tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGale Force Ch. 13

Gale Force Ch. 13


Season Two, cont.

More episodes followed but the relationship between Gale and I was finished. Randy would come and collect his food from the table, always giving me a sad look and my weekend life became boring. My emotional life also drifted into stasis and it was reflected in my cooking; lifeless, dull and limp. Michelle was the first one to notice it and with three episodes to go, she pulled me to the side, asking about catering a party for her.

"So what's going on with you?"

"Nothing, just tired."

"Are you sure that's all?"

I heaved a sigh wanting to spill my woes but not having the strength to do so. Jhonna slipped a muffin into my hand and I robotically took a bite. "I'm okay, 'Chel. Really."

"You know, Cary, you've become one of my greatest friends here and I'd like to think that I know you pretty well." She escorted me over to a bench and we sat, enjoying the cool breeze. "I also know Gale pretty well and he's not been himself for the last few weeks." She took a bite of her bear claw, licking the flaky pastry from her fingertips. "And I know that it has to do with you."

Tears started again and I fought to swallow past the huge lump in my throat. "Michelle ... "

"Gale's a deep guy, deeper than you think. He knows that he's gorgeous but that he hasn't let that go to his head. He knows how fickle and how vain the industry is. He looks for something solid in people, he looks for the depth of their heart in their feelings toward him, not how pretty his face is. And he found something in you that he liked and gravitated toward and then ... " She shrugged. "Something ended your friendship."

"I did."

"If you don't mind me asking, why?"

So once again, I unloaded, ripping the scab off of the wound again. Michelle listened quietly, giving my free hand a squeeze every couple of minutes to let me know that she understood. "Did I do the wrong thing?"

"Do you love him?"

That was a stupid question. I loved him so much I'd allowed it to affect my cooking, something that never, ever happened before. "Yes."

"Then just go with the flow. Don't stop loving him." She arose, wiping her hands clean and licking her lips. "He needs you just as much as you need him."

I stayed on the bench for a little while, digesting her words and finding truth in them. Why was I so afraid? I was fine until we'd had our little encounter and then I looked at his differently. But what was different? What had changed? He was the same, I was sure. It had been me then. Maybe how I saw myself. Was I scared that someone found me attractive? Was I not deserving of his affection? Could I not accept his affection without attaching too much emotion to it?

I made a decision right then and there, to tell myself the truth.

Truth number one, I was in love with Gale. Head over heels and that wasn't likely going to die until I was pushing up daisies in some field years hence.

Truth number two, just because I didn't have a perfect body, it didn't mean that I was unworthy of sex and love. I'd make do with what I had and everyone be damned.

Truth number three, I would take whatever Gale wanted to give to me and give whatever he wanted, within reason. I would do it because I wanted to be near and with him. I would sacrifice my feelings and would become his Fat Girl. I had no other choice in the matter. Everything in my world had become Gale Harold.

When lunch time rolled around and Randy came looking for Gale's sandwich, I politely told him to tell Gale to come get it and that I'd be in the trailer. It took a few minutes but Gale took my bait, angrily throwing the door open and storming in.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

"You are."

I locked the door behind him and shoved him down onto the couch. He just stared at me, his eyes dark with rage until he closed them as my mouth covered his. A small whimper escaped him as I let my hands roam over his chest, angling down to his pants and rubbing his hardening cock through the denim. I couldn't seem to get the buttons open and pulled my mouth from his while I pulled his t-shirt up and over his head.

"Unbutton your pants."

Stunned at my aggression, he quickly did as I requested, making himself more comfortable as I dropped to my knees. His cock was straining against his boxer briefs and the delicious scent of his musk filled my nostrils even as I bent to lick the wet spot forming on the fly. He groaned and gasped alternately as I licked and sucked the pre-cum from the cotton, then freed him, licking him from the base to the hot, slick head like he was a lollipop.

He tasted so sweet that I hummed in appreciation and when he moaned loudly, I realized that I was onto something. I'd heard about a 'hummer' and now, everything became crystal clear about its meaning. I took his cock into my mouth, humming as deeply as I could while my tongue licked circles around his hard flesh. I looked up into his eyes, a shiver running through me as I recognized the lust in his dark eyes and I deep-throated him slowly, swallowing the copious pre-cum that was now sliding down the back of my throat.

"Ah, yeah." He threw his head back, closing his eyes and thrusting his hips upward, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. I fought the urge to gag, taking a deep breath and swallowed frantically as he started to fuck my face. Again and again, my nose nestled in his fragrant pubic hairs, my throat, tongue and lips massaging every inch of his prick and his groans became louder and more pronounced while he got harder. He was nearly panting when he tried to push me off but I shook my head, grabbed his hips and pushed him as deep as possible into my throat.

The sound that he made sent chills through my body. He screamed, his teeth firmly planted in the fleshy parts of his hand to muffle the sound and his cock bucked in my mouth, thick salty-sweet gobs of cum painting my tongue and teeth. Once, twice, thrice, he flooded my mouth, hissing after each ejaculation and I swallowed, swirling it around my tongue before drinking it down. After the fourth and final squirt, the tension fled from his body and I eased his softening cock out of my mouth, cleaning it as best I could.

Gale didn't move for a few minutes, not when I used the cold wash cloth to wipe his forehead and chest clean and not when I swabbed his prick and pubes clean, tucking him back into his under shorts and buttoning his pants and shirt back up. I went back to toss the wash cloth in the sink, grabbed my grape soda and his lunch and placed the box on his lap.

"See you Sunday."

With a huge smile on my face, I unlocked the door and walked out of the trailer, giving Jhonna a wink as I rejoined her in serving the meal. Gale walked by me a few minutes later and I jumped as he pinched my ass on the way, his familiar smirk-smile back in place. Everything was back as it should be.

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