tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGeek Sex Ch. 06

Geek Sex Ch. 06


It seems like for every bad thing that happens in my life something better happens to take my mind off of it. Amy was gone, but Renee and I were starting something. Then I ran into Nick outside of the Library on Thursday. "Hey," he said, and raised an eyebrow, "I hear you've been busy."

Nick was a good friend, and I didn't mind him knowing, but I was a little miffed at whoever, Amy or Renee, was talking about my sex life "What? What have you heard?"

"Only that you spend half your time in the library and it isn't even October, why? Is there something else? You sound guilty or something."

"Um... no...nothing else."

"Oh come on, I'll tell you my news if you tell me yours," he looked at me closer, he could always read me. "It's Amy isn't it, Amy tried to sleep with you, didn't she?"

"No, that's not it at all," I smiled and got closer to his ear, "I jumped HER bones...and it was good."

He laughed, "Yes, it was only a matter of time."

"So what's your news?"

Just than his cell phone rang. "Hello...hey babe, yeah it's true....Damn straight....I don't know, I just found out three hours ago....well, I quit the university and I'm taking a road trip, you coming....where's my favorite place in the world, and yours...well, bring her too, she's right here if you want me to ask her....alright...I know, I can't believe it...Love ya babe." He hung up the phone. "That was Renee, I just left a message on her phone, she was just calling me back. Here's the news: I was just offered a job with a research firm doing almost the same thing I'm doing now, great pay, benefits, a nice signing bonus, and its actually closer to my house than the university, I start in two weeks."

It was incredible news. "Oh my God, that's great," I said and gave him a big hug. "So what now? When are you leaving the college?"

"Actually, I already handed in my resignation. And I'm taking a road trip this weekend."

"Where are you going?"

"My favorite town in the world is Montreal. I've been there a few times, and me and Renee spent a long weekend there in May. I think I should tell you now, me and Renee, and sometimes Amy have been getting together for a while now. I couldn't tell you before. With the PC mentality on this campus now, you have to be careful. We decided that we didn't want everybody knowing about us, but we all thought you should know."

This wasn't a huge shock, I did have a little trouble imagining Amy with a guy though. "Well, I kind of suspected. So what's so great about Montreal?"

"Well as far as I'm concerned it has the best strip clubs in the world. It's an adult playground. I didn't think I would get Renee to leave last time we were there. We always said that we'd go back but we never had time and money. You wanna go? My treat?"


"Yeah, Renee suggested it, I'm not sure if you're into the same stuff we are, but I think you'd have a good time. Besides Renee said that she didn't want to miss your date"

I had never thought about going to a strip club before, I guess I always thought that the girls would be unattractive sluts. But if Renee and Nick thought it was hot then it must be pretty good. "Well, I don't know, what's your plan?"

"We'll leave tomorrow late morning, after Renee gets out of class, I already made hotel reservations for the weekend, we'll drive back Sunday evening."

I thought about it for a few seconds. It would be an adventure, and I felt safe with Nick and Renee. "Alright I'm in."

"Good, I'll pick you up at your dorm, eleven tomorrow."


"I have to go, I'll see you then."

We hugged goodbye. "Congratulations again," I said.

I packed that night. I brought my normal clothes (jeans, t-shirts, etc.), and a nice black dress and heals, I also put my rabbit and anal toy in my pack and Amy's pocket rocket in my purse. Nick picked me up the next day. I expected Renee to be in the car. "Hey, bad news," he said, "Renee is meeting us there, she got called in to work, she didn't want to hold us up so I put her on a late flight instead. We'll drive up there, have diner, see some sites, and pick her up at eleven."

It's about a five hour drive to Montreal, so I had plenty of time to get all the details on his relationship with Amy and Renee. "Well it started back about two years ago when they were sophomores and I had just started as a grad student. Amy was going out with Dave, but she and Renee started fooling around too. They had a few threesomes. Becky was friends with Renee and when she heard about Renee's threesomes she got hot for the idea, so the three of us got together. One weekend the five of us: Me, Becky, Renee, Amy and Dave, went out drinking and ended up having an orgy that lasted about three days. After that we decided to form a little polyamorous group. You have to be careful, but we knew none of us had any problems, me and Becky had already been together for a year and a half, Amy and Dave for almost that long, Renee had just broken up with a girl she'd been with for a while. So we promised each other that we would always try to keep all the sex within the group, with five people there were endless possibilities. And if anyone had sex outside the group they would be extremely safe about it. Anyway, the five of us were together for over a year. Then Becky moved to California. I think Dave found Jesus or something and decided to leave us. So it's been just me, Amy and Renee for the past few months, but if Amy and Renee have their way..." He glanced at me and smiled. "So what do you think of all this? Are we just sexually uninhibited adults, or are we complete perverts?"

"Well I can't say I've ever heard of an arrangement like that before. But I guess it makes sense. If everybody likes each other and they're honest with each other, why not?"

We got to the hotel at about five. Nick went all out. We had a huge suite. A king size bed, living room, Jacuzzi, everything. I put on my tight thigh length black dress and heels, odd attire for me. When Nick saw me he looked at me like he had never seen me before. "This is the first time I've seen you not wearing old jeans, I mean, Wow, you look incredible."

We had diner at a little French place. "So where to after diner?" I asked him.

"Well, we have three hours till we go pick up Renee, is there anything in particular you want to see?"

"I don't know, where would you and Renee go?"

"Hmmm, are you sure you're ready for this? There might be nudity."

"I would hope so."

Nick was right about Montreal being an adult playground. Our hotel was about two blocks from Rue St. Catherine. There must have been ten blocks of strip clubs, peep shows and adult stores along St. Catherine. Nick got a call on his cell phone as we walked. "Hey...aw damn...well you can't do anything about it...So what time...alright...one o'clock it is." He hung up the phone. "That was Renee, her flight's delayed, we'll pick her up at one."

We wandered along, past a bunch of different clubs. "If anything looks interesting just say the word."

"I have no idea what's in any of these places."

"Hmmm, let's go in here then." The club had an Egyptian theme. It was cleaner and more brightly lit than I had imagined a strip club would be. There were maybe a dozen customers there, three or four were women, and four or five dancers. One was on the stage when we came in. She was wearing a tiny bikini top and a g-string, both covered in sequins.

"Where do you want to sit?" Nick asked.

"Let's sit over there." I pointed at a table close to the stage, I didn't want to sit right at the stage. The dancer had red hair and a great body, her skin was very pale. She couldn't have been much older than me. She danced across the stage and twirled around the pole. She took off the top and g-string and smiled like it was the most natural thing in the world.

A few minutes after she finished she walked over to our table. She was with another dancer, a darker skinned women, Pakistani or Indian maybe. They were dressed the same in sheer, skin tight mini skirts and high heels, they seemed about the same height, but it was hard to tell because they were wearing seven inch platform heals (why is that standard stripper attire?). The red head had her hair in girlish buns on either side of her head. The dark one wore her hair long, thick and wavy. The red haired dancer said something in French. Nick answered in fluent French, another of his talents I hadn't been aware of. They chatted for a while. Nick handed them a hundred dollars Canadian. I had a year of French in high school, but I only caught the occasional word. Nick nodded toward me and said one of the few phrases I understood, "But my friend doesn't speak French."

The Indian girl said, with a cute French accent, "I was just asking Nick if he wanted a private dance, would you like one too?"


"Yes, of course, I will be very good to you," she moved in closer, "Unless you prefer my friend."

"Well...How...What do you...do? I've never done this before."

Nick broke in, "They take you into a booth over there. You can have Danse Avec Contact or Danse Sans Contact. If you get Avec Contact you can touch her but she keeps on her g-string. If you get Sans Contact she gets nude, but you can't touch."

"I wasn't sure if you danced for girls."

The red head leaned in close to my ear, "We prefer to dance for girls."

I turned to Nick, "Did Renee have girls dance for her?"

"Renee, would take off her shirt and get two girls to sandwich her," Nick laughed.

Suddenly I felt bold, "What's your name?"

"I'm Riana," the Indian woman said, "This is my friend Amelie."

I stood up and got closer to her, "Riana, I want you to dance for me." She took my hand and led me toward the back of the club.

"So what kind of dance will it be? Nick said to give you whatever you want."

"First, I want to see you naked. Strip for me." She led me into a small booth in the back, it had a small padded stage and a few chairs in front of it. She kneeled on the stage and stroked her body, then slowly pulled down her dress, revealing her breasts. They were firm, with small, hard, dark brown nipples. She pulled her dress down further, and I saw her beautiful pussy, she was completely shaved and her lips were darker than the rest of her skin. She took off the dress completely and lay on her back with her feet up and stroked her cunt, I could see every fold, every crease of her sex. Then she turned over onto her knees, her back to me. She bent over and arched her back, her ass no more than a foot from my face. She reached behind her and ran the tip of her finger over her lips, then across her puckered brown anus. I had never seen someone else's asshole up close before, not even Amy's. I was mesmerized and wet. I could actually see the muscles contract slightly at the pressure of her finger. Too soon it was over.

"Would you like another?" she asked, "Or maybe a Danse Avec Contact?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

She put on her g-string and dress and led me to another booth. This one was smaller with a padded chair. "Sit," she said. She bent over close to me and breathed in my ear. She pressed her breasts against mine. "Now, undress me." I pulled down the tight, thin dress slowly. "You can touch me," she said, "Everywhere but my pussy." I was tentative at first, touching only her sides and back, but soon I had both her breasts in my palms. She put her knee between my thighs and got closer, pressing against my body while I felt her thighs and ass. "Is this what you want?" she said.

"Yes," I replied as I put both hands on her ass cheeks, "Now turn around." She smiled and did what she was told. She bent over with her ass in my face then rubbed it down my body. I placed both hands on the soft flesh of her buttocks. Kneading it, then spreading it. The g-string was so small I could see the sides of her sphincter. When our time ended Riana put her dress back on and gave me a hug.

"Thank you, that was great, you're the first woman to ever dance for me like that," I said.

When we opened the curtain to the booth Nick and Amelie had just finished in the booth across from ours. "Enjoy yourself?" Nick asked.

"God yes," I replied, and leered at Riana.

"Wanna switch?" he asked.

"Hmmm, is there a booth were all four of us could go?" I looked at Nick and bit my lip. For the first time since I knew him he actually looked a little bit surprised. The strippers looked at each other and smiled. Amelie took my hand and Riana took Nick's. They led us into a bigger booth with a love seat and an actual door. Me and Nick sat close together, arms around each other. I could smell his cologne and his scent beneath the cologne. I realized that this was the closest I'd been to a man in three months, all my activities since I dumped Gary had been with girls or toys.

The strippers chatted briefly in French, then Riana said, "We'll be back in one moment, Amelie needs a drink."

"Thanks for coming here with me," Nick said, "I'm a little surprised at how much you like this sort of thing."

"Why does everyone think I'm so damned innocent?"

"Well, until a month ago you were."

"That's true, now I've started a relationship with one woman, and I think I'm about to start a second with her lover."

"So you've given up on men completely?"

"Well...no, I just haven't needed one in a while."

"Well we aren't completely useless you know," Nick leaned in closer, "In fact an experienced man could give you almost as much pleasure as a woman."

"And where might I find a man like that?" I said looking deeply into his eyes.

We were face to face, he touched my nose with the tip of his finger, and whispered, "Right...under...your... nose."

We kissed. I'm not sure if I'd been kissed by a real man before that. Gary was such a wuss, and there hadn't been many others. His mouth was strong and dominant, but he sensed exactly what I wanted. He stroked my thigh and I put my leg across his, he bit my neck lightly and I shuddered. I looked into his pale blue eyes, and I saw so much more than I ever did before. My friend Nick, with his shaved bald head, slight beer gut, and horny glint in his eye, was Puck in Mid Summer Night's Dream, he was Bacchus, he was a Satyr. He was the spirit of lust and fucking.

"AhhEMM, would you like to be alone?" Amelie said returning to the booth with Riana.

"Uhh, no," I replied with a smile, "Why don't you join us."

She laughed, "I wish that I could."

"So, do you just dance for each of us, or do you dance together too?" Nick asked.

"Is that what you want to see, Nick? Such a pervert" Riana said while caressing Amelie's hips from behind.

"I want to see that too," I chimed in.

"Oh yes, Amelie, this one's a pervert too," Riana said.

Amelie slinked over to me and put hands on the top of the couch by either side of my head. She rubbed her beasts over my face then down my body. With out thinking about it, I spread my legs and hiked my skirt up to my hips. Amelie glanced down and smiled. She got closer, her thighs were between mine and her cunt inches from mine. I slid my hands up her thighs then slid her dress off over her head. Her breasts were larger than Riana's or Amy's or mine. Not huge but more than a handful and very nicely proportioned.

Riana was face to face with Nick. Her dress up over her hips as she ground them into Nick. Amelie reached over to her friend and removed her dress. They looked at each other and kissed while me and Nick felt their breasts. Nick and I glanced at each other and I felt this strange lustful bond with him. Riana and Amelie began caressing each others breasts and hips. They both moved in closer, Nick and I had our heads side by side watching as they were kissing just inches from our faces, all four of our bodies rubbing together.

Riana broke their kiss and said softly to Amelie, "Turn around, I think this one has an ass fetish." Amelie giggled and slowly twisted in my arms. Nick looked at me with an expression on his face as if saying, "Is that true?" I nodded "yes" like a kid that was asked if she wanted ice cream. Riana did the same as her friend. My leg was across Nick's thigh and our strippers were between each of our thighs, presenting their asses to us, bent over, backs arched, their arms embracing each other.

Amelie whispered something in French to her friend and she nodded "yes." Riana turned to us and said. "Do not tell anyone about this." She reached behind Amelie and slid her finger under her g-string, moving down her crack then moved the fabric aside, exposing her friend's anus to my eyes. She stroked her friend's pussy and asshole with her finger as she tongued her ear. Amelie did the same to Riana, Nick's jaw dropped at the site. Riana lowered her ass until she was pressing her crack into Nick's cock. He squirmed with delight. Amelie did the same to me, I slid my hips slightly so my panty clad clit made contact with her cheek. God it was hot. I was so close to cumming and so was Nick. I grabbed Amelie's hips so I could press into her harder. In the end it was just a tease, an intense, hot, very enjoyable tease. When the dance ended we all four kissed, Nick and I left arm in arm.

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