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Full Service Doctors Visit


I'm still a young man and someday want to have children, someday. At this point in my career working for the government though I have to deal from time to time with certain energetic and unpleasant materials. When you work for the NRC it comes with the territory. So maybe it was time for me to see a specialist and get my boys checked out to make sure I hadn't done any permanent damage something that would be good to know for that day when I want to settle down.

So at my next routine physical I asked the doc for a referral to get checked out. By the way I have a hot milf for my primary care physician. She is not an outright tease but is very flirty. This is probably why I see the doctor on a far more regular basis then some of my friends.

At the end of the physical she came back in with my paperwork and a referral slip for the urologist she was sending me to. I usually didn't bother to look into the specialist she recommended as she had never steered me wrong. So I didn't even give the card a glance. My eyes were instead taking in peeks of her legs through the side slit in her skirt and her cleavage as she made the last few notes on her hand held digital pad.

"Okay Mr. Lason I think we're all set. I've scheduled an appointment with Dr Krane's practices for you to give a sperm sample. Make sure to call and reschedule if the time doesn't work for you. I'm sure they'll treat you well. Also see the receptionist on your way out to schedule your next routine visit."

"Don't worry doc I'll be seeing you gain in a couple of months (or sooner if I could find a reason)"

"I bet you will" and with a wink she was off to her next patient her tight little ass waving good bye.

Three weeks passed and here I was at 9 am on a Tuesday to see a Dr Krane at the Urologists practice closely associated with my primary care physician. It was a nice enough office in a quiet business/medical park. I didn't have to wait long and after some paperwork I was sitting down with the doc.

Dr Krane was a busy guy but a nice guy the kind that put you at easy. He better be considering his work could be well touchy at times. He did a routine examination. We discussed my work and my concerns. He seemed fairly certain there was nothing to worry about.

"I'll send one of my physician's assistant in to take care of the rest form here. We'll collect a sperm sample from you and have you on your way, no worries. The results will be back in a few weeks and then you'll have one less thing to worry about."

After he left I started wondering about the sample part. Off to a room to jerk off into a cup. I hope they had some good porn. Hopefully something up to date or maybe some good dvd's.

As my mind was wandering there came a soft knock at the door. Every doctor's office I've ever been to they knock before they come in.

Now I got to say if the porn I was going to jerk off to wasn't any good then the young lady who walked in was going to be more than enough for me to think about. She could have just walked off the set of some of the best porn movies or playboy shoots out there straight into my exam room. I was blown away enough so that I didn't notice her lock the door behind her. She was around 5'4" tall and I drank in every inch form head to toe. She was wearing a nice set of dark red pumps which I thought was unusual for someone who had to be on her feet most of the day. A set of dark stocking with a tight pattern of black vertical stripes that were just a little darker than the stockings themselves and they were stockings. If I had any doubts they were dismissed as you could just see their lacy tops at the hem of her just a touch to short but oh so sleek skirt. As she was moving and turned a bit I saw more of her stocking tops via a slide slit in her skirt. That little bit of flesh was one hell of a tease and made my mouth water. That slit went up much farther than was appropriate in a professional setting, not that I cared, another inch and you would have been able to see the edge of her panties (that's if she was wearing any). From the side her lab coat hid the rest but it was open in the front and when she turned to face me the show continued.

She was wearing a somewhat tight white button top. By the looks of it to be worn under a professional jacket of some type but that would have been cumbersome with the lab coat. She didn't have it button up all the way or far enough for that matter and was showing a glorious amount of cleavages being held back by a lacy bra that was a low key cream color. Not dark enough that you would notice it if you were passing in a hurry but more than visible enough if you were this close trying hard not to stare at those tits while thinking of motor boating them. Being self conscious and not wanting to come off as a pig (or at least a total pig) I kept my gaze going north. Following the lovely lines of her neck to a plump set of red lips and a amazing face framed by shoulder cut auburn hair. Clearly she took care of herself and knew how to maximize her looks. I found myself wondering how those lips and face would look as you got her to come. I was three quarters of a way to a boner already. I should have worn more roomy pants. I'm pretty sure she had already noticed my developing erection since she had a little smirk on her face, to late to hide it now.

"Mr. Larson, we are going to need a sperm sample form you for the routine battery of test the doctor ordered. You don't need to fill the cup but a reasonable amount is needed."

"Are there any magazines or is there a room where I'm supposed to go to masturbate?"

"No, I'll take care of getting the sample from you myself. We find we get better quality specimens this way."

I wasn't sure if I heard her right. Maybe I was still daydreaming about playing with her tits or I had fallen and hit my head.

"I'm sorry I must have misheard you, you'll acquire the sample?"

"Yes and don't worry this is office procedure. Now if you would please lower your pants and underwear so I can have unobstructed access."

What the hell who am I to argue. So I got to work getting my pants down. As I was getting my now hard cock free she was putting on a set of medical gloves and prepping the specimen jar.

"You don't have any Latex allergies do you Mr. Lason?"

"Not that I know off."

"Good then if you would take a seat on the edge of the exam bench and spread you legs a little for me?"

Once I sat down she pulled up a low stool and sat down in front of me with my dick at chest level for her. Form my vantage point I had a great view of her tits as they gently bounced with her motions. I so wanted to stick my dick in between those lovely mounds of hers and tit fuck her for a bit but she was the one driving this boat and I wasn't going to screw up a good thing.

I also had a better look at the tops of her stocking and those inviting thighs as her skirt had ridden up when she sat down.

I was standing at attention for her and she looked up and me with a smile and gave me a teasing little wink then set straight to work, the foreplay was over. She had made sure to position the specimen jar on a small pull out ledge in advance and now had both hand free to work. She started expertly squeezing and working my shaft with one hand and used the other to play with my balls alternating between a gentle massage and teasing with the tips of her finger nails. I was in heaven but was fighting her a bit wanting to make this last as long as I could. Honestly though she knew what she was doing and was determined so there was little chance of me holding out for as long as I would have liked. When it became clear to her that I wasn't just going to quickly pop like some high school virgin in the back seat of his dads car she stepped up her game. She stopped playing with my balls and worked her hand teasingly back towards my asshole. That coupled with her bringing her head in close into my lap and making sweet inviting O's with her mouth as she gently blew on my cock was it and she milked me till she got the sample quantity she needed. That done she was all business. She was up taking care of paperwork and preparing the specimen jar for processing.

That was all well and good but I still had a bit more to give and she left a little bit of a mess. I had to make a play before she got her paperwork together and took off.

"Excuse me I know you have the specimen you need but I'm not quite done and you did leave a little bit of a mess. Any chance you could finish me off or clean me off?"

She put down what she was working on and gave me a look. It wasn't exactly a happy look more like somewhat annoyed but you could tell she was thinking about it. After a few long moments of tense silence with my hard cock just hanging out in space waiting for something to happen she sighed and came over to me. She got back into her previous position sitting on the stool in front of me and started to gently play with my balls and dick with her hands. After of few moments of this she leaned in and without any foreplay or warning really she put her lovely lips around my cock and slid me into her mouth. She clearly didn't want to spend much time on me. In a matter of moment she was working on my dick for all it was worth. Clearly she knew what she was doing. Watching her head bobbing in my lap was a dream come true. It wasn't long before I blew the last of my load. She swallowed it then cleaned me off. When she was done she looked up at me and gave me a little smile. Clearly she was satisfied with the work she had done and I was clearly satisfied.

"Make sure to drop your paperwork off at the receptionist on your way out."

Without any other comments or chat she got up went over to the sink and washed her hand then collected her things and the specimen and left, just like that.

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