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Fun in the Woods


It had been a long week at work, filled with frustrating drama and useless fighting among co-workers; I just couldn't wait to get to the weekend. Not to mention, I was going to be spending it with him in a cabin in the woods. This weekend was going to be our first weekend away together, and I was really looking forward to it!

The drive up to the cabin was long, yet peaceful, which helped me leave all my problems behind and start to fantasize about what the weekend would hold. I was already feeling more relaxed and was enjoying my fantasies about the weekend when I realized I was already there, the time had flown by!

I had been instructed to park my car behind the cabin, strip naked, and wait for him on the back porch. I had no luggage other then a change of clothes for the return trip home; I had been informed that I wouldn't need to bring a thing. I followed the instructions I had been given, found the chair he had told me about, and sat and waited for what would come next.

I was enjoying watching the nature around me, and hadn't noticed that he'd walked up behind me. I was shocked when my eyes were suddenly covered by a blindfold. I struggled against it at first, being taken off guard, but when I heard his voice say "Stop" it was all I needed to immediately calm myself and accept the blindfold. He had known that I had a bad week, so I wasn't that surprised when he started to rub my shoulders and ask how the drive up had been. We chatted for a while, his massage lulling me into a state of relaxation. I felt him pull my hair up into a ponytail so it was off my neck, I assumed it was so he'd have better access to massage my neck. However, I was very wrong. Instead I felt a new sensation; he was placing what I could only imagine to be a collar around my neck. I hadn't expected this, however was immensely proud he found me worthy of his collar. I tried to reach up to touch it, but he pushed my hands back to my lap and finished fastening it tight around my neck. It wasn't so tight I couldn't breathe; he knows that I wouldn't be able to tolerate that well with my claustrophobia and the thin mountain air. However, it was tight enough to be a constant reminder - this weekend I belonged to him completely. I hoped that I would still be worthy of his collar after the weekend was done.

He ordered me to my knees, reminding me that is the best position for a slut like me to be in. I smiled and raced to my knees, turning my body towards him. He then sat in the chair I was just in, and I felt him hook his finger into the ring of the collar. He drew me towards him, and then I felt his magic lips on mine, I could think of nothing else but this amazing man in front of me and his amazing kiss. I felt my body come alive under his kiss, my blood pounding in my veins, and my cunt fill with juices. I moaned and arched into him, trying to get closer to him, needing to feel him possess me completely. I'm guessing that he read my body and knew that I was ready to completely be his submissive in every way because he broke our kiss. I heard him chuckle softly and say, "that's my slut". I felt something click into the collar, and I guessed that he had attached a leash to the collar. With a sudden tug at my neck, I knew I was right.

I was surprised when I felt him pull me into a standing position; I had expected to remain on my knees. He then led me down the steps and onto a dirt path, explaining why I was walking; my knees would be destroyed on the steps and dirt. We walked for a while, the whole time I wondered what he was planning, and part of me couldn't help but wonder if anyone could see me naked and leashed following behind this strong man, a thought that added to my excitement. It felt as if we were no longer on a trail, instead walking on soft grass as tall as my knees.

Without a word he stopped and tugged on the leash indicating I should stop as well. I felt myself being pushed over a wooden object, maybe a log? It was on a slight decline, which meant that my ass was higher then my back and head, it must be completely displayed in this position. As he pushed me forward gently, I had noticed that he'd pulled my tits to the side, so they hung down the sides of the log, instead of crushing them under my body. He sure did know how to restrain me and keep full access to his favorite parts! I felt him wrap my arms around the log and handcuff them underneath the log. I was now attached to the log and couldn't break free without sliding on the hard bark, not something I wanted to do. I then felt a strap wrap around my ribcage and pull tight, it took a minute to realize that with this he was completely securing me to the log, I couldn't lift up if I wanted to! I was in a strange location, naked, and strapped to a log, I was scared and excited at the same time. My cunt was so wet now that the insides of my thighs were also wet with my desire.

I was there for a while when I felt the familiar and welcome riding crop hit my ass. He spanked me several times, moving the crop around and getting all parts of my ass. He started off fairly gentle at first, warming up my ass. I am a large woman, so he had plenty of ass to play with. As he spanked me the blows got harder and I was starting to writhe under his administrations. He is so very good at knowing just how hard to go before I can't take anymore. He would take me to the point where my safe word would start to swim in the background of my thoughts, and as if he knew, he would then switch to running his large hands tenderly over my skin. I can only imagine that my bright white ass was now starting to turn pink.

Once I'd calmed some he changed the crop for his whip and repeated the process, driving me wild with desire for him. I wanted him to fuck me in the worst way! What he was doing was so good to me, I almost came a few times, and it took all my control to not give in to the magic release. I am very aware that I am only to cum with his permission, although he does like to test my will power in that regard.

I didn't feel anything for a few minutes and wondered where he'd gone. I knew he'd returned when I felt something cold and slimy press against my ass. I felt the pressure build as he inserted what I assumed was a very large butt plug. My ass is very tight, and it took him a while to work it in. It stretched my ass as far as I thought it could go, and then a little bit more. I cried out with the pain of it, but he held firm, and my ass eventually relaxed around it. When he was convinced it was firmly in he started whipping my ass again. This time he included my back, thighs, and cunt as well. He took his time, moving slowly around my body. I never knew where the whip would hit next, and was kept in a very high state of anticipation and arousal. He was very in tune with my body and kept me right at my limit.

When he stopped again I couldn't imagine what would be coming next. I gasped with pain/pleasure when I felt the nipple clamps applied to my large nipples. There must have been a weight on each of the clamps as I felt my large tits stretch towards the ground some. He then started smacking the bare white skin of my tits with his strong bare hand. I loved the sound of skin on skin, and how rough he was being with me. With a 44I bra size, I have plenty of tit for him to play with and he smacked all of them repeatedly. My tits bruise easily and I smiled with the knowledge that I'd have bruises to enjoy for the next few days, probably weeks. I jumped (as much as I can when strapped to a log) when I felt the riding crop now being used on my tits. The weights were swinging and pulling on my nipples with each smack. I didn't think I could take anymore, I was definitely at my pain threshold, but he kept pushing. Just when the safe word was at the tip of my tongue he stopped.

His large hands were now soothing my hot skin, his soft lips kissing the welts that were starting to rise. He did this for a while, and then moved his hard cock to my mouth, he smacked my face and mouth with his hard cock a few times, I wanted to wrap my lips around it so bad, yet he teased me with his cock slaps.

Holding the back of my head he then forced his very large, thick, and hard cock into my mouth, pushing it in until he hit the back of my throat. I have such a small mouth and usually can't take much of him in. This time he pushed harder then ever and I felt myself gag on him. Instead of pulling out he pushed on, keeping his hand firm on the back of my head so I had no choice but accept him into my throat. I was starting to have trouble breathing, just as I started to panic (can't say the safe word when mouth is filled with cock) he pulled out and I was able to take in a gulp of air. He gave me a minute to recover, and then thrust himself back in again. This time rougher and deeper, my throat was convulsing around him as I gagged on his sheer size. Again he stayed deep in my mouth to the point of panic, and then would pull out again. After a few repeats of this I started to relax and time my breathing with his thrusts. I still couldn't get all of him in, but he was deeper in my throat then ever before. He increased the pace, fucking my mouth harder and harder, until he released his precious cum down my throat. I eagerly sucked the tip of his cock afterwards to get every last drop of his precious gift.

He then moved behind me again, smacking my still hot ass with his bare hands, making sure to hit the butt plug in deeper as well. He then moved behind me and put his still hard cock deep into my wet cunt. He fucked me hard that way, driving me more into the log repeatedly, and stretching my cunt around his thick shaft.

I couldn't hold back anymore and begged him to allow me to cum. He made me beg repeatedly, to the point of desperation before giving me permission to cum. Once I had his permission I exploded around his massive cock, the orgasm racking my entire body repeatedly and for a long time. I felt like I was floating with pleasure, it was so intense and amazing. During my multiple orgasm I heard him grunt and moan with pleasure as he came again deep inside of me. I knew I'd served him well to have him cum twice in a row like that.

I felt him lay on top of me, crushing me into the log, and loved the feel of him on me. He eventually moved off of me, and released my bindings, but not my blindfold or butt plug. I felt him take a soft towel and clean up the sticky mess between my legs, before leading me back down the trail again towards the cabin. I was exhausted and needed his support to make it down the trail, relishing that he is more then strong enough to support me. I leaned into him, feeling content and secure. I couldn't wait to see what the rest of the weekend held with such an intense and perfect start!!

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