tagBDSMFun Times Ch. 01

Fun Times Ch. 01


Please let me know what you think of my story...and if you like it and the ideas in it and want to play online, e-mail me...

* * * * *

After graduating college and with nothing else to do, I decided to rent a room in a house owned by a family friend. Mrs. Jones lived by the ocean, so it would hopefully make for a relaxing summer.

I took the bus in to town, and then was able to walk to her street. I was pretty amazed to find that she lived in such a ritzy neighbourhood. All the houses were new and quite large. Shining cars were on almost every drive way. Carrying my duffle down the street, I soon found her house. It was a two story with a large front yard and large windows across the front. I walked up her front walkway and knocked and rang the doorbell.

I'd never actually met Mrs. Jones, and so my jaw dropped when she opened the door. She was about 35 with wavy brown hair. She was wearing a tight, black blazer that revealed the wispy black lace of her bra and some great cleavage. I smiled at her and knew that I was going to enjoy it here.

"Oh David! I didn't think you'd arrive until later this afternoon. As luck would have it, I'm just about to run out and do some errands. I'll show you around first, though." She said, smiling at me through her red lipstick. I followed the clicking of her black stiletto heels as she pointed things out to me.

"There's the tv...use it whenever you want" It was a nice, new flat screen with a leather sectional sofa in front of it. "There's a few videos you might like as well" She said, winking at me before heading upstairs. I began to wonder what that meant, but was distracted as I watched her short skirt reveal the gartered tops of her stockings as she went ahead of me, feeling myself harden slightly.

"Your room is here, on the left" she said, opening a door. Inside was double bed, a desk, an a view of a backyard with a pool. "The bathroom's down the hall, and my room is the door just past it. Now, I've got to run, but I'll see you in a bit" she continued, waving goodbye to me as I set my duffle bag on the bed.

I decided that the best idea would be to take a shower now, so I got undressed and found some towels stacked neatly on the dresser. In the bathroom, I shaved and brushed my teeth before stepping into the shower, rubbing my cock in the warm water and thinking about how hot Mrs. Jones was. She really had a nice set of tits!

I was still thinking about them as I walked back to my room with the towel wrapped around my waist. Then, I happened to look down at the laundry basket sitting on the top of the stairs. Right on top was a pair of silky, white panties. Picking them up, I put them to my face and smelled her scent. Mmm. This started to get my really hard, so I went back into my room, holding the panties. I knew she probably wouldn't be home for a little bit, so I lay down on the bed naked and began to stroke myself with the smooth fabric, thinking of what Mrs. Jones looked like naked. I closed my eyes and let the panties slide up and down my hard cock, moaning slightly as I felt myself get closer to cumming.

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Jones said. I opened my eyes, and saw her leaning against the door frame to my room, watching me.

"uh...." I didn't have a reply.

"Is that my underwear?" She asked, walking over to me.

"It is...I'm really sorry...."

"Is this anyway for a houseguest to behave?"

"I'll make it up to you..." I stammered.

"And how are you going to do that?" she said, putting her hands on the footboard of the bed and leaning over. It gave me a great view of her rack, and I gave my cock a few more strokes.

"I'll...I'll..." I was so nervous and aroused.

"You'll what?" she said.

"I'll do anything you want"

"Oh?" she said, standing up straight and putting a long, manicured fingernail to her mouth. "I think I'll have some fun with you."

Then she crawled up onto the bed as I watched her, grabbing my hands and holding them up the headboard. "Hold still" She said, as she reached into the drawer beside the bed and pulled out a couple of pairs of hand cuffs. She put one on each of my wrists, then rubbed her tits against me as she slide down my body to do the same to my ankles. I was spread-eagled on the bed with the panties still on my hard dick.

Standing beside the bed, she began to unbutton her blazer.

"tsk, tsk, playing with my panties...you are a naughty boy" She said, making her lips go pouty. I nodded my head, watching as she dropped the jacket to the floor and revealed her huge tits, held up by a black, lacy bra. She kept looking at me as she unzipped the back of her skirt, bending over to pull it off. Standing up, I realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear, only a garter to hold up her thigh-highs. Her pussy was smooth and shaved. As I watched her, I wished I could have put a hand on my throbbing cock. Then she undid the front clasp of her bra and pulled it off, revealing her big, hard nipples. She smiled as I moaned, then came to lie on the bed next to me. Her stiletto heels knocked against the headboard as she propped herself up on one elbow, her face level with my cock.

"So you like my panties, do you?" She asked, wrapping one of her hands around my panty-covered and very hard dick.

"uh...yeah...I do" I said.

"well then...maybe you'll get to wear them someday then...." Now she was slowly stroking my dick with one hand and playing with her nipples with the other. All I could do was thrust my hips a bit. From my position, I had a perfect view of it, and her....

"oh you like looking at my pussy, do you?" Mrs. Jones said as she took her hand from her tits to rub herself. My handcuffs mixed with the sound of her heels against the headboard.

"Well maybe you'd like a closer look?" I nodded, and she squatted over my head, facing down to my feet and with a hand on my chest. Her womanly smell was overwhelming. I stuck my tongue out trying to taste it, to feel her wetness. She moaned and lowered herself onto my face so that I could lick her. With my cock throbbing, I lapped up and down Mrs. Jones' pussy, wanting nothing more than to please her. After a few minutes, I think I did as she began to moan, and started moving her hips up and down. Then finally, she clenched up and collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. I smiled, licking her juices from around my mouth.

"mmm very good David" she said to me, her face flushed. Then she reached out and grabbed my balls, pulling on them. "I bet you'd like to get off now, wouldn't you? To blow your little load in those silky panties?" I nodded at her again. "yes, mam."

"Well...you're going to have to be extra nice to me then, aren't you?" She said, pulling the panties off my dick and moving in close to give the tip a quick lick. I moaned.

"mmm yes I will, Mrs. Jones"

"And you'll be a nice little houseguest and do everything I say?" she was looking up at me as her tongue lightly licked my cock.

"Oh yes Mrs. Jones!" I called out, in absolute pleasure and dying to cum.

"Well....I'm not sure I believe you...." She was now just lightly stroking my cock with her fingernails.

"oooommmmm....I promise! I'll be a good houseguest...ooo!"

"Then there's someone I'd like you to meet...wait right here....not that you have any other choice!" she said, leaving the room with her round ass swaying. I heard her walk down the hall, her heels clicking on the floor, and pick up the phone, then talk for only a minute or two. A few moments later, I heard her talking down stairs with another female voice. I only hoped that it was me that was the reason for their excited voices. Soon they came up the stairs, Mrs. Jones tits bounced into the room, followed by a girl who looked to be about twenty. This new girl had her hair in a blonde ponytail and was wearing a tight white t-shirt, through which her hard nipples stuck out, and pair of pink hot pants.

"Candy, I'd like you to meet Dave. Dave, this is our neighbour Candy."

Candy giggled as she saw me, putting her hand to her mouth. She didn't seem the least bit fazed by the situation, though.

"hi" I said, my cock hardening anew as I looked at Candy's hot body.

"Dave, I was telling Candy about how you liked my panties, and we were wondering if maybe you could show us what you were doing earlier....I'll uncuff you, of course" Mrs. Jones said, tweaking one of her nipples.

"uh..okay" I replied. I didn't really see how I had a choice.

"oh goody!" Candy said in a girly voice. I saw that her hands were lifting her shirt so that she could touch her smooth, tanned stomach.

"hmm...maybe you should get him started while I find the keys for these things...." Mrs. Jones said, digging through drawers in the room.

"oh goody!" Candy said again as she walked over to me and grabbed my balls the way Mrs. Jones had earlier. "You look like you have a delicious cock!"

"I try—" started to say, but was interrupted as she immediately started sucking on it. I felt myself start to cum for the second time that day until we were interrupted.

"Here we go...that's enough, Candy" Mrs. Jones said, smacking her lightly on the ass. Candy sat on her knees at the end of the bed with a finger in her mouth, as my handcuffs were unlocked. I climbed off the bed, stretched, and rubbed my wrists. The two women were laying on the bed, draped over each other. Mrs. Jones tossed me the pair of panties.

"Begin when you're ready" She said. I couldn't argue with that, with these two fine ladies in front of me and my cock hard, I began stroking myself. I rubbed the panties up and down my cock, slowly at first, watching the two of them feel each other up. Candy leaned back against Mrs. Jones as she pulled up her white t-shirt, revealing a perfect set of round tits with pierced nipples. This got me going faster, and I felt myself close to cumming again when Mrs. Jones interrupted me.

"Dave" she said. "wouldn't you rather blow your load in Candy's panties?"

Candy nodded and began pulling off her pink hot pants as Mrs. Jones put a finger in her mouth.

Then she stripped off the black lace thong she was wearing, tossing it to me. I put it up to my face and smelled it, mmm. Then I put it over my cock and began stroking again, watching as Mrs. Jones finger fucked Candy, taking time to make sure they both got to suck the juices off her fingers.

Thinking about that hot young pussy that had been keeping that thong warm, I nearly came but was again interrupted by Mrs. Jones.

"mmmm Dave" she said, in the midst of having her nipples sucked by Candy. "Would you rather just cum all over Candy?" At this, Candy turned around, and lay on her back on the bed, nodding at me again.

"Sure" I said, climbing up onto the bed and straddling Candy around the stomach. With one hand, I stroked my cock and with the other, I rubbed her breast, occasionally pulling on the nipple and its piercing. She was staring right at me, licking her lips, and I think that that is what made me start cumming. I spilled hot jizz all over her face and tits, but as soon as I was finished, Mrs. Jones pushed me aside so that she could begin licking it off.

I lay back on the bed and worked myself up to another hard on as Candy moaned and squirmed while Mrs. Jones tongue sucked every last bit of cum off her body.

When she was finally clean, Mrs. Jones didn't waste a second before beginning to lick her pussy, now dripping. Candy was leaning back, rubbing her own tits, and nearly screaming as I saw Mrs. Jones tongue flicking in and out of her box. As I watched this, I kept jerking off. Then, with a final dramatic scream and lots of shuddering, Candy finally came. There was nothing I could do at the moment to stop myself from doing the same, and Mrs. Jones looked over with a smile on her face as my cock began spilling hot cum onto my hand.

I lay back, exhausted, and watched Candy lay on the bed, panting. A few minutes later, the two girls left, Mrs. Jones telling me that she'd see me for breakfast the next morning.

I slept well that night, dreaming of Candy.

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