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Frustrating Ch. 03


Author's note:

Spoilers for Episode 18 of Series 4.


Even with Damon's helpful information Rebekah hadn't expected tracking down Katherine would be easy, and it wasn't. The girl had five hundred years' worth of experience running and hiding from her least favourite brother, and at times her favourite brother, so there was every chance this would turn out to be a fruitless endeavour. That Katherine would use the cure in some nefarious way before Elena and herself could catch up to her. Or despite their head start someone else would beat them to it. Or Katherine would just keep running, Rebekah helplessly trailing behind her for years. Decades. Centuries.

At the start of this endeavour waiting so long to get her hands on the cure had seemed unbearable, and then beyond unbearable when she teamed up with Elena. Then ironically because she was in a team with Elena suddenly years seemed highly tolerable. Possibly even decades and centuries, just so long as Elena's talented little tongue and forever tight fuck holes were available to Rebekah at all times.

However, for better or for worse, it didn't come to that. In fact it only took a week of searching in between rounds of really hot sex to find the bitch and, after a brief tussle, sit her down in the nearest available seating area for a little chitchat.

"Where's the cure?" Elena asked calmly.

Katherine smirked, "What? No, 'I'm here to avenge my annoying little brother' speech."

Unfazed Elena replied, "People die, we move on."

Rebekah spared her a glance. Even after spending a few days constantly by this new Elena's side it was jarring to hear her sound so emotionless and detached.

It even took Katherine off-guard for a moment, the bitch staring at her doppelgänger for a few seconds before subtly smirking and then as if she was finishing Elena's sentence, "After turning off our humanity switch."

"So sad for the boys though, their special snowflake of human frailty, gone." Katherine then continued after a pause, even having the audacity to start getting up as she added, "Well, if we're going to be a while I'll go grab us some menus."

Katherine also made the mistake of pressing her hands on the table to push herself upwards, not even having the sense to immediately launch into super speed, although Rebekah had no doubt that was the ultimate intention. Before she had the chance Rebekah capitalised on the brunette's mistake and jammed the fork into the oh so easy target in front of her, namely Katherine's left hand.

Rebekah took a moment to enjoy Katherine's sadly stifled cry of pain and then calmly told her, "You're not going anywhere."

"I forgot how charming you were." Katherine spat.

"I'm surprised you remember me at all, seeing as you were so busy wedging yourself in between my brothers." Rebekah snarked back.

Clearly unamused Elena said, "Every minute you two waste with your yapping is another minute for Stefan and Damon to find us."

Seeing her current ally's point Rebekah grabbed hold of Katherine's chin and yanked it towards her before repeating Elena's earlier question, "Where's the cure?"

Katherine smirked, "Sorry, I'm on vervain."

"Oh, I get to torture it out of you, fun." Rebekah said, letting go of Katherine, for now.

"Why do you two want the cure anyway?" Katherine asked.

"The question is, why do you want it?" Rebekah countered, "Let me guess, to kill Niklaus."

"I've spent the last five hundred years running from your big brother. I have no intention of even being in sniffing distance of him." Katherine said before smiling, "But, seeing as it can be used against him, I'm sure he is just itching to get his hands on it. I give him the cure, he gives me my freedom.

Elena faked sighed dramatically, "You poor victim. Where's the part in your plan where you screw us over and somebody dies."

"I have no reason to screw you over." Katherine said, and then when Elena let out a half-hearted laugh, "I know you don't believe me, but it is the truth. People change. I'm not the girl you think I am."

Rebekah forced the laugh and then used her super speed to grab Katherine's phone and toss it to Elena.

"I don't have it on me." Katherine protested, trying to avoid any more searching.

"I didn't think you did, but maybe there's something in that which will help us find it." Rebekah said as Elena look through the phone.

Checking Katherine's planner Elena noticed a simple note, meet Em, which begged the question, "Who's Em?"

Katherine hesitated and then simply said, "A friend."

"It says here you're meeting at two." Elena said, waiting for Katherine to volunteer more information. Unsurprisingly she didn't, so Elena added, "Fine, I'll just have to meet Em myself."

After mulling it over for a few seconds Rebekah said, "Mmmm, splitting up? Bad idea. Way too horror movie cliché for my taste. Especially when we can just stay here and torture the information out of her. Or for this mysterious Em to show up. You know, whichever comes first."

Elena raised an eyebrow, and smirked, "What's the matter Rebekah? Don't think you'd be able to handle Katherine by yourself?"

"Hardly." Rebekah scoffed, "I mean sure, Katherine is a slippery little fish, but we both know if I let you wander off you'll probably end up getting your pretty little neck snapped or something worse."

In an eerily simultaneous move the doppelgängers frowned, tilted their heads slightly and then asked, "Why do you care?"

Then Elena smirked, "You're not becoming attached are you. Because I warned you-"

"No!" Rebekah interrupted a little too forcefully, the blonde inwardly cursing herself before trying to casually add, "No, it's just that you're no use to me wandering off and probably getting yourself in danger again. Not that I care, it's just that... well, it would be a waste of time. This bitch knows where the cure is and we should be concentrating on torturing that information out of her."

"She'll never tell us because the second she does we don't need her any more, and we'll kill her. Or at least that's what she believes, no matter how much we insist otherwise." Elena snapped angrily, a glance at Katherine telling her she was right. Then a thought occurred to her, "But... if she doesn't show up at two, chances are this Em will come looking for her. Question is... where would be the first place they would look?"

Katherine glared at her smirking doppelgänger, but knowing this was the best chance for a continuing and non-pain filled existence admitted, "I know a place."


A few mild threats and an unpleasant car ride later they were in Katherine's latest hideout, which Rebekah had to admit was pretty good. It was so painfully mundane and ordinary, the type of suburb house which someone like Katherine wouldn't be caught dead in if she had any kind of choice. Unfortunately that basically meant Rebekah quickly found herself very bored.

"Are you sure we can't torture her?" Rebekah whined, "You know, to pass the time."

"I told you, it's an unnecessary distraction." Elena said insistently, "We have to stay vigilant for when this Em shows up."

There was a long moment of silence, and then against her better judgement Katherine turned to Rebekah and said, "You're fucking her, aren't you?"

Rebekah turned to the other girl and frowned, "What?"

Inwardly Rebekah cringed as she had waited a second too long and replied in a tone which wouldn't have convinced a five-year-old much less a master manipulator like Katherine Pierce.

"I should have known from the start." Katherine laughed, and then added when the blonde glared at her, "Awww, don't feel too bad Rebekah? Our Elena has a way with weak willed vampires who think they're tougher than they really are."

Her eyes darkening Rebekah grabbed Katherine by the throat, "I'd watch your mouth if I were you love, or you just might find out how tough I really am."

"Hey, no judgement." Katherine wheezed, "In case she hasn't told you I certainly couldn't resist her. She is hot, and an amazing fuck, after all. But in case you didn't get the memo, she's toxic. People around her tender die, especially people she loves. Why do you think I ran? Because of Klaus? He hasn't caught up to me in years, not until I started fucking Elena Gilbert. So as good as a lay as she is I had to quit cold turkey to save my own skin. I suggest you do the same."

"Oh please, like you ever gave a damn about me." Elena laughed.

"I never said I did. That wasn't the problem." Katherine smirked, "The problem was you were falling in love with me, and as your love is the kiss of death I thought I get the hell out of dodge."

Rebekah gave Elena a look, "Now can we torture her?"

Katherine laughed, "So eager to defend her. Maybe it's already too late for you Rebekah."

Gritting her teeth Rebekah explained, "Elena!"

Frowning at the scene in front of her Elena said, "I... I think she wants to be tortured."

"Why?" Rebekah frowned.

"I don't know, but it would probably be a bad idea to give her what she wants." Elena said before smiling, "But you know what might be better? A little humiliation."

Perking up at this Rebekah asked, "Like?"

"Like... a spanking." Elena said, before elaborating, "Katherine used to spank me when I was naughty. Not to hurt me, but to show she had power over me. That she could do whatever she wants, including treating me like a naughty child. I'm guessing she would hate the same treatment."

Rebekah stared at Katherine, looking thoughtful for a moment, "It's not peeling the flesh from her bones, but it could be fun."

"Oh, it will." Elena promised, smiling at her doppelgänger and patting her knee, "Come on Katherine, you know the drill."

Clearly gritting her teeth Katherine glared at her for a few long moments but Elena just smiled cheerfully back, fully aware she had the upper hand right now. Because sure Katherine could kick her ass, and had bested both the Salvatore brothers at once but she was no match for Rebekah and when the other option was agonising torture of course Katherine would choose the humiliation. So Elena kept smiling, that happy expression only becoming more gleeful and perhaps a little smug when the mighty Katherine Pierce slowly got up, walked over to her and then after a brief hesitation bent down to place herself over the younger brunette's knee.

"Wait!" Rebekah snapped before turning to Elena, "I don't usually bother with this type of thing, but surely it should be a bare bottom spanking, shouldn't it?"

"Yes, it should." Elena beamed, and then when the other brunette didn't immediately comply she smacked her butt and said, "That means turn around and pull your pants down bitch. Slowly! Oh yeah, slowly pull your pants down. Show us that spank-able ass."

Elena struggled not to grin widely as Katherine gave her another death glare, the type which would have terrified her old self but just amused the new version of her. Then Katherine turned around and gave Elena a sight that she couldn't imagine any version of her not enjoying. Well, technically it was two sights, namely Katherine's well-toned backside in those tightfitting black pants and the sight of the stronger vampire having to reach behind herself and slowly push down her tightfitting pants to reveal that backside in all it's glory.

Of course Rebekah wasn't impressed, "No panties, what a shock."

Elena smirked, "Where you expecting them?"

"No, hence my lack of shock." Rebekah said flatly.

"Can we get this over with please?" Katherine huffed.

"Eager are we?" Rebekah teased.

"Beyond words." Katherine deadpanned.

"You are, aren't you?" Elena stated huskily as she reached out to slide a finger along Katherine's pussy lips, causing the other girl to let out an involuntary moan. Elena then took a look at her finger and smiled, "You're totally getting off on exposing your cute little ass to us. Showing off the butt I'm about to spank."

"Only because I know you won't be able to resist tonguing my cunt you dirty little slut." Katherine snapped.

"You're probably right." Elena admitted, briefly pausing to slide her finger into her mouth and suck it clean, "But first I'm going to beat the hell out of your ass."

Frowning Rebekah butted in, "And why, pray tell, you get to spank her first?"

Returning the frown Elena questioned, "I thought you won't into this sort of thing?"

Rebekah shrugged, "Normally I'm not, but as you know I do have a thing for delectable arses."

"True... but if you let me go first maybe I'll let you spank mine." Elena offered, quickly adding before Rebekah could say something about how she could just take her ass and do whatever she wanted with it, "Or maybe I could spend an entire night between your legs. Or sucking on your toes. Or whatever else you want. I'm sure you could come up with something."

Perhaps it was Elena's imagination but she could have sworn Rebekah blushed at the suggestion. Or maybe it was Elena trying to seal the deal by placing a hand on top of Rebekah's as if she was asking a favour from a long-time lover instead of just a fuck buddy who had been her enemy not that long ago.

Either way Rebekah softly mumbled an approval and then quickly switch back to her old self to address Katherine, "What are you still waiting for bitch? Bend over, and lay your skanky arse across Elena's knee right the fuck now!"

Katherine grumbled in response, but nothing coherent. Or at least nothing Elena picked up on given that she was enjoying the sight of Katherine bending over her knee for a spanking. Elena also really loved the feeling of Katherine over her knee and the soft but well-toned flesh of the other girl's ass cheeks, the younger vampire unable to resist trying to drag this out a little longer by groping the ass of this powerful undead monster which had caused her so much pain and suffering.

After what felt like an eternity to all three girls Elena started spanking that powerful undead monster which caused her so much pain and suffering. Gently at first, almost playful, Elena taking great joy in Katherine's humiliation. Then, ever so slowly, Elena increased the force and the frequency behind her blows until she was using so much superhuman speed and strength Katherine's cheeks quickly turned red and then black and blue.

Every single blow from the gentle ones at the beginning to the brutal ones towards the end was so wonderfully satisfying for Elena. In fact just groping Katherine's ass had been a thrill because she was clearly in control of her doppelgänger, Elena loving every moment of this shift in power dynamic and looking forward to the moments to come.

Katherine was also looking forward to the moments that followed, mostly because she doubted Elena would do anything more unpleasant than this. Perhaps if Elena still had her humanity she would take more traditional revenge, but this version of her seemed more interested in fucking her which was a very good thing because Katherine had no interest in being seriously tortured or even killed by her doppelgänger, or anyone else for that matter. Fucking Elena Gilbert though, that was a guilty pleasure Katherine very much loved to indulge in.

To distract herself from her current situation Katherine had first tried to imagine she was somewhere else, doing anything but this. When that hadn't worked she imagined things were as they should be, Elena bent over HER knee, the younger brunette's skirt and laughably virgin white panties around her ankles, her exposed ass slowly turning cute little pink colour and then an angry red as Katherine put the cheap copy of her in her place. That image distracted Katherine from the pain and humiliation of being spanked by Elena for quite a while, and when the pain increased she simply switched images.

Over the next few minutes Katherine imagined eating Elena's sweet little pussy, suffocating the other girl with her cunt or ass, and pounding each of the weaker vampire's fuck holes with a strap-on. She partly remembered these things happening before which made the images oh so more vivid, however Katherine mostly saw it as an image of the future where she would severely punish Elena for the indignity she was currently suffering. An indignity which became increasingly difficult to pretend it wasn't happening, Katherine unable to even concentrate on the pleasant thought of fucking Elena in the future thanks to the spanking becoming so rough.

Unfortunately for Katherine things only got worse, "Oh come on Elena, is that really the best you can do?"

Elena looked up at Rebekah and smirked, "Well, I'm not a strong as you."

Returning the smirk Rebekah asked, "Is that an invitation?"

"Kinda." Elena shrugged, giving a somewhat exaggerated sigh before continuing, "I mean, I've wanted to give Katherine a taste of her own medicine for soooooo very long and I really do hate to give that up, but honestly I feel like I could do this all night long and never really hurt the bitch. You on the other hand... you could probably make her squirm."

While she recognised she was being manipulated Rebekah didn't care, "You're damn right I could. And I will, seeing as how you've realised you're not up to the task."

"I wouldn't go that far. I did make her cheeks nice and rosy after all. Isn't that right Katherine?" Elena taunted her mirror image, smacking Katherine's butt one last time with an extra hard strike, "No, don't answer that. Just go stand with your back to Rebekah so she can see how well I spanked your ass."

Katherine blushed almost as red as her ass and slowly got up to waddle over to where Rebekah was now sitting. She then softly smirked as she felt her super healing kicking in, making her ass good as new by the time she reached the annoying blonde and presented her with her once again flawless backside.

"Can't say I'm impressed." Rebekah said dryly, and then when Elena looked a little disappointed found herself adding for some reason, "But I suppose it wasn't too dreadful, given it was your first time and all."

"Are you going to kiss her ass all night or spank mine?" Katherine snapped impatiently.

"Oooooh, someone really is gagging for it, aren't they love?" Rebekah mocked.

"Hardly." Katherine scoffed, "I just want this over with."

"Really?" Elena grinned, "Then why were you soaking my thigh?"

Katherine smiled back, "I was imagining all the fun I'd have with you once we drop this blonde third wheel."

"I don't know..." Rebekah murmured, her hand shooting up and around to gently rub Katherine's cunt, "You seem awfully wet, just like Elena after a spanking. That bitch loves it when I beat her arse, and you two are basically the same person, right?"

"Wrong! We are not the same!" The brunettes snapped simultaneously.

After spending some time with both now Rebekah was becoming increasingly aware of the subtle differences between them, but she couldn't help tease them, "We'll see. For now shut up and bend over my knee slut. It's time for you to receive a REAL spanking."

Katherine considered turning to Elena and saying something petty like 'you heard her slut, bend over', but that would have just been postponing the inevitable. More importantly she was too humiliated and worried about what was about to happen to think of a more witty comeback, Katherine deciding to just do as she was told and then brace for impact.

Unfortunately like Elena before her Rebekah chose to drag the whole process out by groping her ass for a good long while, Katherine trying to concentrate on the Original's now obvious attraction to her. Her brothers had always been easy to read but the only female Original vampire had rarely shown any interest in her, although it now seemed she did indeed have a thing for her. Or at least the lesser version of her, Katherine unable to resist grinning and opening her mouth to say something about all this.

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