tagNovels and NovellasFull Circle Ch. 05

Full Circle Ch. 05


Lily snapped at me when I instructed her on how to properly handle my car. When she threatened to leave me on the side of the road I sat back in the passenger seat, allowing the wave of intoxication to carry me away from what drove me to drink in the first place.

It was getting warm in the car so I rolled the window down. At night the smell of the city changed to something almost romantic. It could have been because the sun was no longer heating up the filth in the sewer lines. Or, it could have been the wind that changed direction in the evenings and blew through the country orchards, picking up the aromas of turned earth and opening blossoms. Whatever it was, it made me chatty and a little aroused. I rambled on, ignoring Lily's dismissive uh-huh's and yep's.

"I know I'm drunk. But maybe we could..." I knew my hand flopped down into Lily's lap, but I intended it to be a caress, the kind of touch that would make her open her legs out of desire for more. Instead, Lily clamped her thighs closed, fast and tight.

"Hey," I said, "Come on. We're close to Evan's Park...for old time's sake."

"I'm taking you home." Lily laughed then flung my hand back at me.

I shut up. The wind whipping up my hair lulled me.

"Looks like you've got a welcoming committee."

I must have dosed off because when I worked my eyes open I was looking at my driveway and the two cars parked in it. One was Danna's and the other was Marissa's.

"What the fuck is this?" I grumbled.

"Let's find out."

I stumbled up the walk. Lily steadied me. I was about to find my keys when the door swung open. Standing in the doorway was Danna, looking too calm considering Marissa was seated on the sofa in the living room.

"Danna," I said then leaned in to kiss her. She allowed my lips to brush her cheek. That was a good sign.

All of the lights were on, making my eyes hurt while I looked at Marissa to judge her mood. She sat expressionless, legs crossed and her hands folded matronly in her lap. That concerned me. I tripped over the threshold; both Lily and Danna caught me. I shook them off and used my wobbly legs to carry me to a chair across from Marissa.

"Fuck I need a drink."

"You've had enough it looks like," Marissa said.

I'd thought I'd said that to myself. I surveyed the room. Danna had secured the door and Lily walked out of the foyer to stand a clear distance away from Marissa. Neither woman spoke to the other, though they did exchange glances that could have killed them had it been possible. Each woman had a distinctive look. Lily was cute with her pixie hair cut and delicate features. Danna was alluring. Her frame was fit and statuesque while Marissa was smoldering with her dark hair, dark eyes and all too dark intentions. I was looking at my past and present and had no clue how my future was going to come out, but as I looked at each woman I was struck by how each one had pleased me at different times and in different ways.

"Fuck it. Let's pour a few rounds and get naked."

No one said a word and I hated how the alcohol had eroded the filter on my mouth. I caught a smile creeping across Lily's lips.

"Yeah. This is weird," Lily said, "I gotta go. I've done my part."

"Thank you so much for driving him home, Lily," Danna said as she walked Lily to the door. They exchanged a brief hug. I wondered if Lily might have wanted the hug to last longer so she could feel Danna's tits against her. I smiled.

With Lily gone Marissa spoke, "I told you where he'd be." Marissa's expression went from blank to keen satisfaction. I thought I saw a canary feather sticking out from her lips.

"I've had enough of you trying to come off like you know Paul better than I do."

Marissa laughed. "Okay, doll. We'll just pretend that he didn't go running off to Lily...like I said he would and we'll forget all about him fucking me in his car...like I said he would."

"How could I forget? I saw it with my own eyes."

I had been looking from Danna to Marissa like I was at a tennis match and maybe the back and forth shook up something in my head because I thought my old girlfriend had just admitted to my current girlfriend that she'd had sex with me.

"And you were supposed to back off." Marissa rose from the sofa and crossed the living room to stand uncomfortably close to Danna. "Admit it, doll, with me around, Paul's just not that into you."

"That's funny. When he came home that day he was way into me on the dining room table."

Danna and Marissa continued to exchange quips, a verbal joust that went on while I tried to muddle through my foggy brain to put together what they were talking about. There was no way that Danna could have been there when I'd fucked Marissa. We were in my car in a parking garage with no one around...except there was a moment when we heard footsteps while Marissa was perched so deliciously on my cock, riding me like never before. She had looked at the person walking by. The panic of being busted by Danna stuck in my throat.

"I need a drink."

They didn't hear me. I made my way over to my liquor cabinet and poured another drink. It occurred to me to offer them one. I looked over to see them, speaking vehemently, Danna with her fists clenched at her sides and Marissa with her hands on her hips, a cold smile on her lips. I had blocked out what they were saying and simply watched them go at it. My heart rate increased. I could feel the tension, even from across the room and it excited me. I wanted them to tear at each other's clothes and man handle one another.

"Do you think we could get a kiddie pool and tons of Jell-O at this hour?"

"Shut up, Paul," They said.

"You know, this is really all your fault, Paul," Marissa said.

I had to laugh at that. "How so?"

"If you could just make up your mind we wouldn't be going through this," Danna said. I caught a note of sadness in her voice.

"More like, if he could keep his dick under control," Marissa's words dripped with sarcasm.

"Look. I never intended for any of this to happen. Had Marissa not come back into town –"

"Wait a second. You aren't going to put the blame on me." Marissa sauntered over to me, took the glass from my hand then drank. "Besides, I didn't do anything you didn't want me to do."

I resented Marissa's smile but was turned on, turned on by her gall, by her raw sexuality and the berry colored lipstick stain on the glass.

I looked over at Danna. Her proud shoulders were slumped and her arms were folded around her waist. She didn't meet my eyes for a long while then she finally spoke, "Then I guess there is only one thing to do." She pulled the clip from her hair and shook out the thick red curls. A wave of intoxication hit me. It could have been the alcohol but I'm sure the enchanting way she looked at me made the greatest effect. Danna walked over to stand at Marissa's side. She took the glass from Marissa and with her lips exactly on the lipstick stain she drained the glass of its contents.

I wanted to freeze time so that I could completely take in the sight of the two most beautiful women standing in front of me with lust in their eyes. Maybe it was a competitive fire, either way, it was hot.

"What do you have in mind?" I said.

"Since you can't make up your mind," Danna looked over to Marissa, letting her eyes possibly see Marissa the way I'd always seen her. "Maybe you should fuck us both..." her voice broke off then she swallowed. "At the same time."

Marissa looked like she'd just heard the best news of the day. "So you can have a better way to compare."

"Exactly," Danna said.

I felt unsteady. I cursed the alcohol, but I was even more rocked by the thought of Danna and Marissa naked and wanting in front of me, begging and dripping on my couch as well as moaning and sighing while I plowed into them. I took a deep breath to clear my head. I looked at Danna. Her serene expression told me she was serious. I looked at Marissa and her broad smile gave me pause.

"What's the catch?" I asked.

The two women exchanged glances.

"No catch," Danna said.

"You fuck us. You pick who you want to be with and afterwards we'll leave it at that." Marissa looked at Danna for confirmation. Danna nodded.

I couldn't contain my smile. I took each woman under an arm and headed for the sofa. This wasn't going to be the girlfriend trifecta that crossed my mind when Lily was here, but I was more than willing to accept the two sitting on either side of me.

Marissa rubbed the inside of my thigh. I let my head release back and closed my eyes. I felt my pants open and could feel Danna kissing up my neck to my cheek. My senses ebbed between intoxication and the pleasure from two sets of hands moving across my body. When Marissa pulled my pants and underwear down and Danna nibbled my earlobe I couldn't be certain that I wasn't having an erotic dream. When I opened my eyes to see Marissa's mouth poised to take me inside it, my arousal peaked and sent a warm tingle through my body. With just her tongue she caressed my shaft. My cock pulsed in response but didn't get hard.

"Fucking whisky dick."

No one responded. I was assured that this time my thoughts remained in my head. Fortunately, I had been in this situation before. I had never had an ex and a current agree to have a threesome with me, but I have had one too many drinks kill my game. All I needed was more stimulation. I pulled Danna toward me until our lips met. I persisted past her hesitation. The tips of our tongues touched but only for a moment. Danna's tentative kiss grew hungry. She clutched at my shirt then pulled me into her.

Marissa sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and Danna sucked my tongue. The sensitive parts of me were being pulled in the most erotic ways. It was a mind spinning sensation.

Danna broke the kiss and was smiling when she said, "My turn."

Danna shrugged off her sweater, leaving a tight fitting camisole underneath. Without a word Marissa made room for Danna between my legs. They were shoulder to shoulder, as physically different as night and day but equally sensuous with their primed lips. My cock responded at the anticipation that Marissa and Danna might kiss or touch each other beyond the incidental brush of their cheek or shoulder.

Marissa kept her hand around the base of my cock when she offered it to Danna. I thought I was going to come from the visual alone, but the feeling of Danna's mouth sliding down the entire length of my cock was so worth holding back. I closed my eyes to concentrate on something other than the head of my cock meeting the back of her throat. Danna swallowed. It felt like a pussy's spasms during orgasm. I responded by lifting my hips to deepen the pleasure.

When Danna lifted off of me I opened my eyes. Marissa brushed Danna's hair out of her face. I could see that Danna was tearing up but she kept her attention on my cock, throating me again and again.

"Way to go," Marissa cooed.

Danna tilted her head to look at Marissa but her lips continued to slip up and down the length of me. Danna closed her lips around the head, sucking gently while Marissa stroked my shaft, her thumb and forefinger a tight okay sign around my cock. I couldn't have choreographed it better.

They worked together to pleasure me and neither wanted to relent. When Danna decided to lick me, Marissa responded in kind until their movements were synched. I thought they might kiss each time their mouths approached the tip of my cock. I held back waiting for them to kiss so that I could cover their lips and faces with the come filling my balls, but they never did.

Marissa stood and made a show of getting out of her thong. Once she was completely naked I sat up to reach for her and bring her close. I kissed down her stomach, intent on getting to her pussy to have a taste. I was almost able to lick the closely trimmed patch of hair when she pushed me back onto the sofa.

"Just enjoy the ride, Paul."

I had lost some of my hard on but by this time. I tugged and worked the girls' saliva into my dick but it wasn't working. Marissa turned her back to me then bent at her waist, showing me that the swollen folds of her sex were ready for me. With my finger I smeared some of her juices up between her cheeks and felt around for the tight entrance of her asshole. Marissa moaned then swayed her hips from side to side.

"Sit on this." I tightened my fist around my cock and offered Marissa only a portion so I could get all the way hard. Marissa was soaked. She moved her hips to coat me with her juices. Her clit was raised. It made me flinch when it rubbed against my sensitive head.

I looked over to Danna. She had pulled down the front of her camisole allowing her breasts to spill out. I held out my free hand. Danna moved forward and put one full breast into my hand. I pressed my palm against it. I loved how it spread then jostled when I released it.

"It turns me on how much you like them," she said. Her voice was shaky and low. "Don't you want them in your mouth?"

"Bring them here." I needed both hands to guide her breasts to my mouth. That allowed Marissa to take me all the way inside. I couldn't hold back the moan as my cock was enveloped by wetness and warmth. I looked over Danna's shoulder to see how Marissa's round cheeks collided with me thighs. Danna turned my head back to her and fed me a nipple. I was in heaven, but the more I tried to perform the more the fog of intoxication blocked me, so I relaxed and let it all happen.

The slapping of flesh and each girl's sweet moans echoed in my ears. Danna stood up to remove the camisole. I used that time to watch Marissa. She was leaning forward, bracing herself on my knees. The cheeks of her ass were spread enough that I could see the sweet valley between the crack of her ass. I watched her lips spread open in a wide V. The urge to come seized me again.

"Let me have you now," Danna said.

I didn't want to do it, but I held Marissa down by her hips to stop her motion. She looked at me over her shoulder then gave me one last grind before she stood. She laughed then propped herself up on the opposite end of the sofa.

"Dammit woman," I said.

Danna motioned for me to stand up. We traded places. Before I could get to my knees in front of her, Danna had her legs spread and her fingers dipping into her slit. I was pleased by the gleam of wetness on her fingers. I brought those fingers to my mouth. As I sucked, I slid myself into her pussy. Where Marissa fit me like a glove, Danna was a vice.

"That's it, Paul. Fuck her."

Between Marissa encouragement that continued while she fingered herself and the tiny movements from Danna's hips, I didn't want to hold off any longer. My heartbeat resonated in my ears. Every muscle in my lower body tensed and released as I sawed into Danna.

"Okay." Was all I could muster. Danna separated herself from me and finished me off with her mouth. It felt like I had released the valve on a fire hydrate the way come sprayed out of me and into Danna's waiting mouth. I allowed her to suck and lick me until any amount of contact was a razor of pleasure and pain. Marissa leaned over and used her finger to clean up what come didn't make it into Danna's mouth.

I collapsed on the sofa, limp and wasted. Danna and Marissa's voices seemed to be disembodied as I allowed my body to succumb to sleep.

* * *

I stared out at the view from my desk chair. My west coast office was close to everything that I wanted. It wasn't often that I thought about what happened between Danna, Marissa and me six months earlier, but during down time like this thoughts of the night we spent together crept up on me.

I wished I'd been sober enough to remember more of the details. What was very clear in my memory came in the form of a note Danna left for me. She explained that she couldn't be with me if my heart wasn't in it. Remembering her words brought pangs of emotion in me even though I respected her decision. We haven't spoken since.

Marissa brokered a deal for me to get the west coast vice presidency in exchange for her becoming CEO at one of our sister companies. It was several weeks after the announcement when she called me. She made it a point to tell me everything that had happened after I passed out.

"Your come tastes so good from Danna's mouth. Who knew she was such a great kisser," she started, then launched into a blow by blow account of how they pleasured each other into exhaustion on my living room floor. When she was certain that she had rendered me speechless, Marissa began to laugh. "You're such a pig, Paul. I'm making it up," she said. "But it would have been very hot. You have good taste. Word is that Danna left you. That's a shame. I guess we're even."

I didn't argue with Marissa. She had that tone in her voice that told me to proceed with extreme caution, so I let any possibility of an argument drop. What resonated with me was the vision Marissa painted in my mind of two of my ex's enjoying each other's body. It was a story I revisited sometimes when I jerked off, but each time I did I felt guilty after I finished.

"I've got those files you wanted."

I turned away from the window to see Cara Simmons, my summer intern, standing on the other side of my desk. Her black hair was cut in a bob. I thought that a longer, more stylish haircut would suit her better but I got over that quickly when I realized that it was possible the woman didn't own anything but well tailored, pencil skirts with lengths that challenged the company dress code. Her tops hugged her torso in all the right places. Careful scrutiny on a daily basis told me that she either wore thongs or went without panties under those skirts and that she preferred bare legs over stockings.

"Thank you. That was fast," I said.

"I know you didn't put a rush on them. I just figured I'd get them to you as soon as I could."

"I appreciate that."

"You're welcome," she said with a bright smile then turned to leave.

"Say. Do you have plans for lunch?"

"I don't."

"How about you join me. I there's a Japanese place I've been looking to try."

"That would be great. Thank you for inviting me. It would give me a chance to talk with you about my internship. Pick your brain a little. I know I'll learn so much working under you."

I took in her attire once more then tried to imagine her kissing a woman.

"On second thought have my secretary order my usual. I'll have a working lunch. Order something for yourself too. My treat."

When I saw her face fall into a disappointed expression I realized that I dodged a bullet. I'd learned my lesson. Lily would be proud.

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