tagInterracial LoveFringe Benefits of a Seminar Ch. 01

Fringe Benefits of a Seminar Ch. 01


Heather works for a company that believes in a lot of personal development programs. She feels she spends fifty percent of her time in classroom settings.

Unfortunately, from a drawing of names out of a bowl, she was one of six individuals selected to go for a two week personal development seminar in Orlando Florida. The other five included three ladies and two guys names; naturally all expenses were paid for by the company. One of the other five said, "Gee, we get an extra two weeks paid vacation this year." Heather thought to herself yeah, sure.

To save on corporate expenses they had to pair up, the females and the guys; it ended up being three rooms.

The ladies were between twenty-three and twenty-eight with Heather being the oldest and Paul was thirty and Jim was twenty-eight.

Before getting too far into the story, a little background on Heather might be helpful.

Several years ago, Heather and three of her girlfriends at the time, well they still are, went to Jamaica for a vacation. The reasons Jamaica was selected was to get far from home, spend time in a warm place for a few weeks being in the middle of winter where they lived as well as to experience their first black dates.

They had fantasies about sleeping with blacks and heard rumors about how great lovers they are since high school days. Yes, they knew about the other rumor of them being endowed with supposedly terrific lady pleasers. They desired to check out the rumor, far from home, thinking they could go back after the vacation and into the same dull routine and the secret would remain amongst them. They were wrong in regards to several assumptions.

The vacation was far beyond any dreams, wishes or hopes that they had conjured up in their minds before the trip. They were exposed to many new experiences. They experienced group sex which they had never had done before. They had sex with Brazilian men and women besides Jamaican. They learned how to swallow a cock and the love juice that it fires. They learnt that taking things in the other orifice could be fun and pleasurable.

The Jamaican vacation made an impression that will never be forgotten by the four girls that went. What they did not expect was the stirrings in their bodies when seeing hot looking black guys when returning home. The feelings also start when they are asked if they need any assistance with anything or help from any black guy.

Seeing hot black guys or hearing suggestive comments triggers emotions that none of them had before going to Jamaica. In fact hearing comments before their trip was repugnant to them, being reared in a large northern city lacking few opportunities to mix with blacks. Now they were broken hearted if they did not hear suggestive comments when they are near them.

The four of them have all dated black guys a number of times since their Jamaican tryst.

Now back to this story. Heather and her roommate, Gina, decided they would fly to Orlando early Sunday morning, check their luggage, and tour the town to get familiar with the layout. On the plane being seated together, they exchanged everything that they could in the three hour flight. They developed a comfortable feeling about each other as a result.

Surprisingly their room was ready when they arrived. They unpacked and got themselves settled.

Heather's roommate is a gypsy by ancestry. She has olive skin, jet-black hair, so silky looking with stunning hazel eyes. She is of five foot eight inches and they both weigh 125 pounds. Gina would be model material but her DD breasts are a little too much; otherwise, she is perfect in all other aspects.

For Heather, she is of Scandinavian ancestry, having the blue eyes and blond hair. If she could have shared her breasts with Gina, then the average might have been a perfect ten but she accepted her 34B size.

She also had those long legs that many guys love. Gina being twenty-three was asking many questions. This was here first time out from home in this type of environment and not with family. A word sums her up, naive.

In the room was tons of information on Orlando. They decided they would go to Sea World, have dinner somewhere out, then return to the hotel and relax and be ready for the first day at the seminar. They were all pre-registered and the seminar began at 9 AM at the convention center on Monday.

As they were approaching the front door to arrange a cab for Sea World, Heather saw two gorgeous black guys get into a cab. Naturally, her butterflies woke up.

The girls went to Sea World, had dinner there, and were back in their room by 10PM.

The message light was flashing on the nightstand. Gina listened to it and then said, "Heather, the message was from Paul. He said that he and Jim would be in the lounge if we desired to join them for drinks."

Heather looked at Gina. Gina was glowing with excitement to get to the lounge. Heather said, "Gina, come sit here on the sofa and let's have a girl to girl chat."

Gina's eyes opened in shock but she did not argue and she sat down.

"Gina, after I have said my two cents worth, make a decision and enjoy your trip; I just do not want to see you going home with a broken heart."

"Look most guys away from home like to prove to themselves they are still hot and able to get girls in the sack. I am not saying Jim or Paul are like that because I have never been with them in a situation were I could test them."

"We have two weeks to get to know them. How do you handle alcohol, Gina? If it weakens your defense, go easy on it or you will find yourself in bed in the morning with a guy. I am not saying that is bad, and I hope that it does happen but not from guys we work with that then can brag to all the other guys back home how they scored. Are you following me, Gina?"

"Gosh Heather, that never crossed my mind. Gee thanks. Won't they be expecting us though?"

"No not expecting just hoping. You see they know us or think they do so they do not have to get our attention. They know they already have it.

"I'll tell you what; I bet they ask us to dinner tomorrow night, then to join them for cocktails. If they don't ask us, they will ask Jenna and Celeste. Do you want to make a wager?"

"No way Heather, I am sure you have them figured out."

"Look if they do ask, let's accept the offer. Then we can see quickly see what kind of guys they are. It will be easy because both are married, I think, but not positive. If one is single then that is a different scenario. However, remember what is important to them is scoring. Are you still with me?"

"Sure, I think I am going to learn a lot attending what I thought would be a dull seminar experience."

"Gina I am going to take a shower and get comfortable. It's been a great day so far."

"Okay Heather and I will do the same after you."

After showering, Heather opened the door to help clear the vapors from the mirror and heard voices. They were female, so assumed Celeste and Jenna had come to visit.

When Heather entered the sitting area, Gina said, "Heather, listen to this. Jenna, tell Heather what you told me."

Well to not go into detail but the sum of it is Paul put the hit on Jenna with indirect hints and suggestions when they were dancing in the lounge. Jenna and Celeste took the guys up on the invitation to meet in the lounge.

Gina said, "After I heard that Heather, I told them what you had cautioned me about. Wow, you have guys figured out good."

Heather said, "Celeste, how did Jim treat you? I assume he was with you if Paul was hitting on Jenna."

"Heather we danced slow dances, close dances and fast dances and Jim did not utter anything that would indicate he desired anything more."

Heather said, "Well ladies keep your guard up."

By the way, both Celeste and Jenna are hot looking numbers. Both weigh less than 120 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes and small breasts but perfect asses as guys say. Jenna is five foot six and Celeste is five foot 5. Neither are married or engaged. As a matter of fact neither have steady boyfriends.

They sat around until mid-night discussing men. They then discovered that Celeste and Jenna were in the adjacent room. There were doors they could open to access each other's room without going out in the hall.

They decided to go for breakfast at 7:30AM, gave each other hugs and cheek kisses and lights out.

The alarm startled Gina and Heather.

They showered, dressed, and went into the other room to see the progress of Celeste and Jenna. They were ready so off to breakfast they headed.

Mid-way through breakfast Jim approached them and after the greetings said, "Look Paul and I would like to treat you all to dinner at a fabulous place. If you guys have no other plans, please let us."

All eyes focused on Heather from the females. She said, "Com'on now, don't make me the spokesperson. I'm with you Jim; these others can speak for themselves. They have tongues, I think."

"I'm in, came from the other three."

"Great, let's meet in the lobby at 7PM. See you at the seminar."

The seminar provided shuttle service so they were all on the same bus. When they arrived at the seminar, their mouths dropped in shock at seeing maybe fifty people in the room. The meeting started with them six, sitting in a row together.

The person speaking said that every morning they would meet as a group to get general information out of the way. He also mentioned that the remaining sessions for the two weeks start at 8:30AM for general meeting, 9-11AM for training, 11AM-1PM for lunch and 1-3PM for training.

He mentioned lunch was served in the building, cafeteria style and they needed to look at the monitors to find their name for both the morning and afternoon session. To make it easy the names were in alphabetical order with a room assignment after it.

He said there were nine companies represented with fifty-four registered attendees. He also mentioned that a computer-generated list insured they were never in the same room with their colleagues and attempted to get them acquainted at least once with every registered attendee.

The six of them agreed to meet back at the hotel at the end of the day to keep things simple.

At the afternoon session, Heather's heart skipped a tad, her nipples got hard and blood flowed to her erogenous zone seeing one of the black guys that was getting into a cab on Sunday. God he was more gorgeous up closer; she thought to herself. There were eight other attendees in the room that Heather had been assigned. As in all small groups, they had to make out name cards. They also had to make a two minute introduction of themselves as to whom, where, company etc. They did that at every session. The introduction part was dropped the 3rd day, and they just carried the name cards with them.

It was difficult concentrating on the topic of self-image projections with him in the room. Heather tried her best not to look his way. She was relieved when the session ended. She headed for the bus pick up stop. She noticed the one she needed was there. She ran to it, hopped on, and the door closed behind her.

The bus was filled so Heather kept working her way to the back. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Tyrell. He smiled and motioned to her to take his seat. She did and thanked him. He squatted next to her in the aisle and began a conversation of general things like home, boyfriends, work etc. He asked the name of the hotel. She told him the Marriott. His eyes lit up, he smiled and said, "Small world, I'm there also."

Heather was relieved when he did not ask her for her room number but on the other hand, she wished he had.

They parted ways in the lobby. Tyrell saying, "See you around, babe."

"Okay Tyrell, see you."

When Heather reached the room, she was the last to show up. She plopped her butt down from exhaustion and took a big sigh. She closed her eyes just to recover.

Gina asked Heather if she wanted to go for a walk with them. Heather said, "No thanks."

Heather decided to shower. As the others had left the phone rang as she was headed to the shower.


"Is this Heather?"


"Hi Babe, Tyrell here."

Heathers heart picked up speed, her nipples hardened and she could feel his hands on her mound and his eyes consuming her body.

Then with a shaky voice he heard, "Hi Tyrell."

"How about joining me in the Jacuzzi, in the swimming pool area to get the kinks out?"

"I'm ready to take a shower Tyrell. I will think on it. If I do not show up in fifteen minutes I will be passing on the invite."

"Okay babe but please come. Bye babe."

Heather decided to put on her two-piece bathing suit, take a quick shower, and head to the pool area because of her interest in Tyrell.

Heather put on a terry cloth robe and worked her way into the pool area. It was not hard to spot him. He was the only guy sitting in the whirlpool.

Heather walked up to him and said, "Thanks for the invite. I am tired and that word Jacuzzi was just what I needed. Let me swim a few laps and I will join you."

"Be my guest babe."

Heather pitched the robe and dove into the pool. She did her laps and then headed to the Jacuzzi. Tyrell was grinning ear to ear. She could but not notice his tight chest and stomach muscle. He was a real specimen. It appeared to Heather he was 6 foot of very close from other observations and not over two-hundred pounds. She thought he had beautiful brown eyes. Heather limited her vision of him to above his waistline.

They started with more idle chatter then into more personal things such as asking how old she was when she had her first sexual encounter, and was she ever into girls; that made her blush. From the questions she was getting aroused and her nipples were getting hard, pressing against the fabric covering her breasts, with blood flowing to her lower lips, swelling them. Tyrell noticed the nips because he was looking more and more at them.

"Heather, I know you have heard this a million times before, but I need to be a dumb ass and say it anyway and that is you have an awesome body. I envy the guys that you permit to sleep with you."

Heather's nipples were showing signs of becoming harder and her breathing was becoming shallower.

Then she heard, "Heather is there anything I can do for you? Do you need any help with anything?"

She looked at Tyrell and said, "Thanks for the invite, I'd better get going."

She had the look of total embarrassment on her face, no sign of ignorance as to the inference of the questions.

Tyrell helped her from the Jacuzzi by offering a hand and holding her robe so she could slip it on.

She headed to the hallway to go to her room and soon I heard, "Heather, look I'm sorry. Wait, Please. Let's talk, I did not know but was hoping. I am really sorry."

She wanted to make him think I did not know what he was talking about.

"I'm lost Tyrell, what are you mumbling about."

"Heather, please. We are adults. You either have had experience with black guys or have heard rumors. I am sorry I rattled you. Can we get off on a better footing so these two weeks are pleasant instead of you trying to avoid me for 14 days?"

What he said made sense. She then heard, "Come to my room and we can chat. I promise I will not place any pressure on you. Just talk to me so we can look at each other and be honest and not run and hide."

"Okay, maybe we should start over." She took his hand and they headed to his room. Her heart was beating hoping her co-workers did not spot her with him.

They reached his room and she was glad that she did not run into her friends, otherwise it would have been really embarrassing.

He asked her what she would like to drink.

She told him iced tea if he had it otherwise a diet cola.

"Heather, let's sit here on the sofa. Pretend I am an old friend that you can open up to and share your secrets."

She giggled and did as he suggested.

"Look Tyrell."

"Call me Ty."

"Okay Ty, look......"

She explained a small portion of her Jamaican vacation and now how seeing black guys affected her. The more Heather chatted the warmer she was getting. She was blushing a lot. She mentioned to him if it was a bar environment and if it was at home, she would have reacted differently but in the Jacuzzi, in her bikini, with co-workers around it was un-nerving her and she panicked because she knew the background to the question he had asked.

She stood and took off the robe to cool down.

Ty's cock stirred. As Heather was going to sit back down, Ty said, "Please Heather sit in my lap as if you were going to give me a lap dance. None of your friends can see us. Look, we are not fooling each other. I know you are turned on. Look at your nipples pressing against that fabric."

Heather did as Ty suggested. He was right. Her friends would not spot them together. Ty did not touch her. She did some other small talk and then he heard, "Ty it was just the wrong place and time for me to hear that offer. I hear it at home hundreds of times a week probably. But to be really honest with you, I saw you and a buddy getting into a cab yesterday, and my nips hardened."

"Ty can you open the sliding door or turn on the air? I am roasting."

Heather stood so he could open the sliding door.

When he came back, Ty shed his terry robe. Standing next to her, he placed a hand on a butt cheek and said, "That is one hell of a beautiful ass Heather."

Heather blushed as her temperature climbed more. She took a sip of the tea and sat in his lap again.

Heather scanned the room and saw it was 6:15PM on the clock. She looked Ty in the eyes, placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled herself in to kiss him. They tongued dueled fast and furious. His hands went to cup her breasts. She broke the kiss and said, "Ty I really need to get ready for dinner with my friends but I want us to continue this. Can we tomorrow when we get back from the seminar?"

"We sure can Heather, thanks for not freaking out. Let's meet here at 4:00PM or after."

They tongued dueled until they needed air with one of his hands on her butt pushing her mound into his cock, the other in the center of her back pushing her tits to his chest. They broke the kiss, she felt for his cock and he heard, "Mmmmmmmm, nice," as she massaged it a little with her hand. She got up, put on her robe, gave him a sweet soft kiss and made her way to her room after saying, "I'm glad we chatted a little. Maybe see you later tonight." Thank God, it was on the other side of the complex.

She dressed for dinner. They met the guys in the lobby. They had a great seafood dinner at the restaurant the guys had taken them and then returned to the hotel lounge. The four girls danced with their co-workers and other guys that had asked them to dance also. Their two male co-workers appeared to be behaving themselves with no clues or side hints for anything or about anything.

Around 11:30PM, Gina asked Heather if she was ready for bed and Heather indicated yes. They gave everyone their good night hugs and headed to their room.

Heather arranged her clothes for the next day while Gina showered. Heather then took her shower, along with some breast play, nipple sucking and inducing a finger triggered orgasm at her clit, thinking of Ty.

When Heather hoped in bed and flipped the lights out she heard, "Heather may I ask you something very personal. I need your advice and I hope you can guide me."

"Sure Gina, what is it?"

"Well in the seminar today I met a black man. He was sitting next to me. At the end of the seminar, he whispered and asked me if I needed anything or if he could be of any help. I told him no, but thanks for asking. He then said that it was too bad because he sure would love to help me out. Do you have any idea of what he may have been referring too?"

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