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She was on the subway staring at her hands nervously as she thought about what would take place over the next several hours. She had posted an ad about this before, but never actually went through with a meeting. In her previous relationships she always hated that moment of awkwardness where she tried to explain what her real sexual thoughts and desires were- that she longed to be dominated by a man through mind and body. Some men tried to understand, and even partake in these activities, but seldom could they actually fulfill her fantasies, to be taken roughly, dragged across a room, thrown over a sofa or bed and spanked hard until her ass was purple and tears were running down her face.

She wanted to meet someone who could give her what she wanted without being concerned about what they thought. She had received hundreds of emails from people begging for permission to take her over their knees to teach her a lesson... While it thrilled her to have the power of choice, none of the men felt right until she opened his response. He had attached a picture of himself and she was floored. He was gorgeous, and confidant, and wrote well. She responded back to him and within a few weeks they had a meeting date.

In her day to day life she could never imagine anyone realizing what she so desired. If anything, she came across as the more dominant overbearing person. This was exactly the reason why she needed to be controlled by a man. She hated the fact that she always got what she wanted. She almost felt guilty about it, and decided that the only way she could purge this guilt would be to have someone beat it out of her.

She was startled into consciousness when the subway doors opened at her stop. She quickly gathered her belongings and rushed out of the car and up the stairs. She knew she was going to be late, she had actually planned it that way so that he would be extra hard on her. Again, in real life, she could always talk herself out of these situations, but she knew that with this one, it would not work.

Walking only a few blocks downtown, she arrived at the hotel she was supposed to meet him. In order to fulfill at least one of his requests, she quickly took off her coat to reveal the short tight black dress she was wearing over her bare and shaven skin. The result was a slew of stares, both from men and women, as she crossed the lobby to get to the hotel bar where he would be waiting for her on the last stool of the right side of the bar.

He was not happy with her, even with her spectacular appearance. She glanced down at her watch and gasped as she realized that her watch was actually fast and she was more than a half hour late. "I am so sorry...my watch is fast and I thought that I was much earlier that this...the subway took forever...I am never late..." she stammered. He held up his hand in effort to silence her, and forged a much happier expression, as he ordered her a glass of red wine. Even through she hated red, she drank as they quietly exchanged civilities for a while. On the whole, she was impressed with him. He was good looking, intelligent, and could carry a decent conversation. In any other 'date' situation she would have happily shown her true colors and played coy and flirty, but she could not help but think of the fact that this man was about to lay her face down and give her a spanking she would never forget.

One hour later, he stood up, placed a hotel key on the bar, excused himself, and left. She stared down at the key wondering if she should run back home and pretend like it had never happened, that she had not shown up at some hotel to be spanked by a total stranger. She decided that she no longer had anything to lose. She had already come all the way to the hotel, and she may as well get the best part over with.

Within minutes she put the key in the door and pushed it open. He was standing only a few feet away as he stared deeply into her eyes. He moved towards her, removed her coat and purse from her grasp and laid them down on a small nearby table. He told her to stand absolutely still as he walked behind her and took in the fabulous view of her perfectly shaped ass. He grabbed her shoulders, spun her around, and kissed her deeply. He felt her body respond to the kiss, loosening the tension that she was obviously feeling as she leaned into him. He felt his own arousal begin and abruptly stopped kissing her. He grabbed her shoulders again, but this time he walked her to the other side of the room where the bed was, and threw her down onto it. She quickly moved to a sitting position and began backing up on the bed as he proceeded to remove his wide black leather belt from his trousers, staring at her the entire time.

He grinned as he took in the fear in her face, and set the belt down. as he began to speak in an eerily quiet way. "Get off the bed, stand up, and take that dress off NOW. I have been waiting for this moment since the day I read your ad, and you have gotten yourself in a very tricky situation for making me wait not only a few weeks, but an extra hour at the bar tonight. You are going to get what is coming to you, and I am not going to stop until I feel like it. I am going to bend you over that bed, and spank you with my hand. Every once in a while, I am going to spread your ass so that I can check to see how deliciously wet this is making you. The wetter you get, the harder I spank. You are then going to suck my cock as though it is the last thing you will ever have in that slutty mouth of yours. Once I come into your mouth, you are going to pick up that belt and hand it to me, asking me to please whip your ass to make you pay for all the nasty things you have done. You are going to bend back over the bed, and you are going to count until 50. Now take off that dress."

She couldn't believe how wet she was getting listening to him speak to her like that. No one had ever ordered her to do anything, and she was reacting by soaking her dress with her wanton sluttiness. Hypnotized by his words, she got up and removed her dress. She slowly turned around and bent over the bed. He surprised her by placing a blindfold over her eyes, but then walked behind her and began her punishment.

He began spanking her hard, and did not let up. At the beginning, it felt fine, and she was convinced she could take hours of this, but as he went on, the sting in her ass began to wear on her, as she began to fidget and try to avoid the blows he was raining on her. He stopped spanking and spread her ass as he slid his fingers up her slit feeling for her juices. He laughed as he found exactly what he was looking for. "My little slut is really enjoying this, isn't she? Look at how wet your pussy is getting. As I said, the wetter you get, the harder I spank," he said as he harshly pulled back the hand she was now grinding against and then spanked her harder. The sting felt even worse to her, but she was beginning to give in to what he was doing to her in a way she had never felt before. He kept spanking her for what felt like hours as she just got wetter and wetter. Again, he stopped spanking, and spread her ass. He slid his fingers into her slit and harshly inserted one into her wet cunt. She began to buck against his hand, again, and he stopped what he was doing and spanked her as hard as he could.

She was still not crying, but was feeling an amazing sense of cathartic release when he stopped spanking her. "Turn around and sit up," he commanded, and she knew that it was now time to take his cock in her mouth and give him the pleasure he desired. He grabbed her head and ripped the blindfold off of her and her eyes opened wide as she stared at his huge cock. She licked her lips and used her hands to direct it to her mouth as she took it in. She began to suck on it, only pausing to lick it up and down. He held her head as he started to fuck her mouth and stiffened as he climaxed and shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed his come greedily and stood up to walk to the table where his belt lay waiting for her.

She grabbed in and approached him, "Please take this belt from me and whip my deserving ass. I have been a very bad girl and need to be severely punished." He took the belt from her and whispered "good girl" as she turned around and bent back over the bed raising her ass high as she waited for him to begin. The belt came crashing down on her ass quickly and she grabbed the bed tightly. "One!" she cried out as the second blow came down. The pain was almost unbearable on her already sore ass as he continued his punishment. When he was halfway finished, she could not hold back anymore as she fully gave in and began to cry. As she cried, she felt a continuous release and floated higher and higher. She was not even counting anymore, and he did not care. He knew that this is what she had wanted in the first place, to be completely and fully broken in and dominated.

When he finished his beating, he entered her from behind swiftly. They were no longer two strangers in a hotel room, they were two people fulfilling their desires as they reached climax together before drifting off into a blissful sleep.

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