tagHumor & SatireGetting Ready For The Office

Getting Ready For The Office


This is a little story, with a twist at the end. tell me what you think.


I awake to the buzzing of the alarm clock. 7am. Time to get up, get ready and get to work.....again. But I don't mind, because you're there. At the thought of you I smile and stretch and crawl out of bed. For you I'd crawl anywhere.

I go to my closet and pull open the double doors. What should I wear? Something sexy but sophisticated. I flick through the various hanging shirts and tops. I think a shopping trip is in order. You've seen everything I own and I long to surprise you.

I settle on a slim pencil skirt that ends just before my knees and has a small slit in the back. I've seen you admiring me in this skirt, although you try to hide it. Now, what to wear with it? Of course! My red silk shirt. Red's your favourite colour. The shirt's a bit tight but that's ok, it adds to the charm.

I move the clothing over to my bed and arrange them neatly on the foot of it. Casually I move to the dresser opposite. Mmmmmm. I pull out my red lacy thong and matching bra. Actually, I don't want to wear the bra. I throw it back on top of the pile inside my disorganised panty drawer. I love the way the silk feels against my naked flesh. I love how my nipples stand out proud and erect as the material brushes against them. Throwing the thong onto the bed I reach back in a grab a pair of stockings. These are my favourite stockings. Sheer black with red mesh at the tops and a red line running down the back. Totally sexy. Red pumps to set it off.

Now that I have that settled, time to shower. Turning on the hot water I strip off my pyjamas and wait till the temperature's right. Climbing in I grab the shampoo and wash my long dark hair. It feels good. Relaxing. Once I am sure my hair looks and smells fantastic, I reach down and grab the body wash. Orange flavour because I know you love oranges. Slowly I rub the wash into my skin, letting the scent of it take over.

Starting at my shoulder's I rub gently, making sure they get nice and soapy. I then move down slowly to my breasts. I cup them, weight them, pinching my nipples. It all feels wonderful. But I can't help wishing you were here with me. My breasts are heavy and firm, a good size 32C. Pretty and perky. That's what you called me isn't it?

The slow rub of the soap over my tender flesh is making me horny, my breathing is getting faster. I continue washing slowly downwards, over my tummy, my hips, my ass cheeks. I dribble soap at the top of my ass crack and use my hands to spread my cheeks wide as it runs down and cleans my dirty little hole. I can't wait to feel your cock sliding inside there. Mmmm I want you pounding my ass so bad.

My hands slowly make their way back to my front and I slip the wandering fingers into my soapy cunt. I feel so fucking tight. I haven't had any other men since I met you. I am yours exclusively.

I run two fingers from my left hand along the slit at the entrance to my pussy. I am rewarded with a rush of liquid. My fingers from my right hand find my clit and rub it hard. I love it rough. Love it when you order me around. It makes me soooo wet. My legs turn jelly-ish and I start to pant. Not long. Soon.

My mind turns to you, as always my love. I can't help wonder what you'll wear today. Will you wear your blue suit? That always makes you look sophisticated and sensual. Like a businessman with an edge.

Or will you wear the black pins trip one? The one that makes you look like a sexy god. I love how that jacket clings to your broad shoulders. And when you loosen you tie and roll up your sleeves, I can't help imagine it's because you are going to ravish me over your desk. You look like a total bad boy in that suit. I think it's your short dark hair and intense eyes that do it.

I hope you wear the black one my love.

I rub my clit faster and my stomach muscles tense and quake. I'm going to cum. My legs almost give out and I have to lean against the wall for support as my orgasm rockets through me. I cry out and the sound bounces of the white shower tiles and seems loader still.

Fuuuckkkc!! God! I always have the best orgasms thinking of you.

I finish washing and climb out. Ooops! I only have an hour to get to work or I am going to be late. Mmmm will you punish me if I'm late? Spank me like the naughty girl I am?

I quickly dress, taking care with my make-up and checking in my mirror to make sure I look good. Yup, I look hot! Jumping in my car I drive like a maniac to get there on time. I probably ran at least one red light but, I don't really care.

You are always the first one in the office. Always. I walk in to find you already behind your glass walls, sitting at your marble desk, checking your emails from the night before. How I wish I could go to you now. I'd sit on the edge of your desk, within arm's reach and flash you a seductive smile. You'd lean back and grin at me. I'd hitch my skirt up and straddle your thighs, grinding my damp pussy into you hardening shaft. You'd kiss my neck and nibble at my collar bone as your hands slid up my thighs, pushing my skirt further up. You'd pull my thong to the side and your talented fingers would play me masterfully as I moan and tilt my head back.

I'd open my shirt and let my sensitive little nipples free before guiding your wicked mouth to them. Mmmmmm you'd strum my clit and my hips would buck towards you, seeking more. I'd moan and groan lustfully as you plunged two fingers deep into my soaking pussy. God I need your cock!

I'd have to feel you inside me, and reach beneath to unleash your monster. Looking you in the eyes I would slowly lower myself over you, rubbing your dick head against my juices, letting them run down and soak your balls. Then I'd slam down, swallowing you whole. I'd ride you hard and fast, taking us both to paradise, before cumming and screaming you name. You'd follow after and then we'd both fall back, exhausted. But so very happy.

I can't however go to you. The other employees are coming in. I hurry to my desk and turn on my computer. Waiting for everything to load up, I glance back to you. You look so handsome today. Your wearing your black suit like I'd hoped. Mmmmm my minds awash with possibilities, and I'm sure to be wet all day.

The front door opens and SHE walks in. The bitch. God! She looks like a slut. Short, denim skirt, black t-shirt and ballet pumps. How she could leave the house looking like that Ill never know!

She marches over to your office and without even knocking, just barges in! How dare she!

You glance up as she interrupts and smile at her. Yes I suppose you'll have to indulge her. Though I know you must hate it. I understand completely. Sighing, I open the drawer in my desk, the one I keep locked and 'lost' the key for. You still haven't bought a replacement though. Probably because I told you there was nothing in it. But there is. I have a special little surprise inside. Something that will help us be ride of your pesky 'wife'. Soon my love, you will be all mine. Soon we can be together properly. Soon you can stop pretending to ignore me, to save her getting jealous. Soon, love, soon.

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