tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFun in the Park

Fun in the Park


Disclaimer: This story is a work of pure fiction and was written at the request of many readers it does not reflect the writers preferences or desires nor does it condone domestic abuse either physical or sexual and was created solely for people with a domination fetish.


It had been a long day. Rubbing her neck Trisha leaned back in her chair looking around. Night had fallen and it was later then she had expected it to be which, given the level of concentration that her job required, was not an unusual experience. Though she detested walking home in the dark, it wasn't that the part of town she worked in was unsafe, quite the opposite in fact, the worst crime that occurred in the quaint little college town was a few of the local frat members getting a little too wasted and partying a little too loud, it was just that she had been watching far to much news lately and hearing about so many crimes, even when they were far away, tended to have a detracting effect on the nerves, the long path home didn't help matters any and was ample reason for anyone to be jumpy.

Tall for a woman, topping out at just under 5'6", Trisha had the long lean frame of someone who won the genetic lottery a slim figure which required little work but with curves in just the right places. This was not to say that she didn't exercise, though she detested the gym with all the creepy guys eyeing her, she just preferred to get her exercise in more entertaining ways... such as hiking and such...

"Well I suppose I should wrap this up and go." She muttered to herself

She sighed loudly, getting up she shut down the equipment she had been using. She had been working in the lab as a tech for a little over a year while she worked on her masters thesis, she was only a hairs breadth away from completion, and though it wasn't the most enjoyable work in the world the sizeable pay check was all the encouragement she needed with the quickly growing mountain of paper work which graduate school created.

"Good night miss Holiday." Said a voice from behind her

Gus the pudgy but friendly security guard that the university provided for the protection of their advanced research department had been coming around to do his rounds, and nearly giving her a heart attack in the process.

"Oh! You nearly scared me to death Gus!" laughed Trisha nervously "Good night."

Quickly closing and locking the door to the lab behind her, Trisha pulled on the skimpy sweat shirt she had brought with her. While it hadn't been all that cold out the last few nights, something which considering that it was late fall, was unusual in this part of the country. She worried that the thin cloth of the sweat shirt wouldn't be enough, since lab assistants weren't required to wear professional clothing she hadn't worn anything more then a tank top and jeans under her lab coat that day and even with the conjunction of the sweat shirt it was likely to be insufficient if the air was cold.

She stepped out of the building into the chilly night air, cursing silently under her breath as her fears were confirmed, she could feel her body react to the cold and saw her nipples poke out through the scant layers of clothing insulating her from the cold. She set off at a brisk pace deciding to take the short cut through the park, something she wouldn't normally have done since it deviated from the well lit path, but it shaved almost ten minutes off her trip home.

She walked quickly down the long path which twisted its way between rows of what she was sure in the daylight would be well trimmed hedges but which under the dim light of the moon, which was all but shut out by the trees overhead, were merely shapeless blobs looming out of the darkness before her and then receding again once she had passed. She could feel her heart beating faster as she hurried along the bath and her breath fogged out in front of her in the chill air.

Her head jerked around as a quick snap heralded movement off to one side and she quickened her pace. Trying to tell herself that the sound had simply been an animal moving off in the park stopped short as she came around a corner, standing before her illuminated in the pale light of the moon, which was directly over his shoulder, the enormous silhouette of a man stood in a narrow part of the path the high hedges blocking the way to either side of him.

"Excuse me?" Trisha said nervously while trying to edge around him

"Do you have the time?" The stranger asked

Trisha was startled by how deep and powerful the stranger's voice sounded and as she got closer she thought she could make out the defined muscles in his arms and hands.

"No, sorry I don't have a watch with me." She answered

She cursed herself for the way her voice was shaking and gave a sigh of relief when the man stepped to one side making enough room for her to move past him through the narrow gap in the hedges.

She hadn't made it more then a step past him however when she felt a powerful arm snake around her neck almost lifting her off the ground while the other pulled her body against his. She could feel the rough scratchy stubble on his chin brushing across her cheek as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, and felt his erection pressing between the cheeks of her ass as she struggled against his grip.

"Then you will have to help me some other way..." he whispered menacingly the erection pressing against her leaving no doubt what he had in mind.

Trisha inhaled deeply intending to scream for help but either he had the ability to read minds or he could feel her deep breath from the way their bodies were pinned together, either way his arm tightened cutting off her scream before she had a chance to utter a sound.

"None of that now!" he hissed in her ear "Do what I say and I wont hurt you!"

She struggled vainly against him as he pulled her off the path and through the trees but she was no match for him and he carried her through the trees as easily as she would have carried a child.

They moved a few hundred feet through the thick foliage before reaching a clearing. She hit the ground with a loud grunt as the air was knocked out of her. Seizing her chance she scrambled up trying to escape but was quickly captured again as he skillfully wrestled her to the ground, pinning her effortlessly under his weight. She could hear him rustling around in a bag she hadn't noticed before which was slung over his shoulder.

"Please! What are you going to do to me?" she asked trying to stall for time, hoping someone would hear them and save her before things went any further.

He laughed and continued

Pulling a loop of rope and a roll of duck tape out of his bag he deftly secured her arms behind her back leaving her help less to his desires. He picked her up easily and pinned her against a nearby tree, grinding up against her.

She noticed several things at once, the sharply defined muscles in his arms as he pressed his hand over her mouth to stop her from giving away their location, his rock hard erection pressing against the skimpy covering over her crotch and that one of his hands was working its way up under her shirt sending chills down her back as it brushed against her bare skin.

She renewed her struggles but was unable to keep his hand from slipping under her bra and roughly palming her breast, rubbing her nipple between thumb and fore finger. He rubbed up against her again grinding his erection back and forth over her crotch the thin layer of cloth doing little to defend her moistening pussy.

She tried to hit him, to defend herself and her virtue but because of the angle and the way he had her pinned against the tree the majority of her blows landed futilely upon his back gaining her barely more then a mocking laugh for her efforts.

He gathered her hair into a pony tail which he used to keep a firm grip on her head while he forced her to her knees. Undoing the front of his pants with a look that clearly communicated the consequences if she tried anything stupid he freed his cock from the confines of his boxers and it sprung forth standing horizontal to his body in the chill air.

Trisha had only a moment to examine the massive member in the pale light before it was forced between her unwilling lips. She gagged slightly as his cock hit the back of her throat before he slid it most of the way back out again. Over and over he thrust into her reluctant mouth, one hand in her hair providing encouragement if she took to long to comply while the other pawed at her breast rubbing it through the layers of clothing which were, for the moment at least, still intact. Besides the feelings of shame and disgust which flooded her mind she felt something else deep down in the back, she felt herself becoming aroused.

With one powerful hand he ripped the front of her shirt and bra open in one motion, her breasts spilling into the chill night air, her nipples perking up instantly, a combination of the chill fall air and her growing arousal, she could feel the moisture in her pussy building and struggled knowing that if he touched her down there he would know her guilty secret, that this was turning her on.

He pushed her down on the ground pinning her again under his weight, he forced her face to meet his, their lips pressing together in an unwilling kiss, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She considered the thought of biting it off but was wary of what he would do if she did, she fought desperately, trying to free herself from his body and his embrace before things went any further but no matter how hard she fought she was no match for his strength and he easily over powered her, forcing her to submit to his will.

His mouth moved down her body his tongue trailing down the side of her neck; he captured one of her nipples in his mouth. Pinning the sensitive nub gently between his front teeth he flicked his tongue quickly back and forth over it eliciting a groan despite her best efforts to repress it. One of his hands slipped down her pants, pushing her panties out of the way as his finger forced its way inside of her. She writhed as his fingers slid in and out of her.

She fought against the sensations which were assailing her senses but it was a loosing battle and she could feel her body responding to his touch no matter what her mind wanted. Her back arched and she groaned loudly ignoring his mocking laugh at her reaction.

His powerful hands removed her pants and panties in one quick motion, tossing them into a pile a few feet away and leaving her effectively bare, with only the tattered remnants of her shirt and bra left to preserve her modesty. He picked up the roll of duct tape and snapping of a quick piece secured it over her mouth sealing away her cries and her moans.

He climbed back on top of her and she snapped her legs closed trying to forestall the inevitable violation but he forced his knee down between her legs and pried them apart. Her eyes widened at the sudden penetration as his thick cock slipped inside of her, trusting all the way in with one quick motion, she would have screamed or possible moaned if he hadn't replaced his hand over her mouth silencing her. Her pussy was so wet with her arousal already that he had little trouble forcing his cock inside of her.

With fluid powerful thrusts he slammed his cock inside of her causing her entire body to rock each time he slammed down and the muscles of her pussy grasped the thick intruder involuntarily each time it thrust in. His powerful arms pulled her body against his and she could feel the cold metal of his zipper pressing into the bare skin of her breast as he violated her. The hand in her hair jerked her hair back forcing her too look into his eyes as he slammed into her.

With each thrust she felt her body giving in just a little more to the unwanted intrusion and she fought hard against her growing orgasm as he mercilessly split apart her tight pussy with his enormous cock. Finely she couldn't stand it any more, giving in her whole body shaking as the powerful orgasm ragged through her body. She lay limply in his arms as struggling to get her breath back a fact complicated by the tape blocking her mouth, she had never had such a powerful orgasm from normal sex and he wasn't done yet. He leaned back and, grasping her ankles he pushed them back towards her shoulders levering her pelvis up, he pounded down into her like a jack hammer thrusting inside her as hard as he could.

It was too much for her to take and she groaned again as her second orgasm in just a few minutes roared through her, the muscles of her pussy grasping his cock each time he thrust into her which proved to be the tipping point for him this time. He grunted loudly and collapsed on top of her, pulling her as tight against him as he could he thrust as deep inside her as was possible and dumped load after load of hot cum into her, she moaned into the tape covering her lips when she felt the hot cum splash inside her and her pussy shudder again in pleasure. She could feel his burning cum seeping out from between her legs.

He stood up, brushed off his pants and left her there, laying on the ground in her shredded clothing with his cum leaking out of her as he disappeared into the night.

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