tagErotic HorrorFull Moon of Desire Ch. 02

Full Moon of Desire Ch. 02


Sandra pulled herself away from the blanket in a dizzy haze. The Moon was still high in the sky coating the landscape in the bright glow of a starry cloudless night. She brushed herself off and stared at the crystal-like orb in the dark sky. It called to her; the bite on her soft breast was already healing and the infection had taken hold she was sure.

She could feel his presence in her body, flowing through her bloodstream, mutating her cells and corrupting her essence. She embraced it she couldn't wait to be free in the woods. Free to roam wherever she wished. Her body curved as a tremor of pleasure ran through Sandra as she remembered his presence and the way he had made her his own. A long moan of wistfulness escaped her lips. She sighed and turned back towards the house walking up the path she left the blanket at the bottom of the garden for her return the next night..

Felicity awoke happily to the sound of birds chirping in the treetops and snuggled into her bed as sunlight filtered into her room through a crack in the curtains. Stretching her arms and legs she swung herself around the mattress and touched the carpet with her feet. Standing up she stretched again and opened the curtains to the glorious morning. Looking out through the windows she stared at the garden in its entirety and the woods beyond. The blanket at the bottom of the garden surged unwanted memories back into her mind as she remembered her mothers submission to the mysterious creature of the woods. Sighing unhappily she trudged down the stairs to the kitchen where her Mother was already awake facing the stove in a white satin bed robe cooking and serving breakfast. The smell of bacon and eggs entered Felicity's nostrils. Felicity stared at her Mother's turned back in disbelief.

Sandra had never been a morning person in her entire life and certainly had never made breakfast for them to the best of Felicity's memory. Sandra turned to face Felicity and smiled lovingly.

"Hi Honey. How did you sleep?"

She asked smiling warmly at her daughter. Serving up a platter of eggs, sausages, bacon and tomatoes. Felicity was again shocked, her Mother seemed to have lost several years overnight as Her face seemed a little younger or perhaps it was Felicity's imagination. There was something else, something she couldn't put down to imagination. Sandra's once dull greenish grey eyes were now a sharp light blue and as she turned around to administer to the food Felicity couldn't help but notice that Sandra's entire body had changed in what seemed a night. She seemed more robust, pert then before and somehow sexier. Felicity shook her head again and began to tuck into her food. This must be a trick of the light or something similar she thought. Eating the food Felicity faced the daunting task of confronting her Mom about her sexual encounter the previous night.

Sandra had awoken a full hour before Felicity and had bounded out of bed in a wonderful mood. She reached over to her window and pulled back the curtains hard to embrace the new sunshine filled day. The left curtain was pulled completely off the rail. Sandra made a mental note obviously her strength and dexterity were increasing. Still naked she had taken a moment to admire her changing body in the long mirror in her bedroom. Her breasts still sagged and her body was still chunky but not so much as last night. Her eyes were a sharp light blue color now and she could hear her daughter breathing softly in her sleep two rooms down. Her senses were heightening and her body was adapting to her new form. She glanced in passing out of the window.

Sandra gasped in surprise, down by the blanket stood a muddy disheveled man. His hair was a mess and there was dried blood around his mouth. Well toned and incredibly muscular though He stared up at her watching with piercing blue eyes. He smiled at her, his naked form illuminated in the early morning sunrise. He turned around and headed back into the woodland. She smiled and couldn't help but watch his behind as he walked off.

Her mate was watching out for her, perhaps she could find him before sundown and talk to him. Perhaps he could take her in human form and fill her with his passion. She let her mind wander as she fell backwards softly onto her bed. Sandra let her hands siddle downwards as she pictured the tall muscular form of her mate. Her eyes widened as the heat of her lust and pleasure took control of her mind. Her libido had also increased it seemed. Her fingers danced across her sweet sex, she moaned softly as her other hand began caressing and massaging the soft flesh of her breasts. She slipped a finger inside of herself and arched her back in pleasure. Oh god she could feel her mate, he was still nearby, his loins yearning to be connected to her. His breath on her body, his lips wrapped around the soft nipples of her breasts. A second finger probed her body as she groaned softly. Wanting him to be here now. Her mate.. Her man.. The climax rocked her entire body sending earthquakes of absolute pleasure echoing in her body.

Regaining her composure she waited until her breathing returned to normal before returning to her body. Looking out again across the garden and into the woods she could make out the outline of a large man just out of site. She smiled and blew a kiss. Throwing a bed gown on she went to the kitchen to fix breakfast and try to explain what had happened to her daughter.

"Mom, I saw you last night. Fucking that..that... Monster!"

Felicity blurted out as her Mom refilled her orange juice. Sandra paused for a moment and turned around to place the juice back on the counter. Might as-well come clean she thought.


corrected her Mother.

"Not monster, werewolf"

She said well now it was out in the open. Felicity was dumbstruck she hadn't expected her Mother to admit it so easily and then was horrified to hear what had actually taken her Mother with such intensity. Sandra sighed staring at her daughter with her new awareness, Felicity wasn't taking the news well and would be even more horrified when she learned her Mother was one of them now.

"Werewolf?!? You let a..a.. Beast do those things to you!"

Felicity almost screamed at her Mother terrified at the thought. To her intense shame the thought of the huge animal pounding her helpless Mother was sending small shivers of pleasure up her spine, coating a small film of juices on the inside of her tunnel. Sandra smelled her daughters arousal, the strong scent of a woman in heat filtered into her nostrils. She shuddered as the animalist werewolf lust consumed her body, leaning back on the kitchen cabinet she stretched out her arms seductively letting her robe fall open slightly.

"mm mm yes, I bent over on all fours and let it slide its massive organ deep into my body, let it fill me with its essence. It felt so raw, so rough. mm mm it was incredible."

She spoke in a soft lustful voice wishing her mate to come to her and make her his bitch. Her robe opened further revealing her soft supple naked form, her firm large breasts fell out, the bite on her left boob exposed and already starting to heal. She sighed heavily lost in her rapturous fantasies completely forgetting her daughter was sitting there watching her.

Her hand traveled to the silky smooth flesh of her breast, gently massaging her own body she moaned in pleasure as she picture her rugged well muscular lover. Felicity stared in disbelief, Her own Mother was touching herself in front of Her! Something else must have happened last night, her mother had obviously been infected with the insidious werewolf infection. Despite her horror she was extremely aroused by the sight of her mothers satisfaction. The small moans of lust and pleasure escaping from Sandra's lips were exciting Felicity more and more she found herself reaching for own lower regions then stopped in disgust. Was she really considering pleasing herself to the sight of her own mother? Sandra's piercing blue eyes came to rest on her daughter, she watched in mild interest as Felicity's hand began to move downwards.

The powerful animalistic lust was in control of her body but in truth Sandra had offered no resistance to its take over in fact she reveled in it, she submitted totally to its power as she thought this would accelerate her change, she longed for the time when she could take her mate deep into her body as one of his kind, when she could howl and growl in pleasure as his large cock placated and fucked her. Now she was on fire, Sandra let the robe fall off her soft body completely revealing herself to her daughter and her mate watching from the woods. She could feel his eyes on her, she had to goto him, she needed a male to stud her to make her his own. Turning from her astonished daughter Sandra stalked over to the glass screen door and slid it open, not even bothering to close it she walked down the verdant garden buzzing with activity and returned once again to the big white blanket still bearing the stains of the previous nights activities. Laying down on it she spread her legs wide, revealing her tight wet sex, the smell was extreme, her body released female pheromones into the air to let any nearby males know she was in heat and ready to be bred.

The large male watched as his new mate continued to give into her new urges. He had turned females in the past, some of them had embraced and some had fought their metamorphic change. His last mate had fought the transformation for two whole months before he had been able to force her to surrender herself on him and become his new mate. He had been born in the woods and knew no other life, he had met in his travels Lycanthrope that lived as humans for most of the month and animals for the nights under the full moon. He had no desire to enter the human world ever he enjoyed revealing in his nature and hoped his new mate would as well. As his new mate laid her body down and opened herself up for him to take he began to advance out of the woods. His muscular dirty and sweaty torso glowing in the morning sun.. Walking towards her she could make out a rich collection of scars all over his body various animals he had hunted fought back and he had been wounded never fatally in many a hunt.

Sandra groaned in lust and anticipation as her mate emerged from the woods. He too was completely naked his body covered in scar tissue. leaves and dirt clinging to his body and matting his thick long black hair made him look even more beast-like as a human. She knew better then to think of him even now as a human, this was a beast of the woods answering an ancient primeval urge to procreate.

His long member was already erect as he closed the distance between them. A soft almost inaudible sigh reached her new hearing and she switched her head around to see Felicity a little ways up the garden trying to conceal herself from Sandra's view. The new werewolf urges inside her barked furiously, another female was in her territory watching her mate, but she for once ignored the werewolf side of her and decided to let her daughter enjoy the show. It would only make it easier for Felicity to accept the transition if she witnessed what her mother wanted first hand.

Turning back to her mate she was astonished to see just how much ground he had covered in the seconds her back had been turned. He was on top of her now his pulsating growth slipping between her legs and penetrating her very being. Sandra now let herself be taken completely by the lust in her body and did exactly what instincts told her to. Raising her legs she wrapped them around her male's tight torso and pulled him deeper into her inviting canal. The giant organ slid neatly into her tight hole, filling her with as much as she could take. Her body rose to meet his every thrust, snarling she clawed at his back as his throbbing cock took her to places she had only imagined. Leaning her head back she howled in pleasure as the beast made her his. "Stud me. breed me.. oh yeah.." she moaned as his hefty dick penetrated her deeply.

He returned the snarl with a growl of his own, snapping at her arms as they clawed at his back drawing blood. His human form reduced his penises size and length but his mates were usually so enthralled by the feeling of his passion they very rarely noticed. Howling with her as she shuddered with absolute pleasure under his muscular grasp he continued to pound her body with his being. The sweet smell of sex and blood filled his nostrils further exciting his body. His thrusts became harder and deeper as her body opened itself further allowing him to take her entirely.

Sandra became something different impaled on his cock. She had surrendered totally to her new bodies lust, instincts now ruled her with an iron fist. As he thrusts deepened and his penetration harder. She let out a low animal groan as her body undertook another metamorphosis. She watched as unseen things moved just under the skin of her legs and torso, muscles became more pronounced, her breasts grew in size as they shifted upwards out of their sag. She gripped on tight to his well toned body as he watched her change never stopping his thrusts or his grunts of pleasure. She moaned loudly in pure passion as her change ended leaving her an athletic, sexy body that put her daughter to shame. This wasn't a body for leisure or sporting, this was a huntress's body, a body built for speed,power and mating. She sighed happily increasing the grip of her new muscular legs around his broad body, as his dick bounced off her cervix again and again she let loose a deep female howl of pleasure. Her hands fell from his shoulders and gripped the ground, digging her nails into the moist grassy dirt. Her orgasm hit her each blast more powerful then the last.

Her tight cunt contracted around his hard dick as she trembled beneath him shaking in pleasure. It excited him further as he pushed his massive member into her harder and deeper, groaning and grunting as she sank into a post orgasmic submissive stance beneath him. He thrusted one more time, letting loose a deep animal howl of pleasure as his cock spasmed inside of her coating her insides with his thick creamy seed.

Pulling away from her his organ left her body tenuously connected by strands of mixed juices. He had fulfilled his basic urges and now returned to his home deep in the woods to await her change so they could hunt together at last.

She sighed in pleasure as he left her, She now knew it was their way to satisfy their urges with each other and then continue on with other important things. Rolling over onto her belly she took a few moments to collect her thoughts. The werewolf inside her was growing she could feel it send out tendrils to acquire control of all her bodily functions. Soon she would turn and enter the forest as an apex predator, stalking and killing her food she would be free of all her constraints, eating, sleeping, exploring and fucking whenever she wanted. Again she sighed happily and then a thought crossed her mind, Would Felicity be O.K without her for the nights when the moon ruled her body? What if she like her mate took up the nomadic hermit lifestyle, would her daughter be fine without her? Sandra bit her bottom lip in frustration, surely her daughter would be happy for her in her new life, She would let Felicity have the house and her money, Sandra just wanted freedom and soon she would have that freedom.

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