tagBDSMFrom Intern to Sex Slave

From Intern to Sex Slave


Authoress's notes: For those of you who've read my Imperial Prostitute & Jedi Submissive series, this story will seem a bit familiar, as I was looking at a non-Star Wars version of that story line. For everyone else, please read and enjoy all of my stories, and please leave me feedback, public or via email.


Trish Ivory strode confidently into the office when the receptionist, Carly, told she could. They were on the thirty-sixth floor of a forty story downtown skyscraper. She was interviewing for an intern PA's position with Dunn Consulting. She had met the the owner, Robyn Dunn, at a coffee shop a couple of weeks ago.

Robyn Dunn was a tall, imposing woman in her mid-thirties, and an alumni of the school Trish was currently attending. Trish was five-foot-five, and a studious college student just finishing her junior year at the University. They had got to talking, and Mrs. Dunn told her that she should apply for a summer job with her firm. She already an internship lined up, but she promised Mrs. Dunn she'd apply.

Trish did a little research on Dunn Consulting, just to find out about the company. She didn't discover very much. According to their website, they mostly helped clients solve staffing problems and develop new products. Dunn Consulting already had several major Fortune 500 companies listed as clients. They also had several other companies as clients that Trish found were defense contractors.

The next time they met, Robyn had brought Trish a brand new smartphone. She explained that it had some orientation materials on it for her to take a look at. She had also given her a pair of small, clear wireless ear buds that fit discreetly in her ears.

Trish loved the smartphone, and the ear buds. She quickly transferred all of her music and contacts on the phone. The orientation materials were a combination of videos, audio files, slide shows, and pdf files. They were distracting to start with, but after a few minutes, Trish started getting used to it. At first she only glanced at them a little, but she found herself looking at them more and more. Soon Trish became very relaxed as she studied.

Even so, Trish found herself remembering practically every detail of the materials. There was always some soft background music playing as well. The two ran into each other almost every day at the coffee shop. They always seemed spend a few minutes or so chatting. A few days later, Trish asked Robyn for more orientation materials for her to study.

The ear buds were very discreet, and produced very high quality sound. She had no problem hearing people talk with them in, even with her music or the orientation materials playing.

"Thank you so much for coming," Mrs. Dunn said as she greeted her.

"You're welcome, Ma'am," Trish replied with a smile.

When they'd first met, they had been on a first name basis. Now Trish usually called her Mrs. Dunn, and always answered her with yes ma'am and no ma'am.

"Can I have Carly get you anything to drink?" Robyn asked as they moved to a pair of black leather couches on each side of a coffee table.

"No thank you, Ma'am," Trish replied politely.

Mrs Dunn sat down on one of leather couches, and gestured for Trish to sit on the one across from her. They quickly got down to business. Mrs Dunn informed her that the intern position paid six hundred a week for the summer, which wasn't a lot for the city. However, the perks included the smartphone she already had, a tablet, a business wardrobe, and regular salon visits. After a month she would also receive an ultrabook, and a company car.

"I have many important clients visiting regularly," Mrs. Dunn informed her. "So it's very essential that you look your absolute best at all times."

"Yes, Mrs. Dunn," Trish agreed with a nod.

"I hope you can start immediately?" Mrs. Dunn asked her.

"Of course," Trish answered with an excited smile. She couldn't wait to start working for Mrs. Dunn.

Her new boss told her to go get fitted for her wardrobe, then come back to the office so someone could show her around.

Mrs. Dunn sent her to an exclusive boutique a few blocks away. The address was already plugged into her smartphone. Since it was so close, Trish walked instead of taking the subway.

Once she arrived, a short woman in her fifties took her into a dressing room. Trish tried to tell her her sizes, but she shushed her, and told her to strip. Once Trish was down to her underwear, she took a long look at her while making little sounds of approval.

When she finished the woman went back into the shop. A few minutes later she returned with an off-the-rack outfit for her.

The business suit consisted of a tight black pinstriped miniskirt and jacket, and white blouse. There was also a pair of glossy black three inch heels. Trish thought it was a bit skimpy for the office, but she had seen Carly wearing a skirt a little shorter, and heels a little higher. There were four more outfits practically exactly like that one, and two more pairs of heels.

When Trish returned to Dunn Consulting, Carly gave her a quick tour of the office. Actually, there wasn't really much to tour. Trish had already seen the security station, and Mrs. Dunn's office suite. That just left the small break room, and a short hallway with a couple of doors on it. One thing Trish had already noticed was that there didn't seem to be very many employees around other than Carly, and a security guard.

"There's just a couple of um, meeting rooms down there," Carly told her with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Mrs. Dunn will tell you when you can go in them."

"Okay," Trish replied, a little confused as to why she had to wait until Mrs. Dunn told her she could go into a meeting room.

There didn't seem to anyone else around except for the two of them, Mrs. Dunn, and the security guard, Jesse. Carly told her that most everyone else was at the R&D site, or on assignment.

Once they finished the tour, Carly got Trish settled into her desk right outside Mrs. Dunn's office. There was a brand new tablet waiting on her, along with a top-of-the-line computer with a twenty-six inch monitor. Both were synched in with her smartphone.

Carly also told her that she should review her orientation and training materials when she wasn't doing something for Mrs. Dunn. The suggestion was hardly necessary, as Trish was already listening to it through her ear buds, and watching it on her new . She also told her to call her if she needed anything, or had any questions.

Mrs. Dunn called Trish into her office a while later, and complimented her on her outfit. She also had her make her an espresso. Trish spent the rest of the day learning how to be Mrs. Dunn's personal assistant. She listened to the soft music over her ear buds all day as well. Just as she was about to leave, Mrs. Dunn summoned her into her office, and told her that she had made an appointment at a salon for her. Trish thanked her, and followed the directions on her smartphone to the salon.

Just like when Trish went to the boutique, they were expecting her when she arrived at the salon. A perky blonde named Jenni quickly guided her to a station. Soon Trish had had her hair trimmed, styled, and highlighted. She also received a French manicure and pedicure, with white quarter-inch-long tips.

The following morning Trish arrived at work nearly ten minutes early. Carly would be helping her again. Trish had Mrs Dunn's espresso waiting for her when she arrived at eight, along with her schedule for the day. Mrs. Dunn complimented her again on her outfit, and on her new look, spending several long moments checking her out.

Trish spent the day at her desk outside Mrs. Dunn's office. When she wasn't doing something for her, she was studying her training materials on her tablet. That afternoon, Mrs. Dunn sent her to pick up her dry cleaning. Trish should have resented being sent on a personal errand by her boss, but for some reason she didn't really mind.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Three days later . . .

"Trish, step in here a moment," Mrs. Dunn said through Trish's ear buds.

"Yes Ma'am," Trish replied promptly.

A few moments later, Trish was entering Mrs. Dunn's office, tablet in hand. She stopped about five feet in front of her desk, just in front of a pair of comfortable chairs that were for guests. Trish didn't sit down though, as she hadn't been told to.

"You wanted to see me, Ma'am?" Trish asked politely.

Since she had gotten her smartphone and ear buds a couple of weeks ago, Trish had studied her training materials day and night. She pretty much only took out her ear buds to shower. She even kept them in at night, listening to her training materials while she slept. Trish stayed very focused on her work, both at and away from the office. She had also become very disciplined about going to the gym, both in the mornings and again in the evenings. It had only been a couple weeks, but Trish was already starting to see a little difference from her new workout routine.

Trish had also developed a serious infatuation with Mrs. Dunn over the past week or so. At first she just admired her, but now it was becoming something more. The last couple of nights Trish had had vivid, erotic dreams involving Mrs. Dunn. While she had never considered herself bisexual, she was starting to wonder.

"Yes," Mrs. Dunn replied with a nod. "You've made a lot of progress in the past few days, especially in studying your training materials I've provided."

"Thank you, Mrs. Dunn," Trish replied, blushing slightly from the compliment.

"As a result of your dedication, I've decided to give you a bit more responsibility, and an upgraded wardrobe."

"Thank you, Mrs. Dunn!" Trish replied brightly.

"You'll also have to work a bit more of a flexible schedule. Evenings and maybe even weekends," Mrs. Dunn warned her.

"That's no problem, Ma'am," Trish assured her. "I'll be happy to work whenever you need me too."

"Good girl," Mrs. Dunn replied with a smile. "Go get fitted for your new wardrobe, then come back to work."

"Yes Ma'am," Trish answered obediently. "I won't disappoint you."

Trish left her office, and the building. As she expected, her smartphone directed her back to the boutique she had been sent to before. Also just like before, the shopkeeper put her in a changing room, and ordered her to strip.

Trish's new wardrobe was similar to what she had, except the tops were a little tighter, and the skirts a couple of inches shorter. Trish's new shoes also had four inch heels instead of three inches. She kept her ear buds in, and listened to her training materials while the shopkeeper did her work.

The major addition was the underwear. Before she could put on her new work outfit, Trish put on a black push-up bra, matching thong panties, garter belt, and stockings. Normally Trish would have been upset if someone had suggested what underwear she wore, but since it was Mrs. Dunn, she didn't mind. She trusted her decisions.

Besides the business outfits, Trish was also given several sets of sports bras and hot pants to workout in. Each one was black, with white trim. The Dunn Consulting logo was over the left breast, and on the left hip. There was even a couple of pairs of top-of-the-line sneakers, in black of course.

Finally Trish was allowed to get dressed, and return to the office. Walking was a bit of a challenge in her new four inch heels, but she could get used to it.

When Trish returned to the office, she immediately let Mrs. Dunn know that she was back.

"Great, pop in here a moment, and let me have a look at you," Mrs. Dunn replied over her ear buds. "And bring me another espresso."

"Yes Ma'am," Trish replied obediently.

In spite of Carly's enthusiastic compliments of her new look, Trish took moment in the restroom to freshen up her make-up, and check herself out in the mirror. Then she prepared Mrs. Dunn's espresso, and reported to her.

"You look very nice," Mrs. Dunn said as she examined her. She paused long enough to take a swallow of her espresso.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Trish replied, blushing slightly.

Her short, tight miniskirt combined with her four inch heels emphasized her toned legs. The push-up bra and snug blouse and top did their best to display her b-cup breasts.

Mrs. Dunn took a seat on one of her leather couches, and had Trish put on a little fashion show for her while she sipped her espresso. Trish was definitely starting to feel turned on with Mrs. Dunn watching her constantly. She knew she'd be having some vivid dreams about her tonight.

"So tell me Trish," Mrs. Dunn began. "Are you wearing the underthings I provided for you?"

"Yes Ma'am," Trish replied obediently.

"Well, let me see how they look on you."

"Ma'am?" Trish asked in disbelief.

Trish felt a twinge of arousal at the idea of stripping in front of her. Still, that wasn't really what she meant. Was it?

"Take off your jacket, blouse, and skirt, and let me see your bra and panties," Mrs. Dunn instructed her.

Trish held her breath a moment. "Yes Ma'am," she responded as she began unbuttoning her jacket.

She laid the jacket over the back of the couch, then began taking off her blouse. Next she unbuckled her glossy black belt, and slid her tight miniskirt down her legs.

Now Trish was standing in the middle of Mrs. Dunn's office wearing nothing but her black satin lingerie, stockings, and four inch heels.

Mrs. Dunn took a moment to check her out, then had her strut around a bit more. Trish was definitely starting to feel aroused now. After a couple of minutes, Mrs. Dunn had her come back over to her, then turn to face away from her.

"Your garters are a little loose," Mrs. Dunn said as she began adjusting them.

Trish held her breath as she tightened her garters at the back of her thighs, then turned her around and adjusted the ones in the front. Her heart raced as she felt her hands on her upper thighs, just inches from her moist pussy.

"You look beautiful," Mrs. Dunn told her as she stood up and began adjusting her bra.

"Thank you Ma'am," Trish replied obediently as she stood still.

"You don't mind me touching you like this, do you?" she asked as she moved back down to her panties.

"No Ma'am," Trish replied breathlessly.

Trish let out a gasp as Mrs. Dunn's hand brushed the front of her panties—directly over her moist pussy.

"Good," she responded as she began adjusting her stocking tops. "I want us to be very close to each other," she added as she began re-tightening Trish's garters. "Like very good girlfriends."

Trish wasn't quite sure how to respond to that, or if she could without moaning in arousal. She bit her lower lip, and stood passively while Mrs. Dunn continued making adjustments to her bra, panties, garter belt, and stocking tops as she slowly circled her.

"I see you've been spending some extra time in the gym," she commented as she traced a pair of fingers across her lower stomach.

"Yes Ma'am," Trish responded softly, fighting to maintain her composure. "I've been going in the evenings as well as the mornings the past couple of weeks."

"Well, it shows," Mrs. Dunn told her, brushing her hand across her ass.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Trish replied, panting softly.

Trish was really aroused now. She desperately hoped Mrs. Dunn didn't notice the wet spot on the front of her panties . . . or smell it.

"Why don't you take a moment to freshen up in my private bathroom," Mrs. Dunn said with a wave of her hand towards the far side of the office. "Before you have to change your panties."

As she spoke, she lightly traced a finger across the top of her thong, arousing Trish even more.

"Thank you Ma'am," Trish answered quickly as she practically ran in her four inch heels towards the bathroom door. She felt an additional twinge of arousal at her 'change your panties' comment.

As soon as the bathroom door was locked Trish pulled her panties aside and thrust her fingers into her wet pussy. She half-fell onto the toilet and spread her legs so she could push her fingers in deeper.

Trish moaned out as she frantically masturbated. She was so horny she didn't even care that she was at work, and in her boss's bathroom; while she was right outside. As she thrust her fingers in and out of her soaking snatch, all Trish could think of was Mrs. Dunn's hands all over her. She barely even noticed that in her fantasies—just like in the dreams she had been having lately—she thought of her boss as Mrs. Dunn, and not Robyn, or baby, or some other name.

While one hand stayed busy between her legs, Trish's other hand pulled down bra. Her moans grew louder as she began pulling on her nipples.

Several erotic minutes of busy fingers, moans, and nipple pulling later, Trish practically screamed out in orgasm. She really wanted another go, but somehow she restrained herself.

Finally she calmed down enough to start cleaning herself up. When she came out of the bathroom, Mrs. Dunn was still sitting on her couch, relaxing. There was a small black gift box in front of her on the coffee table.

"All better?" Mrs. Dunn asked as she patted the cushion next to her.

"Yes Ma'am, thank you," Trish replied embarrassedly as she sat down next to her.

"Good. Before I let you get dressed, I've got a little present for you," she said as she reached for the gift box. "I was going to wait a few days to give it to you, but since you've progressed so much, I think you're ready for it now."

"Thank you Ma'am," Trish answered with a sincere smile. She wasn't quite sure what Mrs. Dunn meant by progressed, but as long as she was happy, Trish was too.

Mrs. Dunn opened the box, and it took Trish a moment to realize what was inside. It was a brushed stainless-steel cuff-style watch. It was about two inches wide, with a matching face that was almost indistinguishable from the rest of the watch.

Trish obediently held her arm out and allowed Mrs. Dunn to close it around her wrist. It had a hinge on either side, and closed on the opposite side from the face. It was heavy for a watch. Trish could definitely feel its weight on her wrist.

"It has a touch screen just like your phone," Mrs. Dunn said as she took Trish's wrist and began demonstrating on the watch. "It will also function as a cell phone, and will automatically synch with your other devices," she explained.

"Yes Ma'am," Trish answered as she passively allowed her to operate the . . . watch. "Um, Ma'am, what is it, exactly?" she asked curiously.

Mrs. Dunn let out a soft chuckle as she released Trish's wrist. "It's a prototype we're working on with a tech company I can't reveal at this point," she replied. "For now we'll just call it a smartwatch."

"Yes Ma'am," Trish responded as she began examining the watch in detail.

The watch was slightly oval shaped to fit her wrist better. The hinges on either side weren't quite invisible, but they weren't obvious either. She absently tugged on the watch, only to find that it wouldn't open. She could barely fit a finger underneath the cuff anyway. The clasp was only visible as a simple bar across the underside it, and nearly as discreet as the hinges.

"How does it open?" she asked as she tugged harder on the cuff.

"Like this," Mrs. Dunn replied as she took her wrist, and tapped the screen a couple of times, then swiped her finger across the screen, and tapped it again. Then she pulled the watch open, and promptly closed it again. "The instructions have been uploaded into the watch," she informed her as she released her wrist again.

"Yes Ma'am, thank you," Trish answered as she began tapping on the screen.

"It is completely waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower, pool, or even the sauna."

"Cool," Trish replied absently as she scrolled through some of the features.

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