tagRomanceGeorge and Martha Pt. 03

George and Martha Pt. 03


Sydney was on time and raring to go Monday morning, I had gone to the store early to show he and his mother around. I gave her the nickel tour at the same time I did Sydney, introductions were made, I turned him over to Caryn and walked his mom to her car as I prepared to go home. Buckling the baby in her car seat I was able to answer all of her questions and assure her all would be well, I'd order two sets of bakers pants and shirts, it would be her responsibility to make sure they were laundered.

We had arranged for Sydney to work half days the first week and then go full time after that, I told his mom he'd be dropped off around 12:30 this week and 4:30 following that. The girls welcomed him, gave him hugs and showed him where the break room was. Weezy asked if he had a nickname, he didn't, no one had ever called him anything but Sydney.

"Well we gonna change that young fella, we gonna call you Sid. How that sound?"

"Miss Weezy you talk funny. I know I talk slow, but you talk funny. I like that name, mom won't like it but I'm a grown man with my own job now. She will have to get used to it."

Laughter and cackling filled the kitchen as Weezy acknowledged she "sho do talk funny."

While Caryn was helping him fill out all the pertinent paper work for IRS, FICA and the rest of the government ponzi scheme she came to realize Sid was actually 26, although he looked a lot younger. Deliveries would be the next day, Caryn had him moving bags of flour from the delivery room and other inventory to the kitchen storage room. The ladies had been busy enough that they weren't able to move stock from delivery into storage, Sid could now take care of that, eliminating unnecessary footsteps for the bakers.

There was plenty to keep Sid busy throughout the morning, when he was told he could pick out any pastry he would like at break he commented he didn't have any money. Caryn told him he didn't need to pay, he was an employee now and he could have any pastry he'd like for break. He was having a hard time deciding, Caryn told him he needed to hurry on, break only lasted twenty minutes. Apparently mom was a bit of a helicopter parent, showing up at 11:45 to see how Sydney was doing and to take him home.

Caryn explained they would bring him home about 12:30, mom thought she should stay and wait for him. Sid came to the front full of flour dust and sweaty, the mom gasp at her son's condition.

"Sydney, you're a mess."

"Mom, my name isn't Sydney at work, it's Sid. I work hard mom, that's why I'm a mess. Why are you here mom, I don't get off until 12:15."

Weezy was standing behind the counter watching and listening before she sat next to "the mom" as she later became known as.

"Darlin, you need to go home. He workin hard, bein sweaty, havin da time o his life, he be fine mama. He gonna be messy, we all be like that everyday. Let him grow up mama, caint watch ova him all da time, he got to be a man on his own."

The mom was in tears as Weezy hugged her and gently escorted her to her car, standing and talking with her for another ten minutes or so, Caryn told me "the mom" was smiling and looked comfortable as she drove away. George came cruising through the door at precisely 5:15, today things were different, in his hands he had two dozen red carnations, my second favorite flower, yellow roses being my first.

Handing them to me he gave me a sweet tender kiss along with my usual pat on the bottom, then down the hall to pee, like just about every other time he'd come home. Walking back into the kitchen I put my arms around his neck, pushed my entire body against his, got on tippy toes and laid one on him. He responded as I expected and had hoped he would, hands on my ass, pulling my hips in tight to his, and my prize, a very erect bulging cock pressing against me.

"Why the flowers Puddin? You know you can have all you want anytime you want? I'd even turn the range off and let you have some now if you want."

"No reason beyond I love you and wanted to bring my girl flowers."

Holding me tight he did something he hadn't done in a very long time, he started singing "My Girl", then stopped. Picking up Shannon cradling her between us we danced in the kitchen while he sang "My Girls". To answer your question, yes, he got all the pussy he wanted that night. Including something we had talked about when we first moved but had never done.

With pillows piled on the bed, me laying over them, my ass in the air and George behind. As he entered me I sighed with pleasure, it was deep and with my legs nearly together there was a lot of stimulation. As George was stroking me he lightly pushed down on the small of my back pushing my pussy into a different angle, an angle we both liked. My hands were against the head board pushing my body back into his thrusts, the sound of his abdomen slapping against my bare ass filled the room, along with his grunts and my moans.

I was on the verge of an orgasm when I felt the head of his dick begin to swell and throb.

"Yes Puddin, cum in me. I want your cum in my pussy baby, cum hard Puddin."

As he stroked I began to quiver, my hips were moving, trying to get more of his meat inside me, and then I felt that euphoric feeling flood my body. My body shook, my ass pushing back to him as something solid to pound, my breath escaped me, I opened my mouth to scream into the pillow. George was there with me as I felt him slam against my ass and let out a long groan, I felt his warm thick cream fill me once again.

The feeling of him cumming inside me had always been a moment that flooded my brain with thoughts of being content and right with the world. My Georgie did that to me, made me feel complete, desired, and accepted for who and what I was. He was still upright, looking back I could see his back arched, his pelvis pushed tight against my soft ass, sweat running down his tummy, a look of absolute satisfaction on his face. When he opened his eyes he immediately looked down at me, a smile broke out on both our faces, I blew him a kiss and wiggled my ass.

"You want to go again already?" He asked.

"If I can get it hard, will you give it to me the way I want it?"

"You name it babe, we'll do it."

I took his soft pussy and cum coated cock in hand, wiping it with a washcloth before slipping it into my eagerly waiting mouth. I liked sucking him when he was soft, I could get the entire thing in my mouth without gagging, it made me feel so good knowing I had my husband's entire cock in my mouth, if only for a minute. Five or six bobs of my head and he was already stiffened, filling my mouth to its entirety, causing me to begin short stroking it with my lips. Gently rolling his balls I felt his fingers slither through my hair, caressing my head, drawing me onto his cock, face fucking me without being abusive.

Pulling off he asked me how I wanted it, I told him on my back, ankles on his shoulders. His eyes lit up, twinkling, his face contorting into a mischievous smile. He started out with me in missionary, knees bent, feet on the mattress, pushing up into him. He asked if I was ready, as I nodded he lifted my legs, holding them together at the ankles like we did with Shannon when we changed her diapers. I smiled at him and told him to pound me.

It not only felt wonderful being drilled with his hard fat cock, a new sensation had taken over my body, the feeling of us being completely one while making love. My ankles together in his massive hand, him lifting my ass off the bed slamming his meat into me, then putting my ankles on his shoulders as he leaned forward embracing me.

"Martha, you're my world baby, you and Shannon. I love being with you, being in you, being your husband. I love you Martha."

I went off the charts with the oncoming climax, talk about zoom, zoom, zoom, Mazda had nothing on my climax that night. George was right behind my orgasm stroking and cumming at the same time, cum running out of me, slippery, warm, thick, cum from Puddin's balls into my vagina. Talk about special delivery. Considering what a mess we were a shower sounded inviting, as well as necessary.

Washing each other we talked about how Sydney was working out, we also talked about the new store opening a week Monday. George asked who was going to be driving the van if the three ladies were baking and selling? Hmm, good point. Could we afford reduced production to pull one of the ladies away for the purpose of driving the van for deliveries with Sid? George suggested we find a retiree who was still fit, but bored. George would put the word out at work and see what materialized before we ran an ad in the paper.

Wednesday at supper George told me about the father of a guy on his crew. The father retired as a lineman 6 years ago and was bored out of his mind. He was looking for 20 to 30 hours a week without heavy labor. George said he'd been told the guy was still strong and had a sparkling personality, whatever that meant. We agreed that we should at least meet him.

Thursday at 6pm sharp Carlos met with us at the store. We explained the job, that he'd be working with a half dozen ladies and a young man with down syndrome. He saw no issues with that, was willing to work for $10/hour and did indeed have a pleasant personality, very outgoing, polite and he spoke well. I explained to him that I needed him about 3 hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon, he could take the van home and the time between 10 and 2 were his to do with as he wished. He lived a half mile from the stores which made it convenient for all. He'd get his 30 hours or more a week, we'd have a driver and a good mentor for Sid.

Brenda's opened Monday with a flurry, pastries were out by noon, most of the fresh bread was gone by days end and the last of the donuts went out the door just as they were closing. Caryn and I had chosen to do a limited production just to see how things would sell, we got our answer loud and clear, Tuesday would be full production. We were due to begin fresh breads delivered to the Pig and Festival on Wednesday, I begged off until the following Monday, cutting the first delivery price in half for the delay on our part.

By Friday the ladies at both stores were in full production. Sid and Carlos had worked out a daily routine to make sure both stores were continuously well stocked and had taken a few dry runs to the grocery stores making sure of their routes and schedules. Sid and Carlos were hard workers and all about getting it done, Carlos was a wonderful influence on Sid, so much so that his mother stopped dropping by to check on him. When Sid's first payday came his smile would have brightened any room, so proud of his first paycheck, a real working man, just like his dad.

Elma and Weezy headed south for their vacation, lots of folks they hadn't seen in some time. Auntie called every three or four days wondering how we were doing and asking about the baby. Things were flowing well, there hadn't been any controversy, racial or otherwise for some time, that was soon to end. Festival had hired a new receiving manager who was being an ass. He didn't like the fact that, in his words, "an old guy and a retard were taking jobs away from people who really needed a job". When Carlos told me I grabbed Shannon and traipsed my young black ass over to the store wanting to talk with the manager.

With the receiving guy in the manager's office, the door closed, and me calmed down I asked what his problem was. The idiot used the same language in front of me and the store manager.

I started in, "Are you really as stupid as you make yourself sound? That "old guy" as you called him has forgotten more than you'll ever know and people like Sid are called people with down syndrome. Just because they don't look or process thing the same way we do doesn't mean they aren't people."

I looked at the manager and said, "He goes, or we go, no negotiations. I am not having this." I spun and walked out. An hour later he called to say the guy had been transferred to another store in Wisconsin, we would not encounter such behavior again. Life went back to some semblance of order following that incident. Weezy and auntie were due back on Friday to familiarize themselves with the kiosk and prepare for Monday. We spent a few hours Saturday morning showing them how to use the card swiper app we'd installed on the smart phone for the kiosk, wanting to do as few cash sales as possible, folks didn't carry much cash anymore anyway, most sales were debit or credit.

Auntie and Weezy would get to the mall by 9:30, the product trays on wheels would be inside the kiosk area, once they unloaded everything into cases the carts would go into a storage area 20 feet away, to be picked up at days end. The first few days were hit and miss, the guys would deliver the product, Sid would take a box of donuts to the main office and they'd be on the road again to deliver the fresh Italian and French bread. The stores loved the fact that most days the loaves were still warm.

They wisely marketed them as an impulse buy item, putting the loaves in woven baskets right by every cash register that was open. The aroma of fresh bread was more than most could resist, our orders for both stores doubled right away. Adding frozen cakes increased their sales, which in turn increased our sales, asking Carlos if he might consider going full time eight hours a day. He didn't mind, the work certainly wasn't hard, and he got free pastry every day at break.

As anticipated, Elma and Weezy knew most of their customers on a first name basis within a month, several of whom would wait until getting to work to have their second cup of coffee with whatever they bought at Weezy's Wonders. We talked about adding fresh coffee to the kiosk, reaching the conclusion someone else could have that market, we were going to do what we did best, baking. Over the next six months we did make a decision to move out of the kiosk into a tiny space between a fashionware store for men and a Victoria's. Talk about a ripe market, our mall deliveries doubled in the first month.

We were allowed to install a small electric commercial oven in that mall store space, the girls wanted to make fresh cookies in store, the aroma would be the cheapest advertising in the mall. At the same time we hired a recent high school graduate who had no idea what she wanted to do other than get a job for the time being. Big tall lanky gal, kind of like George. A farm girl, not afraid of working hard and polite to a fault. Auntie and Weezy loved her, she in turn loved them. On one of my visits I noticed she was starting to use that southern half speak crap, I scolded auntie and Weezy for dragging her down the wrong road. Both laughed and shooed me away. I told Annie that she needed to not talk like that with customers, to speak clearly and with clarity.

With the baby just over a year George and I decided it was time to put another one in the oven, it took no time at all. Like Weezy had said about her late husband, Puddin hung his pants on the peg in his closet where he always hung his work pants and I was pregnant. With my tummy sticking out, all three stores doing well, and our little one walking I was not ready for the next development. Auntie and Weezy wanted to open a store outside the mall, in a little building they'd found a block away.

It had been a shoe store and cobbler shop until three years ago when the old couple who owned it closed their doors after 52 years. No one wanted to learn his trade, and they couldn't go on any longer. George and I looked at the building, counted the costs and location, reaching the conclusion it would work. Annie was willing to help open a new store, in fact, she wondered why Elma and Weezy couldn't teach her how to be a baker. All three stores were operating well into the black, money was not an issue, how long the girls could continue was.

At Sunday brunch we talked it over at length, or should I say until little miss antsy pants didn't want to be in the high chair any longer. Moving the discussion to our house we reached a consensus that they would work one more year full time, during which Annie would be trained in the rudimentary skills and we would bring in an experienced baker to continue training Annie while helping to run the store. Two months later Weezy's Wonders had a new address. We wisely rented the mall space an extra month, making the entire front of the store a billboard with our new address on it. What we lost from people working in the mall we doubled from new customers outside the mall.

Baby number two came into this world in November, a boy we named George Junior. His skin a bit darker than his older sister, but he still had Georges hair and eyes. Shannon loved having a live in baby doll to play with. I had to watch her like a hawk, she thought she should be able to take him out of his little seat and hold him.

As a business we were now supplying fresh breads to the grocery stores and three restaurants, another 4 restaurants were buying our breads and rolls. We were out of room and people. We ended up buying the old Hopkins grocery building for 135 with the oven still in it. After three months of cleaning, upgrades and hiring more people Martha's Wholesale Bakery opened for business. We didn't sell retail at all, only to commercial customers, the sign on the front only said Martha's.

Life got busy, including baby number three (Suzanne), with her about to be weaned, we could get busy on number four, it was also time to let our precious first child loose into the world of kindergarten. Oh boy, I told George I was not ready for this, I wasn't ready to cut the apron strings from my first born. She was excited, her closest friend who lived a block away was going to be in her class as well. My mind was in a tizzy, my baby has a different skin color, different hair, a different mommy and daddy than most of the rest. Is she going to be accepted or rejected, I had myself worried sick.

The night before her classes began George and I were on the couch snuggling after all the kids were down for the night. His words were calming but my anxiety was not going away, I'm her mommy, I need to be there and protect my baby. George slipped his hand under my blouse caressing me, then it dipped under the hem of my dress landing on top my mons. I tried pushing his hand away.

"George, not tonight, I'm not in the mood."

As he stood, he had me stand in front of him, picking me up he threw me over his shoulder like a sack of flour and headed down the hall to our bedroom. As I giggled and protested he slapped my ass hard enough to get my attention.

"Whether you're in the mood or not, what you need is what every woman needs when she'd in this kind of mood, COCK."

We were at our bed by that time, tossing me onto the mattress he flipped up my dress, grabbed my panties, told me to raise and yanked them off. He was still in work pants which immediately dropped to the floor, not even bothering to remove his underwear he pulled out his love pole and slid it into my very aroused pussy. He then proceeded to lay serious pipe, his body slamming against mine so hard it reverberated throughout my body. We were nothing more than a couple of animals in heat by the time we reached a fairly close mutual climax, being only seconds apart.

George had never bothered to turn the lights on as we entered the room, he just got to ploughing that firehose of a dick into me. Laying in the dark on our sides, my leg cocked up, his cock still in me but softening rapidly I thanked him. He wondered for what.

"For loving me enough to screw me silly when I needed it, you're right, I'm completely relaxed."

Our reverie was pierced with, "Mommy, I can't sleep." Two little eyes burrowing through the night, I was silently thanking God we hadn't turned the lights on. We both chuckled as daddy sat up, discreetly put his dick away and picked up junior, tucking him back in and praying with him for sweet sleep. When he returned to the bedroom we burst out laughing, hanging onto the other as we rolled around the bed.

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