tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom the Chrysalis

From the Chrysalis

byGrey Eagle 286©

I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where I was. Everything seemed blurry. I saw several people watching me. As my vision cleared I didn't see anyone I knew. Most of them wore medical scrubs. Looked like a bunch of Doctors and Nurses. The room looked like a hospital room.

I tried to sit up but a woman stepped forward and told me to just lean back and relax until I felt better. I looked around. There had to be ten people in the room looking at me. I noticed that I seemed to be wearing a lacey feminine gown instead of a hospital gown. The bodice of the gown appeared to be occupied by large breasts. Impossible, I'm a guy. Or am I? Who am I?

The woman smiled at me, "How do you feel?"

"I don't know yet. What's going on?" It wasn't my voice; it was a very pleasant girl's voice. What the fuck was going on. Then it hit me! "Where is Ann? How is she? Is she all right?" I felt tears running down my cheeks. "Where is my sister? God help me, is she all right?"

"Please relax and try to control your self, we will answer all of your questions. My name is Doctor Elizabeth Houghton. I am the director of Emergency Services at the Hospital. As you may or may not recall that you and your sister were in freak accident. Actually both of you were dead on arrival here at the hospital. A decision was made to put both of you on life support systems until we could determine if we could resurrect either or both of you.

"Ann was basically uninjured due to Andy's heroics and total disregard for his own safety. Unfortunately an injury to her brain was fatal. Andy was severely injured. Actually the front of his body was sliced off by sheet metal roofing panels; I will leave the details until later.

"Luckily a large group of micro surgeons were here being taught techniques for using robotic surgical practices and medical adhesive procedures on four new portable robotic machines that automatically use the new glues. Since the accident occurred virtually at our doorstep we decided to attempt to try and save one of you. Andy stopped breathing only two seconds before he was put on life support. I won't go into the mechanics of how we did this until you feel better.

"You are actually a combination of the two people. A brain transplant was not feasible so after it was learned the two of you were identical twins it was decided to try an transplant parts of Ann's body to Andy's body. Four teams worked simultaneously with the robots and used new adhesives to glue everything back together. It was very successful. We got you stabilized and tested everything we could. We ended up having to redo a number of interfaces before we were satisfied. Many new procedures were invented and tried on you.

"Since your reproductive system, your chest, scalp and face were destroyed we replaced them with Ann's parts from your scalp to your thighs. We call you Andi. Andy with an 'i', you can just be Ann if you want."

My mind was in a whirl. The realization that my twin was dead hit me like a hammer. I know I screamed like a mortally wounded animal. I had adored my perfect sister all my life. I would never see her again. God! The pain I felt was overwhelming. I wanted to die too. We had never been apart for very long. And when we were apart we talked almost every day. How could I live without her? I closed my eyes and tried to stop breathing. I felt myself slipping away. I heard people talking. The woman shook me awake. "DON"T YOU DARE DIE WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE TO YOUR SISTER."

I struggled back. "What? She is dead, I need to join her."

"Before you go look at this."

I opened my eyes and looked at what she was holding, a picture of Annie looking at me. Wait! It was a mirror. I looked exactly like Annie!

I raised my hand and touched my lips. Annie touched her lips. I looked at Dr. Haughton. "If I die she dies too, right?"

"Yes, she lives in you, the two of you are truly inseparable now."

"But I don't know how to be her. I don't know how to be a woman. I have always been a guy. Not a big tough one but a real guy's guy. If I am going to look like Ann I have to honor her and be like her. I have to be all the things she was that I was not. She was the perfect girl and the perfect young woman. She was beautiful and intelligent. I can't be her."

"You are going to have a hard time being anyone else. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are Ann. The teams of people did a truly amazing job on you. Most worked for eighteen to twenty hours straight to save you. This was a miracle. New techniques were invented and tried for the first time in order to save you. That all these people and the robots were here at exactly the right time and available to help is something that may never happen again."

"I guess you are right. I just don't know what to do. I need help to learn how to be a girl."

"We have a volunteer who wants to help you. She was one of Ann's best friends, a Doris Burns, do you know her?"

"No, but Ann spoke of her a lot, they worked together often. I think she is a model and travels a lot."

"Yes, that is the girl I was referring to. Doris often stayed with Ann when she was in town I believe."

I looked around the room at all the people watching me. "Please forgive me. I am still very confused but I do know I owe all of you my sincere gratitude for your help. There is no way I can ever express my thanks for what you did for us, or me." A tear or two ran down my cheeks. They all smiled and some touched me or kissed my cheek as they filed from the room.

Just Dr. Houghton and a beautiful young woman remained. The girl held my hand. Tears ran down her cheeks. "I am Doris Burns, Ann's best friend. I just can't believe she is gone. I look at you and I see her. I guess there will be a lot I will have to teach you. I have a brother too and I could never see him as a female. He doesn't know a brassiere from a bustier."

My mind was still a bit fuzzy, "I know what a 'bra' is and I think a 'bustier' is something like a light weight corset." The girl squeezed my hand hard.

"That is good, Annie, Sweetheart, very good, maybe we can pull this off."

"Pull what off?"

"You being "Ann".

Dr. Houghton stood and said she would go arrange for my checking out of the Hospital. Doris said we would see her later. She was going to help me get dressed.

"Why is being 'Ann' so important?"

"First, You have to be someone. You know what Ann did for a living don't you?"

"Yeah, she was some sort of fashion consultant or something I think. She used to be a top model. We never discussed what she was doing now much except she said she was really starting to do well and was making good money. She always just wanted to hear about me." I felt my eyes fill with tears. "She always saved and invested her money when she was making the big bucks. I know she had plenty to live on."

"I guess she was doing well! She had just sent in a proposal to do a weekly fashion show for a cable network. It was to be in a question and answer format with a makeover section for a couple of members of the audience."

"So do you think I could pass as Ann?"

"You look exactly like her. You sound like her. We are due to shoot a pilot show to be completed in about sixty days. Everyone knows you were in a horrible accident and that your twin brother was killed. We are hoping you will try and be Ann. We, the production team, have thousands of dollars of Ann's and our money and hundreds of hours of time invested in the show."

"Listen, I just don't know if I can help you guys. I am going to have to find a job of some sort since I, as Andy, am dead. Tell me what you have in mind."

"I am going to live with you and teach you everything you need to know to pass as Ann. You now own everything she owned because you ARE Ann, plus you inherited every thing Andy owned and his insurance."

"Oh! I had a 2,000,000.00-dollar accidental death policy with her as the beneficiary."

"No, Dear, Andy had the policy, YOU, Ann, will collect on it."

"I am going to have a tough time remembering who I am but I guess I don't really have to find a job right away."

"Don't worry about it. Everyone knows you went through a horrible accident and suffered both physical and mental trauma. That will cover all your mistakes."

I laughed, "I bet you don't know I have a finger print card with Ann's name and everything and my fingerprints. She has the same thing only the other way around.

"How did that happen?"

"We went to the police station together and got them done. We were both in jeans and jackets. She had no makeup on, she didn't wear hardly any then anyway. We swapped cards before we got printed and no one noticed. It was just goofing off."

"Wow! That may come in handy."

"Can I sit up now, I need to go pee?"

"Sure, let me help you. You will still be very weak." She took my arm as I stood. Wow! I almost fell. She got me to the door and helped me to the toilet seat.

"Turn around." She said.

"Wha- oh! I eased around and felt Doris raise my gown and slip my panties down. I felt her gently help me ease down until I was seated. She grinned at me, "Feel different?"

"Hell yes, completely different, the urge feels the same but the act feels different."

"Don't forget to wipe yourself. I'll have clean panties for you. "

I struggled to my feet and gathered myself together. I knew Ann would will herself to make it to the door. I felt stronger as I saw her look at me from the mirror. I saw the surprise on Doris' face as I walked in and sat carefully on the side of the bed.

"Let's get you dressed Honey, they are coming in a few minutes with a wheelchair for you." She bent over in front of me and held a pair of light blue panties for me to put my feet in. She lifted them to my knees and I grasped them and stood and pulled them up into place. She helped me pull the gown over my head and handed me a bra matching the panties. It was a front fastening bra and I didn't need much help. She pulled and tugged at the cups and ran her fingers in one cup and adjusted the breast a bit. It felt strange. She smiled at me.

"Sweats or a skirt and sweater?"

"Skirt and sweater, isn't that what Annie would say?"

"It sure is, I'm proud of you girl. I really am." She got a light blue slip from a small suitcase and had me lift my arms. She helped me slide the slip down over my body. The knee length pleated plaid skirt was next. I fastened the button and zipped it up, then twisted the zipper around behind me. She helped me pull the beige sweater over my head. I stood and she helped me settle the sweater in place. I sat on the bed while she opened a make up kit and placed it beside me.

Doris worked on my face for a few minutes. She worked on my eyes and my lips then stood back and smiled at me. "God! You really look just great! Here let me just put your hair in a ponytail. It is a little cool out so let me put these boots on you. They have a low heel and shouldn't be hard for you to handle."

When the boots were on I stood and tried a step and was pleasantly surprised that they felt comfortable. Doris held a rust colored jacket for me and I shrugged into it. I looked in the mirror.

Doris stepped beside me. We looked in the mirror. I looked very good. She smiled, "Honey, You look just amazing considering what you have been through. If I didn't know I would swear you are just home from vacation."

"Darned rough vacation. I need to rest up from it. How long has it been since the accident? I don't notice any scars on my body and I thought the weather was warm."

"It has been over three months. They kept you sedated and drugged the whole time. You were exercised and on solid food for the last two months but your mind was in neutral. They wanted you completely healed before they woke you up."

An orderly entered the room with a wheel chair and helped me into it. We waited for Doris to gather up a few items and then I was wheeled to the elevator. Doris had a car waiting for us after we checked out and the orderly helped me in the back seat. I knew to slide my rear end in first, and then lift my legs in together. Doris winked at me then went to the other side and got in herself.

When the car pulled off she turned and leaned over and kissed my cheek softly, "That was a perfect performance. Absolutely perfect! I was ready to correct you but you were perfect. I know you are going to be just fine as Ann, just fine."

I looked at her and I felt tears run down my cheeks again. "I have to be perfect. I AM Annie now. I can't let her down."

"Sweetheart, I know this is hard on you. I loved Ann too. I have been teaching you subliminally for several months. Every day I write down the things I need to teach you to be a woman, to be Annie."

"So that is what it is! I just seem to know things instinctively that I never knew before. Is that how it happened?"

"Yes it is. I wasn't sure it was working. I talked to you for a couple of hours while you slept each day and each night for two months."

"Yes, it did work. Like getting in the car. I just knew to slide my ass in first while I smoothed my skirt beneath me and then to swing my feet in being sure to keep my knees together and my skirt pulled down. Right?"

Doris giggled. "Perfect!"

When the car pulled up in front of Ann's condo Doris asked me if I thought I needed help getting to the apartment. I knew it was a ground floor unit so I told her I thought I could make it. "I have to get over being a cripple."

"Honey the therapist gave me a cane for you to use for a while. Try and see if it helps."

The cane was a big help. I had no problem. I was still a bit shaky and the cane was a big help. The condo was very elegant and a tad feminine for my taste but I really liked it. Doris showed me to my room. She asked if I wanted to change to something more comfortable. I said "No." I wanted to practice walking for a while. I walked all over the condo for a half an hour or so. Doris coached me and got me to go to shorter steps and to swing my hips a little as I walked and to place one foot directly in front of the other while holding my hands with the thumb turned outward a little. The boots I wore had one and a half inch high heels and fit perfectly. I got the hang of walking in them quite easily. The plaid skirt was full enough that I could take long strides without a problem. Doris said I was doing well. I knew without being told that in tight skirts the length of my stride would be shortened, while in full skirts or pants I could lengthen my stride. I knew I was to practice the heel-toe stride and to not use the bent knee step that many young girls fall into using when they first start wearing high heels.

I managed thirty minutes of walking before I felt I needed to rest. Doris was very pleased. She sat beside me on the couch and held my hand. She smiled and asked how I was feeling. I told her I was hanging in there. I admitted that I seemed to be a lot more emotional than I remembered being before the accident. She said that was natural because of all the female hormones my body was now producing and the additional hormones and other things I was being injected with to bring my hormones to the proper levels for a young female. The shots should stop soon. Doris wanted to know if it were all right if we stayed home tonight and she fixed dinner or if I wanted to go out. I told her I didn't think I was ready to go out yet.

"I am feeling a whole lot stronger and I think I'll be physically ready in a day or two but I don't know if I can pass as a real women or not."

"That's silly, girl, you ARE a real woman, as real as they get. You are beautiful, you have breasts and a vagina and the rest of the female plumbing. You can get pregnant; have a baby and breast-feed it. How real can you get?"


"Yes dear, you are 100 percent female and gorgeous and smart to boot. You are Ann."

I began to cry again. "Poor Ann, why did it have to be her? Why, why?"

"Listen to me, the Ann I knew and loved would be as happy as she could possibly be knowing the two of you would be combined forever. That would be her idea of heaven. Be happy too! Oh shit! Now I need to cry too, I miss her so damned much."

"Were you lovers?"

"Yes. We were both bi-sexual, but I was in love with her and neither of us was seeing a male at the time. She really didn't want you to know. She would never lie to you so she had me stay out of sight when you were around. That way if you didn't ask she never had to tell you a fib."

"It wouldn't have bothered me that much, it would be easier for me now if I had been bi. I am not at all attracted to men."

"I asked that question of the doctors after the operation. They said they thought the hormones would change that over time but they weren't sure.

"I am very attracted to you Doris, so it hasn't worked yet. You are a very beautiful woman."

"Thank you Annie, I am happy you think so."

"I am very hungry, what have they been feeding me?"

"They fed you all sorts of things in the last few weeks. You were very good about eating even when you were drugged. I know Ann never had to watch her weight. She ate twice what I eat and never gained an ounce. She said she wanted to get down to a twenty to twenty-two inch waist for the show. She wasn't sure she should though because that is a little too much. I think you only need to take off an inch. You should be perfect at twenty-five or twenty-six. Those are her clothes you are wearing now and they don't seem to be too tight on you."

"No they are very comfortable. I look like I have a more feminine figure than I did before."

"Yes, they modified your figure while they were at it to make things fit better. I do know they laughed that they puffed up your hips and butt a little and that you probably wouldn't forgive them. They removed your lower ribs and were talking about altering your pelvic floor but I don't remember if that was done."

"Why would they do that?"

"So your birth canal would fit right."

"Oh! I guess I better get on the pill." I tried to chuckle but it came out as a giggle.

Doris laughed, "Honey you are on the pill and have been for a month."

We started the next morning on an exercise program designed to build up my strength. I was tired every night at first but gradually improved. One night about three weeks later I was awakened by a very loud and wild thunderstorm. Doris rushed into my room. She was very frightened and I told her to get in bed with me. We cuddled together as I comforted her. A louder than usual crash of thunder had our bodies pressed tightly together. It was the first time I felt any sexual feelings and I was delighted to feel them. I had explored my new sexual organs but had never felt a sexual reaction from them. I reached down and felt the wetness of my panties. My nipples were tight and hard as they pressed against her breasts. Wow! The storm moved off and I was still shivering. Doris looked at me. "Are you still scared?"

"No! I was never scared. I am sexually aroused I think."

"Me too. Does it feel nice?"

"You bet it does, it is very different than what I was used to."

"Would you like to explore your body and it's feelings. To learn your erogenous zones and what feels good?"

She gently caressed my breasts and nipples. She softly kissed the nipples and drew them into her warm mouth. I almost went ballistic. New sensations coursed through my body. I felt my vagina seem to grow hotter and very wet.

Doris kissed my lips and our tongues explored each other's mouths. Her kisses were the softest and sweetest I had ever felt. Her hands crept down over my belly and found my smooth mound. The sensations from her touch set off a series of new sensations radiating through out my body. My moans were involuntary and became louder with the strength of the pleasure I felt.

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