tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilligan's Island: Temptation 04

Gilligan's Island: Temptation 04


The day after Mary Ann jacked Gilligan off with her foot, she went right back to being a pissy little virgin. When Gilligan found her in the Supply Hut bending over to pick up a box of mangoes, he decided to fondle her cute little ass in those sexy little shorts, thinking she would love it. But he was wrong. The minute his hand touched the top of her smooth, satiny thigh, she stood up and fixed him with a haughty stare.

"Gilligan! You can't just grab me whenever you want!"

"What about last night?" he asked, wide eyed. "You made me cum so hard I shot ten gallons of spunk inside my pants!"

"That's different. Last night was a treat. Any more treats have to be earned. And please, mind your language."

Fuck that, thought Gilligan, and reached for her again. She slapped his hand firmly.

"No, Gilligan. Now please, I have chores to do."

"Why can't we fool around?" he whined. "I've been waiting years for you to do something like that to me, and you wanna pretend it never happened?"

"I wasn't saying that at all. Why don't you ever listen? Always twisting things round to suit yourself. I said 'any further treats have to be earned'."

Gilligan was busy ogling her pert breasts that were almost falling out of the tiny, sleeveless top she wore. All the buttons were open and she had tied the ends under her bra-less tits and her smooth, tan curves and inviting cleavage were making his mouth water.

"Are you even listening to me, Gilligan?" she demanded.

"Uh, yeah," he uttered. "Tits have to be earned. I mean, treats."

"That's right. Earned." Mary Ann put her hand under Gilligan's chin and made him look up at her face. "I know you like me, Gilligan, and I like you too. But I'm not like Ginger. Yes, I saw you ravishing her in the jungle yesterday. I was coming to find you for dinner when I heard her squealing like a stuck pig, making enough noise to wake the dead." Mary Ann allowed this information to sink in. She thought he might look embarrassed or ashamed, but he didn't. "Anyway, what I'm saying is, just because Ginger lets men stick their thing inside her whenever they want, it doesn't mean I'm going to. You have to be nice to me first."

"I am nice to you!" Gilligan protested.

"Grabbing my bottom and pressing up against me and trying to put your finger inside my panties all the time is not being nice to me, Gilligan." Mary Ann was standing with her hands on her hips while she made her little virgin speech and Gilligan stood there and took it like a naughty little boy. "You have to let me come to you when I am ready."

"Like last night?" he said.

"Yes, just like last night."

"But what did I do to earn that?" he pleaded. "I'd like to know, because then I can do it again!"

Mary Ann laughed and stood on tip toes to kiss his cheek. "Patience, Gilligan, patience. It's a virtue. I'm sure you remember those?"

Gilligan turned and watched her leave the hut with the mangoes. His cock was hardening at the thought of pushing her to the floor and rubbing fleshy, juicy mangoes all over her tits and ass and then licking it all off. His cock became so hard he knew he'd have to find Ginger fast, but then he heard the Skipper yelling his name like someone pulling on a damn foghorn over and over and over.

"Coming Skipper," he muttered. "but I'd much rather be cumming with Mary Ann."

Gilligan was grouchy and frustrated all morning. As usual, the Skipper was making him do all the work. He dug drainage ditches and fixed leaks in the water supply while his big buddy stood in the shade complaining about how hot it was.

"If you did some work, you'd lose some weight," Gilligan told him, but the only response he got to that was a smack on the head with the Skipper's hat and a shouted lecture on following orders or being thrown in the brig. "In the Navy you'd be court martialed!" he yelled.

In the Navy, you wouldn't be so fat, Gilligan sulked, shoveling dirt over his shoulder.

Later on, Mary Ann brought them lemonade. By this time, Gilligan was down to his T-shirt, which had sweat rings under the arms and a sweat patch on the back. She stood and watched him as he drank thirstily, like he'd been out in the desert for a month. She watched his Adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed, and licked her lips when lemonade leaked from the corner of his mouth and trickled down his throat.

"I like a man who works hard," she smiled, shyly.

"You like it hard?" Gilligan said, handing her his empty cup.

"Don't be naughty," she giggled, swinging her hips like a little girl.

"You won't give me a chance to." Gilligan stepped a little closer to her and she breathed in the scent of his fresh sweat and felt the heat burning off of him. His chest was almost against her beautiful boobs, his arms ready to encircle her.

"Don't, Gilligan. Anyway, Skipper will see you.".

Gilligan glanced over to where the Skipper lay collapsed under a shady tree with his hat fallen down over his face at a lopsided angle and his arms and legs splayed out. He was already beginning to snore and grumble in his sleep. "Skipper's too busy dreaming about beer and steaks," he said, leaning down to inhale the papaya shampoo on Mary Ann's hair and brush his nose against her neck, just under her right ear.

"Gilligan, stop that," she said, trying to sound strict.

"Can't I have a treat?" he murmured. "I've worked awful hard."

"Well, I suppose that's true," Mary Ann agreed, biting her lip as his warm, lemonade scented breath tickled her earlobe.

"How about a kiss?" he suggested, bringing his arms up and around her, but barely touching her, like a loose cage that she could easily escape from if she wanted to. All the while his cock was screaming, fuck her! Fuck her! But he knew he wouldn't get the chance if he didn't play by her rules and so he waited for her to say something.

"Yes," she said chastely. "You can have a kiss. But just one."

Gilligan needed no further encouragement. He lifted one hand to the side of her face and cupped her cheek. He tilted her face up and looked into her eyes, and then he closed his eyes and covered her mouth with his and kissed her gently, circling their mouths together until she began to sigh, and then a little bit deeper, opening his mouth and tasting her lips and monitoring her reaction. When he knew she was lost in the exquisite sensations of his lips on hers, he kissed her as deeply as it was possible to. He crushed her mouth and bruised her lips. His arms went tighter around her to hold her still when she gave a muffled moan at the invasion of his hot, wet tongue snaking forcefully past her lips. He slid both of his hands down the silky skin of her exposed torso and onto her soft, rounded ass cheeks and pulled her forward onto the erection that threatened to burst out of his jeans. She yelped when she felt how rigid he was. He ground his hardened bulge against her pubic bone while he plunged into her mouth with his tongue, then adjusted his position so that he could grind himself against her clit, which he guessed was right there in the front of her figure hugging shorts.

Mary Ann moaned and sucked on Gilligan's tongue while he pushed his cock hard up against her. He made his next move very quickly. He lifted one hand to the front of her open blouse and whipped out one of her glorious tits. He was about to lower his head and suck fiercely on her rock hard nipple when Mary Ann suddenly wrenched herself out of his grasp.

"No, Gilligan, stop that! I'm the one dishing out the treats here!" She tucked her tit back into her shirt, hiding that succulent nipple away from his lust crazed eyes and hungry mouth.

"But Mary Annnn!" he pouted. "I want to!"

"'I want' doesn't get," Mary Ann retorted, as primly as she could with her mouth still tingling and wet from Gilligan's kiss, her chin faintly pink from being scratched and rubbed by his stubble and her engorged pussy lips flaming with desire and seeping love juices into the gusset of her shorts.

"You know what you are, Mary Ann?" Gilligan said, so angry and frustrated at being denied that he was almost shaking. "You're nothing but a...."

"A what?" said Mary Ann, staring at him defiantly.

"Nothing, Mary Ann." Gilligan sighed, blatantly adjusting his pants in front of her. "Thank you for my treat."

"That's more like it. Now, you better get back to work because I think the Skipper is about to wake up."

Gilligan was momentarily distracted and turned to look at the Skipper, who was still shouting, snoring and grunting under the tree. "No, he isn't, he..."

But when he turned back, Mary Ann was gone.


Ginger and Gilligan's clothes lay strewn around the beach. His hat was up in a tree where Ginger had thrown it like a frisbee as she ripped his shirt off. There was no time for small talk or pleasantries. Gilligan stuck his tongue down her throat and mauled her tits for about ten seconds. His balls ached so much from Mary Ann's rejection that he had to have Ginger's ass, pussy and mouth as soon as possible.

Ginger wasn't arguing. She was so turned on by Gilligan's eagerness to fuck that she sank to her knees straight away and started sucking his huge cock like a lollipop, drool running down her chin, gagging while he pushed his cockhead past her tonsils and right down into her throat. Gilligan held her head and thrust into her mouth with his skinny hips pumping back and forth.

"Fuck you, Mary Ann," he hissed, ramming Ginger's face with his engorged prong. "Fuck you, you tightassed little bitch."

Gilligan yanked Ginger's head up by the hair and unceremoniously pushed her down onto her face. Ginger shivered as she stuck her glorious ass up into the air and anticipated the first thrust of his engorged cock into her pink, dripping fuck hole. A second later, Gilligan's thick rod speared into her and came to rest against the neck of her womb, and Ginger let out a loud "aaaaah!" and fell forward onto the beach..

Ginger's mouth filled with sand as she lay face down with her hands and feet digging holes and kicking sand everywhere and her hair and neck and tits and stomach and everywhere else coated with sand. Behind her, with his hands grasped firmly on her hips, Gilligan began slamming her deep and hard, banging her wet pussy and then plunging his cock into her puckered asshole, knowing how much she wanted it. He soon fell into a steady rhythm of plowing both of her eager holes, making her go "uh...uh...uh...uh...uh..." with every forward stroke.

Gilligan watched his fat cock plunder Ginger's slutty cunt and gaping asshole and started to feel a lot better. Mary Ann could shove it up her ass. He didn't care about her prim little virgin snatch. He had his beautiful, slutty fuck toy right here, and Ginger would do anything for him that he wanted. Her pathetic little squeals were music to his ears.

"So, anyway, Mr. Howell wanted me to caddy for him, and Mrs. Howell got mad because he was meant to be taking her on a walk. She picked up the golf ball and threw it over the cliff with about a million other balls that she's already thrown over, and when he complained, she told him he was lucky she hadn't shoved it in his ass." Now that he was getting what he wanted, Gilligan chatted away quite happily as he pumped his shaft in and out of Ginger's dripping holes, switching effortlessly from ass to pussy to ass because they were both so wet and stretched by the jackhammering he was giving her.

"Th-aa-t's niii-iice, Gii-llli-gaaan," Ginger gasped. She was rocking backwards and forwards with the force of each thrust. Her nipples dug little trenches in the sand and began to chafe, and she struggled up on to her hands only to fall face down again as Gilligan thrust forward like a battering ram.

"Stay down, bitch," he told her in the same chatty, conversational tone. "I know how much you like having things shoved in your ass. Gee, I bet I could get my whole arm up there!"

Gilligan had been on the verge of cumming all day, but now that he was here, he didn't want it to end too soon. He pulled out of Ginger's slurping cunt and got down behind her and proceeded to rim her asshole, which was so open he could fit his tongue right inside it, licking out the inside of her sphincter, which puckered and grasped at his tongue like a little mouth. He pulled her ass cheeks apart with his thumbs, clamped his mouth right onto her pink starfish and delved even deeper, tongue-punching her savagely while he tried to keep his wet cockhead out of the sand. They had brought a blanket, but it was only small and where sand was concerned it didn't matter- that damned stuff got everywhere.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yessss!" Ginger wailed and pushed back onto Gilligan's face and ground her ass against his mouth. He slid his hand along her stomach and grabbed her tit. He pinched the nipple as it was hanging down and swung her tit like a bell on a rope, feeling how heavy it was. Both of Ginger's tits started swinging like church bells and she sang out like the choir within as Gilligan dove into her asshole over and over again. Who would have thought the First Mate of the Minnow could use his tongue like this? Normally he just spoke utter crap with it.

Ginger got up onto her hands and knees and began rotating her hips and creaming Gilligan's face with hot pussy nectar and fresh ass juices. He laughed at her frantic attempts to get his tongue deeper inside her. He nibbled and bit sharply on her sphincter ring, chewing it like it was a rubber band. He let go of her swinging breast and diddled with her clit and stuck his thumb into her pussy while he continued to suck and bite and tongue her ass until she made a noise that sounded like she was crying and laughing at the same time, riding his face like the dirty bitch she was.

Unbeknownst to Gilligan, a little ways off in the jungle, Mary Ann was crouching down behind a bush, her slim little hand working down into her shorts. She played with her throbbing clit as she watched the scene before her with wide and hungry eyes fixed on the actions of Gilligan's mouth against Ginger's ass and his huge, reddened cock waving around like one of the bulls on her father's farm. As she watched his tongue glide and slide and probe and prod into Ginger's butthole, her own tiny, virgin anus began to throb in time with her pussy lips, and she imagined Gilligan doing the same to her, and she had to put her other hand over her mouth to stop the moan of pleasure that almost escaped from her lips.

After rimming Ginger into a shuddering heap, Gilligan rolled her over onto her back and slapped the sand off her tits, making her squeal and shout. He enjoyed the sight of her large, soft breasts quivering and wobbling like jell-o every time his palm came into contact with them. Her stiff nipples were so pale, unlike Mary Ann's, which were dark brown and inviting, like hot little chestnuts just waiting to be bitten into. Nevertheless, beggars can't be choosers.

Gilligan slapped Ginger's tits until they were red and throbbing, then he dove down to suck hard on her inflamed nipples, groping and fondling her with his work roughened hands. His moistened cockhead prodded her belly and dripped a trail of pre-cum all over her and made her russet pubes even wetter and stickier than they already were.

As he chewed on her tits, he fingered her clit. When she moaned loudly he told her to shut up because someone would hear her and then she'd be in big trouble. "Then again," he mumbled cheerfully, tugging on her right nipple with his teeth, "if Skipper saw me fucking you it might wake up that shriveled sausage in his pants that he calls a prick. He might finally get a hard-on and want to fuck you too. Or how about Mr. Howell? I bet he'd pay you to suck his old man's cock. Or the Professor, once he puts those darned books down. You could have three cocks at once, with one on standby. We'd rotate around until each of us had fucked every hole at least half a dozen times. I know how much you miss that." Gilligan finished mauling her tits and turned around so that his face was between her legs and his dong was hanging down on Ginger's lips. He pulled her sodden pussy lips apart and dove down into the deep pink folds, his head moving up and down, licking and slurping her juices and fingering both of her gaping holes. Ginger groaned and opened her mouth wide as she could and took his stiff cock right down into her throat until his balls were in her face and they began to sixty nine each other right there on the beach.

Mary Ann almost fainted. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She flicked herself frantically as Gilligan lifted and lowered his hips in a series of shallow, rapid thrusts downwards into Ginger's mouth. Ginger was holding onto his ass and digging her nails into his skin, gagging and drooling and gulping and swallowing constantly as Gilligan's thick tool pushed into her throat. At regular intervals he thrust right down until Ginger's head was in the sand and his balls were in her eyes, blinding her. He ground his hips onto Ginger's face and Mary Ann swore she could see the bulge of his huge cockhead sliding deep down inside Ginger's throat. He pulled out slowly and plunged in hard and deep, and Ginger gargled against the pole of flesh that thrust down inside her mouth and sent streams of saliva coursing down her cheeks and into her flame red tresses. She poked a long, sharp fingernail into his rectum and he shouted out between her legs, and she chuckled around his cock and he called her a bitch and made her gag deliberately on his lethal weapon.

Gilligan felt his balls swelling with cum as he fucked Ginger's face relentlessly. He matched the rhythm of his thrusting rod with the thrusts of his tongue and fingers between her trembling milky-white thighs and soon Ginger was cumming like never before. Her hips lifted right up off the sand with two of Gilligan's middle fingers wedged inside her sticky asshole and three more plundering the depths of her wet, spasming channel and his mouth clamped down on her clit. He tortured her man in a boat with his skilful tongue until she almost lost consciousness, gasping for air around his meaty shaft as he carried on riding her face without a care in the world. Ginger's strangled gasps turned Gilligan on more than he would have ever thought, but bless her, she was still sucking him off like the good little slut she was, eating his dick and balls like a seasoned pro even though she couldn't breathe, and sticking her finger in his ass which was driving him into a frenzy of lust. Accompanied by the wild, erotic sounds of the movie star's orgasmic moaning and gagging, Gilligan's frantic thrusts soon brought forth a tidal wave of thick jism from his engorged cockhead. In no time at all he was happily unleashing his full load in a series of hot bursts, pumping his cream straight down Ginger's cock-bruised oesophagus and into her waiting stomach, making her choke helplessly on squirt after squirt of thick, hot cum.

Gilligan fell forward with his face buried in Ginger's steaming, tongue-lashed pussy. His rigid pole finally began to soften in the depths of her semen filled throat. He listened to Ginger dragging air into her lungs and whimpering softly with her hot, sexy mouth crammed full of man-meat and saliva mixed with rivers of hot, fresh cum. She sounded happy enough, he thought. As for him, he had just had the best balls-draining orgasm of his life.

Gilligan sighed contentedly, nestling his face into the hot, sex-scented folds of Ginger Grant's amazing twat. He felt as if he could lay there forever.

Meanwhile, deep in the bushes and hidden away from sight, Mary Ann ground her soaking pussy onto her fingers and brought herself to a second teeth-clenching climax. She knew it wouldn't be long before she surrendered her precious virginity to Gilligan's pumping fucktool. She couldn't wait for the day that the First Mate of the Minnow stretched her tiny channel with his solid loveprobe and shot his load inside her, filling her up completely with the precious nectar that Ginger loved so much.

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