tagNonHumanFur Fever Ch. 05

Fur Fever Ch. 05


"For God's sake, someone restrain him!" Someone shouted. Jacob saw something fly across the room, and then Mike yelped. A tranquilizer was lodged firmly in Mike's arm. Mike's movements slowed, and eventually he slumped to the ground. His was erection still dripping on the floor.

"Transport him and this idiot out of here before anyone gets infected."

Someone put a strong hand on Jacob's arm and pulled him up. Jacob did nothing to struggle. He went willingly. The hazmat team escorted him, and carried the unconscious Mike, to the containment van. The police were doing their best to keep the growing crowd from getting too close. Barricades were set up several meters away, and the hazmat team was preparing to set up a bubble to try to contain as much of the virus as possible.

Jacob heard gasps and shouts from the crowd when they saw Mike's half transformed body being placed in the van. The fact that the people were so far away and he could somehow hear them did not go unnoticed.

"I'm changing already. I don't feel any different though." Jacob wondered when the more obvious physical changes would start. Maybe they wouldn't. He silently hoped and prayed that he'd be spared.

As his mind was still intact for the moment, Jacob was allowed to roam around the back of the van while in transport. Mike however had a collar snapped around his neck like the dog he was slowly becoming, and locked in a cage. If Jacob hadn't seen what Mike was capable of he might have argued and said that was inhumane.

But The hazmat team was right. For now, Mike was gone. His body was more animal than human, and very dangerous. His sharp claws still extended, and Jacob could just see Mike's fangs jutting out from his top lip. And try as he might, Jacob's eyes also took not of the hard, red cock that lay beside his friend's stomach. Jacob felt a stirring in his own body and quickly averted his gaze in fear it would spark his own transformation.

The unconscious Mike whimpered as a new change started. Unseen by Jacob, Mike fidgeted against the cold metal of the truck as pressure mounted just above his balls. A small crevasse was forming in the spot between his balls and his asshole. Mike whimpered again as something inside him expanded. The slit opened, revealing hot, damp flesh. Mike's new vagina quickly started contracting, releasing a scent that told all other canines that Mike was in heat. His pussy pulsed and grew, the lips turned black and bulged larger.

In response to the growing lust inside him, Mike's canine cock slip an inch or two out of his sheath, a fact that didn't go unnoticed to Jacob. He sensed something had happened. His senses were more attuned with his surroundings. And there was an odd scent in the air. Against his better judgement, Jacob glanced over at Mike. At first he didn't see anything, but then Mike rolled over. Even unconscious Mike had lifted his tail to present himself. Jacob was getting an eyeful of Mike's new canine vagina. Jacob had never really seen a dog's pussy before, and now he couldn't stop staring. The lips were sticking out from his body, obviously swollen. The slit was in a distinct Y shape. A bit of discharge was running down Mike's lep.

Jacob's own phallus grew stiff. Sweat beaded down his forehead, but he wasn't giving up that easily. He turned his head away and pinched himself so hard he knew there would be a bruise later. He shifted uncomfortably, as fur began to creep all over his body. Starting around his crotch, and then down his legs. Jacob was blissfully unaware for the time being. He was solely focused on resisting the heat at the moment.


The highly contagious nature of the virus made sent the city into lockdown. Everyone who knew what was going on was in full panic mode. Amazingly there wasn't much public panic. Residents were advised to stay in their houses under the guise of a dangerous individual police were hunting down. All the while city officials were scrambling to find help from neighboring cities and the government to contain the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately the only buildings in the city equipped to handle an emergency outbreak was also the place that had the most vulnerable people; the sick, the young, the dying and the old. As the ppecial facilities in the hospitals were being prepped for infected patients, a massive evacuation of all other patients was taking place. Anyone who didn't need to be in the hospital was effectively kicked out, or transferred to one in another city.

The hospitals newest patients were taken to a series of rooms located beneath the surface of the earth. There, they would be monitored for the next forty eight hours or until they regained their senses. Then they would be examined and if healthy, sent to live on a man-made island designated for victims of the fever.

Mike and Jacob were placed in separate rooms, to Jacob's relief. He didn't need the temptation. Jacob was monitored more closely than the others, as he was still coherent. Nurses and doctors alike watched him from the security cameras, baffled that he'd managed to hold out as long as he had. They placed several monitors on him to track his heart rate and blood pressure. Eventually, they decided to examine him in person.

Secured inside a thick suit of kevlar and equipped with a gas mask, Dr. Katherine Jones went inside with her assistant Jennifer. Jacob was startled when two females suddenly entered his room. Their faces obscured by the gas masks, and their bodies made bulky by their protective clothing, Jacob resigned to the fact that he'd been able to identify them as females by their scent. He's found males and females smelled very different.

"Jacob, how are you feeling?" Katherine asked. The two women kept a safe distance away from Jacob, as they were unsure how he'd react to their presence.

"I dunno Doc, alright I suppose. I know I should probably be foaming at the mouth right now, not to mention yanking it to no end. But I still mostly feel like myself." Jacob said. He felt much better now that he was away from Mike, whose female heat had been started to get to him. Now in this clean, sterile environment, Jacob felt much better.

"Alright, well we want to do a physical examine, and take some blood samples seeing as you're still coherent. But if you feel any sort of change, anything, you have to tell us." Katherine said. Jacob nodded and allowed them to approach him.

Instructing him to disrobe, Jacob did so. He blushed furiously, much to the amusement of Jennifer.

"Modesty won't matter much to a horny anthro-creature. He'd better get used to being naked."

Once naked, they all began to inspect Jacob's body. Jacob had always had a hairy chest, but this was different. There was a large bush of black hair in the middle of his chest. Touching this new hair, Jacob was struck by how soft and thick it was. No longer hair, fur. The fur coat of a wolf.

Looking further down, Jacob saw that his modest package was still relatively the same size. It was hard to tell, what with the thick bush of fur surrounding it. Black fur covered him like a pair of furry boxers. Katherine made a note of this, and then asked Jacob to turn around. He did so, embarrassed beyond belief. He felt...different. Something was wrong, he felt very submissive and eager to please these women. But Jacob kept silent against his better judgement.

"I do not want to alarm you..." Katherine said slowly.

"Just give it to me straight Doc. I'm a grown man, I can handle it." Jacob said, knowing what she was about to say. He'd been ignoring it for a long time now. But he'd felt it every time he sat down.

"You have a three or four inch tail." she said. Jacob sighed and nodded. Then asked if anything else had changed. Katherine inspected the rest of his body quickly, wanting to spare Jacob of anymore embarrassment. She felt sorry for him. He'd only been trying to help his friend, and in doing so had gotten himself infected. At least Jacob was fairing better than Mike, who was still sedated thank god.

"Your ears have tapered to points, and your musculature appears very well defined. Of course it may have always been."

"I keep myself in good shape, but not this good ma'am." Jacob said. He hadn't noticed until the kind doctor pointed it out. His biceps were more defined, and his abs were practically rock hard. One of the only pluses to the virus.

Now came the dangerous part, taking Jacob's blood. Katherine and Jennifer knew they had to be extremely careful, as even a single drop could infect them. Katherine exited the room to inform her colleagues of her findings, or lack thereof. Jacob was transforming very slowly, a definite oddity in the many cases of the Fur Fever that had been examined.

Wearing several pairs of gloves, Jennifer prepped Jacob's left arm. Swabbing it, she noted how hot to the touch Jacob's skin was. Jacob sighed in relief as the cold rubbing alcohol was applied to his flushed skin.

"Not afraid of needles are we?" she asked.

"No. That just feels nice. I'm burning up." Jacob explained.

"Well, the air conditioning is set to about sixty two degrees right now."

"Didn't even notice."

"Me neither under all these layers. But seeing as you're naked, I thought it might help." Jennifer said, strapping the rubber band to Jacob's bicep.

"I appreciate that ma'am."

"Please, I'm probably the same age as you, and Katherine as well. Enough with the ma'am stuff."

"So what is your name?"

"Jennifer, Jen if you prefer. Now hold still, I'm sure you know the drill." she said, taking out the needle.

Jacob nodded and looked away. He felt a pinch and counted backwards from twenty. When he reached nine the pinching sensation stopped. He looked down to see Jennifer pressing a cotton ball to the crook of his arm. Then a sizable bandage went over the hole.

"I don't have a cookie for you, we weren't sure if you were well enough to hold down food. You are, technically, sick after all."

"Again, I don't feel any different aside from the actual fever. I mean, obviously I've changed but I still feel like myself." Jacob said.

"Hopefully we'll have some answers for you later. Until then, just keep doing whatever you're doing to resist the infection and try to relax. The transformation will continue, and unfortunately there's nothing we can do to stop it." Jen said, packing up her equipment.

"Ya, ya I know. Do you know how Mike is?"

"Mike? Oh yes the other, erm, patient you were transported with." Jen almost said the other "creature", but corrected herself before hurting Jacob's feelings.

"As far as I know he's still unconscious, but resting comfortably. Well, relatively since his transformation is progressing as we expected."

"But he's not in any pain is he? He was whimpering a lot in the van. I heard of cases were the transformations are..."

"Jacob, he's alright. Calm down." Jen felt the pager at her side buzz, telling her Jacob was getting too worked up. And that would most definitely speed up his transformation.

"Good. That's good. I've known him since I was a rookie cop and he was just entering the academy. He's like a little brother to me, I worry about..." Jacob didn't finish his sentence. He doubled over in pain as his tail grew to full length. A thick, black wolf tail curled itself around Jacob's grimacing figure, and Jen went to his side instinctively.

She tried to guide him over to the bed, but Jacob pushed her away. His hands had grown claws, and he almost cut into her suit. It wouldn't have matter as the kevlar was thick, but that was too close a call for her. Jen resigned to leave, and quickly grabbed her things and left. She hated to leave Jacob alone and in pain, but she knew if she stayed she risked becoming infected.

Jacob looked down and saw his feet were transforming. Fur covered them, and he could see claws extending from his odd looking toes. A spasm went up his legs, and Jacob fell to the ground. He whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut and waiting for the pain to stop. He didn't even notice his cock growing hard, and starting to turn red. His mind was slipping, and soon he succumbed to the darkness. Though glad, seeing as it felt like the pain wasn't going to be stopping any time soon.

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