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Fun & Games with Mistress


The girl behind the counter is looking at me strangely. Partly because my order is so strange: a dozen roses, eight red and four black. Partly because my excitement is palpable, and apparently visible by the bulge in the front of my pants. I'm playing it cool but it's hard to contain my excitement for what is coming.

The phone call came just after noon. It was Her, my Mistress. She was brief and to the point. I was to come straight over after work to Her house, the door would be open. I wasn't to say a word but enter, strip and assume the position in the center of the living room and wait for Her to arrive. Her voice was so sexy, as usual, but it also had a hint of amusement... playful sexiness... in it this time. I didn't know what She had in mind for me but I knew it was going to be good. She gave me the instructions and asked me if I understood.

I replied with a smile, "Yes Miss E. I understand."

"Very good." She said and hung up.

My heart has been racing ever since.

I paid the girl at the florist, took the flowers, smiled a little as she glanced down at my crotch and then practically ran to the car. I'm very surprised I didn't get pulled over as I motored across town. I approach the door, take a deep breath and try the doorknob. Of course it's open, just as She said it would be. She's nowhere in sight but I expected that. I close the door behind me, make my way to the living room and proceed to take off my clothes. I fold each item neatly and place them in a stack in the corner of the room out of the way. Now completely nude, I take the flowers and kneel down in the middle of the floor, bending down with my arms out in front of me holding the flowers out before me. I wait. I feel the carpet on my knees, my shins, my forearms as I kneel there not moving. I smell the scents of the room. My head is down so I can't see anything but I hear the footsteps in the hall long before She enters the room. My heart skips a beat as I hear Her enter the room. She walks toward me slowly, circling me, looking at me. I glance sideways at Her feet as She passes and catch a glimpse of black leather boots and the end of a riding crop. I feel the business end of it trace the curve of my ass and back as She strolls around me and comes to stand in front of me.

"Hello little one", She says, "... are these for me?"

"Yes Miss E" I say, still looking down, and raise the flowers up toward Her. She bends down and takes them. I can tell She is smiling as She asks me,

"And what are the black ones for little one?"

"Like You Miss E..." I say, "the roses are beautiful, even the dark ones inside. I hope You like them"

"Mmmm... thank you pet." She says.

I hear Her place them on the side table and return to stand in front of me.

"Sit up little one, let me take a look at you." She says to me.

I rise up and sit on my heels, kneeling and catching my first glimpse of Her. At first I only see Her sexy boots and thigh highs but She reaches down and grabs my chin, lifiting my face to look into my eyes. As my eyes make their way up, I see Her entire body. She is ravishing in Her black outfit... a sheer robe covering satin and lace panties, a corset that accentuates Her beautiful, ample cleavage and in Her hand is the riding crop, which She now has against the side of my face as She raises my face to look into Her eyes. Miss E's eyes... they are full of love and mischief, and intelligence, and wisdom, and a touch of darkness that makes Her so incredibly sexy. I look deeply into those eyes as She holds my chin and runs the crop along my neck and shoulder. She smiles at me. She reaches Her hand down and caresses my chest. She walks around me, caressing my shoulder and then as She stands behind me, She runs Her hand up into my hair, feeling my head. Her touch feels so good.

Suddenly, She grabs a handful of hair and firmly pulls my head backward, leaning over me until all I see is Her upside down face and Her creamy cleavage just centimeteres from my face.

"Very nice pet... you have done well so far... are you ready to please me, do whatever I say, submit completely to Me?"

"Yes Miss E, i am" I say a little strained because of my position but wholeheartedly.

"Good..." She says, "Crawl over to that couch and bend over it."

I do exactly as She says and end up face down on the seat of the couch, kneeling on the floor with my ass sticking out before Her. She walks to stand beside me and bends over, caressing my ass with Her hand. She squeezes my ass, kneading it, rubbing it for a moment. I try not to moan but Her hand feels so good on my ass. Then I hear a swish moments before Her crop smacks loudly onto my buttocks. The pain is quick and searing and I let out a yelp. I knew it was coming but it still surprises me. I reflexively jump a little at the sting of Her crop and I hear Her tut a little. She tells me to hold still or She will become upset with me. I bite my lower lip and tense my muscles, determined to not move away again. Her hand caresses my reddened ass cheeks for a moment and then She stands back up and delivers several whacks in a row. Thwack! Whack! Swish-ack! Thwack! Covering my cheeks expertly with each successive blow and turning them completely red. My ass feels very hot and it throbs now but I'm also getting turned on by this.

"Mmmmm... you have such a sweet little ass my pet. It looks so good all cherry red like that. I'm all excited now. Sit up now and take off my panties."

I do as She says, gently pulling Her panties down and hold them as She steps out of them. Then She sits down on the couch in front of me spreading Her legs, exposing Her luscious, very well groomed pussy to me.

"Eat me my pet... and do a good job"

I smile a little at this and bend down between Her legs, gently licking Her labia, thrusting my tongue between them, tasting Her sweet juices, drinking in Her lusty aroma. I'm in heaven! I lick up and down Her pussy feeling every conture with my tongue. I circle Her opening and push my tongue as deep as it will go inside of Her a few times. She lets a moan escape Her lips at this. I then lick up the length of Her slit until I find Her engorged clit and concentrate my energies on it. Flicking it, licking around it, sucking it into my mouth. She moans again louder this time. Her hips begin to gyrate as I suck on Her clit. Her legs lift up and wrap around me, Her feet resting on my back as I bury my face in Her pussy and lick with growing passion and intensity. Miss E grabs my head and pulls it toward Her as She begins to convulse with Her first orgasm. I continue to lick and suck Her as She ravishes my head, forcing it harder and harder into Her spasming pussy. She's crying out and moaning loudly now and I can tell She is enjoying my efforts... which pleases me very much. After several minutes of this, She begins to come down and pushes my face away from Her pussy, forcing me to stop.

"Mmmmmm... very good my pet. You're a talented pussy licker! Now we'll have some real fun!"

I smile at Her, pleased that She is happy... but I have no idea what's coming next... which intrigues me.

She gets up off the couch and moves over to the cabinet in the corner, opens it, retrieves a leather bag and comes back over to me at the couch. without saying a word, She reaches into the bag, pulls out a length of rope. She takes the end of it and runs it seductively over my back, my ass cheeks, my legs, my face. She teases me with it for awhile toying with me, playing iwth me. Then She tells me to put my hands behind my back. She ties my hands together tightly and proceeds to wrap the cord around my arms, immobilizing them completely. I'm still bent over the couch on my knees and She instructs me to get up off of the floor and move onto the couch, in the same position, so She can reach me better. With a little difficulty I manage to get to my feet and climb onto the couch. My knees on the seat cushions and my head resting on the back of the couch, I feel like Her prize, wrapped and ready for display on Her shelf.

I can hear Her rummaging in Her bag again but from my position, I can't see what She is doing. I hear Her move behind me and then I feel Her hand on my ass. She caresses and squeezes my cheeks once again, rubbing in circles and kneading my glut muscles. I can tell She is bending over me slightly because when She asks me if I like how that feels, Her head is close to mine.

I moan and tell Her, "Yes Miss E... i love how You touch me!"

"Good!... Do you like this pet?" She says as She reaches down between my legs and wraps Her hand around my rock hard cock and strokes it a few times.

I moan louder and say "Oh yes Miss E!"

"Well let's see if you like this then." She says as She lets go of me for a moment.

I can hear Her pick something up and then after another moment Her one hand spreads my ass cheek a little while Her other hand starts to circle my pucker with what is obviously generous amounts of lube. She works Her forefinger inside of me, wiggling it back and forth, loosening my hole and pushing it deeper inside me. A moan escapes my lips once again as She works on my ass with Her finger. Then I feel another of Her fingers push inside of me followed quickly by a third. I try to relax as She works Her fingers in and out of me, squirming and thrusting back and forth. She shifts Her position behind me once again and to my surprise, I feel something hard and cold slide inbetween my legs next to my cock. Miss E is still working on my ass with Her fingers, thrusting in and out of my hole, stretching it wider, preparing it for the strap-on dildo I didn't realize She had put on. This realization stuns me for a moment but then almost immediately causes my heart to race a little faster with anticipation. She removes Her fingers from my ass and reaches down to grab Her rubber cock. She slides it up my crack, letting me feel it's length along my crevice. I can feel it is one of Her big ones. She fucks my crack slowly and deliberately for a few moments, teasing me and lubing Her dick at the same time.

"Do you want this pet?" She asks me. "Do you want to feel my cock inside of you?"

"Yes Miss E" I reply.

"Tell me pet... tell me what you want." She demands.

"I want to feel Your cock inside me Miss E."

"Beg me little one. Beg me to fuck you ass with this cock." She orders me.

"Please Miss E! Please fuck my ass with Your cock! Please shove Your big fat cock deep inside my ass and fuck me with it! Fuck me hard Miss E! Please fuck my ass with Your cock!"

"Mmmmmm... " She says, "I love to hear you beg for it little one!"

And the whole time She is rubbing the head of Her strap-on up and down over my hole, lubing it up and teasing me with it. Suddenly, as I continue to beg Her to fuck me, She lines it up with my opening and starts to push forward. Slowly the head begins to push into me, stretching my asshole as it penetrates. It hurts... a lot at first. I gasp as Her dildo head pops into me causing sharp pains to emanate from my overstretched sphincter. She hesitates momentarily, to let me adjust to the size of the phallus inside me but then begins to move it back and forth inside of me. Each stroke is a little longer delving deeper into my stretched ass. The pain becomes an ache and then slowly begins to disappear altogether turning into the incredibly pleasurable sensations of Miss E's big rubber cock fucking my ass. She thrusts deeper and harder with each stroke until finally She hilts Her rubber sword in my backside and I feel Her thighs against mine and Her hips push into my cheeks.

"Mmmmm... that's a good boy! You took all of my big fat cock. And now I'm going to fuck you good with it!", exclaims Miss E.

"Oh yeah." I say under my breath, anticipating my own ecstasy.

Smack! Her hand comes down hard on my ass cheek as She thrusts in even deeper.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you. Speak up or don't speak at all my little ass slut!", She says with authority.

"Oh yes!", I cry, "Please fuck my ass with Your big fat cock my Mistress! Please fuck my ass! Fuck me hard!!"

She pulls Her stap-on out until just the head remains inside my now accomodating asshole, hesitates for just a moment and then slams Her cock into me as hard as She can. I gasp at the force of Her thrust and the feeling of Her head bottoming out in my backside. She pulls out again, grabs my hips with Her hands and slams it into me with even more force. She continues this developing a steady rhythm of long hard strokes, fucking my ass deeply, forcefully, steadily. Every-so-often slapping me hard on the ass and telling me how much She likes fucking me. She calls me Her little "ass whore", "fuck slut", "pussy boy"... and I love it! I cry out and moan continuosly telling Her how much I love it, how I want to fuck my "ass pussy" harder, how I never want Her to stop.

She reaches down between my legs as She fucks me and grabs my cock and strokes it in tune with each pump of Her strap-on. She knows I am close to cumming and She wants to see it.

"Cum slut! Cum now Dammit!" She cries.

I am more than willing to accomodate Her! I almost immediately begin to spew rope after rope of hot jism on the seat below me. I cry out as my orgasm overcomes me. The rubber cock pistoning in and out of my ass seems to grow even fatter as my ass reflexively clamps down on it as wave after wave of intense pleasure courses through my body. And Miss E continues to pound away at my ass making the sensation even that more intense. The head of Her cock stimulating me from the inside has given me the most intense, longest, most pleasurable orgasm I've ever had in my life. I'm still cumming!

At last the feelings start to ebb. My ass relaxes and opens up again to accept Her pounding cock more comfortably once again. Still She pumps my cock along with Her own massive dildo into me but the pace slows as She realizes I'm spent from almost blissing out on that incredible orgasm She's given me. She slows almost to a crawl and releases my shaft, yet still moving that cock inside me ever so slightly.

Finally She pulls Her strap-on out of my puckered ass with a slurping pop sound and leans over, bracing Herself by putting Her hand upon my bound hands on my back, and whispers in my ear, "That was wonderful my little dildo slut! You make me want to fuck you over and over again... but now it's my turn."

She stands back up and begins to untie my arms and hands. When She has the rope off, She instructs me to lie down on the floor face up. She grabs my hands and ties them in front of me this time but then pulls them up over my head and ties the remainder of the rope around the front leg of the couch. I am firmly tethered to the furniture now and my body is at Her whim. She stands back up, removes the strap-on dildo and then comes over to stand over me.

"You did such a good job licking My pussy I want You to do it again.", She says.

She straddles my head, facing my chest and lowers Herself down onto my face. I meet Her descending pussy with my tongue and discover just how turned on She is from our activities so far. Her pussy is practically dripping with Her juices and my tongue encounters a very well lubricated slit. I lap at Her warm, pulsating pussy, sticking my tongue deep inside Her hole and circling Her tit intermittently. She begins to moan and gyrate on my head pushing further and further down onto my face. She reaches down to my spent cock and starts to rub it with Her hands. The combination of me licking Her pussy and Her rubbing my cock begins to take affect making my shaft begin to stir and grow once again. After a few minutes, it is completely rigid again and She is sopping wet, juices flowing all over my face. She gets up off my face and turns around lowering Her body down to my waiting cock. Since I'm unable to be any help in my position, She grabs my cock and lines it up with Her opening, guiding it as She lowers Herself onto my shaft. The feeling is phenomenal! Her pussy is so warm and tight and wet I can feel Her muscles tensing and rippling around my length as She engulfs my cock. She moans as She feels my cock fill Her up, throbbing inside Her. She pulls Herself back up off of my cock but just before She lets the head come out, She thrusts Herself back down, impaling Herself once again on my pulsing rod. I gasp at Her forceful thrust and lift my torso up to meet Her by flexing my buttocks. She rests Her hands on my chest digging Her nails in a bit (causing me to wince a bit) and then begins a slow steady rhythm of bobbing up and down on my cock. Her pussy is so talented it almost feels as if She is milking my cock with movement. I'm matching Her downstrokes with my own trying to delve ever deeper into that eden She calls Her pussy. The pace quickens as She gets more excited and She begins to thrust harder down upon my cock.

She is moaning loudly now and fucking me with lustful passion. I am enjoying watching Her as She fucks me. The look of lust on Her face. Her bosom bouncing enticingly within Her corset. I want so badly for Her tits to come out of their confinement and for Her to offer them to me. I want to suck Her nipples into my mouth one by one and run my tongue around them as She bounces upon my cock. She must see me staring at them (or She is psychic) because She reaches up and draws Her left breast out over the material and leans forward placing it directly in front of my face.

"You want this don't you pet... you want to suck on my tit don't you." says Miss E.

"Yes Mistress...", I pant, "I do!"

She smiles at this. She knows what a fetish I have for breasts... especially such large, shapely, luscious breasts as Miss E's. And I know how much She loves to have Her nipples sucked while She's fucking. It sends waves of pleasure straight to Her clit as if there is a direct line between the two. She lowers Her tit down to my mouth and, using Her hand, guides it straight into my waiting mouth. I lift my head to meet it and suck as much of Her gorgeous breast into my mouth, licking and sucking on it with wild passion. It's hard to keep the suction because She is bouncing up and down so hard and it draws Her nipple away from me with each downstroke but I persevere, sucking and bobbing my head along with Her. She lets out another loud moan and smashes Her tit down into my face as She fucks me even harder.

I can tell She is close to cumming. Her pace quickens, slamming my cock into Her pussy with a furious, animal intensity. She lets out a scream and I feel Her pussy walls clench tightly around my cock. Her cum is gushing out around the base of my cock running down my shaft and balls drenching me. She is thrashing around so violently on top of me I lose hold on Her tit but She doesn't even seem to notice. Her fingers dig even deeper into my chest as She continues to fuck me. Her orgasm is so intense and Her pussy is gripping my cock so tightly inside Her that my own orgasm becomes imminent. My ass clenches along with most of the muscles in my body and I literally explode inside of Her, filling Her already soaked pussy with my hot cum. Wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure washes over me. I can't believe how intense and overwhelming it is. I have never cum so hard in my life!

Her orgasm begins to ebb at the same time mine does and the fucking slows to a reflexive pump, like our bodies want to stop but just don't know how anymore. She collapses on top of my chest, still moving slowly on my cock buried so deep in Her still, panting with spent happiness. She looks into my eyes and smiles.

"That was great little one! I so enjoy fucking you. You are such a good little fucktoy."

"Thank You Miss E! Thank You very much! I am so happy You enjoy me so much."

She smiles at me again and says, "We'll rest for awhile now... but I'm not done with you yet little one. We'll see what kind of fun I can think up for You later. We've got all weekend and You're mine!"

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