tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 01

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 01


It was about 9pm one dark March night when he first came to me.

I had just been talking to a friend on the internet and was just browsing the net when I heard the voice.

"Hello, can you hear me," said the disembodied voice.

I took no notice of it and carried on looking up a few different things on the net.

"Hello, you there, you sitting there on the chair at that machine thing, please answer me."

I paused my music for a minute and then heard it again.

"Please answer me, it has been so long since I have talked to someone."

I turned around and saw nothing. Just as I was about to turn the music back on again when I noticed a faint outline of a person standing by the door to my bedroom.

I did not jump as I have had experiences with ghosts before.

"Hello, is that you standing there?" I asked in a low voice.

"Oh, you can hear me, oh you don't know how relived I am to hear you talking to me."

I sat and talked to this ghosts for hours, that is when I found out his name was Edward and he had died some 70 ago.

"My husband is due back soon, I am sure he would be pleased to meet you," I said looking at the clock.

"oh no, I have only been watching you for the past few weeks, please don't tell anyone about me, I beg you."

"Ok, if that is what you want, I shall not tell a soul."

Weeks went passed with only myself knowing of Edward's existence and he came to visit with me every night when my husband was at work.

It wasn't until the middle of June when he asked me the first time.

"hello again Lisa, its only I, Edward"

I looked around and he stood where I had first seen him.

"You know we get on very well? I have a favour to ask of you," he said in a nervous tone.

"Anything, just ask away, we have got on very well, I shall do anything."

"Well, I am embarrassed to ask you."

"Edward, you know me well enough now, I am sure it can't be too hard."

"Well, when I was alive I was a very sexual man, I was wondering if I could watch you masturbate in front of me."

I was very shocked when he said this, I had never done it with an audience before, well to my knowledge I hadn't.

"I know this may shock you, but I would help you, but I can not touch you."

After much thinking I decided to do it.

He said he would talk and I was to obey what he was saying.

"Lay on the bed without your clothes on and spread your legs."

I walked to the bed and took off all my clothes and laid on the bed as he told me.

"Now run your hands up your sides and cup your breasts, that it, now pinch those nipples for me, yep, nice and hard."

As I was doing this, I felt a warm sensation running up my toes and gradually up my legs.

I looked at Edward and I could see the pure delight in his face.

"oh, you are good, now pinch harder, oh yes, pinch until it hurts, once the warmness gets to your pussy I want you to use one hand and cup it and squeeze."

As I was pinching them harder, I noticed I was obeying every word, it was like I had lost control over my body and Edward was controlling everything.

The warm feeling reached my pussy and a hand went down to squeeze. I squeezed so hard a slight moan escaped my mouth. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it.

"Now I want you to wet your fingers in your mouth and the put them on your clit but do not move them until I say."

I did as I was told and wet my fingers and then placed them on my throbbing clit.

I could see more ecstasy in his face.

"Start to move them slowly and gently at first, when you can no longer control it start to go a little faster."

I couldn't even hold on for a minute I was franticly going at my clit as fast and as hard as I could but just as I was about to climax he told me to stop.

"I want to keep going, please let me cum."

"It is too soon, just pinch your nipples again for a while."

All I wanted to do was to cum and he was saying I had to wait, I was wondering why until he spoke again.

"In the kitchen there is a long handled wooden spoon, go and get it and I shall tell you what to do when you get back.

I went and retrieved the wooden spoon and laid back down on the bed.

"once you have done what I have told you, you are not going to want to use that spoon again, so place it somewhere that your husband will not find it. Now, open your legs and insert the handle to as far as it will go."

I did as I was told and had a sudden rush of ecstasy, I felt I was going to climax right then. Once I had got it as far as it would go, Edward told me to take it back out but keeping my fingers where my lips meet the shaft of the spoon.

He told me to mark it and measure it, I was very surprised to see it had gone all the way to 12 in but due to the slimness of the shaft I had not been open all the way. I wrote down on a bit of paper on the bedside table the measurement.

"Now turn over and get on you knees and insert it in your arse and do the same again."

I was shocked by this, I had a virgin arse and I didn't want to do it, but after Edward telling me that it would make my climaxing better in the future, I did it.

It felt so good, I didn't want to take it back out again, but I did and took the measurement, 9in. I wrote it on the paper.

"Now you can rub your clit till you cum, but do it slowly and gradually build the speed."

I eagerly did as I was asked, my fingers meet my clit and I started to rub, gaining speed and roughness.

Just before I climaxed I heard Edward say, "cum for me you bitch, cum hard and fast."

This sent me right over the edge and I had the most rocky climax I had had in years.

I lay on the bed for an hour, then I looked at the clock, 10 minutes to get cleaned up and hide things before my husband got home.

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