tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 02

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 02


It had been about a week before I saw Edward again. I had felt used by a ghost that just wanted one night of fun. I couldn't believe I was that gullible. I spent the week feeling ashamed of what I had done and I thought of telling my husband but I didn't want our relationship to end.

Once again, I was at my computer when Edward showed up.

"Hello my sexy little bitch, I had fun the other night, did you?"

I span around and found Edward standing by the door.

"I was wondering when you where going to come back, I thought you had one night of fun and that was going to be it."

"I wouldn't do that to you, I love what you done for me so much, I just wanted to keep that picture in my mind of you laying there with that spoon up your pussy. Plus, I had to think of more idea's of how you could please me the most."

"you mean you want me to do something else for you?"

"Ohh yes, and I have got some good ideas too, now, before we start, I want you to gather a few things so that they are close at hand."

He told me to get two bulldog clips from my draw, a rolling pin, a towel and a small thin aerosol can and put them by the bed.

I laid on the bed again, with nothing on.

"Now, I want you to play with your nipples till the get hard."

I did as I was told, I felt rather excited and I was wondering why he wanted me to get all these things.

My hands felt good on my breasts and I worked my nipples until they where hard, oh it felt good.

"Now get a bulldog clip and clip it onto your nipple but be gentle, it may hurt at first."

My husband and myself had never used any sex toys and my husband refused to buy any, we just used to do it in the normal position or doggy style, so all this was new to me.

I placed the clip over my nipple and closed it, a wave of pain shot from my nipple, but strangely, I liked it.

Edward could see I was excited by the new feeling shooting through me and told me to push it together more. I did and I let out a small moan followed by a scream from the pain. It felt so good, I wanted to do it more and the chance was soon to come, Edward told me to place the other clip on the other nipple, I did as I was told readily, I couldn't wait for the wave of pain to shoot from my nipples again. Edward told me to just lay there and let the pleasure and pain mix fill me, as I did, I felt like a new person, not just a plain and boring anymore, I felt like I was the only person that could please Edward the way he wanted.

Edward's voice cut through the pleasure.

"Yes, you are doing good, now, take the rolling pin and place it to the entrance to your pussy and just let it sit there".

I took the rolling pin from its hideout by the bed and did as Edward told me.

"When I say, push it in as hard as you can, I want you feel what it feels like, having something pushed into you and I want you to feel full as soon as you start."

I laid there and waited for the command to push, I wanted to do it then and there but I had to wait. Just as I was thinking he wasn't going to say it, I heard him shout "PUSH".

I pushed it in as hard and as fast as I could, I wanted to yell out in pain and pleasure, but nothing passed my lips. I felt stretched and full as soon as it started to enter, I pushed until I felt it hit my cervix and then stopped.

I looked up at Edward and saw pure delight on his face.

"Now, I want you to get up and place the towel in-between your legs, it will be hard to move at first, but you will soon get used to it."

Every time I moved, I could feel the intruder moving inside me, it took me a long time to get up onto my knees and place the towel down, I laid back down carefully and waited for more instructions.

"Now, reach forward carefully and grab on end of the towel and pull it up to your chest, do this slowly as you would not want to cause too much pain to yourself."

I leant forward and picked up the end of the towel and slowly laid back down again, I could feel the rolling pin push harder against my cervix, I now know why he wanted me to do it slowly.

"I just want you to lay there and do little wiggles, you will soon find out why."

I started to wiggle my hips slowly, I could feel the intruder slowly moving around inside of me, after a while, I notice my hips moving of their own accord, they where getting slowly faster and harder in the movements. The pleasure was coursing through me, I didn't want to stop, I felt I would cum soon, but Edward had other idea's.

"I want you to stop that now and take it out of you."

I did as I was told and took my sex toy out of my pussy. I felt empty after I did this, I just wanted it back in me, I just wanted my little play thing back in me.

"I want you to knell down with you butt in the air for me, that's it, now take the little aerosol and place it to the opening of you arse. I want you to push slowly in, this may feel strange at first, but trust me, it will feel good later."

I once again did as I was told, The tin was about half an inch round and 8inchs long, I gently pushed it in. It certainly felt strange, but at the same time sexy. Once I had pushed it in so that there was just an inch showing out of my arse Edward told me to lay back down again but on my side and to totally forget I had something up my rear passage.

I obeyed as I always did and laid there waiting for the next mission.

"I want you to insert the rolling pin again, but you have to go slowly this time, or you will push the tin out of your arse. Just leave it in the entrance of your lips, about 2 inch's in, them wait for the next thing I want you to do."

I put my sex toy to my lower lips and started to wiggle it in, it felt a lot tighter this time, with my rear intruder in me as well. It was difficult to get it back in, I felt it pinching but I managed to get it in to the 2 inches that Edward wanted.

"Now, put something in your mouth so that your screams are muffled, grab the towel and pull it sharply towards your chest."

Once he said screams, I didn't want to do it, not if it was going to hurt, but he reassured me that it would be screams for delight and pleasure.

I put a corner of a pillow in my mouth and reached down for the towel, I pulled as sharply as I could. The rolling pin moved at an alarming rate straight into my pussy and the wave of pure pleasure went through me like a bullet, I screamed into the pillow but I didn't climax. I laid there and managed to spit the pillow from my mouth. I gasped for air.

"I want you to rub your clit as hard and as fast as you can until you come, I want to hear you scream again for me."

I reached down for my throbbing clit and put as much pressure on it as I could, my hand moved at high speed, I could feel both holes as full as I have ever had them. My climax started to build growing more and more till I let out a long scream of delight, my climax ripped through me like a train through a station.

"You have pleased me once again, now you must get cleaned up and everything put away before you husband gets back, I shall leave you know."

With that Edward disappeared and left me felling violated again.

I tried to stand to put things away, but I fell right back on the bed again, I decided to lay there for a few minutes. As I laid there I pulled my intruders from me and wrapped them in the towel.

After a few moments to myself, I managed to get to my feet and clear things away before my husband walked through the door.

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