tagErotic HorrorFull Moon of Desire Ch. 01

Full Moon of Desire Ch. 01


Felicity flicked her long auburn hair back as she tried to concentrate on the television screen. She was trying to unwind after a hard day at work. She was a career woman, spending years at college to earn her degree and get a head start in life, it had paid off and now in her early twenties she was the district manager for a large chain of fast food restaurants. The pay was good but the hours were long and rough. Now sitting in her Mom's house on a beaten, tattered couch she sat watching the T.V in a faded grey tank top and a pair of old male boxer shorts.

Her long smooth legs stretched out across the floor. Happily she began to unwind for the weekend. Watching the news she was enraged to learn that a drunken group of hunters had shot what they thought was a large predator beast out in the woods. They had gotten closer for a better look and it had turned out to be a young woman of Felicity's age. Shaking her head in disgust she hoped that the hunters would receive a horrible punishment for their crime.

Sighing softly in disgust she absent-mindedly flipped through the channels of the T.V eventually settling on a badly thought out soap opera with a bad plot and worse actors, It's one saving grace was the hot doctor who as she settled onto the channel had just slipped out of his clothes to take a swim. Sighing softly, she watched the ripped hunk of a man propel himself through the water his huge muscles illuminated in the glow of the sun. It sent electrical signals of pleasure and arousal through her entire body causing her to quiver with lust. Reaching under her tank top she gently cupped her small breast.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she teased her nipple and gently caressed her soft silky flesh. Leaning up a little she checked the open patio door nearby to make sure her mother was not coming upto the house. But no her mother had recently taken up moon bathing and was probably asleep at the bottom of the garden. It was dark now and the full moon illuminated the dark woods in the horizon.

Felicity wondered for a moment if she should venture down the garden and wake her mother but then the Doctor climbed out of the swimming pool and she was again consumed with lust. Biting her lower lip in arousal she pushed her other free hand under her tight shorts and began to softly play with her clit and gently stroke her wet pussy lips while imagining the handsome hunky doctor take her in his arms and fill her. As she sighed and moaned while pleasuring herself the wind softly blew through the open glass screen door and carried her womanly scent down through the garden and into the woods.

Deep in the looming dark forest of trees the moonlight filtered down through the canopy and illuminated the shape of a massive creature hunched over the corpse of a large stag. Tearing at the carcass it devoured the flesh loudly. Licking it's bloodstained lips it sat back on its hunches for a moment panting revealing it's long set of sharp stained teeth. Its tongue hung out, stained red with the blood of it's kill, drool dripped down from it as the hairy beast recovered from the chase and kill. Pausing for a moment before returning to it's feeding it sniffed the breeze blowing through the wood lands.

It carried the scent of a woman in heat. The creature plopped forward onto all fours and sniffed again. The smell was weak but coming from nearby, perhaps a mile or so away. The huge beasts muscles tightened as it dug it's sharp claws into the mossy damp soil. Since it's mate had been killed a few days earlier it would have to make new arrangements. It reared back and howled loudly before taking off into the dark woods chasing the scent. It had sated its hunger for flesh and now it would sate an entirely different urge.

Sandra awoke with a start. She had been laying at the edge of the woods naked on a big woolen blanket, soaking up the rich healthy beams of the bright full moon and had fallen asleep. It was much later then she had wanted to stay and she was puzzled for a moment as to why her daughter had not come and fetched her. As she was setting about to return to the house the wind bought the sound of a woman moaning to her ears.

Smiling softly to herself she hoped her daughter had found a man to pleasure her rather then taking matters into her own hands. Sighing happily she realized she couldn't return to the house while her daughter was in the midst of passion so she could stay out here a little longer. It was a pleasantly warm night anyway and the moon was still bright in the night sky. Scowling a little she looked down at herself.

She felt she had let herself go a little, Over the years she had put on a little more weight then she would have liked and her breasts were defiantly starting to sag a little. She supposed it was bound to happen eventually with age although she was only pushing forty. She laid back down on the white blanket and closed her eyes again.

It moved closer, crashing through the woods at a thunderous pace briefly illuminated in patches of moonlight. The huge powerful beast hurtled through the forest area at terrifying speeds. The massive creature sniffed the air and detected a second female scent. This one was not as pheromone ridden as the previous one but it was closer and to this beast's mind an easier target.

Sandra bolted upright, scared out of her mind as the creaking and thrashing of something big in the woods approached her. Stopping just out of her sight she strained her eyes in an attempt to see what kind of creature had approached her. She could barely make out the faint outline of a large shadow. Whatever it was it was big, on all fours and powerful looking. It didn't seem hostile or remotely interested in hurting her though it just stayed just out of sight watching her. The outline kind of looked canine shaped. Perhaps a wolf? No it was to big.

The creature paused watching the female with interest, She was bulky but well built and would surely provide an adequate outlet for it's powerful lust. Leaning forward a little it scratched it's back against a tree, rubbing a gland on it's back that secreted a musky aroma, a powerful aphrodisiac designed to target humans and lycanthrope alike. If this female was pulled into its lusty grip, The beast would surely have a new mate to play with.

Sandra watched the beast cautiously as it moved a little and scratched itself. The wind blew in her face carrying the musk of the werewolf to her nostrils. She shuddered a little but was not disgusted by the pungent smell. It was musty and powerful the scent clung to every part of her body and sent mini shock waves of pleasure through her receptors and nerves. Her pussy felt like someone had put a match to it as it sprung alight with the fires of passion. Moaning softly she propped herself up by her hands and licked her lips seductively in the direction of the ominous shadow. The scent in the air seemed to intensify as her body continued to react to the musk. Groaning in pleasure she rolled over onto all fours and prominently displayed her aroused cunt in the direction of the smells origin. As lust consumed her body she talked dirty towards the shadow.

"Hello there big boy, I bet you want this don't you? Hmm big boy? You want a nice piece of this hot mama?" She spoke reaching her hand under her and stroking her soaking pussy. "Mm mm oh big boy its ready." she moaned out in pleasure wanting this mysterious beast to mount her like an animal and fuck her brains out.

The creature watched aroused as the musk took affect on the human female. Its own loins burning with lust wanting to leap onto this woman and fill her with his passion. She was already on all fours and talking seductively. Though it couldn't understand words in this form, it heard the tone and watched her body language hungrily. It trotted out of the gloom and into full view of the female.

Sandra gasped a little as the beast emerged. It was big, 7 feet long covered in a brown matted fur, it's huge jaws drooling as it watched her in a submissive pose beckon it. Under the fur she could barely make out in the bright moonlight was a well toned muscular frame hidden by its hair. This animal was strong and for a moment she wondered if she should let it mount her at all. Then she saw its cock. 10 inches of fat hard meat hung from its groin fully erect. She moaned heavily watching the massive organ approach her entrance. She turned away and faced the house in the distance. There was a grunt from behind her as the beast maneuvered itself behind her and then pushed forwards, filling her tight wet canal with its massive organ. She let out a deep long groan of pleasure, pushing her hips back to meet his thrust, she let out an animal cry of pleasure as she impaled herself on the monsters dick.

Again the creature thrusted, grunting and growling in low animal tones filling her sex with its long hard cock. She groaned and moaned with him meeting his every thrust by pushing backwards to let it fill her up completely. His massive organ reached deeply into her, her tight, warm love canal stretching to accommodate this massive beast. It leant it's body into hers she could feel its hot dry fur rubbing against her back. Her entire body tightened and shook as the beasts powerful thrusts bought her to climax sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. Groaning out loud as the orgasm took her she reacted by slamming her body back harder into his cock desperate to pleasure this beast as much as it had pleasured her. Growling loudly the mighty beast threw it's head back and howled loudly as its massive dick shuddered. It poured it's thick creamy jism into her body. Sandra sighed heavily shifting her hips gently milking the animals dick. Filling her with his milky fluid, the beast leaned forward and licked her face lovingly.

Withdrawing the organ that bought her so much pleasure leaving a line of their mixed juices hanging from his dick. The monster sat back on its haunches and watched Sandra recover herself after their passion ensued. She collected herself together and her eyes came to rest on the beasts powerful frame. She had no idea what this creature was but she wanted more. Leaning over on all fours she returned the lick to the face the beast had given her. This seemed to please it, it leaned forward towards her, she assumed to lick her again. Instead it leaned it's head down and bit down heavily on her breast. Her eyes widening in pain and finally realizing what she had let into her body she gripped the werewolf's head and embraced the bite moaning a little in pleasure. Soon she knew they would hunt the woods together and she would be able to have him whenever she wanted. Smiling to herself she let the mighty beast retreat to the forest and watched it run off into the darkness.

Up the garden behind a tree Felicity watched. Her face a mask of shock and horror, she had just watched her own mother give herself to that monstrosity willingly. She had heard the noises coming from the pair and had made her way down the garden to investigate what was happening. She had been shocked to find her mom on her hands and knees moaning like a whore while that massive creature fucked her hard. It was terrible. Felicity made up her mind to confront her mother about it in the morning. Returning to the house she shook her head in disbelief and headed upstairs to bed.

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