tagSci-Fi & FantasyFun with a Succubi Family

Fun with a Succubi Family


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Author's Note: This is a simple and short story, which doesn't require you to read any of my other ones first. Enjoy!


Robert looked around nervously. It was the tenth time he'd done so in as many minutes.

From what he could tell, he was in the middle of a forest. It was hot and humid, and Robert would have taken off his shirt if he could have done so without exposing himself to biting insects or the sharp branches of the shrubs. However, he couldn't recognise a single one of the plants. That was surprising, given that one of his subjects in university was botany.

There was something more pressing than that, though - he had no idea how he'd gotten here. He remembered waking up in the morning and going out for a cup of coffee, his usual routine on the way to university. However, there was a blank spot in his memories after that. The next thing he could remember was opening his eyes and finding himself lying on the ground in this forest.

None of this makes any sense, Robert thought. This isn't the kind of place I'd visit for a vacation, and I don't have any field trips planned, either. Did someone kidnap me and dump me here? If that's the case, why would they go to all this trouble? I don't remember pissing off anyone enough to make them go this far. Is this some kind of sick game, am I the prey for some crazy hunters who target humans?

Robert looked around again and shuddered. He wouldn't have called himself a coward, but being alone in a strange forest could strike fear into the hearts of anyone.

Robert reviewed his options. He considered climbing a tree to get a better view of his surroundings, but dismissed that idea immediately. The trees around were tall, easily fifteen or twenty metres in height. If he fell - and there was a good chance of that, as he hadn't climbed a tree in years - that would be the end. His next idea was to start walking and hope he came across signs of civilisation, or better yet actual people. He dismissed that as well. There were no footprints, rubbish or any other signs of another person ever being here, just an endless expanse of uncultivated vegetation.

I definitely shouldn't do that. In an unfamiliar place like this, with no trails around, I could easily hurt myself. And don't they say that you shouldn't wander around if you're lost, you should wait for help to arrive?

In the end he decided to stay put. It was still nerve-wracking, but it was the best out of a series of bad options. At least the sun was still high in the sky.

Just as Robert sat down and prepared to wait, he heard a voice. No, not just a voice - a moan.

The young man froze. Then he sprang to his feet, turning towards the direction of the sound.

I found someone already!? Wait, but what if they're -

Then there were more moans. Robert could tell that they were coming from at least two different people. Moreover... he could tell what they were moaning about.

"Ah - ooh - yes - keep going!"

Robert flushed to the tips of his ears. His earlier fear was now replaced by a deep embarrassment. It was now clear that the other people weren't out to hurt him. But on the other hand, it would be monstrously awkward to try talking to them right now.

Should I wait until they're... finished? How long will that take? And if I just barge in as soon as they... finish, I'd look like a voyeur.

Shaking his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts, Robert covered his ears. This wasn't perfect, so he could still hear the traces of sensual sound. His heart quickened.

Then the scent arrived. It was like nothing he'd ever smelled before - it was a deep, rich, earthy scent that filled his lungs and sent a wave of warmth spreading through his body. Robert felt his knees shake, and his blood gather towards the lower part of his body.

So good... I have to check it out, just - just in case.

Robert uncovered his ears, letting in the full force of the siren sound. Combined with the scent, he soon felt his cock harden within his jeans. He began walking unsteadily towards the source. With each step, the stimuli grew stronger, filling Robert with even more desire and encouraging him to come closer.

He came to the edge of a clearing. Now the sound and scent were so strong that they drowned out everything else. He crouched behind a bush, taking care not to make any sound, and saw a magnificent sight.

There were three people in the centre of the clearing... and not one of them was human. All of them were female, all had long pink hair and red eyes, all had horns, bat-like wings and spaded tails, and all had sinfully-voluptuous figures. Their breasts had to be at least F-cups, they surpassed almost all fruits in size. Despite their size, these breasts showed no signs of sagging, nor of being artificial in any way. Their hips were wide and paired with plump asses, giving the impression of healthy fertility. They didn't have a strand of clothing among them, ensuring that their erotic bodies were fully on display.

And in addition to their stunning appearance, there was their behaviour. One of them lay on the ground while the other two were on top of her, their mouths firmly pressed to her breasts. The two on top were suckling greedily, as apparent from their bulging cheeks and their moans of delight. Every now and then a trickle of milk would escape, trickling down the slope of a huge breast. Additionally, the two women on top were fingering the third, their fingers pistoning furiously in and out of her sopping-wet pussy.

Robert was enthralled by the sight. It took several seconds for him to realise that he'd unzipped his jeans and started jerking himself off. The sight before him was so alluring, so heart-stoppingly erotic, that no feelings of reluctance entered his mind.

The two women on top writhed and their tails lashed about wildly. Suddenly, they released their mouths from the third woman's nipples and then screamed in unrestrained ecstasy. Somehow, despite their own pussies remaining untouched, these two had managed to climax simply from drinking the third woman's milk.

Robert continued his voyeuristic masturbation. He breathed heavily, no longer trying to stay quiet.

Just a little more - I'm almost -

The woman on the bottom rubbed the heads of the other two, with a congratulatory smile on her face. She used her fingers to raise their chins, allowing her to look into their moist eyes, and said, "Thank you. You're just as good as usual, my daughters."

The instant he heard these words, Robert coughed and stumbled sideways in shock. He quickly grabbed a tree to stop himself falling to the ground - but the damage was done.

Because of Robert's reaction, the three inhuman women had realised his presence. They stared at him, surprise clear on their faces.

Shit - What was I doing!? How do I explain this!?

Robert spent a few seconds frozen in indecision. Meanwhile, the three women looked between his face and his exposed cock.

"Is that a - I must be seeing things, but is that a man?" said one of the women on top.

"It sure looks like one, but - " said the other woman on top.

"No, that definitely is a man, and - and he's real," said the woman on the bottom.

The three women separated from each other and got to their feet.

Robert quickly zipped himself up. However, his traitorous cock refused to go limp - the sight of the naked women was just too much. He stepped backwards, still unsure what he should say.

Then two of the women leaped at Robert and brought him to the ground. He was dazed, but only for a moment. The two women rubbed their bodies lustfully on his, giving him incredible pleasure even through his clothes, and screamed with glee.

"He's real!"

"Now we finally get to taste one!"

Robert was stunned by this reaction. For a moment, he thought that this must all be some fantastic dream, the kind that left stains on one's sheets in the morning. Certainly, the wings and tails and everything else suggested that this was the case.

The third woman clapped her hands, saying, "Lily, Mari, get off him. That's not how I raised you. You're scaring him."

The two women quickly got away from Robert and stood bashfully. Robert realised that they were the ones who had been on top just now.

"Sorry about that," said the third woman. She reached down and helped Robert back to his feet, then continued, "It's the first time that these two have ever encountered a man, so they're quite... excited."

"It's - it's fine!" Robert said reflexively. He devoted all of his effort to keeping his eyes on the woman's face and not on her jiggling breasts, her long and slender legs, her wet pussy...

The woman tilted her head and smiled coquettishly. "It's alright, look all you want," she said. "Anyway, my name is Rose, and these are my twin daughters, Lily and Mari. What's your name?"

Now that the three women were standing apart and not - enjoying themselves, Robert realised that there were some differences between them. Rose had a slightly fuller figure and a sense of maturity in her eyes. Lily, who was standing to his left and licking her lips hungrily, had her hair tied into twintails and a tattoo of a butterfly on her cheek. Mari, who was standing to his right and looking at him nervously, wore a black choker and gave off an impression of innocence.

Robert introduced himself and explained that he'd found himself in this forest with no clue as to how he'd gotten here. He stumbled over his words a few times - nothing in his life had prepared him for a situation like this.

Rose put her hand on her chin thoughtfully. "I've heard about this before," she said. "To start with, I should explain what kind of world this is."

"Wait, world?" Robert asked.

"Yes, that's right," Rose said. "This is Allura, an entirely different world from the one you come from. The main point of difference is that most people here aren't humans - we call ourselves Sylvalans. In your world, we're only remembered as myths."

Now that she mentioned it, Robert remembered what these three reminded him of. Back in his high school days, he'd been interested in encyclopedias of fictional creatures. One such creature was the succubus - a demon which, in modern times, was portrayed as a beautiful woman with horns, wings and a tail. And when he remembered this, Robert also remembered the stories of what succubi did to their victims, causing him to gulp.

"Our people come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the things that's consistent is that we are all female," Rose continued. "We can't ever have male children. We're only able to continue our species thanks to men from Earth. Some of these are brought over intentionally, but others seem to just appear here with no explanation. I'm guessing the second of these groups is the one you belong to, as it's said that these men can never remember how they arrived here."

This gave Robert a lot to think about. A whole new world not mentioned in any textbook, populated by beings out of myth. Mind-numbingly gorgeous beings out of myth, in fact.

"That's enough talking, let's skip right to the fun part!" Lily said, interrupting Robert's thoughts.

"Be patient, Lily," Rose said sternly. She then turned to Robert and said, "However, she does bring up a good point. As I said, we don't have any men of our own... so we're always happy to find one."

Robert's breath caught in his throat. It was very apparent to him what the succubi's intentions were. He said, "Are you - are you sure? I mean - I was - "

"Of course I'm sure," Rose replied, giggling slightly. "After all, you seemed very interested in what the three of us were doing... and you still look like you're interested." Her eyes briefly dipped to Robert's groin, and she continued, "You know, the father of my children was a lot like you. He was so very shy and couldn't believe I was interested in him, yet he couldn't take his eyes off my body." The mother succubus lifted her breasts up with one arm and used her other hand to spread the lips of her pussy. "But he gave in soon enough, and I got on top of him and rode him for days. I took his thick, hard cock into my warm, tight pussy and kept on squeezing and sucking away, and he kept rewarding me with his delicious cum." Rose licked her lips as she recalled the fond memory. "And soon enough, I was blessed with two sexy daughters, who are just as horny as their mother."

As if to prove this point, the other two succubi began appealing to Robert. Despite having no experience with men, they were very good at the job - the instincts of a succubus, Robert guessed. Lily leaned forward and used her arms to squeeze her breasts from the sides, while her tail flicked up and covered her pussy in a way that only emphasised it. Mari, on the other hand, brought the tip of her tail to her mouth and began licking it in a blatantly suggestive manner.

Robert's jaw dropped, his eyes wandered all over the naked flesh of the succubi, and his legs shook even more than before. He didn't care how silly he looked. Even if a meteor were to crash right next to him, he still wouldn't take his eyes away from the display before him.

"This - this isn't a dream, is it?" Robert asked.

The three succubi walked closer. Lily and Mari took one arm each and held it to their chests, while their mother giggled again.

"A lot of men say that when they come here. But let me assure you - this is no dream."

With that, Rose leaned in and pulled Robert into a kiss.

It was an unfathomably pleasurable experience. Rose slipped her warm tongue in between Robert's lips and entangled it with his tongue, toying with it playfully. She moaned, sending vibrations all throughout Robert's head and making him weak at the knees. Her sweet saliva filled his mouth.

Far too soon, Rose pulled away. If his arms hadn't been restrained, Robert would have reached out in an attempt to stop her. Then he felt a shock of pleasure from below and quickly looked down, only to find that Rose was stroking his hard cock with her hand.

"Hehe, you've become even more interested now," Rose said. "Still, I won't hog you all to myself. It's your turn now, girls."

Rose stepped back, and Lily leaned in. She held Robert's face with both hands and kissed him vigorously, sucking on his lips as though trying to draw his life out of his body. She grinded her hips against Robert's, enough for him to feel a hard nub near the junction of her legs. Then she pulled away, but before Robert could catch his breath Mari sealed his lips. Mari was much more careful, slowly exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue. Her hands caressed his neck, then drifted down to gently stroke his cock.

When Mari pulled away, Robert was barely able to remain standing. The succession of kisses by these gorgeous succubi had overloaded his inexperienced mind. His cock strained furiously against the fabric of his jeans, and he could feel precum leaking from the tip.

"How did you like that?" Rose asked. "We might look alike, but we feel and taste very different. Now, how would you like things to go? Do you want to push us down and fuck us as you please? Do you want us to get on you and ride you until you scream? Or would you prefer that we soften you up first, with our mouth or our tits?"

The variety of options was overwhelming. Robert had no experience with sex outside of porn and the tales of friends, so he had no idea how to respond. Eventually, he said, "I - I can't make up my mind. I'll leave it up to you."

Rose's smile deepened. She said, "In that case... follow my lead."

With a series of gestures, Rose guided the other three into position. Robert lay on his back, stripped of all clothing, arms outstretched, erect cock standing proudly for all to see. The two daughters sat on his hands, allowing his fingers to penetrate the warm tightness of their pussies. Finally, Rose knelt so that she was just above Robert's cock, less than an inch separating them.

"Now, are you two ready?" Rose asked her daughters.


"Ah - yes! Keep moving your fingers like that - "

"And what about you, Robert?" Rose asked.

"Y - yes, I'm ready!" Robert replied, barely able to believe the situation he was in.

Rose licked her lips. "Now... time to have a feast."

She lowered her hips. In that instant, Robert felt a pleasure that completely blew his mind away. The mother succubus' honeypot seemed like that of a goddess - ironic, given her nature. It was hot, wet, and applied just enough pressure. At the same time, her daughters rocked their hips, encouraging Robert to thrust his fingers in and out of them.

Robert had already been approaching the edge, but this was too much. He couldn't hold it any longer. Gasping, the young man arched his hips and released jet after jet of semen into Rose's incredible pussy.

At the same time, Rose let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. She showed no signs of disappointment at Robert's premature ejaculation - rather, she seemed perfectly content.

"Mmm... delicious..." Rose murmured. "You let out a decent amount, as expected of a healthy young man like you." When Robert looked confused, Rose continued, "Our bodies are quite different from yours. To us, semen is a delicious and nutritious meal. There's no need to worry about cumming inside - we welcome that. And if you think you weren't good enough because you couldn't last, don't worry about that either. I have a lot of experience, and it would be more surprising if I couldn't make you cum right away."

Rose leaned down and gave Robert a quick kiss on the lips. She then stood up, causing Robert to whimper slightly as his cock left the delights of her pussy.

"As I said before, I can't have you all to myself," Rose said. "Now I'll let you experience my daughters. This will be their first taste of male essence as well. Let me think... first, why don't you two try using your mouths? That way you can better enjoy it."

The two daughter succubi got up and crawled over to Art's cock. They paused, seeming unsure of how to proceed. At the same time, Rose lay down near Robert's head, placing her magnificent chest right next to his mouth.

"Like what you see?" Rose said teasingly. "My tits have always been big, and they grew even bigger when I had these two. They were always so thirsty, drinking so much of my milk... It makes me wet just thinking about it. You see, Sylvalan milk has a very fun property. Just one drop makes you incredibly, unbelievably horny. And I feel so good when people suck on my tits as well. Now do you get why we were doing that before?"

Robert gulped. The overpowering desire within him left no room for any disgust. He gazed at a pink nipple, smelled the delectable fragrance drifting from it.

"Go ahead," Rose said, "have a taste."

No more words were needed. Robert took the nipple into his mouth. With the very first suck, milk began to flow, and Robert drank it all down greedily. If milk were rated on a scale of flavour from one to ten, with one being normal cow's milk, the ambrosia flowing from Rose's breasts was a twenty. Each drop on his tongue was an explosion of unspeakable flavour. And as the milk filled his stomach, a pleasurable heat filled the rest of his body.

Out of the corner of his eye, Robert noticed movement. The other two succubi had decided to start.

Lily took the first move. She extended her tongue and licked along the hard shaft, slowly at first, but with increasing speed and confidence. Her efforts inspired her sister, who proceeded to join in on the licking. The feeling of the two warm, wet tongues on his most sensitive organ caused Robert to shudder.

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