tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGameshow Ch. 01

Gameshow Ch. 01


It was September 12, the fifth day of class at Canaan Seminary. Nancy Blake couldn't believe what she was seeing. The letter she had just opened said that her financial aid had been cancelled. That couldn't be right. Nancy was a third year student. She had a perfect grade point and would be ordained after two more years of study.

Canaan was a Pentocostal Seminary. Nancy had heard the calling when she was fifteen and from that day forward she knew she was destined to preach the word of God. The Bible had been her constant companion since then. Nancy read it every day and knew that every word in it was true.

Now, her dreams were being taken away. Nancy called the Financial Aid office. She told them about the letter she had received and that there had to be some mistake. The woman in the office was very sympathetic. She told Nancy that she certainly was one of their most valued students. The problem was that funding was down. It wasn't personal, all Financial Aid for that year had been cancelled. Hopefully, if funding picked up, her aid could be reinstated the following year.

Trying not to cry, Nancy asked the woman what she was supposed to do. After all, Nancy lived in the dorms, if her aid was cancelled where was she supposed to go? The lady in the office told Nancy that she felt terrible about what was happening, but the school had no choice. Nancy's monthly bill for tuition, and room and board was $2452.00. Since she had received the letter after September 1, the school would not demand payment for September. However, she would have to pay for the rest of the year. Payment wasn't due until the 15th of each month, so Nancy would have some time, but if she couldn't make a payment by October 15, Nancy would have to leave the school and vacate her room. Perhaps she could return the following year if financial aid became available again.

Nancy hung up the phone and let the tears come. If she was forced out of school she had nowhere to go. Nancy's mother had run off when she was only a baby. Her father had remarried and ran a successful tavern in a little town just outside Chicago. Nancy and her dad had been close until God had called her. After that, she had realized that her father's business was evil. It promoted the sin of drinking.

Nancy and her father had fought constantly after that. Finally, when she left for seminary, her father had disowned her. He had told her that if she was going to be ashamed of him, then she simply shouldn't come back. Nancy had agreed and the two hadn't spoken since.

After a couple of hours, Nancy stopped crying. This had to be a test from God. Surely, he would not prevent her from serving him. This was just a challenge for her to prove her real worth and devotion. Nancy would search for a way to pay the needed money. If she did her part, God would see that she succeeded.

The place to look was the internet. Nancy knew all sorts of businesses could be found there. She didn't own a computer, but the library had several. Nancy took a walk over there and logged onto one of their machines.

When she was on the net, Nancy did a search on emergency funds. There were hundreds of possibilities. The first fifteen were useless. Seven were banks. These would loan her money, but they all said they could take up to 60 days to close. Nancy didn't have that much time. The other eight were employment opportunities: Phone sales and other "work at home" jobs. Unfortunately, even if she had a way to do those jobs, they didn't pay the kind of money Nancy needed.

It was number 16 that got her attention. It was from a website from the ISLANDX GAME. It offered women a chance to win up to $150,000 in less than 2 weeks. The website explained that women could apply to be contestants on the ISLANDX GAME. All contestants would be provided with transportation to the game at no expense. All living expenses would be paid upon arrival. Most importantly, all female contestants were guaranteed a minimum of $50,000.

Nancy was afraid this was too good to be true, but she made a note of the website. Later, she asked some of her friends if they had heard of the IslandX Game. None of the girls had, but one of the male students, Fred Ames, was familiar with it. He told her it was an awful thing, where women who lost had to perform sexually on the internet. Personally, he had never seen it, but his brother watched it all the time. Nancy asked him how the game got women to do this. Fred told her that all contestants received a minimun of $50,000. Also, if they won, the women didn't have to do anything. Several ladies were apparently willing to risk this for a chance to win that kind of money.

Well, that eliminated that option. Nancy wasn't a virgin, she had sinned with her previous boyfriend. He had been a 4th year student during her first year. Nancy knew she was in love with him and that they would marry. Last year he had graduated and moved away. They had written for a couple of months. Then, last December, he had written her that he was engaged to be married. He was sorry, but was sure that she would meet someone else. It had taken Nancy months to get over it, and she still felt guilty about what they had done.

Anyway, she had to find another option, so Nancy went back to the library. She spent the next two days looking for other ways to find the money she needed, but found nothing that would work. When it was getting late the second night, Nancy went back to the game site. Nothing else was working, and she had to admit that she was at least curious about it.

The home page certainly did say that all female contestants were guaranteed $50,000. That much money would allow her to finish school. Female contestants could win as much as $150,000. The site also said that male contestants could win up to $100,000, but were not guaranteed any money. Nancy wondered why. There was a button on the page for detail, so Nancy pressed it.

The next page said that the game was played on a Carribean island. All contestants would be flown there free of charge and all expenses on the island were paid. People wishing to be contestants should fill out the application form and attach a photo. Contestants would be chosen on the basis of their appearance and personal histories. There was another button which indicated that it would provide detailed rules of the game. A second button was labeled APPLY.

Nancy didn't know why, but she pressed the rules button. A new screen came up which explained how the game was played. Nancy almost couldn't believe what she was reading.


ISLANDX GAME Official Rules.

1. All female contestants will begin the game in a two-piece bathing suit.

2. All male contestants will begin the game nude.

3. The game will consist of 20 competitions between the male and female contestants. The competitions are listed below. Those games marked with a start(*) provide a handicap to the male contestant in order to even up the contest.

1. Short Race*
2. Golf Drive*
3. Basketball Shoot
4. Bowling
5. Swimming*
6. Archery
7. Chess
8. Long Jump*
9. Football Throw
10. Batting*
11. Soccer Kick
12. Miniature Golf
13. Skeet Shooting
14. Roller Skating*
15. Checkers
16. Go-Kart race
17. Scissors-Rock-Paper
18. Punting*
19. Bicycle Race*
20. Long Race*

Press to Continue.


This hadn't looked too bad. It was when Nancy hit the Continue button that it became shocking.



4. All female contestants win $50,000 for playing plus $5,000 for each event won.
5. All male contestants win $5,000 for each event won.
6. The game continues until all games have been played, or the male contestant has won 11 games.
7. All unplayed games are credited as wins to the male player.
8. Once the female player has passed the starting gate, the game continues to completion.

The only exception to this would be a debilitating physical injury sufferred during the competition.

9. If a player is determined to be unable to continue, that player forfeits all moneys won.
10. Whenever the female player loses a game, she pays a penalty. These 11 penalties are assessed in order.

A. Male player removes her top.
B. Male player removes her bottom.
C. Male player fondles and displays her breasts
D. Male player spreads, fondles, and displays her vagina.
E. Male player spreads her buttocks, for access to, and in order to display, her anus.
F. Male player inserts an object of his choice into her vagina. (Player is given choice of 5 objects)
G. Male player inserts an object of his choice into her anus (Player is given choice of 5 objects)
H. Female player performs oral sex upon male player for 60 seconds.
I. Male player has vaginal intercourse with female player for 60 seconds.
J. Male player has anal intercourse with female player for 60 seconds.
K. Male player is allowed to achieve orgasm within female player (orifice to be determined by game)



Press to Continue


It was this list that had shocked Nancy. On the other hand she had come this far, she might as well see the end of it.

She pressed the continue button.



All applicants will be notified within 48 hours of their acceptance or rejection.

Accepted applicants will be told where and when transportation will be supplied.

If an applicant does not show up at the proper time and place, it will be assumed that they do not wish to compete.

That person will not be eligible to apply again.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

Applicants may not be in any sex related business (stripper, nude model, etc.)

Applicant must be able to supply doctor's statement showing that he or she is disease free.

If after an applicant has arrived, he or she is found to have significantly falsified the application, the applicant will be disqualified.

Disqualified applicants will be billed for expenses incurred to that point and will be responsible for their own transportation home.

If after arriving on the island, an applicant decides not to compete, that applicant will be billed for expenses and will be responsible for their own transportation home.

Applicants completing the game will be paid by certified check immediately. They will be returned home at the expense of ISLANDX GAMES.


This was incredible. No one would really do this. Nancy exited the site and went home.

The next week was spent trying to find other sources of funds, but Nancy found nothing. Then, one afternoon, she revisited the game site. She pressed the application button. There were two options.

First you could apply for membership. This cost $50 per month and allowed you to view all the games. Games were broadcast live. One game was played each week. Nancy would have liked to have seen one, just to see if they were as bad as they sounded, but she didn't have $50 to waste on it.

Second, you could apply to be a contestant. Nancy pressed that button. A screen came up with an application form. The person was to fill it out. Then they were to attach a gif or jpg file with a picture of themselves. Finally they were to e-mail to application to the game company.

Nancy read the female questionaire. It asked basic physical information. The most personal thing it asked were measurements. It also asked for job history, personal information, and other items one would find on any job application.

For some reason Nancy was fascinated by this. She just couldn't believe something like this really existed.

That evening, Nancy couldn't get the game out of her mind. The penalties were disgusting, but the money would get her all the way through seminary. If she could win all the games she would have $150,000 and not have to do anything immoral. The more she thought about it, the more she became convinced that this was a sign from God. God was testing her faith because of her previous sins. If she applied for the game, God would see that she didn't have to commit any sins. He was simply testing her to see if she had enough faith to trust him to get her through this.

The next morning Nancy got a phone call from the school office. They were sorry to have to do this, but they were reminding Nancy that she now had exactly 30 days to either make a payment or vacate her dorm room. Nancy realized that this was God's sign that her conclusion of the previous night was correct.

Nancy got dressed and headed for the library. She knew that God was on her side. It wasn't like she had no reason to believe she would win, after all she had always been athletic. Nancy had been a varsity swimmer and volleyball player all through high school. Of course the seminary did not have any athletic teams, but Nancy kept herself in good physical condition.

When she got to the library, Nancy went to the game site. She pulled up the application and entered her physical information. Nancy was 5'11" tall. She weighed about 140 pounds. Nancy was naturally blonde with green eyes. Her measurements were 38D, 25, 38. After that she entered her personal information: Her age, her marital status, the fact that she was a seminary student, and other basic facts. Finally, she scanned her high school senior picture, and attached the resulting jpg file.

Well the application was ready. Did she really have enough faith to do this? Well, it didn't even matter now. After all, she'd probably be rejected anyway, and even if she was accepted, she could still back out. Nancy put her cursor over the "SEND APPLICATION" button. She closed her eyes and pressed the button. When she looked, there on the screen was a simple message: "APPLICATION SENT". Nancy logged off the computer and went back to her room.

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