tagSci-Fi & FantasyGaby and the Vines

Gaby and the Vines


Gaby knew she shouldn't be walking in the woods behind her house. No one ever went back there since that kid was found murdered. No one knew him, but he had been torn limb from limb and placed back together like a macabre jigsaw puzzle. Some cops had gone out there to investigate, but they were never seen again. She knew she shouldn't be there, especially at night, but after that creep had hit on her so strongly at work she did not feel like taking the long way around to get home.

She heard a rustle not long after she had started down the now overgrown path, and felt something brush her ankle, but she just kicked it way and picked up the pace, breathing slightly heavily in the cold winter air. Something rubbed against her ankle again and she let out a quiet whimper and started to jog, her chest heaving as she gulped in air. Suddenly something lashed tight around her ankle and she sprawled flat on her face, immediately jumping back up but found her ankle held fast. She let out a frightened wail as she leaned over, struggling to pull her foot free to no avail. Gaby reached down to try to pry it away and found that it felt like a warm pulsing rope, but it felt like one piece rather than being woven together and she felt what she thought were veins! How could a rope have veins?!

The rope, or whatever it was, began to slither up her leg like a snake. She felt it slide past her knee and up her thigh, it brushed against her pubic mound as it exited her jeans at the waist of her pants and she shuddered in disgust, wishing that for once she had worn panties. The rope started to flex, bending away from her with a loud sound of denim tearing as her jeans were ripped from her. Gaby let out a cry of horror and quickly covered her crotch with her hands, blushing furiously even though it was so dark no one would see her from more than ten feet away. The vine, or rope, or whatever was holding her, began to rub against her thigh and to Gaby's dismay was soon joined by another that coiled around her other leg. She looked around to see where they were coming from and saw them disappear in the shadow of the nearby trees; she began to panic wondering what kind of creature was holding her.

One of the vines brushed her nether lips and then began to rub against them. Gaby grabbed it in horror trying to pull it away from her and suddenly another vine lashed out and pulled her arm away from the other. The vine began to slide upward and brushed her clit as it slid beneath her shirt. She let out a quiet moan of pleasure despite herself as it moved up and under her bra exiting through the collar of her shirt. It began to flex again and she gasped in surprise as her shirt and bra were torn free, her 42DDs tumbling free. Her nipples instantly hardened in the icy air and she began to shiver, breaking out in goose bumps. A stab of pain brought her attention away from trying to cover her nudity as the other vine tried to force its way into her virgin pussy, the thick object stretching her painfully. She screamed as she felt it pressing against her hymen, and then let out another shriek as it smashed through it, pushing deep to butt against her cervix.

Gaby whimpered and writhed, attempting to get away from the intruding vine but that only seemed to encourage it and it began to move back and forth in her. She cried out in disbelief as she realized she was being fucked by some kind of plant. Losing her virginity to a vine! What disturbed her most was that she thought she was beginning to enjoy herself, she felt her lips moistening, and her breathing quickened. Her nipples seemed hard less from the frozen air and more from arousal, there was a warm flush to her face and her hips twitched on their own. Her body began to convulse in what she would learn later was her first orgasm, she let out a screech of pleasure as the muscles of her pussy clamped down on the vine and she was carried away from herself by a tidal wave of bliss.

When she came down from it she realized that the vine had changed. It moved more urgently, and the ones that had been holding her wrist and ankle slid up to her chest, each of them circling one of her large breasts. The two vines squeezed her tits almost lovingly, then end rubbing against her nipples and causing her to moan involuntarily. She still thought of escaping when her body would let her, but she couldn't seem to get any of her muscles to respond, the only ones that moved at all where the ones making her hips thrust in time with her lover.

She felt something warm encase her nipples and looked down in surprise. The ends of the two vines had split and enveloped the diamond hard buds and seemed to be sucking on them like tiny little mouths. She moaned at the amazing feel of this new sensation and felt herself cumming again. Suddenly the vine in her pussy started moving faster and faster, it was nothing but a dark blur when she looked down. After a moment of this she suddenly felt herself flooded with warm fluid and she let out a little whimper, realizing that it had its own climax.

Hoping that it was done now that it had gotten off Gaby tried to move away from the vines but was surprised to learn that she was surrounded by even more of them. One slithered between her breasts and forced itself between her lips. She gagged in disgust but soon gave up, letting it have her mouth. Another one rubbed against her ass and she let out a muffled scream around the one in her mouth at what she knew would happen next. It forced itself between her cheeks, pressing against her tight opening and tears began to flow down her cheeks at the pain of it forcing entry into her ass. She tried to get away from it but that only pushed the one in her cunt further in.

Soon the one in her ass was sawing back and forth as fast as the one in her pussy causing an incredibly terrible burning sensation from its dry, forced entry. The tears streaming from her eyes did nothing to stop the vines raping her, the ones on her nipples seemed to only suck harder, the one in her womanhood thrust faster, and the one in her ass moved as if it meant to make up for lost time with its rapid fire movements. The vine in her backdoor hit something in her. She didn't know what it was, but it send a hard tingle of pleasure up her spine. Gaby couldn't believe she could find any pleasure in having her ass raped. The vine smacked it again and Gaby moaned lowly. She felt the one in her cunt spray its seed again without slowing, as the one behind began to hit her pleasure spot consistently.

Gaby felt it coming this time. Her knees trembled, she let out a whimper of anticipation, and suddenly opened her mouth wide to scream at the top of her lungs, it was only slightly muffled by the vine pressing against the opening of her throat. She though she felt a second orgasm, and a third, but was soon too out of her mind with pleasure to try to count them. Slowly she drifted down from the incredible pleasure of her orgasm, and realized that all the vines, including the one from her butt, were in front of her, pointing at her.

They began to spew, even the ones that had been attached to her nipples shot warm, creamy fluid onto her body. Her knees buckled and she fell onto her back but still they came on her. Soon Gaby was covered from head to toe, and the vines slithered away as silently as they had approached her. She whimpered from the little aftershocks of her orgasms, hoping they would come back, dreading their return.

Gaby was nearly in a blind panic. She had missed two periods, but all five home pregnancy tests and her doctor told her she wasn't with child. She sat in her bathroom, nearly to tears with fright over what might be wrong with her and she felt a roiling in her stomach. There was a strange pressure against her stomach and she slid her hand down, finding it. It felt like a blunt, rounded object pressing against the inside of her. Like a vine, she realized with a deep sense of dread.

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