tagBDSMFun Times Ch. 03

Fun Times Ch. 03


let me know if you like this story...and if you want to exchange e-mail fantasies, also let me know you know what i like ;)

I was sitting in the living room reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. It was Candy. She was wearing the same little pink shorts as the other day, but this time she had on a black t-shirt that had Sugar written on it in silver letters. Her hair was in pigtails.

"What's up?" I asked, looking down at her over my bare chest as she sucked on a finger.

"Aunt Patty told me I should see you." She said.

"Well, come in then." I told her. After our session the other day, Patricia had told me to expect a visit from Candy, and that I was expected to discipline her in a same way I had. It would be a test of how much I had learned.

I closed the door after she stepped in, knowing that Mrs. Jones was supposed to be out for most of the afternoon and that we would have no interruptions.

I sat down on the couch and patted my lap, getting her to sit down on it. I was sure she could feel the beginnings of my hard on as she put her arms around my shoulders. I could certainly feel her tit pressed against my chest.

"Now, why would Aunt Patty have you come and talk to me?" I asked, rubbing her back and looking into her eyes.

"Um, well….." She said, biting her lip and looking up at the ceiling. I smiled to myself, knowing that I was probably going to have a good time with her. "Well…she caught me looking at a dirty internet site on her computer….she didn't think it was appropriate" I looked down at her tits and used my free hand to squeeze one of her nipples.

"mmm well that's not very good is it…but I bet you enjoyed it, didn't you? ." I said.

"Well, yeah," she said, and held a hand to her mouth as she giggled.

"What site was it?" I asked.

"It was just one with pictures of really slutty girls…I sent one of me in a week ago and I wanted to see if they had posted it…" She told me, blushing a bit.

"Well! That's quite naughty of you. Did you want a bunch of guys seeing what a dirty girl you are, jerking off to your naked body?" She blushed again.

"mmmm….kind of." She said, quietly. I started to rub her tits, and could feel her breathing rate increase.

"Well, maybe Patricia thinks that if you are going to act like a slut online, you need to be treated like one around here …Is that it, Candy? You need to be treated like a little slut?" I asked as I bounced her a bit on my lap. She nodded her head at me, and I grinned at her.

"Well then, I think we should get started" I said. "Do you know what the first thing a naughty slut like you needs?" She shook her head at me as she sucked on her finger again.

"A spanking!" I said as I turned her over in my lap, her stomach now feeling my cock press through my jeans, her tits and head hanging over one leg and her ass slightly raised by the other. I started to slowly pull down her little pink shorts as I talked to her.

"But wearing that shirt isn't the first time you've been naughty, is it? In fact, you are naughty all the time, aren't you?" I heard her agree as she shook her head. Her ass was now exposed, and I took a few minutes to rub it as I talked to her. "Tell me you've been naughty before, Candy. Tell me you need a spanking"

"I'm a naughty girl….oh, god, please spank me!" She said, breathing heavily. I was letting my finger slide up and down her ass crack, stopping just to play with her holes a little bit. And then I started slapping her hard across the ass, feeling her whole body shake and slide across my hard cock. She was moaning loudly, and screaming each time I smacked her ass. I smiled to myself and went back to just softly rubbing her ass, kneading the soft flesh.

"How did that make you feel, Candy?" I asked her, my finger circling her ass hole.

"ooo….like a naughty…mmm…girl" she said, breathing heavily, and I let her slide onto the floor.

"Like one that needs more punishment?" I asked her, standing up. She nodded at me. I told her to take her shirt off, watching as her perfect tits came into view, the nipples both pierced and sticking out hard. Then, as she was kneeling on the floor, she reached up with one hand to grab for the bulge in my jeans.

"Not yet, you cock hungry slut!" I said as I slapped her hand away. This was going to be fun, I though. Then I made her climb up onto the dining room table. As I went to the closet to get out the box of toys, I told her to get onto all fours.

She almost did. When I returned, She was on her knees and leaning forward, but only using one hand to balance. I could see that her other hand was rubbing her pussy, and she was looking down at it. She looked up when she heard me come into the room and smiled. I shook my finger at her.

Oh no, not yet" I said, and pulled some rope out of the box. She quickly got into a position so that she was on her knees and elbows, and I quickly tied her limbs to the table like that.

"How does that feel?" I asked her as I walked around the table. She struggled a bit, then pouted at me.

"I can't move!" She said. I smiled her, and reached out to pinch the nipple on one of her hanging nipples. She gasped, and I pulled the piercing.

"Now, I am going to have some fun showing you what it is like to be a real slut, Candy…and I think you are going to enjoy it too, won't you?" I told her, letting go of the nipple. She closed her eyes and moaned, but that was all the answer I needed.

I walked around behind her and let the tip of my index finger teaser her pussy lightly. I just let it lightly stroke her lips. When she moaned loudly, I stopped, smiling at her. Her eyes told me she wanted a hard fucking, but I was going to make her really want it. I told her as much.

From the bag of toys I had brought, I pulled out a few vibrators. The first was a little one, silver metal. I held it up before her face.

"What's that for?" She asked me, struggling a bit against her ropes. I smiled at her as I began to smear a generous portion of clear lube onto it.

"You'll see" I told her, and walked around behind her.

At first I just used two of my fingers to rub her pussy, getting her into it. When I could hear her moaning a little bit, I slipped the slippery little vibe into her ass, making her moan even louder. It fit there perfectly, just a little silver disc showing.

"Do you like that, Candy? Having a little toy in your ass?" I asked her, rubbing her checks.

"OHHHH YES!" She screamed, thrusting her behind towards me, but still well restrained by the ropes on the table.

"Mmmm, good. And what do you want next?"

"I want your cock in my pussy!" She yelled out. I responded by slapping her ass hard with my hand.

"Not yet, you dirty slut." I told her, and I pulled out from the box a little remote control, about the size a TV remote. "Do you know what this is?" I asked her. There were a number of buttons and dials on it. She shook her head, and I smiled at her as I pushed one of the buttons.

She began whimpering as I knew that the little vibe in her ass had just been activated and was vibrating at its lowest setting.

I saw how she was biting her lip with her eyes closed, and turned off the vibe. She began gasping.

While she was catching her breath, I pulled out another silver vibrator from the box of toys. This one was a bit bigger and thicker, about ten inches long. Candy smiled when she saw it.

"You like this, don't you?" I asked her. She nodded. "Well then," I said. "Why don't we see how it fits in your mouth?" And I held it out to her. At first, while looking up at me, she licked the tip. Then I slide it into her mouth, and she bobbed up and down on it, swallowing it all the way up to wear my hand was. The entire time, she didn't take her eyes off of me, even when I pulled it out and she licked her lips. Then, without saying anything I took out the tube of lube and squeezed almost half of it into the palm of my hand so that it was leaking through my fingers, then I started sliding that hand up and down the vibrator, covering it with clear goo. Candy licked her lips.

"I bet you wish this was my hot cum and that you could lick it off my big cock and swallow it, don't you?" I asked her, still sliding my hand up and down. She nodded her head up and down, biting her lip again. "Yeah, I knew you would….but are you ready for this big boy?" I asked her, holding up the lube covered vibrator." She nodded again, her eyes big and round.

I walked around behind her again and pulled out my remote control. I selected the second power setting, and turned on the big vibrator. Then I let it slide down her ass crack, clicking as it hit the end of the vibe in her ass, then I rubbed her pussy with it.


"You want it, don't you?" I asked her, pulling it away from her pussy and slapping her hard across the ass cheeks with a slippery hand.

"Oh please put it in!" She was thrusting her ass towards me, and I could smell how wet she was as juices leaked down her thigh.

"Why do you want it so bad?" I asked her, lightly letting her feel the big vibes buzz against her thigh. With my other hand (still covered in the lube!) I was stroking my dick.

"Because I'm a bad little slut and I want to get off! Is that what you want? For me to tell you what a cock hungry whore I am?" She asked me, turning around to face me and still thrusting with her ass.

"Hmmm….it's almost what I want…" I let the vibrator slide slowly down her thigh.

"Then I'll be YOUR personal fuck slut…I'll do ANYTHING you want!" She told me, getting desperate.

"Well, I don't know if you are quite naughty enough for me…" I said as I pulled the vibe away from her.

"I AM! I'm the naughtiest little slut ever! I love eating cock and cum! I CRAVE IT!" She told me. "NOW please put that thing in my cunt!"

"Well, now you're talking. But you know what happens to naughty sluts?" I asked her. She looked at me with wide eyes again. "They get spanked!" I told her, slapping her hard on the ass once, twice, then three times as she screamed out. Then I held the tip of the buzzing vibrator to her pussy, just barely touching it. "Now…" I said "are you ready?" She screamed yes, and I slide the vibrator in while she writhed.

Then I used the remote to turn it off, letting it sit deep in her pussy. She had her eyes shut, and I know she wanted to ask why I was teasing her, but knew I wouldn't give her the answer.

Without saying anything, I pulled some leather from the box. One of the pieces was a big belt, and I buckled it around her waist. The other was a smaller strap, and it attached to the back of the belt, ran down her ass crack, up around her pussy, and attached again at the front of the belt. Basically, it secured the two vibrators inside her, and she knew exactly what it was for.

"How does that feel?" I asked her, cinching up the crotch strap. She moaned.

"mmmmm sooo gooodddd" was all she could manage. The nipples on her hanging tits had swollen enormously, and I took the opportunity to give each one a quick squeeze, getting louder panting from her.

"Hmmm…this gives me an idea" I said as I reached into the box of toys once again. Inside, I found a pair of nipple clamps. They were done in the same silver as the vibrators in her holes, and they had little weights hanging from them. I reached up and gently teased one nipple, feeling it grow even larger as Candy gently fought against her bindings. Then suddenly, I clipped the clamp on and heard her scream. Next, I did the same with the other nipple. I could tell that Candy was enjoying this, but she didn't say anything.

Then I pulled out the remote for the vibrators. I showed it to her face.

"Do you remember this?" I asked as I slide two fingers into her mouth. She started sucking on them as she nodded. "Goooood." I told her, and I turned the power settings to medium. Then I pushed the on button and her entire body tensed and she started sucking on my fingers even harder. I knew that the buzzing vibrators in her pussy, combined with little electrical tingles from the nipple clamps would be driving her crazy. Then I pressed the stop button again, and she looked up at me with begging eyes.

"And now…" I began, but was interrupted.

"And now you need to stop." Said Mrs. Jones. She was standing in the door way wearing the black bikini. I guessed that she had been out sunbathing.

"What?" I asked as I pulled my fingers from Candy's mouth.

"I think you've had enough fun with her for one day." Mrs. Jones said. "And now it's my turn…isn't that right, Candy?" As she said the last part, she walked up to Candy and held her face in her hands. Candy nodded.

"But…" I began, only to be interrupted again. I was planning on having Candy ease the throbbing ache in my cock.

"Not buts…You can go up to your room and shut the door. You and her will have plenty of time to play later." And Mrs. Jones turned me using my shoulders and spanked my ass lightly as she ushered me out of the room.

I knew that there was no arguing with her, and I spent the rest of the afternoon slowly jerking off and trying to listen to what was going on downstairs.

It was no use. The walls were too thick, and all I heard was Candy leaving a few hours later.

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