tagHumor & SatireGetting There

Getting There

byDr S Crow©

"Come here you fucking little slut."

"Yes, master."

"How fucking old are you?"

"Fourteen, master."

"Don't fucking lie to me. You are eighteen, okay, slut?"

"Yes, master."

"Look at my cock, you whore. It isn't even hard. Make me fucking hard you fucking bitch."

"Oh, yes, master."

"I wanna fuck your fucking little whore face, you fucking bitch. Stick your fucking little fingers up my arse. Wrap your fucking skinny legs round my head. I wanna put my mouth right up your tiny cunt. Want all that fucking pussy juice on my face, you fucking little slut."

"Make me fucking cum, master. Fuck... yes... yes..."

"What are you here for, slut?"

"To serve you, my master."

"Fucking shut up and lick my ass out."

"Yes, master."

'I'm gonna beat those fucking little rosy cheeks of my little girl whore. Gimme that fucking whip, slut."

"Oh yes, master."

"Why do you exist, slut?"

"For you, for sex, for pleasure. To make you cum and cum, master."

"I wanna watch you being fucked by the ape. Get it and suck it off, you fucking filth."

"Please.. yes, please."

(Monkeys are notoriously horny creatures - not as much as goats, mind you - and can fuck all day when they are in the mood. They don't play around, they just grab whatever they want to fuck and go at it like animals. They are animals. Yes, that's right. An adolescent chimp can cum more than seventy times in twenty-four hours. And it has a decent sized cock on it, too.

Happy is the horny nymphomaniac who gets raped by a band of rutting chimpanzees.)

"Come on, get on your fucking hands and knees, and stick your fucking little ass up in the air. God, look at the bugger going at you like a jackhammer. And listen to you, you fucking little whore, cumming like the fucking little whore you are."

(Donald's lexical range becomes somewhat restricted when he is in one of his... 'moods.' Nevertheless it seems to have the desired effect upon Cassandra. She is a strange girl. Quite unusual, really. Of course, we can't tell her age. She said she was fourteen but Donald said she was lying. Let's believe Donald as, at least 'he' is a trustworthy adult. Cassandra will do anything for Donald because serving him brings her immense pleasure. A pleasure that is difficult to describe. Perhaps similar to that of a holy man dedicating his life to God. But that is difficult to describe, too.

Cassandra's Pleasure:

That immense heart-bursting feeling of being madly in love with the person of your dreams which is doubled by the fact that you know he is as much in love with you. Plus a constant sexual, urging lust, on the brink of orgasm and often toppling over into ecstasy each moment her lover reveals his intense passion for her through his wonderful words and acts. The feeling of being in Heaven, really.

Something like that, anyway.)

"My cock and balls need shaving, slut. Get the fucking razor and cream and fucking shave me."

"Now rub honey into my balls and fucking suck and lick it all off, slowly."

"Hmmmmmm, master"

(Donald had been blessed with a big dong and Cassandra is one of these girls who goes absolutely crazy over big cock, even though it hurts when it first rips into her tiny holes. She worships Donald's cock and balls.)

"Oh fucking hell. Look at me, girl. Oh, those big brown eyes. Those fucking lips. Oh, God. Fuck. You slut. Fuck. Cum. Cum. Fuck."

"Please cum in my mouth, master. Give me your spunk. Please."

(The chimp was rummaging in her pussy and ass hole with its long, black fingers, occasionally pressing its face into her buttocks and thrusting its long tongue into her, as they do, in that animal sort of way.)

"Fuck off, bitch. Bring in the girls. The black ones. The white ones. The horny ones. The ones that are craving. Release them."

(Actually, the one particular young lady Donald was thinking of has now turned eighteen (alas) but she had been somewhat 'easy' since the age of twelve. That's her business. She had discovered sex at an early age and happened to enjoy it immensely. She would have put it down under Interests and Hobbies on her résumé. She didn't love Donald but she loved anything human with a dick. Therefore she did love Donald, in fact.)

"You fucking skinny, lanky thing. What a sweet looking angel you are in that short dress. I love your sluttish, freckled, fresh face. How horny are you?"

"I want to fuck and fuck and fuck. I want cock."

"Well, I just want to watch you being fucked while I bury myself in Cassandra's ass hole. I've got half a dozen legionnaires for you, who have been stuck in the desert fucking camels for the last five years."

"Hope they have big, fucking hard cocks."

"They fucking have, whore."

(Donald wasn't joking. He had found the legionnaires at a club and asked them if they were interested in fucking a schoolgirl nympho. They thought about it for a milli-second and replied in the affirmative. They now marched into the huge room with their throbbing members in hand...)



"Yes, Linda."

"This fantasy is getting a bit ridiculous, don't you think?"

"Sorry, my sluttish one, but I was about to cum. Just keep on sucking my balls and I'll be getting there in a minute."

"The things a woman does out of love for her man!"


"I want that fucking little slut, Cassandra back. Come here you spunk-craving little whore. How old are you?"

"Far too young for this story, master."


"But I am in love with you, master, your belly, your wrinkles, your eight inch cock, your dirty mind. I love how you treat me, master. Please shoot your load into my mouth and I will orgasm for hours. Please?"

"You fucking little trollop. Take it. Yes. Fuck. I'm cumming. Slut... whore... underage cock sucker..."

(At this moment Donald started to shoot thick loads of sperm from his largish cock. His orgasm lasted for only fifteen seconds but was incredibly strong. Linda had his cock between her airbag tits and was getting all this spunk on her lovely face. The vibrator was still humming in her cunt. She was cumming, too.

The young, pretty, pert-titted Cassandra faded as Donald emptied his balls over her mother, the wife of his best friend.)




Be proud of your sluttiness - it is a rare quality.

My Lady Sluts, luxuriate in the pleasures of sex because that is why we are here.

If you can fulfill your fantasies, then do, but be careful, be safe but never feel guilty.

Others may judge you - those tight-mouthed bitches and their church mouse husbands - but they will never, ever know the sheer pleasure of abandoning themselves into...

Pure, unadulterated, nasty, dirty, uninhibited, fucking, sucking, rubbing, moaning, screaming, panting, whimpering, lusting, wet, sticky, oozing, SEXXXXX.

Will they?


In the meantime, my Beautiful, horny Sluts, Dr S Crow places soft, slow, wet, sensual kisses all over your bodies...

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