tagLoving WivesGetting Her Ready Ch. 03

Getting Her Ready Ch. 03


After her goodbye kiss to me she turned and walked away. I watched how her ass moved so seductively as she walked with the narrow thong running down between her sexy cheeks. I heard the erotic clicking of her high heels on the floor as she made her way directly back to him. Watching her hips sway and hearing the sound of her heels as my loving wife walked away from me was something I would not soon forget. It was gut wrenching but erotic as hell. She was being a seductress.

The symbolic kiss goodbye and then the walk away from me was sexually maddening.

It was extremely hard but I tried to relax and to enjoy what I was about to see and what we both were here for tonight. Once she got to him the two of them took each other in their arms and kissed again. I glanced down and saw my own cock harder than I've ever remembered it able to get.

Later she would tell me that she glanced over at me once and saw the state of sexual turmoil I was in and that it fueled her desire to do anything and everything she wanted with Sean.

At this point she had on her heels, nylons, aqua thong sheer panties, aqua colored shelf bra and slightly open white sheer baby doll type top. Sean had only his open shirt so as the two of them embraced his now almost fully hard cock actually pushed against her stomach. Suddenly I noticed her sexy ass cheeks flex and realized that she was pushing her hips in to him.

She was turned on and expressing her own excitement to him. It was a little hard to watch her so brazenly express her desire for him, but then again, I couldn't tear my eyes away either.

When they finished kissing she moved slightly away from him and she looked down. She wanted to see this magnificent cock which had been pushing against her so wantonly. She could no longer wait and her two hands went down to feel and hold it as she looked at it almost lovingly. Her left hand cupped his balls as her right hand held and softly felt the shaft. Sean didn't move and let her continue to explore what she would soon enjoy.

She smiled noticing there were small drops of his pearl white pre cum glistening at the very tip. She knew from experience that this was a sure sign of a mans arousal and she found it so exciting to look at, especially knowing that she herself had caused it. She lightly touched it with her fingertip and then I watched as she slowly spread it all around and just under the cock head causing the entire head to swell and glisten with the wetness. She secretly imagined to herself how it would taste. He saw her obviously admiring his cock and asked her, "Do you like it?"

She raised her head and looked at him, smiled and said so sweetly, "Yes, I do like it Sean. I like it a lot."

She knew it was important to let him know she liked it for his male ego but also for her own selfish reason to make it the hardest and most excited it could get. She also knew it was important to elaborate a little and she wanted to. She leaned down and placed several kisses all over the head of his cock as she continued to fondle him. Then, looking deep into his eyes she said so sweetly, "My God, it's just so different then what I'm used to."

Hearing that was like a punch to my stomach but I told myself she was just saying that to tease us, but deep down I wondered.

She cupped, cradled and felt his large balls in her tiny hands as if she was weighing them. She seemed so intrigued by the difference in his size. Then, still looking at them, she whispered again, "Everything is so wonderfully different."

She had a way of softly caressing each ball separately that would drive a man crazy with lust and she was doing that to him right now. I envied him.

Finally, he had to sit down. He sat on the foot of the bed and she instinctively kneeled down before him. Then she boldly even pushed his legs apart with both her hands and moved closer into him. Her hands were still feeling and playing with him like she had a beautiful and wonderful new toy. It became obvious to me that she was mesmerized by this new hard cock. The jealousy that I felt mixed with the eroticism of all she was doing was overpowering to me.

Finally she knew it was time to put it in her mouth, to taste the cum that she spread over the large mushroom shaped head. It was time to please him and to show him how good she could suck. She wanted to do one last thing before she took him in her mouth. She looked up at him and then loud enough for me to hear she said to him, "You know, I've never sucked one this big before."

God, she knew what to say to turn him on but how could she actually tell him that he was larger than her husband with me right there? She was driving us both mad with desire but in much different ways. It didn't matter at this point, I was too far gone with the eroticism of it all.

She then lowered her head and worked his cock into her warm and wet mouth.

By this time she had easily forgotten I was even there. It was understandable and actually it was what I would have preferred. Although everything they were doing was almost torturous to me I still wanted her to let go and to totally enjoy tonight. The scene before me and only a few feet from me, was unbelievable to watch.

Here was my sexy and loving wife of many years with her very sexy ass jutting out at me so invitingly. Her sheer top would ride up each time her head went down on his cock.

Her head was moving up and down as she proceeded to give his cock the best blow job he's ever had, and she was doing it right in front of me. She was hot. I had to admit to myself that I had never seen her so hot. Shortly after she started sucking him I even noticed her own hand slowly slide down and between her legs to feel her own pussy. She doesn't do this unless she's totally excited. Watching her almost getting herself off as she was sucking his huge cock was by far the most erotic site I had ever witnessed.

Then I saw her left hand leave her swollen pussy and go to the shaft of his cock. Her right hand reached under and cupped and held his large balls in it. Then, she started to do doing something with him she had never done with me before.

After a few strokes of his shaft her left hand then went to his right thigh to brace herself. She then leaned down and took him deep into her mouth. The difference was that with him she would at the same time use her loving grip on his balls to literally pull the shaft deeper into her mouth. Her left hand rested on his thigh while her right hand held his full and heavy balls literally pulling up the shaft deeper into her mouth. It looked so much more controlling and so absolutely wanton. She was literally pulling his cock into her mouth by his balls. I couldn't help myself and started stroking my own hard cock. It was a sight of total erotic ecstasy.

Sean looked over at me and said, "God, she gives amazing head" now actually starting to groan. She took her mouth off his cock for a second and smiled at him and said, "Well thank you sir, you have a magnificent cock," then she went back to sucking him.

"Yes, she does, I said proudly, and she takes pride in doing it right. She loves to please a man."

Hearing my voice reminded her that I was there and she took her mouth off his cock and while still slowly stroking it she looked over her shoulder at me. She saw me stroking my own, smaller hard cock and she smiled. Then she quickly went back down on this hard new cock that she was now desperately starting to need.

Finally I got so excited I couldn't help myself and I quietly slid off the couch and crawled closer. I reached out with my right hand just to at least feel her ass that was pushing out each time her head went down as if it was beckoning me. It took a moment for her to realize that it was my hand feeling her. When she did realize it she actually moved her ass away from me. Still stroking his cock she turned back over her shoulder and just said, "No honey, please, you can't, go back and sit down and watch." Then she went back to sucking him.

My God, I couldn't believe she just did that, and said that to me, her husband. Didn't she realize how excited I had become? She must have but it didn't matter right now, she was focusing on him. Right now I was an intrusion that interfered with her pleasing him. I had to try and somehow respect that.

It was a little humiliating but I went back to the couch and strangely found myself even harder and more excited then when I had left.

This denial and her wantonness with his cock was doing something to me I didn't understand but desperately wanted more of.

Then finally, he leaned his head back and he started raising his hips up and down a little. She instinctively knew that this was a sign that he was getting close to cumming. She also knew that even though he was this close she still had a little more time so she artfully continued sucking and caressing his balls for just a little while longer. She obviously wanted to get him the most excited and hard that he could be.

She would want him to say later that she had given him the best head out of any woman that had ever sucked him. She was like that. Once she started with sex she always had a deep desire to please and would try to do whatever it took. She always did that to me so why would I expect her to be any different with him.

Finally, she stopped sucking altogether. She wanted to bring him to the very edge, but she didn't want him to lose his wonderful load of hot cream that was surely now boiling deep in his heavy balls. Not yet.

Damn, I thought to myself, it was so exciting to be able to finally watch her perform and I was in awe at how well she did it. I was certainly jealous, but also so proud.

She really worked on his cock. It was clear to everyone that she was getting it ready so he could fuck her. It was very personal as she wanted it to be the hardest and the biggest it could get so it would feel the best when it went into her.

She also wanted to make sure it was so good for him and to bring him to the edge where it would feel the best for him. She would later tell me in her own words, "At the time I wasn't sure if we would actually do it again with him but I did want to make sure that he would want me again."

Finally, she wanted to show me how excited and hard she had made him. She wanted to make me so proud that she could turn on a man like this right in front of me. She wanted me proud that she could excite a different cock like his. I was proud of her.

After stopping abruptly at the most crucial moment for the best effect, she then moved a little to the side, to show me, so I could see how well she did. She held it straight up grasping it from the bottom even though it didn't need holding. I noticed her wedding ring sparkling on her hand as she held him. She looked down at his hardened cock almost proudly now. It was now massive, there was no question she had gotten it the biggest and hardest it could get. It was standing up so tall, so rigid and so hard. It glistened all over from the wetness of her mouth with much of her warm and wet saliva pooled around the base.

I could tell his cock needed her badly now. The way she looked at his cock and the way she caressed it I also knew that she needed it badly as well.

He helped her up off her knees and she just stood in front of him letting his eyes look over her. She was standing there almost submissively, her beautiful breasts and hard nipples pushing out for him. She was waiting for his next request.

Sean then reached out to the waistband of her tiny thong panties, looked up at her and ever so slowly started lowering them down. He slid them down over her hips, down her smooth thighs, her calves and finally she stepped out of them as her left hand gently touched his right shoulder for support. I heard the sound of each sexy heel as it softly clicked on the floor as they were placed back down. My loving wife was being stripped, and right in front of her own husband.

She stood back up proudly before him. He was looking at her now exposed pussy, as I looked at her ass. He complemented her on how wonderfully sexy it looked, she smiled and actually thanked him as she let him look, all he wanted. She seemed so comfortable. She was normally a little self conscious when I would want to look but now, for him, she seemed almost like she wanted his eyes on her pussy.

As he held her tiny panties they both were whispering something back and forth, I couldn't hear but then I heard her tell him as she smiled, "Yes, let me do it."

They both actually laughed a little and then he gave the panties back to her. She then turned slightly towards me and just casually tossed them to me saying, "Honey, would you hold these?"

It was yet another very erotic reminder for me of what my role was for tonight, or lack of one. I caught them and held onto them. They felt damp.

Sean then opened her blouse and her darkened nipples and swollen breasts came out for his view. He then slid back on the bed pulling her with him as he did. He kissed each pointed nipple as she hovered over him. As he kissed and licked them I heard him say, "Mmmm, they even taste good."

I smiled knowing our little secret.

His cock was ready, wet and standing up hard for her and she moved herself on top of him and positioned herself directly over it. Nothing could stop her now. Her delicate fingers then pulled lightly on each of his own nipples making them stand up hard. Once they had responded to her touch she pinched them harder. I heard him groan. Then she leaned down and she kissed him so deeply actually pushing her tongue into his mouth. She had become the aggressor. I couldn't understand why the eroticism of her passionate kiss with him affected me so much.

Then with her soft tiny hand she reached back to grasp his thick hard shaft. Her tiny fingers tried to wrap totally around it but there was no way they could. She was able to point it towards her pussy lips and leaned a little forward adjusting her legs wider and allowing her swollen pussy lips to part open. I watched in awe. It was going to happen now. Once the head touched her pussy it seemed to instinctively spread and open it's swollen lips even further to receive him. She adjusted herself for it's penetration and spread her legs even further each way across the bed.

Finally, she briefly glanced back over her shoulder at me. Maybe wanting to make sure I was looking, she smiled, and then lowered herself onto his cock. I watched as she moved back and forth a little desperately trying to work the head inside. It took awhile for her to work it in. Once the head pushed in between her lips and inside she raised her head, closed her eyes and gasped.

I heard him whisper to her, "That's it, nice and slow like we talked earlier."

"Earlier? Damn," I said to myself, something did in fact happen in those 40 minutes I had to wait downstairs for her to let me come up. She must have somehow seen his cock before I came up. But how? She may have told him that she wasn't sure how she could take such a cock and he assured her that they would go slow. I was a little upset but for some reason the thought only added to my heightened excitement over her new found promiscuity.

The thought of her telling her loving husband waiting downstairs that she would wait until he got there and then something happening to make her too excited to wait only fueled my desire for her. I would talk to my very naughty wife later about this but her sudden moan brought me back to the reality of what was now happening to her only a few feet from me.

I watched as she then started to lower herself on the rest of his cock. The shaft slowly started sliding up and into her with each new thrust. Only about a third had made its way inside her and I heard her cry out "Oh my God, Oh my God," she kept saying as it slid up and now halfway into her. She shook her head back and forth, her hair swinging side to side in total delight of this wonderful new assault on her very hot and overly excited pussy.

I loved her and I've always loved sex with her but somehow being able to watch her perform and being taken like this drove me wild with more passion then I've felt for years. I wanted her like never before, but tonight, I would have to wait my turn even though I was her husband.

Sean apparently couldn't wait any longer and grabbed her hips and thrust her down on him finally driving all of his cock inside her. I heard her cry out, "Damn, oh yes, oh my God, oh Sean, oh Sean."

Finally, the firm cheeks of her sexy ass touched his thighs, she had done it. This magnificent cock was now all the way in her. She had taken it all and it was now time to fuck each other.

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