tagLoving WivesFrom Russia with Love Part DVA 01

From Russia with Love Part DVA 01


Author's ed. notes:

This story is a sequel/continuation of "From Russia with Love." I strongly recommend you read that first. The primary characters and story theme are developed there.

Also, part of prologue and primary character introductions from "From Russia with Love" are repeated here, along with a few paragraphs from the end of that story to provide continuity and to refresh the reader's memory.

This is one of my longest stories, but stick with it; there is a lot of erotic action – a lot!

Authors standing note:

My stories are long – two and three-parters. They are usually slow burners with the hot sex in later chapters – but worth the read and worth the wait, in my humble opinion. Please enjoy.



With our son now in college and both of us moving into consulting jobs, we are able to vacation more frequently and in the off-season, which is great because we really do dislike the crowds and all the touristy hoopla that accompanies the regular vacation times. We were also very much looking forward to some more "adult" venues. When you have children, you are tied to school schedules, and to the typical destinations – think mouse ears.

When we were planning our first new adventure, we looked for an off-the-beaten-path destination and a hopefully unique, "not in the regular tourist guide" experience. This story is about that first empty-nesters vacation we took last fall.

Destination: A lodge in the Ural Mountains in Russia – unique, off the beaten path? Check!

Through a business associate from Munich, I learned about a mountain lodge that sits below a waterfall in the southern end of the Urals, north of Kazakhstan. October is the beginning of the off-season there, and the serious weather doesn't usually come until mid-November. This provides about a month-plus window of opportunity for an uncrowded and less expensive vacation – and no mouse ears!

The lodge is regionally famous for its scenery, beautiful accommodations, its great spa and its fantastic, highly personalized service. Once a retreat for elite Soviet party members (and their mistresses), it now caters mostly to wealthy Russians and well-healed Eastern Europeans (and frequently, their mistresses); occasionally, however, it is visited by Western Europeans and a few adventurous Americans. As part of a two-week vacation, starting in St. Petersburg, we booked a week at the lodge in mid-October to round out our all-Russia vacation.

The grand lodge completely lived up to all its press and our stay did not disappoint in the "unique experiences" category, either. That box was a definite check.

From the story "From Russia with Love," you will remember we met a unique couple and had some interesting, first time experiences – to put it mildly. As they left, we met a new couple checking in, and putting our new found "skills" to work, we introduced ourselves to the two young people.


Jan and I have been married 19 years and have one son. We are middle-upper class, conservative, and sexually moderate. We are not fuddy duddies, but when it comes to our sex life, reading adult erotica, fantasy role-play and some reasonably tame experimentation is about as far as we stretch the envelope. Jan is mildly bi-curious, and we have entertained the idea of swapping; those two areas provide most of the fodder for our fantasy play. But we have never had the collective nerve or the opportunity to actually participate in either one.

I am James, 6'-1," 190 lbs. and 47 years old. I am quite fit and women notice me, but don't go "gaga." I have dark blond/light brown hair, somewhat wavy and still thick. I wear it in a long business cut. I have a medium complexion and am usually sporting a moderate tan from frequent outdoor activities (We live in the Sun Belt). According to my wife – and my mirror (lol), I am good looking. I have well defined facial features, but nothing especially striking. My eyes are a steel blue and I am clean shaven.

Physically, I am fairly well proportioned and reasonably well muscled, but not broad shouldered or barrel-chested and no washboard stomach. I jog faithfully and have a moderate exercise routine, but do not work out. We live a very active life style and are involved in a variety of outdoor activities that contribute to our good health and physical fitness.

My wife, Janine, 40, is a beautiful, auburn-haired pixie and she is hard to describe without giving the wrong impression. She is buxomy, but slim and petite. Essentially, she is a short, slender woman with big boobs and a big butt. No, not that big!

Barely 5 foot tall and 105 pounds, she is a testament to the saying, "Dynamite comes in small packages!" She has a 37-22-34 figure. Her almost porcelain-white skin and long, wavy, cinnamon-colored hair (natural) are a striking combination by themselves, but add her lovely, delicate facial features, luscious, full lips and striking, emerald green eyes to the mix, and you have a face that can stop traffic! And yes, men do go "gaga" over her! I sure did the first time I saw her – and every day since.

But it's not just her beautiful face that gets men's attention. If her face can stop traffic, her body could make a Navy aircraft carrier under full, military power come to a screeching halt, leaving skid marks in the water. Her petite, slender body is blessed with two sets of attributes that just force men to stare. They can't help it. She has the firmest C-cup breasts I've ever seen on a woman her size and they have only a moderate amount of declination, just enough to keep them from looking fake, which they absolutely are not. Now, size-C breasts would not be so noticeable on say, a woman who was 5'-8" and 140 lbs. or larger, but on my wife's petite, slender frame, they do stand out.

I mentioned two sets of attributes – she is blessed, coming and going. For the "poor guy" who can't take his eyes off her beautiful face and gorgeous breasts as she walks by, there is no mercy "around the corner," because as soon as she passes by, his eyes will be drawn to her perfectly sculpted, incredibly firm and beautifully rounded behind. Of course, by this time, that poor guy has a hard-on, his wife has punched him and stormed off in a snit, and his phone is already ringing with a call from the divorce attorney.

All kidding aside, I saw something like that happen. Two years ago at a company picnic, I watched a guy's wife confront him because he had been ogling my wife all day. I couldn't hear the exchange, but while she was dressing him down, he actually looked past her at my wife again. She slapped him and stomped off. And the guy was in only in his mid-twenties as was his wife. But my then 38-year old wife had severely turned his head. I'm pretty sure that story didn't have a happy ending. But, worry not, the upcoming story does have – a happy one – ending, that is.



That afternoon, Viktor and Elsa checked out and we said our goodbyes in the lobby, each embracing the other's spouse and kissing and holding them for some time. The staff discreetly ignored us. I gave Viktor a sincere hug, stepped back, and firmly shook his hand. Next to us, the women held each other and briefly kissed.

Jan and I would never be the same. We had the first sexual experience in our marriage that included someone else. It was intense and exciting. It had been a very dangerous undertaking. But we more than survived. We had thrived. Among everything else, we are, after all, sexual animals. And our sexual beasts were set free for one incredible night. As a result, we were changed; not sure how that would play out or what it would portend, but we were forever different people, at least in that one respect. We didn't know what was next, but we agreed we were ready and open for anything that did not threaten our love, our lives together.

We didn't have to wait long to find out how things would play out.

As our friends departed, a young couple checked in. Obviously no older than mid-20's, the man was about 5'-8," stocky and broad-chested with big guns for arms. He had a pleasant, kind of boyish face that was reasonably handsome. He had blue eyes and an open expression. His blond hair was short, worn clean off the neck and ears and he was clean-shaven.

His wife was a cute little "pixie" with long, straight, light-blond hair, worn at a length that fell to just below her breasts in front. She had a pretty face with delicate features, perfectly shaped lips, the kind you see in lipstick ads, and lovely pale-blue eyes.

At about 5'-2", she was taller and slimmer than Jan, and less curvy, more athletic looking, but not girlish – and definitely not boyish!

Her smaller breasts rode high on her chest, with no apparent sag, and they were topped by large, pert nipples, not quite hidden by her silk blouse and camisole. Her tight leggings revealed moderately-sized, very firm, muscular buttocks and equally muscular, but slender legs. Her figure made me think of a gymnast.

I felt like an old letch being attracted to such a young woman – but, attracted I was!

After receiving their keys, they turned and started to walk by us, smiling and expressing their hellos. My wife and I exchanged knowing looks and approached the couple to welcome them to the lodge. I stepped in front of the woman as my wife did the husband.

Jan spoke first, "We are so happy to see another American couple. Our friends just left and we thought the rest of our stay would be boring, so it is a pleasure to see another American couple. My name is Jan and this is James, my husband."

The young man's eyes lit up as he realized we were American, "Oh, hi, I'm Tom and this is my wife, Sandy. We're on our honeymoon."

My wife said, "Oh, wonderful, congratulations! And welcome to the lodge!"

With that, she moved in and took hold of the young man's big upper arms and reached up and kissed him. He automatically tipped his head down and met her lips.

I took my cue from Jan and placing my hands on the young woman's arms at the shoulders, I pulled her to me, and as I leaned down, I said, "Congratulations!" and kissed her, not firmly but moderately and I didn't linger. I had my eyes partially open and saw her eyes go wide, roll to the right and see her husband kissing. To my surprise, she responded, hesitantly, but briefly kissed me back, matching my pressure.

Pulling back, I quickly announced that dinner would be served in about an hour and we looked forward to them joining us. Sandy was blushing, but nodding her head slightly. I saw Tom out of the corner of my eye; he had a silly grin on his face.

Jan added, "Really terrific to meet you and we do hope you'll join us for dinner. Afterwards, we can have a couple drinks and toast your marriage. So we'll see you for dinner?"

Tom glanced at his wife, "Honey?"

Sandy slowly nodded her head yes, and nervously answered, "Uh, that would be fine, dear. We haven't had much to eat since breakfast."

I said, "Great, we look forward to your company and we can tell you about the lodge and get acquainted while we enjoy a good meal. The food is excellent here."

Tom, still grinning, answered, "Yes, that sounds great. So dinner is in one hour? Should we meet you in the dining room?"

Jan must have given him a helluva kiss! He was very eager to make our, uh correction, her acquaintance. She informed them we would meet at the entrance to the dining room and take them to the table. With that, they headed to their room. After they left, Jan asked how I thought it went.

"Well, Sandy kissed me back."

Jan giggled, "Tom instantly responded – below the belt."

Curious, I asked, "He got hard? How do you know?"

She laughed, "I had my leg shoved against the poor boy's crotch!"

"I guess we better get ready for dinner guests. Think you might want to put something a little more enticing on?" I joked.

Jan, not joking, replied, "Ooh, good idea."


Tom and Sandy silently followed the porter to their room. They were both a little embarrassed by what just happened – not only by what happened, but also by how they had handled the "situation." Tom was still hard and had been hiding his erection with his backpack as best he could.

Sandy was completely discombobulated. She had just gotten married two days earlier to her childhood sweetheart and today a stranger, and older man, walked up and kissed her – and she kissed him back! What was she thinking? What could she say to Tom? Oh, wait a second. What did Tom do when that lady kissed him? She saw! And, afterwards, he was grinning like a school boy!

After the bellhop brought the bags in and showed them around the room, Tom realized he was going to have to tip him. He couldn't get the money out of his wallet without using both hands and exposing his "condition." What to do? He was stuck. Quickly, he set the pack on the bed and stayed facing towards it so he would be covered if Sandy returned from the bathroom too soon. He figured he could partially turn and not completely face the bellboy when he handed him the tip, thereby not revealing his erection.

Great plan – except, as he turned and handed the tip over, his lovely bride picked that precise moment to return to the bedroom and look directly at him. She saw his erection. Tom was short, but his penis wasn't and in its current position down the right leg of his trousers, it was very obvious. His face turned crimson.

Sandy's first thought was that Tom was so excited because they hadn't had sex since a couple of days before the wedding. They had left for the airport right from the wedding party and had been traveling since. But why was he so embarrassed? Then it hit her. He wasn't excited from thinking of her – it was about that lady, Jan!

Before the bellboy even made it to the door, Tom grabbed his backpack, and trying to casually hold it in front of his right leg, headed to the bathroom saying he had to go.

Sandy stopped him, "Tommy, is that why your penis is so hard?"

No one ever called him Tommy – except Sandy, and only when she was upset with him or very happy with him. Right now, she wasn't happy with him.

In school, he got in more fights over being called Tommy until he got the kids to quit calling him that. He was always self-conscious about his size and felt that "Tommy" made him sound like a little boy. Right now, he had a bigger problem than his name. Sandy saw his hard-on.

He quickly thought, "What do I say? I can lie and say I can't wait to go to bed with her. But if she knows I'm lying, that will be a very bad start to the honeymoon and I will probably end up sleeping alone. Of course, I can tell the truth, but will still probably be sleeping alone."

Sandy decided for him, "You got excited over that lady kissing you."

"I'm sorry, Sandy, but she just walked up and...and well, I just kissed back. I didn't mean for it to happen, it was kind of automatic. And I'm sorry I got excited. I mean, we haven't got to do anything for several days and then a strange lady kisses me," Tom fretted. Then it dawned on him, "Honey, that guy kissed you too. So...?"

"Well, um..." Sandy faltered, "Yeah, I sorta kissed back, too. I wasn't sure what to do. It just didn't seem right at that moment to turn away or pull back. I didn't know what to do."

She was just as at fault as Tom, "I'm sorry too, honey. He caught me off guard. I am real tired. We both are, and we weren't ready for something like that, right?"

"Whew, oh good," Tom thought then said, "Right honey, and I don't know, but I just didn't want to be rude if that was the way things are here. I didn't want to come off like a young, dumb, American tourist."

Sandy, also relieved, quickly concurred, "Right, I'm sorry I got upset. This is all new for us."

But there was something else they had to talk about before they went downstairs.

"Tom, do you think they're okay? And maybe we should, I don't know, kind of avoid them?"

Tom thought for a moment and reasoned, "I don't think we have to worry. We'll only see them in public. That shouldn't be a problem. And we can't really avoid them. It doesn't look like there are many folks here. Besides, they seemed real nice to me and I don't think they meant anything serious by that kiss. Let's just see how it goes tonight and if we're not comfortable, we can tell them we just want to be alone on our honeymoon. They would understand that."

Sandy quickly latched onto that, "Yes, I agree. Great, then we better get ready. Oh shoot, look at the time! I have to change and freshen up. And you need to put a fresh shirt on...and cologne."

They tore into their suitcases and got ready. They were both secretly excited. Truth be known, they had been dreading this vacation – someplace in the middle of the woods, in Russia. But, it was a wedding gift from his father, so they were stuck. Now, however, they had met these nice people right off, and Americans; they wouldn't be all alone with no one who spoke English. Things were looking up.

Of course, that was only part of the reason they were both so excited. But neither of them would admit to themselves, much less to other person, why else they were excited.


When I suggested to Jan that she put something more "enticing" on, I think she misunderstood. She overshot the mark, in my opinion – not complaining, mind you.

"Holy crap, babe," I choked out, almost spilling soda on my trousers.

She had on a thin, ecru-colored silk blouse that was very close to see-thru, one she usually wore with a camisole. Tonight, she was sans camisole. You could see the outline of her fabulous, alabaster breasts and the darker pink of her aureoles, and her pert nipples were poking the fabric. Also, she was wearing a very short, hip-hugging, powder blue A-line skirt that showcased her fabulous butt, and underneath, she had on sheer panty hose and nothing else.

I joked, "Wow, honey, I figured you just wanted to get his attention, not make him cum!"

"Very funny," she replied, "What about you? I think you should wear that dark grey, Calvin Klein button-down you look so hot in...and take those boxer briefs off"

"That's pretty risky. If I get a hard-on, there will be no buffer, nothing to reign it in."

"Exactly!" she teased, "Let it swing!" and laughed.

As we were running a couple minutes late, we hurried downstairs to the restaurant. They weren't there. Crap. At 10 minutes after, they still weren't there. Probably scared them off. Crap. Guess we would have to work on our technique. Might as well eat.

Then we saw them rushing down the stairs. They arrived making apologies and we assured them it was fine. Tom was wearing a tight-fitting polo that showed off his muscular physique. Sandy had changed into a hot-pink, silk blouse, similar to Jan's, but with a camisole; still, it did nothing to restrict a view of the shape of her plump breasts and her prominent nipples. She had on a set of light-pink leggings that looked like they were painted on! I suspected they were trying to impress us.

Hmm. Maybe our technique wasn't so bad after all.

I informed them the staff was already starting to serve, so we needed to get seated. I hooked Sandy's arm and Jan did the same to Tom and we led them to the table. As we split them up, I saw the look on Tom's face and was afraid he might protest, but Jan had it under control.

"Tom, you sit here directly across from your lovely bride so you don't have to take your eyes off her.

"Yes ma'am," he smiled.

"Oh please, just call me Jan. You'll make me feel old if you call me ma'am."

"Oh no, I didn't mean it that way at all. I was taught to always refer to a lady..."

"Tom it's okay. Don't give it a second thought, just ribbing you a little."

As we sat, my wife continued the chatter, "So, Tom, how did you find this place? It's not exactly main-stream."

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