tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 04

Gale Force Ch. 04


Season One, cont.

Jhonna joined me the next day and my catering operation returned to its normal functioning. Of course, no one but me noticed that. And maybe Gale. He came into work, went for his favorite blueberry muffin with sweet sour cream filling and gave me a wink. My heart leaped as always but I kept my feelings to myself, reminding myself of the reality of the situation. We cleared away the breakfast items, then began the lunch preparations and lunch service went by without a hitch.

Since Jhonna had done such a wonderful job for me, I asked her if she was interested in helping me with Gale's party and she agreed, especially when I told her that I'd give her $300 for her efforts. As we were cleaning the lunch items away, Gale strode up, his usual smirk-smile in place as he stole a handful of chips from a tray that Jhonna was carrying away. She gave him a shy grin and hurried away, anxious to be done so that she could join her friends on a late afternoon outing.

"Fabulous lunch." Gale sat down, munching on the chips. "I'm in love with your chicken Florentine."

"So that's why you took two servings."

"I couldn't help myself." He grinned and the sexy way his lips curved and his eyes glowed made my heart pound in my chest. He was going to be a huge star if sexual charisma had anything to do with it. "You should be proud of me. I finished every bit."

"Ron and Danny are going to can me if you get fat from my cooking."

"I'll just have to tell them that I'll wither away to nothing unless you cook for me."

"Well, what do you do on the weekends? Wither away?"

"Basically." He grinned, wiping his hands on his jeans and reaching into his pocket. "Here's the keys to my place. This is your set."

"My set? Gale, I don't need a set of your house keys for a dinner party."

"You will if I have more dinner parties."

"Who says that I'll be the one to cater them?"

"I say." He gave me that smoldering smile again, sending tingles through my body. "The shoot starts at two and will probably be a couple of hours. Then, we're going to head out for a few cocktails so I'd estimate that we'll be at the loft at around six."

"Cool. I'll see you there."

* * * * *

Jhonna met me at my house later at ten and we had a couple of drinks before we started in on preparing the dinner for Gale's party. By one in the morning, we had most of the big stuff done and I sent her up to bed in the spare room while I finished the pie crusts. And then, I headed up to my own bed and drifted off into a nearly dreamless sleep, Gale's handsome face foremost in the dreams that I did have.

At noon, I pulled into the No Parking zone in front of Gale's apartment building and Jhonna and I unloaded the food, using the keys to get in. When I opened the door, I called for him, announcing ourselves and quickly loading his counters down with pans and trays of prepared food. Three more trips and we had everything unloaded and Jhonna volunteered to move the car, so I whipped out my chart and started organizing the pans.


I jumped at the hot breath on my neck as well as the low sound of Gale's voice in my ear. My ponytail smacked him in the face and he stumbled back, feigning injury as we both laughed. "Sorry."

"I thought that only happened in bad Akiro Kurosawa movies."

"There is no bad Akiro Kurosawa movie."

"That you are right about." He moved from behind me and started peeking in the covered trays, making me have to grab his hand and give him a gentle slap, like a child caught stealing a cookie. "Hey!"

"You said you trusted me. Now get out of my stuff and go to your shoot."

"That's assault." He moved backward, holding his injured hand with a smirk-smile.

"Simple assault. Touch any more of that food and it's aggravated." I picked up a wooden spoon, wielding it like a riding crop. "Get my drift?"

"Yes, ma'am." He gave me a small salute and I went over to a pan and pulled out a wrapped muffin, his favorite. His eyes widened when he saw it and he gave me a sincere smile. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now get going." Jhonna entered as he was leaving and she silently moved beside me, checking the clipboard for the organization. Her smile and her funky way of looking at me made me give her a nudge. "What?"


"Jhonna ... "

"You like him, don't you?"

"Who doesn't?" I pulled a few foil pans out, putting them in order and trying to avoid her eyes. "He's a fine specimen of masculine sexuality."

"Yes, but what do you see him as?"

I pretended that I was too busy to answer her question and pondered the answer I'd give her. I didn't look at him the same way that everyone else did. I didn't see Gale as Brian, his character; I saw Gale as Gale, a handsome young actor trying to make his way in the world and someone who appreciated the nuances and complexities of human nature. I secretly wondered if we'd ever have a chance.

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