tagBDSMFrom Dream to Work to Reality

From Dream to Work to Reality

byMorgaine LeFay©

She had been sitting in the tub relaxing from her day when the doorbell rang. She dried off and put on her robe before answering the door. He was standing there grinning at her.

"You said that you wouldn’t tell me what was in the dream. I’m here to find out first hand – even if I have to force it out of you." She laughed and brought him into the living room. She asked him to wait while she drained the tub. She came back in, still wearing only the robe with her hair cascading to her shoulders and her hands behind her back.

"Are you feeling submissive or dominating?"

He looked at her in awe for a few minutes. She brought her hands out from behind her back and showed him a paddle.

"Personally, I'm feeling submissive today so this would need to go to you."

She handed him the paddle and let her robe fall away. He sat on the couch holding the paddle and just looking at her for a second. He raised an eyebrow at her and she lowered her eyes. He stood up and told her to bend at the waist and hold the arm of the couch.

She did as she was told silently and she felt him trail his fingers across one of the cheeks of her ass. Without warning, she felt a sting erupt in a line across her entire ass and she knew he was using his belt instead of the paddle. The first slap caught her off guard but the three following awakened her skin more.

Abruptly he stopped, "I want you to put a cushion on the floor and kneel in front of me now."

"As you wish master," and keeping her eyes lowered she did as she was told.

He then told her to look up at him and she saw the belt in one hand and the paddle in the other. She could feel both her ass and her pussy throbbing at the site of him holding those two simple things. He had removed his shirt and had on only his pants.

"I want you to use your teeth and finish undressing me. You may not speak until directed to do so. Use your hands only when necessary. You know what will happen if you don't do it right."

He moved the belt in his hand. Without a word she took the zipper in her teeth and undid his pants. He had already unfastened the button so the only thing she had to use her hands for was to slide them down and off him. She took the band of his boxers in her teeth and pulled them off him without using her hands at all. When she was finished, she knelt in front of him with her eyes lowered. She could still see his prick pointing straight at her.

"Lick it," he commanded.

She licked not the cock but the scrotum. She licked it closely underneath, pushing the balls up a little with her tongue. Then she opened her mouth and sucked each of the balls in turn. She could hear him drawing in his breath roughly. He placed his hands on her shoulders and the handle of the paddle dug into her flesh as the end of his belt brushed across her back.

"Take it into your mouth," he instructed her.

Trailing her tongue up to the tip, she took in his cock. She pushed it up against the roof of her mouth then down deep in her throat. She sucked it in long powerful strokes, running her tongue along it and letting her teeth scrape it lightly. She clowly let it pop out of her mouth and licked the tip, deliberately teasing him. She felt the paddle sting across her ass before she realized he had moved his hands and he demanded she finish what she started. She teased him for a few more seconds as he rained down three more sharp slaps with the paddle.

"If you like teasing so much, when you are done we we'll see how like to be teased."

She hungrily took the cock back into her mouth while he hit her with the paddle two more times. Rolling her tongue around the tip, she felt his hips start to rock back and forth as he thrusts deeper into her throat. She reached around him and pinched his ass as he started to gush into her mouth. Holding it all in until he was completely spent, she swallowed in one gulp and slowly released him from her lips.

She continued to kneel there until he wrapped his hand in her hair and used it as leverage to raise her to her feet.

"Now we will see how you like being teased like that."

He brought her into the bedroom and told her to lie down on the bed and raise her hands together above her head. He picked up a handkerchief from her nightstand and tied her wrists together with it before lashing them both to the headboard of the bed, leaving enough slack for her to be able to twist them over. He flicked his belt at her breasts as he walked by and the end of it licked across her nipples. She arched her back with the pain. He then took two more handkerchiefs and tied each of her ankles to the posts at the end of the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed, he lashed the belt between her breasts and down her stomach. She groaned and wriggled on the bed.

"You will lie there and not move unless I tell you too."

She whispered, "yes master" and lay still.

He pulled a pillow on the floor at the end of the bed and knelt down on it. He took the handle of the paddle and moved it lightly over her moist lips. She bit her lip to repress the moan that was trying to escape. He started to insert the handle of the paddle and lowered his face to lick over her opening. She raised her hips to take the handle in deeper and he pulled it away. Her entire body was aching for something to enter her. He spread her open and stuck his tongue in, wiggling it as he did. She strained towards him and again he pulled away.

"It isn't as fun to be the one being teased is it?"

Her face was flushed as she replied breathlessly with a "no master".

He untied her feet and told her to roll over.

As soon as she was on her stomach, he began paddling her and lashing her back with the belt. He told her to bring herself up on her knees and he continued paddling her as she did this. As soon as she was on her knees, he kneeled behind her on the bed and impaled her on his cock. He pushed into her harder as she pushed back into him. Steadily moving in and out of her, he continued to slap her breasts and ass with the paddle.

Tears were flowing from her eyes but the ecstasy of the pain and pleasure mixed together was too good to ask him to stop. As he reached climax, he reached under her and pinched her already burning nipples. With one final, deep push, he shot his load into her. She lowered her face into the pillow beneath her and withdrew himself from her. Trailing his fingers over the welts starting to show on her back and ass, he bit her ass cheek before untying her hands.

"Next time you tease, there will be no satisfaction for you."

She lay there for a few minutes, not risking a look behind her to see what he was doing. Suddenly, she felt a cold cream being spread on the welts on her ass and back.

"That was honestly what you dreamed about last night?"

She knew that they were back to their regular personas and could only nod under the mixture of burning and coolness that now encased her back.

"I didn’t know I had that in me."

Gingerly turning to her side, she looked at him. The concern in his face struck her as amusing.

"If it wasn’t something I thought I would enjoy do you think I would have taken it there? These will go away, they aren’t going to stay with me. The feeling of being completely under your control was just so … I’m just wondering why we didn’t do this sooner."

He looked down at his hands, "I didn’t know if you would let me."

She wasn’t surprised at all by this. Cautiously, she stood up and pulled him up to her. She kissed him as her hand trailed down his back.

"I would let you do anything you wanted to me. You should know that by now. All you have to do is ask."

Tracing the welts on her back he replied, "Be careful what you say, I might just take you up on that offer."

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