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Nature Girl


12:49 am

Ada swore and slapped the back of her thigh, aiming for the crawling thing, whatever it was. Damn camping, anyway. She couldn't see a blessed thing out here, but she sure could feel the creepy crawlies doing their thing. Ugh. She was really too tired to get up and find a flashlight and even try to figure out where the bug was, but it was starting to get on her nerves. Every time she thought she had shooed it away, back it came. So much for getting back to nature. This really sucked.

3:00 am

Bleary-eyed, Ada smacked her upper arm. What fresh hell was this? Hadn't she squished at least fourteen mosquitoes or other itchy critters, just since midnight? Now there was a distinct creeping sensation on her toes. Fighting to ignore it, she turned over. A pinch on the skin of her instep told her she now sported a lovely bite, hopefully from something non-poisonous. Moaning in frustration, she scrubbed the injured foot on the inside of her sleeping bag, bumping it against the side of the tree she slept under, hoping to dislodge the bug. Her toe hurt but it seemed the bug was gone, at least. Again, she closed her eyes. Maybe this time she'd catch some shut-eye.

5:35 am

A nervous wreck. Resigned to the constant irritation from the bugs... at least she thought she was. Now there was quite a large variety of bug bites and smushed bug corpses all over her body. Exhausted, she covered her eyes with a corner of the sleeping bag and fell asleep briefly, waking with a jerk every time she was bitten again. Each time she fell back asleep, she dropped off more quickly, more deeply. Each time she woke up, she was more disoriented. Fatigue finally claimed her and she slept like the dead, not feeling the bugs anymore.

6:22 am

Tiny creeping tendrils pulled delicately at the tough nylon of the sleeping bag. The minute notched spikes that covered them sliced easily through the fabric. Thousands of little slashes tore the protecting bag to shreds, leaving the heavily slumbering woman inside it exposed to the cool night air. Her tee shirt had ridden up over her pale belly, and her silky pajama shorts were wedged uncomfortably into the damp crevice between the globes of her smooth, chubby butt. She had been sweating, and her hair curled in wild abandon against her head and neck. Her mouth was slightly open and her breathing was even. The sun had been up for some time, and even in the dead of night, the forest had been still and hot. Now it was a sticky summer morning, perfect for sleeping in, especially after a miserable night. Ada would not wake for some time.

Slightly thicker vines curled around her ankles. Her foot shifted reflexively, kicked and then stilled. The vines crept over her body, winding around her arms, wrapping her thighs and legs in firm, unyielding greenery. Soon she was nearly covered in the vines, and if she had tried to move, she would not have been able to. But of course, she was fast asleep...

Her soft breasts were left bare as the tendrils snicked away the blue cotton of her tee shirt. Ada mumbled and moved her head to the side. The leafy vines tugged insistently at the elastic band of her shorts as the little spikes did their work. She sighed in sleepy relief as the binding satiny material vanished from her body. The small, tight V of springy curls between her thighs was damp with sweat and moisture as Ada dreamed that something was gently touching her everywhere, caressing her skin.

A delicate tendril swayed forward and dipped into her wet curls, pulling them apart to find what was hidden there. A larger vine snaked its way up one long leg, somehow almost eager in its hurry. Sweet, musky moisture dampened the woman's upper thighs, and it paused there, seeming to drink it in through its dark green surface. Suddenly, it darted forward, pushing between her tightly anchored open thighs. A large, hard round bud had formed at its tip as it drank, and now it slid the smooth point of it into her. The bud grew. Slowly, it pushed forward, easing between her wet, swollen labia. Ada moaned. The tendrils retracted their spikes and brushed their leaves against her skin repetitively, everywhere they touched her. A long, thin vine wrapped around her breasts and squeezed rhythmically, looping around her tightening nipples at its end and squeezing gently there, too. The thick round bulb at the end of the larger vine pushed more deeply into her, relentless, seeking. Ada sighed and tried to reach a hand up to rub her eyes, but her hand did not move. It was neatly locked into the ground by four of the smaller vines.

She squirmed restlessly, still more than half asleep, but starting to wake up. The bulbous vine thrust into her, the thick bulb growing even larger. Now it was reaching deep into her pussy, stretching her, filling her. Her hips bucked as she felt it. Was this a dream? Hot juices ran from her as the vine wormed its way into her. A small root wavered underneath her body, wiggling from the dip of her spine down to the soft pucker of her anus. It circled and then dug in, thickening. Sap dripped from its nubby, smooth bark, easing its way. The root ventured further into her ass as the thick vine in her pussy started thrusting deeply, its bulbed tip creating intense sensation as it rubbed and pushed its way along her tight channel. The long stem of the vine arched to nudge against her throbbing clitoris as it made its merciless way into her soaking, burning-hot pussy.

7:00 am

Ada woke up and started to scream. Her body jerked and thrashed against the vines that bound her. Her mouth opened wide in pleasure and terror. A soft, thick vine swayed across the mass of greenery and sealed her lips, although she continued screaming. But now there was no sound... just the rustling of the vines and the slick, wet sound of tight, rhythmic fucking. A white light burned behind her eyes as orgasm after orgasm exploded through her body. The bulb inside her burst open, sending waves of wild tingling through every nerve as it flowered. Slowly, it withdrew, leaving a trail of sticky nectar. As it eased out of her body, she shuddered with a series of small aftershocks. The bulb had opened into an enormous, dark red flower, and in a daze, she stared at it as it raised itself from between her thighs and withdrew. The center of the flower seemed to hold an endless darkness, spiked with bright pistils like yellow stars.

Ada lay still as the vines and roots slithered away, retracting into the ground or wrapping around the stem of the tree. She had heard strange tales of these woods, and she knew that nature had boundless resources when it came to reproduction. She knew that nature was stranger than fiction. But no one would believe this if she told them. Her clothing was gone, as was her sleeping bag, but she would manage with what was left in the neglected backpack leaning against a nearby rock. She wouldn't tell anyone... but maybe, just maybe... she would come back. After all, if a rare and beautiful plant happened to require some interesting cross-pollination... why not help preserve what could well be an endangered species? It was practically her environmentally conscious duty. Yes, she would definitely be back.

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