Gates Of Incest


"Check that shit out gurl…. Look at him…. he likes the way you taste…. How does it taste Playa?…Is it sweet baby?….Do you like it?"

I wanted to jump out of my seat and Scream from the top of my lungs. I wanted to pull the curtain back and yell out to every motherfucker in the bar that my sister's pussy was the sweetest on earth. When I opened my eyes my sister was staring at me. I looked into her eyes when I said,

"It taste good baby… That's the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted in my life."

I looked into my sister's eyes as I pulled Trina's hand into my mouth and sucked loudly on each one of her fingers individually, making sure I didn't leave a drop of my sisters precious fluid behind.

Trina dismounted my sister and before I knew it she got between my legs. She grabbed my cock and started stroking. Her lips were so close to my cock that I could actually feel her warm seductive breath blowing on my cock like a warm summer breeze. The soft warm air felt so good on my cock. My sister sat up and was watching Trina's every move. Trina was now focused on me. But I was still focused on my sister. It was her thoughts that excited me and yet it was her thought that scared me. I don't know if it was my brotherly impulse our what. But something told me my sister needed me. Something told me my sister needed me to hold her. I raised my left arm and motioned for her to cuddle up to me. It was the right move. She slid over into my breast and I held her soft body close to me as she rested her head on my chest.

When we were kids we used to stay up late on the couch and watch those night scary movies on HBO. When a scary part came up she would jump and slide over towards me. I would raise my arm and she would snuggle up beside me. Safe in the arm of her brother who loved her and would never let anything or anyone harm her. That was a long time ago and we were kids. We were a long way from home and the picture in front of us was also scary. It was scary in the erotic sense and this feature had both of our minds in a twist.

I placed my hand on my sister's back and started rubbing it. Then I kissed her lightly on the forehead. When she looked up at me my heart damn near melted when I saw that she was smiling up at me. " I love you baby gurl." I whispered into her ear. And when she looked up at me and whispered, " I love you to Bro." I thought I was going to lose it . I loved my sister and at that moment Trina didn't matter to me anymore. All I wanted to do was hold my sister in my arms. My mind and soul belonged to my sister but my cock was in love with Trina. Enough was enough so I thought. Both my sister and I have gone places tonight that I'm sure we could have never dreamt up in a million years. I was about to put and end to this madness. When all of a sudden rush ripped through my body. In one smooth motion Trina wrapped her lips around my cock and took me deep into her mouth. She inhaled my cock with great force, stopping only when my cock reached the back of her throat.

"Agggghhhh…Agghhhhh…. Oh My God!!!" I moaned as I felt a warm wet set of lips engulf my entire cock.

My sister instinctively held on to me. She placed her hand on my stomach and held me, as I now had to come to grips with what was happening to me. I know my sister saw what Trina was about to do but yet she didn't even warn me. What was so incredible was that I never saw it coming. In a weird way I felt like I was being taken. Trina sucked my cock nice and slow. She stroked my staff as she administered her southern magic on my cock. I could feel the sweat flowing freely from my forehead. I was trying my best to hold on but I knew I would last any much longer. Then just like that she stopped.

I looked down and Trina was smiling, she was always smiling, I guess she was smiling because she had all the power. It was like my sister and I were her slaves. My sister and I where nothing more then willing victims. We were pawn in her sexual chess game.

"Mmmm…. That dick tasted good gurl….Look At it….look at this beautiful black fucking dick….You want it don't you…You want to feel this mother-fucka inside your pussy don't 'cha…..Well here it is gurl….Come and get it….Its nice and hard baby…and its all for you.

Trina stood up and extended her hand to my sister. My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing like never before. It was the not knowing, that was driving me crazy and fueling desires. My sister looked into my eyes. It was like she was searching for something in my thoughts. Just like had done to her. I wanted to fuck my sister. I wanted my sister more then I have ever wanted any other woman in my life. My soul silently cried out for her. I don't know if she felt my cries or did she just see it in my eyes. When I smiled. She extended her arm and placed her hand in Trina's palm.

Trina lifted my sister to her feet Wrapped her arms around her and kissed her passionately. While kissing my sister she poisoned her with her back to me between my legs. And with out breaking the kiss she extended her finger to me and motioned it downwards. I knew what she wanted me to do. I kicked off one of my shoes and raised my hips and pulled down my pants and my boxers in on quick motion. I was half naked with my pants all bundled up around one foot.

Trina's hands were all over my sister's ass. Slowly she kept on pulling my sister skirt up. She didn't stop until my sister skirt was totally clear of her ass and all bunched up around her waist. My sister's thick black juicy ass was standing before. She hand on a pair of white silky panties that could barely contain her massive ass cheeks. Trina placed her hands on my sister hips and dropped drop down to her knees taking my sisters panties with her. My sister lifted her leg and Trina took her panties and looped them up and under on the string on her bikini bottoms. Then she pushed my sisters leg to the side. When my sisters head fell back again I new what was going on. Trina had jammed her fingers into my sister's cunt.

My sister was moving slowly from side to side with Trina's Fingers buried deep inside of her. I couldn't help myself the sight of her sweet, sexy black ass swaying form side to side was killing me. I quickly placed my hands on those giant cheeks and squeezed. Her ass was so fucking soft. Softer and then I could have ever imagined.

"You ready gurl…. You ready for some dick baby…Go head gurl… Sit back and claim that mother fucking Dick…"

Hearing those words I placed my hand on my sister waist. I wanted to pull her to me ram my cock into her cunt, but I couldn't I had to know that she wanted this ass much as I did. I wanted her to give herself to me. And that just what she did when bent over slightly and started moving back and down. My cock was pointing straight up in the air. I used my hand to gently guide my sister pussy towards my cock. But I wasn't alone Trina was right there with us, still in control and still dictating how this shit was going go down. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and held it in place. We were like a team with only one goal. Or mission was clear. Secure my cock inside my sister's cunt.

The first thing I felt was the heat coming from her pussy on the tip of my cock. I tenth of a second later I felt the tip of my cock making contact with something moist and tender. I'm feeling all this. I am seeing all this shit but yet I still couldn't believe it. I was about to fuck my own sister. When the tip of my cock split her dripping wet pussy lips I thought I was going to die. My cock was at the gates of Incest Heaven and I wanted to enter. Like a pounding fist my cock knocked at my sisters pearly gates. Together our souls entered into a new dimension. She opened her doors and pulled me in. She leaned back and let her body freefall. In one smooth motion she took my entire cock deep into her pussy.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhh," We moaned simultaneously…all three of us.

There are no words to describe what it was like. How do you describe entering your sister pussy. My cock was inside of a place that was supposed to be forbidden to me and only me. It was then that I truly understood the meaning of the word taboo. To understand the word and its meaning is one thing. To feel it flow through you're your veins, to fell it take over your entire being is another thing. I opened my mind and then I opened my heart and accepted it. Feeling my cock surrounded by my sister's moist and tender flesh was a gift and not a sin.

Her body trembled softly as her cunt claimed my cock forever. Her ass cheeks spread as they completely cover my entire lap. Trina got off the ground and planted herself up against my left side. She leaned over to me and then she whispered in my ear.

"Is it good Playa….I told you it was nice and tight….Go head Playa…work dat dick…You own that motha-fucka now…That's your pussy."

I placed my hands on my sister hips and pushed forward raising her up a few inches and when I leg go she slid right back down. I only had to do this twice. The pace was set and then my sister took over. I worked my hands up and down my sisters back and down around her ass as she slowly rode my cock. Each time taking me deep into the depths of her cunt. Her cunt was made for me, a perfect fit. Her juices flowed out of her cunt down my shaft and onto my balls. She moaned each time she lifted herself high taking longer and deeper strokes. My cock acted like a blind man as it tried to feel out every ripple in her cunt. Her pussy walls wrapped around my cock like hot chess melting on a piece of meat.

The chain of events that lead us to this point flashed through my mind like bolts of lightening. The phone call, my sister asking to come with me, the ride to the strip joint, the sexy Alabama Slamma' on stage, the bet and then the black curtain being closed. I thought about these things while my sister increased the pace. Before I knew it she was riding me hard and fast, slamming that fat juicy ass on my cock. She was twisting and gyrating her hips on my lap when she fell back into my chest and her body locked up.

"Agghhh…. fuck…I'm cumming Dee…I'm gonna…Cummm…Agh...Aghh." she moaned as her sweet black pussy exploded on my lap.

She grunted as her orgasm plowed through her core. She came hard and fast. I held her tight trying my best to hold on to her and to keep my cock inside her pussy. Trina jumped on the couch on her knees by my side. She got on her knees facing my sister and I. When I looked down she had her hand inside her bikini. She was furiously rubbing her own cunt. She was moaning just like my sister was.

"Fuck her…Fuck her…. Fuck that pussy…hit dat shit, Playa." She said with her sweet southern voice.

I held on to my sister while I started lifting my ass of the seat driving my cock into her twitching cunt. I kissed and sucked on the back of her neck while feed her hungry cunt. I squeezed and rubbed her tits while our bodies collided into each other.

"Oh…My God…I'm gonna Cum….Oh My God…..Aggh…Aghh." I moaned."

The pressure in my nut sack was tremendous. I was about to blow. My sister started gyrating her ass on my lap she used her muscles in her cunt like a fist, Squeezing and releasing my cock.

"Cum…..Cum…Motha-fucka…fuck her.. Cum in dat pussy Playa…take her… make that bitch yours." Trina moaned into my ear."

Trina's words fueled a fire that burned from deep within. A fire that she ignited. My cock felt like a loaded gun ready blast off. My head fell back in Trina's arms. I was looking dead in to her Southern brown eyes when she said,

"Cum…..Cum…. Motha-fucka…. Come in your Sisters Pussy."

With my eyes and mouth wide open from the shock of the last two words to come out of Trina's mouth. I exploded in my sister sweet black pussy. Thick, hot, globs of cum shot out of my cock and deep into my sister's womb. She moaned and gyrated her hips and ass on my lap as my cock filled her cunt with our family seed. The first blast was pure lust, the second blast of cum was desire mixed with passion, the third and biggest blast of cum came from deep within. It was my heart that detonated next. I filled my sisters cunt with not just my cum, but with my love for her. It flowed from my heart. It flowed though my veins. Then it flowed out of my cock and deep inside the pussy of a woman I've known, cared for and loved my entire life. I held my beautiful black sister tight as our juices mingled. My cock pulsed, twitched and churned as it began to stir our fluids together until it bonded and became one.

I collapsed back in to the seat holding on to my sister as both our bodies trembled in orgasmic harmony. My sister and I were both breathing heavy. It was so fucking intense I think I must have passed out for just a few seconds. It was the hot sticky cum oozing out of my sisters cunt and cooling on my balls that snapped me out of my daze. When I opened my eyes and looked to my left, Trina was Gone.

My sister opened her eyes and did the same thing I did. She looked to her left and then she looked to her right. There was no one else there. It was just the two of us. Connected to each other in a way that society could never except and could never understand. And just like that, it was over. The reality of what just happened hit me like car smashing into a brick wall at a hundred miles an hour.

"Oh My God…I just fucked my Sister," I thought to myself with my deflated cock still inside her warm luscious pussy.

We sat there in complete silence. Both us not knowing what to say or what to do next. In a way I wished Trina were still with us. She would have known what to do, but she was gone. I had to do something but I didn't know what to do. But my cock wasn't with me nor did my cock have any sympathy for me as it started to fill back up with blood and harden. Holding on to my sister I sat up and held her in my arms. Thank God, my cock slipped out of her pussy before it got fully hard. I had fucked my sister and I never even had a chance to see the look on her face. I filled my sisters cunt with cum and never saw the reaction in her pretty brown eyes.

I put my lips close to her ear and whispered softly

"Are you Ok Staci?"

There was a long pause. It was probably no more then a few seconds but it felt like and hour. I know I was tripp'in, I know my mind and my thoughts were in a giant state of confusion. I've been through some crazy shit in my life but none of that shit came close to this.

"I…. I…I'm fine Dee…. I'm just fine big brother"

I was so fucking relieved. I had been holding my breath and now I was finally able to breath. I felt like such a punk. I felt like a punk because I was scared. I still didn't know what to do with myself. It was like I need orders. Or someone to tell me what to do. Then all of a sudden I heard what I thought was giggle. My sister turned around and smiled then she said,

"Um…. I…. Think we should go Dee."

Just seeing that sweet girlish little smile on my sister face gave me hope. That smile told me that she was all right. I don't know if she was completely all right but for now it would do.

"Um…Yeah…. I think we should leave."

We both got up. I searched for my shoe while my sister pulled down her skirt and got herself together. I pulled up my pants and took a look around making sure we had all of our belongings. After we got our clothing together I pulled the curtain back a little and looked around. Everything looked cool. I asked my sister if she was ready and she nodded her head. I held her hand as we walked out of the booth towards the door. Halfway to the door we both stopped dead in our tracks as we looked at the stage. There she was on stage dancing. I can't even call what she was doing on the stage dancing. Trina was up there hypnotizing a people with her sweet sexy smile. From across the room I looked into her eyes for the last time. In those eyes I could see the joy and love in her heart. She raised her hand and waived at my sister and I and winked. I don't know how she could have possibly known about us. But some how she did. And for some reason I knew our little adventure in that room would remain between us. Of all the Playa's, Pimps, Drug dealers, and High Rollers in that club that night I felt like I was the biggest Dawg in the spot.

As we passed the stage where Trina was dancing I reached in my pocket and pulled out the wad of cash. My sister looked at the wad of cash and smiled. I had between five and six hundred dollars in my pocket in all denominations. Trina was staring at me when I a kissed the wad of cash and then placed it next to my sisters lips. She also gave the wad of cash a kiss. Then I turned around, looked at Trina and tossed the loot above her head. Everyone in the bar looked up as cash money unfolded like confetti and rained on top of Trina's Head. The crowd erupted. And the other fella's followed suit. Homies cheered as they raised they drinks in the air and tossed money at Trina. Money came flying at Trina from every corner of the bar. It looked like the pretty little girl was caught in a rainstorm of money. It's was a thank you from my sister and I. The money meant nothing to me. You can't put a price tag on what she did with us behind that curtain. Her smiling, as crispy dollar bills rained down on her was just how I wanted to remember her.

The drive back to Westchester was silent. My sister didn't say a word nor did she look my way. She just sat back and stared out the window. I was driving but I really wasn't. My mind was filled with images. I wanted to say something anything but my lips were sealed shut. It was the fear of saying something wrong. It was the fear of not saying the right thing after such an event. I was stuck, there's no such thing as an incest handbook and if there was one I sure didn't know anything about it. The closer we got to my apartment the louder the silence got. It was unbearable. I had gone through so much, mentally I was exhausted.

We said nothing as we got out of the car and walked to my building. When we entered the apartment I thought my brain was going to explode. I couldn't take it anymore the silence and the uncertainty was consuming me. It was eating me alive from within. I was just about to say something when my sister turned around placed her index finger on my pouted lips.

"Shhhhh…. Don't say Anything Dee…Okay…I'm gonna take a shower."

"But…But." I tried to speak but again she placed her finger on my lips.

"Shhhhhhhhhh…. Silence Big brother…. Everything Is Cool…Okay."

Then she turned and headed toward my bedroom. I walked over to the couch and sat down. I was sitting up with my head down in the palms of my hands. I heard the shower running and then the door shut. Even though she told me that she was Okay, it just felt incomplete. Then all of a sudden I heard footsteps. With my head down towards the ground two little brown bare feet came into view. When I looked up my sister was standing in front of me with a towel wrapped around her body.

"Come on Dee…. Come take a shower with me…we have a lot of things to talk about Big Brother."

I jumped to my feet still speechless. My sister wrapped her hands around my waist and gave me a big fat hug. Then she kissed me on my cheek and smiled. Looking into her eyes I knew we would get through this. Then she said,

"Thanks Dee."

"Thanks for what, babygurl?" I whispered into her ear."

"Thanks for always being there for me, thanks for always looking out for me, Thanks for always showing me love, and thanks for loving me tonight."

"Staci…I'm the one that should be thanking you. I love you girl. Tonight we loved each other. I have no regrets baby. I am not ashamed of what we did. Staci I wanted it. I wanted you…baby gurl…I will always treasure this night."

Then I bent my head down and kissed my sister on the lips. She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue in my mouth. Standing there kissing my sisters soft ebony lips was simply joyous. It was warm and unexpected, kind of the like the sun coming out on a cloudy day when the forecast was for rain. It opens your eyes and you smile. You smile because the day is new again.

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