tagErotic HorrorFull Moon of Desire Ch. 03

Full Moon of Desire Ch. 03


Sandra moved to an upright position and sauntered back towards the house. She paused for a moment standing over her daughter who was now laying on the ground recovering from her own climax.

Felicity had followed her Mother in a sort of trance, her mental state had taken several blows over the past few hours. First watching her Mother give herself to a wild beast from the woods, then finding out the creature was a werewolf, then seeing her Mother submit to her lust and openly masturbate in front of her. Now she was watching Sandra invite a tall strange muscular man into her womb. Despite her anger at her seemingly slutty mother Felicity became increasingly aroused at the sight of the naked male presence.

He was well built and had a figure of truly godlike proportions, his meat hung erect at his chest, her mother was truly going to get lucky. A Pang of jealousy surged through her body, Her mother was older and no where near as young and virile as Felicity was, Why was this handsome creature wasting its time on Sandra when it could have Felicity instead! As the man leaned down and entered her mother Felicity wished fervently it was herself this giant was taking as his woman, she wished it was her his long hard member was penetrating so passionately. Moaning softly she sank to her knees and watched the beast begin to grind into her lucky mother. Her hands traveled down her stomach and into her shorts, she became enthralled in her own passion.

Sandra stared down at her daughter as Felicity attempted to compose herself after her own orgasm. Her hands pressed against her hips disapprovingly Sandra stood illuminated in the sun her new body glowing naked like a Goddess in the natural light. Felicity looked up at her new Mother her heart sinking "Your one of them now aren't you Mother" She spat out in disgust. Sandra sighed heavily and knew it was the time to confess all her sins. "Alright Daughter I'll tell you everything but first let's return to the house." She spoke softly, even her voice had changed and taken on a more sultry seductive tone. Turning around sharply she stalked up into their shared home, her new breasts swaying with her every movement. Felicity got to her feet and followed sulkily, unhappy as to her Mothers fate.

It was 2 hours later, both women had elected to take showers, Felicity needed to change but Sandra decided to remain naked, it was her species natural state after all. Making sandwiches for lunch she and Felicity began the long journey to repair their relationship.

"Baby please understand I'm not getting any younger and the freedom I've been offered is better then any other man can provide. Besides it's too late now I'm almost completely transformed"

Sandra purred in her sultry tone. Felicity was coming around to the idea, especially when Sandra had told her she would have control of the house and all her mothers financial assets.

"But Mom, He's well, your Werewolves. Its not natural."

She said half heartedly, Felicity's only real objection was that she would loose her Mother to her animal side and never see her again.

She had an excellent relationship with her Mother and didn't want to loose that

"Sweety it's only a few nights every month and I promise I will talk to you still whenever you need me. As long as you let me sleep in the house occasionally all should be well."

Sandra said smiling broadly.

"O.K I'll make you up a couple of baskets."

Felicity retorted quickly grinning back at her Mother. Her Mother laughed loudly her entire body shaking with joy. Felicity looked away,

"Mom could you put some clothes on please, your new body is incredible but your still my mother even if you do need to pee on hydrants now."

She said cringing slightly.

Her Mother laughed again "I can see your not going to lay off the dog jokes."

she said scowling at her daughter mockingly.

"But no, my mate stays naked, so I will as well in case he needs me."

Felicity looked back at her Mother, a career woman she despised the thought of any man being in charge of a female like that.

"Yeah about that, he doesn't have to control you, You know, you could take charge."

She said sharply.

"No sweety thats not how it works for us, he is the male and I am his bitch."

She said sighing happily, she hadn't asked for a lot out of life and finally it was delivering a perfectly simple relationship for her. A shiver down her spine told her her mate was approaching the house. "Oh speak of the Devil."

She said smiling as her muscular man entered the house and looked at his new mate. Felicity eyed the man suspiciously and with a hint of lust, she couldn't deny that she wished the roles were reversed and she was to be his mate instead of her mother.

His knowledge of human interaction was limited. Sometimes his new mates wished to cling onto their former human lives so he was forced to follow them into dwellings and even once, wear clothes. He shuddered at the memory as he advanced on the house. He was worried about his new mate she seemed to be encountering hostility with her cub. He knew Humans would hunt his kind and some still did. The Human cub would either accept her parents new life or be removed for their own safety. He entered the dwelling, striding into the room where his mate was speaking to her cub.

Despite his natural feeling of animosity towards mankind he had been forced to pick up a small understanding of their language to soothe his mates worries and the like. Turning to his female he spoke in a deep gruff voice.


his words were quick and badly pronounced but there was an undertone of concern for his mates well being. Werewolves tended to mate for companionship as well as a way to vent their deep sexual urges. That night after he had sated his animalistic desires he had felt a connection with this female and had decided to bring her into his world. His last mates death had been unexpected as well as mortifying to him. Most of the legends of werewolves were fictional, like any other being enough bodily harm would destroy them. It did not take 3 silver bullets to the heart, in this case it had taken a barrage of rifle deer shot from a group of drunken hunters. He was going to rip them apart one by one but they herded together like a group of frightened animals obviously pushed into sobriety when they stumbled across the young woman they had slain. Some of them were even crying. He hoped it would haunt them till their dying day.

Sandra smiled at her beastly mate as he spoke in a rugged rough tone. She pondered on weather or not to hug and kiss her new man as she was unsure on werewolf relationships. The matter was solved when he walked over to her and pushed her roughly up against the refrigerator, kissing her harshly on the lips he turned around and faced Felicity with a calculating expression on his face.

"Yes everything is fine."

She purred her demeanor and posture changing unconsciously into a submissive one in his presence. Stroking his back with her hand she smiled, but then the expression changed when she sensed her mates fear and hostility towards her daughter. She worked out why quickly. "Felicity your fine with this new arrangement aren't you? I mean you won't tell anyone will you" She asked hoping her daughter would pick up on the hidden message she insinuated into her voice.

Felicity looked at her Mothers Mate with a disapproving glare, but he seemed to make her Mom happy so she couldn't object. "Of course I wont tell anyone Mom, Who'd believe me anyway?" She said sharply still staring at the beast. He returned the glare with equal ferocity but she noticed his organ begin to twitch in arousal. Sandra also noticed the monsters dick begin to rise, blood pumping into his member as he stared down her daughter. Her last sexual and metamorphic ordeal had left her physically exhausted and she was in no position to fulfill his urges again. The Alpha female werewolf blood in her rose up in her mind and offered its opinion, She was sated, her sexual urges placated. She stroked her mates long member thoughtfully for a moment. He could take this lesser female, he had already studded her and therefore fulfilled his obligations towards her as the dominant female. Her human side agreed, her daughter had gone far too long without a male in her life. She turned to her mate and placed a loving kiss on his cheek,

"I'm worn out and going to bed."

She spoke in her sultry soft voice. Her mate snapped his head away from her daughter and into her piercing eyes.


He barked clearly not used to the language.

"No I want to sleep in my bed for today at least, I may not get the chance for awhile."

She replied her hand still working up and down his long shaft.

"Make yourself at home."

She twinkled. He sighed She was not going to be as submissive as he would have liked but then again he liked his bitches to have a sense of identity. He watched her firm rounded ass as she swayed her hips intentionally making her way upto her room. He turned back to the smaller human female and smiled revealing his pointed teeth that glinted in the light. She was still staring at his erect penis and he could sense her arousal. His mate had obviously intended him to stud this one as well or she would have led him up the stairs. He narrowed his eyes at the human female and advanced on her slowly.

Felicity was startled by the males approach, He surely couldn't expect her to let him mate with her could he? But a small part of her cried out for his touch, his body pressed against hers. It had been so long since she had felt a mans touch on her gentle skin. She found herself rising to meet his advances, deciding to take a leaf from her mothers book Felicity followed her instincts. She smiled at him and walked away from him, placing her hands on the cold surface of the kitchen cabinet she leaned forwards, exposing her ass to his advances she un-zipped herself and stepped out of her pants revealing the white frilly panties that barely covered her womanhood. Smiling to herself she braced for the pounding that was to come.

He advanced on her now exposed behind, reaching out with his hands he yanked the panties off her body and let them fall softly to the floor. He sniffed the air suspiciously to make sure that this female would be receptive to his mating. Lining his hard member up against her entrance he teased it a little to get her juices flowing more. Grunting he leaned forward and thrust his hefty penis into her body.

Felicity almost screamed when his massive organ impaled her, sliding deep into her tight wet hole, he withdrew and slammed his dick back into her receptive pussy. Moaning deeply with every hard shove she fell into ecstasy her wildest fantasies coming true. Holding onto her smooth firm ass he pounded his hard cock into her deepest regions. She groaned in pleasure. "Ooh baby,Oh yeah, Fuck me, stud me.. Oh you animal.. harder.. oh god." She cried out as his every thrust bought her closer and closer to her climax.

He was an animal, his lust had demanded to be sated and she had given herself to him, exposing her tight wet hole to his every desire. He felt no love or compassion for this human female she was just there to fulfill his lust. Grunting, he snarled out at her as she bucked her hips against his thrusts bringing his aching dick more pleasure. Growling in lust he reached down and picked up her long silky legs holding them at his side he bounced her up and down on his long hard member. His head rolled back and he howled out of animal lust.

Felicity was groaning and moaning with every penetration of his organ into hers, he filled her body with his passionate lust. No wonder her mother had been so eager to give up everything in her life to be with this beast she thought trying to prolong the feeling of completion and fulfillment for as long as possible. His every deep movement causing more and more tremors of pleasure to traverse her spine, She groaned happily as he thrust himself into her again and again. Letting loose a scream of purest pleasure she shuddered beneath his body.The climax took her and he entire body seemed to explode with contentment. Trembling she attempted to think coherently but his assault of her cunt with his relentless pushing had robbed her of her grip on reality.

He managed to thrust for a few more strokes. Growling loudly he felt his muscles tighten, his balls rise up as they poured their seed into his dick. Spasming in her his member released its payload of thick white juice. Panting heavily he removed himself from her body, dropping her legs softly back down to the floor. He attempted to compose himself. A mixture of their juices slid down her legs in the aftermath of their lust. Shaking his head his urges sated he turned and left her leaving via the screen door he returned to his woodland home.

Felicity smiled as he watched him leave, Her mother was right, it was the werewolves way to just screw their mates and then return to normal life. Idly she let the thought of asking her mother to bite her when she turned enter her mind. But then dismissed it just as quickly. She had worked hard her entire life to be where she was now. Perhaps when she was older and had accomplished her life's goals she would entertain that idea again. Felicity went upstairs to bathe in the cool warm water the shower provided.

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