.

Dan said, "But I still want you to wear your jersey and hot pants. Denise is going to be dressed sexy and this will help keep the party going." Then he added, "If things go right it could be a great wild time with you two sexpots dressed slutty and us guys four sheets to the wind."

"Are you planning on anything specific?" I asked suspiciously.

He answered, "No, but one never knows how these things turn out... What were you thinking about?"

I replied, "Nothing in particular. I just know how your dirty mind works...., and, you know, maybe you had something in mind for me....., ya know....., after last Saturday....."

"You mean like you getting it on with my friends? Hadn't occurred to me," Dan lied. "But I like that image... your naked ass and open pussy getting fucked by my best friends right in front of me, with my help."

I went on, "Well, I like flirting with the guys but anything more serious -- with your friends, that is -- might be a problem."

"Oh! I doubt that," Dan disagreed. "I happen to know that my buddies can turn you on and deep down you have a thing for them."

"How do you know that?!?"

"Let's just say I have a little secret.... A little secret information.... A little insight into your desire for cock," he added with a little knowing laugh.

"What do you know?" I asked coyly but dubiously.

"Come with me," he commanded. We walked back to the den and he turned on his computer. He started a program, made a few clicks, and there, in bald-faced starkness, was a video clip of me with my open mouth near Jake's cock, cum splatters all over my face, and me sitting up and asking to see and feel William's cock as it was poised at my pussy lips.

I shouted, "That's sneaky! That's not fair! How did you do that?!?"

Dan hugged me a gave me a heavy kiss. "Yeah, it's probably sneaky.... but sure was fun. I set it up. Knowing how hot Robert -- and everybody else -- is to get into your pants, I challenged him to try on that Sunday I went to a fire. I told him that if he could get you to drop your drawers for the guys without being coercive, I would pay him $50 -- kind of a bet, I guess. But he had to have proof, which is where the video came in."

"You're a dirty rotten motherfucker," I yelled, but with an appreciative smile.

Dan retorted, "Yeah, but you're a sex-crazed cock hound.... and I like that in a wife. Now that this is out in the open, let's just look forward to the real party Sunday. We're going to have a fuckfest. Robert, Jake, Glen and William are all on board and you're going to fuck all of them while I watch your lily-white bare ass humping up and down on cocks. Glen's girlfriend, Danielle is on board but can't make it until late. Denise is on board and maybe you'll get to watch me fuck her... I might even have you help me put it in. There is some chance that we'll have you and Denise put on a show for us eating each other's pussies. None of this will be a surprise to the guys or a bother to Denise for that matter according to Robert."

I quickly got over Dan's sneakiness and got a little tingly thinking about Sunday. "I'll do whatever you want," I purred in his ear, "suck, fuck, eat pussy, whatever."

About 5pm our visitors began showing up. I had prepared some small sandwiches to go along with a shrimp plate and munchies. We also had both beer and wine chilled and a starter set of straight vodka on the rocks. The men were dressed neatly. I had my alluring jersey and hot pants on and Denise wore a seductive Dallas cheerleader outfit with pants smaller than mine and a bra-like top that barely covered her voluptuous tits.

We downed the vodkas then sipped wine or beer and snacked for about an hour, carrying on standard small talk mostly about football. I passed out the sandwiches. It was Denise that snickered, "Are you guys getting a good view of Janice's charms when she bends over to serve you?"

"I wish... but it's hard to see anything looking down a jersey," a couple of guys replied.

"Maybe if she bends way over you can get a peek up her hot pants," Denise went on. That didn't work either -- too tight --so everyone went back to chowing down.

After the sandwiches and more drinking, Jake suggested, "I can't decide which of these two fillies is more beautiful. Whadaya say we have them model for us and take a vote in a little beauty contest?" All the men agreed. Denise and I stood in the middle of the room, took a number of modeling poses and made some cheerleading moves while the guys hooted and hollered. Dan passed out slips of paper that each guy marked their vote on. To my chagrin, Denise won, 3 to 2.

Glen commented, "I wish my Danielle were here. I bet she would have done you all in. She couldn't make it though... she might stop by later... she loves these kind of parties." He went on, "What's the prize?"

Jake answered -- I think making it up at the time, "The loser has to kiss the winner open-mouthed for two full minutes." I looked at Dan, a little perplexed. He nodded that I should do it. I think Denise had no doubts or reservations. I walked up to her and kissed her full on the lips. She embraced me and forced open our mouths. Our tongues explored each other's mouth, and then darted in and out in a joint tongue fucking of the mouth. It turns out that a two-minute kiss is longer than one thinks. Our lips rotated around each other and we both embraced each other very tight. Our breasts squeezed together and our pelvis' ground together. I had not done this before but was starting to melt like warm putty.

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