tagNonHumanFur Fever Ch. 03

Fur Fever Ch. 03


The virus first infected Ally and Jared, then the unsuspecting police officers who came to investigate the bizarre noises coming from the apartment....


It wasn't until hours later that a group of police officers came to investigate the noise complaint. Upon arrival at the door of the apartment in question, the officers smelled something. At first they assumed someone had stepped in something. But the closer they got to the door, the stronger the smell got. Officer Flynn Grayson, the rookie of the three officers, was tasked with opening the door. There was no response from those inside, and the officers knew there were people inside. They could hear a couple having sex.

"Are you sure guys? Maybe we should call for backup first, something about this doesn't feel right." Flynn said, hesitating to open the door. His gut was telling him to turn around and run. The smell was really beginning to get to him. It was like falling face first into a pile of manure.

"What, you're not scared are you Grayson? Your balls still wedged up that tight ass of yours? God damn man, it's about time they fell. Get a grip will ya!" the more seasoned officer, Mike teased the rookie. The other officer, John, laughed and offered to change Flynn's diaper when they got back to the station. It was customary for the new guy to get hazed, and Flynn knew if he protested it would only get worse. So he just swallowed his anger and prepared to kick the door down.

"Fine, have it your way. On three, right? One... two... three!" Flynn kicked the door and he and his fellow officers burst through. They saw torn clothing, and a trail of liquid leading into another room. The heady scent of sex and musk flooded their nostrils, and the men had an instant reaction. Their pants tented, and they suddenly had the urge to strip naked and fuck the nearest female.

Flynn shook his head, and focused. His face was clammy, and sweat dripped down the side of his face. He knew what this was, they'd been told what the symptoms were. Flynn looked at his colleagues, who seemed frozen in a state of arousal. Flynn wasted no time in getting out of the apartment before he too became overcome by the now airborne virus. He slammed the door shut, which jarred the other two officers from their daze.

"Hey, what the hell Grayson! Let us out!!" Mike shouted, the sudden and loud sound of the door slamming snapping him out of his daze.

"What do you think you're doing? Open this door dammit!" Mike pounded on the door, forgetting he was on the inside and could open the door.

But Flynn was gone, already halfway down the hall calling dispatch to send a hazmat team. He started evacuating the building, trying not to alarm the residents. He simply said that there was a suspected gas leak and he was clearing the building as a precaution. He himself was infected, and he did his best not to infect others by accident.

Meanwhile, Mike and John were losing their battle against the heat building inside themselves. Ally and Jared were still locked in the throws of passion, oblivious to their house guests. They left large puddles of cum everywhere they went, and their bodies expelled a powerful musk. It sped up the fever, causing the two officers to weaken sooner than normal.

Both found themselves painfully distracted by their erections. Mike, who was closest to the door, leaned against it as he slide a hand to touch the bulge in his pants. He sucked in air fast. His cock was so hard and sensitive. He knew what this was, but didn't care. The building heat was too much. He felt like he was on fire, every nerve supercharged. Tearing his clothing off, Mike was standing stark naked in front of John in a matter of minutes. Seeing his partner's naked form, covered in sweat sporting a raging boner was too much. John lost what little control he had too. The two started jacking off, their cocks hard and needy. They moaned and felt their balls swell as the virus infected their cum. It wouldn't be long until the first stage of the virus finished them off.

"Can't give in, got to get out of here. The fire escape...." Mike looked toward the window. His body felt so uncomfortable. If he could, he'd peel his skin off. Ignoring John's pleas for Mike to stay with him, Mike ran to the window and slipped out.

John was too far gone. His body was working against him, now a slave to the fever raging within him. The smell coming from the bedroom was too enticing. John couldn't resist, he had to find the source. While Mike struggled to scale down the fire escape, John crept to the bedroom door and pressed an ear to it. He could hear heavy breathing and snorting. The barn-like smell got stronger as time passed, a sign that John's transformation was happening much faster.

While his ear was pressed to the door, John's pants strained to contain his growing bulge. His cock radiated heat, as the fever changed it. His boner became painful, and John had to take his pants off to relieve some of the pressure. But it wasn't just his clothing that was causing the pain. John looked down and saw that his cock was bigger. A lot bigger.

He should have been horrified. His cock was twice and thick, and over two feet long. The skin felt all wrong, like he was touching the hide of a pig. Thick and dark, exuding a similar barnyard smell. But rather than he horrified, John was overwhelmed by new feelings. Or what he thought were knew feelings. Really he just wasn't used to such an intense heat coming from his groin. His balls swelled to catch his member, and slowly transformed to match the color and texture too. Leathery balls swung low, hanging between John's thighs. His seed sloshed back and forth.

The only thought in his mind was to expel it. John lumbered over to the couch, his bigger body making it difficult to move. And the giant erection between his thick legs wasn't helping. Once at the couch, John threw himself down onto the cushions, relieved to be off his feet. When he looked down at his body, he screamed in horror. John saw his chest was lined with nipples, and covered in wiry black hairs. A pain in his head snapped his attention, and John raised his hands to find his ears transformed. Flappy pig ears hung, and quivered as John's breath quickened.

A new pain hit his lower back, and he struggled to lift himself up to inspect himself. His body had nearly doubled in size, and was on its way to tripling. But John found the strength to prop himself up and find he had grown a curly pig tail. And more to his horror, his fingers weren't the same. His index and middle, and ring and pinky fingers were stuck together. Slowly merging with each other until John was left with two uncoordinated digits. A hard black substance coated the ends, and his thumb was also changing, becoming twice its normal size.

"Someone... help!" John tried to scream, but it came out a garbled squeal as his body was wracked with another change. His feet were now going through a similar transformation to the one that had just morphed his hands.

"It hurts...someone help me..." John moaned as his foot cracked and reshaped. His toes grew longer, and much bigger. His ankle was turned into a fetlock. All the while, John's body was thrown into a torturous heat. His balls swollen, his cock standing straight up into the air above him, John struggled to masturbate. His new hoof-hands made holding tricky. Furthermore, as soon as one pain ended another one appeared.

As his feet stopped shifting, the final changes to John's head occurred. His nose and mouth pushed forward into a porcine muzzle. His hair thinned until he had nothing but a bit of wiry fuzz on the top of his head. Thick tusks poked their way out of his mouth, and grew until they were nearly seven inches long.

But the most humiliating and last change came when John finally felt like the heat was dissipating. This new feeling struck his groin. It was arousing, but not the kind of arousal he was used to. John felt like he just peed his pants. But he knew that couldn't be right, he was staring at his cock. The only thing it was spitting out was pre cum. So he searched for the source, his clumsy hoof hands prodding at his crotch area. He felt his hairy balls, the base of his shaft, and then around his also hairy asshole. Once he prodded lower, John found the source and this time squealed in horror.

His hoof hand slipped inside something warm, wet, and very pleasurable. John knew what it was, though the rational part of his brain denied this. He couldn't have a pussy, that was impossible. That wasn't part of the fever? Was it? Could it have mutated in the years to was seemingly gone?

As he continued to finger (or maybe hoof) himself, John's balls violently yanked up. Cum spewed forth like a geyser, and then rained down on him. His new piggy pussy clamped down on his hooves, and female wetness poured from his snatch. Oinking and thrashing in pleasure, John felt the heat slowly start to wane. His mind was foggy, he couldn't remember what he was doing in this strange apartment, or why there were rags all over the floor. He smelled something equine, but ignored the smell. There was something much more enticing coming from the opposite direction.

The new boarman waddled into the kitchen, where he dug his nose into the trash and began eating.

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