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In an alternate universe WalMarts have been replaced with FuckMarts...

I was playing hooky from work so I thought I would head on over to the FuckMart to pass the time. I parked my car and strolled through the half-full parking lot towards the entrance. Just inside the front doors were the greeters. One was pretty hot the other wasn't. They were both dressed in regulation polyester uniforms but the neck was undone to their waists and bra-less tits were plainly visible.

"Good afternoon, welcome to FuckMart," they said in unison. I walked up to the better looking one and twisted a nipple. She squealed in pain and managed to blurt out: "Please sir, that hurts". Her "colleague" just laughed. Her knees were now slightly bent and she attempted to elude by grasp and her face was showing signs of strain.

I noted that she had pretty dyed blond hair. A few roots were showing. And, of course, I was impressed with her tits. Nice size, firm yet a bit bouncy. Yes, a very nice specimen. I decided to show some mercy so released her tit. She stood upright. I leaned forward and gave her sore tit a big sloppy lick. That was enough with the greeters - as good looking as this one was - there's usually better pickings inside the store so off I went. "Enjoy shopping at FuckMart," smiled the girl who's tit I was just twisting. I could always come back for her if I didn't find anything better.

I decided to head over to the food section because food and sex go together so well. When I arrived there I quickly spotted a sexy girl who was probably in her twenties. She was wearing running shoes, short jogging shorts, a T-shirt and a Walkman. Her long toned legs that went on for days. She had obviously just finished jogging because there was a thin film of sweat on her skin. She was in great shape. It was a bit hard to tell about her tits because they were compressed under a sports bra. Still, they didn't look too bad. This girl had a small basket with a few items in it. She wasn't too aware about what was going on around her since the Walkman was on. I quickly strolled past her - yes, she was a fantastic chick.

A few yards ahead of her I grabbed a jar of peanut butter and dropped by pants. I slathered the peanut butter on my hardening dick. The sexy jogger soon happened on me. She took off her headphones and asked me what I was doing. "I was preparing a tasty treat for you," I replied. She didn't need to be told twice. She kneeled down, placed down her shopping basket and wrapped her sexy lips around my cock. This girl didn't fool around. Right away she was really going at it. her head flew back and forth.

As her face moved franticly towards my balls she couldn't fit my entire dick in her month - but then it's pretty huge. This girl was an athlete and it showed the way she worked my cock. Most of the peanut butter had come off - some had built up around her lips. She was working the underside of my rod with her tongue. Her mouth gripped my dick like a cunt. Her hair was in a pony tail and it bobbed around cutely. Most of my concentration was on the blow job but I glanced up to see a few other shoppers had paused to watch the action.

This didn't bother my slut jogger - if she noticed at all. I knew I was going to blow soon. Man, this chick was a find. Then it happened, I exploded in her mouth. She stopped sucking and threw her head back to keep the cum from falling out. But it was no use - a bit dribbled out of her mouth onto her shirt. She licked her lips, swallowing some cum and peanut butter. "Thanks," she said "I needed some protein after exercising". "Happy to oblige," said I. A pair of teenaged girls were giggling and whispering to each other when my big cock came into view. But I'd had enough sex in the food section ... on to the power tools.

Again, it didn't take long to find a drop-dead gorgeous girl. She appeared to be a sales girl in the power tools dept. Her ugly FuckMart smock couldn't hide a huge set of tits and a killer bod. She had long shiny black hair. "Hi, can I help you," she said. I noticed her name tag said "Karen". You could tell from the way she spoke that she didn't have the biggest IQ in the land - like most of the girls at FuckMart.

I told her I was interesting in an electric sander. She showed me the selection. "Would you mind turning it on and holding it against your pussy for me," I asked brightly. "Not at all," was the reply. And she proceeded to do just that. There was no sandpaper in the machine so it worked just like a vibrator. In no time at all, Karen started getting excited. "Mmmmmmm, this is great," she said. I reached for a electric drill and pulled her uniform away from her body a bit and drilled a few holes in it. She hardly seemed to notice. That was fun, but not effective enough.

"Ohhh yeahhh," she continued to moan. I next tried a big pair of wire cutters. I stuck the tip of the wire cutter through a hole I had drilled and cut away the uniform. It didn't take long to have the uniform in tatters. I had nicked her in a few places - oh well - not my concern. Now she was basically in her bra and panties.

She kept on with the sander - loving it. I cut away her bra. I couldn't believe how ripe her tits were - they just hung here! I grabbed underneath and felt the weight. Next came her panties and she was naked save her shoes. I threw my clothes off. I decided to use a nearby forklift. It's platform was about 3 feet off the ground. I grabbed my FuckMart girl and tossed her face first onto one of the forks. She tried to hang onto her electric sex machine but the plug came out of the wall. I got behind her doggy style and inserted my fuck tool into the FuckMart tool girl in a second. She loved it.

"God you're big - yeah," she screamed. She was going crazy - she licked the big fork we were on. I grabbed her undulating ass hard with one hand. "Oh gawd, you fuck soooo good," toolgirl cried. As I felt myself ready to cum I pulled out and shot a big wad on her lower back and ass. I stepped back and looked at her draped over the forklift panting and satisfied.

I quickly got dressed. That seemed like enough of a visit to FuckMart. Probably time I got back to work.

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