tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 05

Gale Force Ch. 05


Season One, cont.

When the first knock sounded on Gale's oak portal, I paused in the hallway, checked my hair and make-up, then proceeded to let the first guests in. Even I was amazed that I stopped to check my features. I had always been a tomboy and mascara and foundation were not words in my vocabulary. But on this momentous occasion, I had gone out and bought a pantsuit with a form-fitting top and had stuffed my 36Bs into it, loving the Elizabethan way that my tits perked up. Made me think of the empire waist dresses of the Regency age and for once, I actually thought that I was sexy, something I hadn't thought of in quite a long time.

Jhonna had insisted on fixing my hair and it fell in dark waves around my face, soft and smooth and giving me a girly air. I'd kept it pulled back away from my face most of the day to keep it out of the food but when I took the bandanna off, I was quite surprised at the effect. Suddenly, I was a woman. The mascara, foundation, eyeliner, blush and lipstick combined to make me a beautiful woman and that fact alone held me, glaring at my reflection with a look of absolute confusion and wonder.

The doorbell rang again and Jhonna stepped out from the living room, hissing at me. "Are you going to answer it?"

"Uh, sorry." I reached for the doorknob and smiled into Peter and Hal's faces.

"Hey! Don't I know you from somewhere?" Peter gave me a sweet hug, his eyes glazed with alcohol. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Feeding you assholes."

Hal laughed and gave me a hug as well. "Good. At least I know we'll eat well."

"Gale isn't here yet so go on into the living room and help yourself to some appetizers. Jhonna will show you where the bathroom is if you need it and she'll make you a drink."

"Good. I need one." Peter glanced back at Hal and grinned. "Another one."

Hal and Peter went off and as soon as they had gone, the doorbell rang again. This time, it was Melanie, Thea and Jack Weatherall, the actor who played Debbie's brother came in. I gave them the same instructions and shut the door behind them. Jhonna was ably handling Peter and Hal and I served everyone appetizers of scallop rumaki, aged provolone and prosciutto-wrapped melon slices and Thai chicken skewers, a third of which were composed of vegetables that we'd grilled.

When the doorbell rang again, I answered it, glad that I was black because my face would have been red with the blush I felt heat my skin. Gale stood on his own doorstep, his arm around Sharon. I noticed his eyes meet mine, then slide down my body, moving back up to my face. "Who the hell are you?"

"Your caterer."

"You're not the person I hired. She didn't look like you." Sharon laughed and hugged me, moving inside and letting Randy and Scott by, each giving me either a hug or a kiss as they entered. Gale shut the door behind them, still giving me the eye and I turned away, my face burning. I tried to ignore him but he put his arm around my shoulders. "So you have boobs, eh?"

"Did you imagine that I didn't?"

"I don't know." He grinned, giddy from the cocktails he'd imbibed. "But I certainly didn't know that you'd look like this."

Part of me loved the attention but the other part was sad because it wasn't the type of attention that I wanted to attract. The alcohol had changed him into someone I didn't know and I suddenly wondered if I'd ever known who he was. Actors could sometimes be shits like that. I knew that even though this was my first studio job. Suddenly, I was turned off by the whole farce, wishing that I had just remained home. I wouldn't have to deal with the crap and nonsense.

I gently peeled his arm off and turned him in the direction of his living room. "You should mingle with your guests. I have work to do."

Jhonna and I served the dinner about an hour later and I watched the drunken cast members tear into my mini Beef Wellingtons and Coquilles St. Jacques, spinach salad and roasted purple potatoes, followed by key lime pie and black cherry crepes for dessert. During the entire time, I felt Gale's eyes on me, hot and discerning and I had to force myself to keep my focus while we served the meal. We cleaned up the dishes and repacked everything, eating our own meals in the kitchen and laughing at Gale's intensity.

"Are you going to join us?"

I nearly choked on my crepe and Jhonna turned away, trying to hide her giggles. "Uh, no, Gale. Actually, we were just about to leave."

"You can't leave without joining us for some drinks. This is a dinner party, you know."

"Yes, but it's your dinner party, not mine. I'm your caterer."

"You're my friend." I was startled by his statement and lifted my eyes to meet his. "At least I hope you are."

I gave him a genuine smile. "I am your friend, Gale."

"Good!" He grabbed my hand and Jhonna's arm, propelling us toward the living room. "Hal, fix some drinks for the ladies, will you?"

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