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Game Night


Good news, toy.

Sounds like we have plans for tonight. Our friends invited us to game night. If I remember right, you always wanted to do something daring. Something... Public. Oh? Not so sure now that the people around would be people we know and not random strangers? That's too bad really, maybe you shouldn't have told me how important of a fantasy it was for you. Now is the time to make it happen.

I'd like you to strip down for me. Yes of course now! Let me have a look at you. You know I love seeing you so naked, exposed and vulnerable. Beautiful...

I took the liberty to pick out your outfit for tonight. Of course it's your favourite, most revealing lingerie. We are having sexy fun tonight after all, aren't we? Don't worry, our friends probably won't even see or notice. It's not like you are stripping in front of them, at least not necessarily, but I am getting ahead of myself. The toy? That will be the main event tonight. Why don't you put it in your panties for me, dear? You see, its a remote controlled vibrator, that I can control with an app on my phone. Is it in place, resting nice and warm right against your sensitive clit? Good...

You see, I can let it buzz softly like this, or be turn it to maximum like this. My, that was quite the spasm. I take it the pleasure and strength of the vibe took you by surprise? Oh, the fun we will have tonight... Well let's save batteries and turn it off for now.

You decide what you will wear over your undies, but I'd suggest something that doesn't make anyone try and take a closer look. Wouldn't want our friends to find out what a perverted little slut you are, would we? After all you literally begged me to push you and make you finally make your public orgasm fantasy a reality...

So a few things about tonight. I will leave this toy running on a randomized rhythm so your wet little cunt will have no way of getting used to it. I will always watch your every reaction. Every fluttering eyelid, every flushing of your cheeks, every squirm on your seat, everything. I will tease you when I notice something and I will covertly call attention to it. I might say: "My you are blushing. You really are into this game, aren't you?" Or: "So concentrated and tense. It's just a game", when I see that your clenched jaw and your grinding teeth are the only thing keeping you from just screaming out your lust. Oh and before I forget: You... Will... CUM!

Yes, I don't care if it takes all evening, but you will cum in public under my control tonight. It is what you wanted, right? I know you get super sensitive after you climax, so I will allow you to excuse yourself to the bathroom after it is done to remove the toy. You better hope no one notices your goosebumps or your shivering hands and weak knees when you stand up. It might lead to interesting questions...

Oh no, it won't stay out of your panties for too long. I will offer to get the next round of drinks and I will call on you to help me carry. We will, but not before putting the toy right back where it belongs and starting all over...

One last thing... You do remember the little drinking game we always play when we get together? The one where someone starts to knock on the table giving a rhythm of two beats and the next person has to repeat it flawlessly and add one beat at the end and so on? I do hope you don't forget the rhythm and slip into the rhythm you feel between your legs or it could get hot and awkward.

Oh, my fiendish grin? Well, ok, you got me... I may or may not have put the idea in people's heads that since we are not at a bar, but a house... We could play the same game, but in a strip version. So you better focus or you might give our friends quite the show...

Come on, don't look so shocked, toy, it will be fun. It will be all you ever wanted. The fulfillment of your fantasy, after all.

Well, too late for second thoughts. We better get going or we will be late for game night...

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My name

I only commented and have 5 stars because that is my name.

toy of Jades'toy

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