tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 02

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 02


(Femslash. Rory/Paris/Ms. Peters. Notes. This story takes place after my story "Detention". As far as I can determine Ms. Peters, the faculty advisor for "The Franklin" never had her first name given. Therefore I have chosen one for her. As always, the characters are not mine. They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW. These events take place however in the spring of the characters' final year at Chilton. Since Rory's birthday is October 8th and Paris was born in December by that time they would have both unquestionably been over 18.)

"Are you sure?"

"Am I completely without a doubt one-hundred percent sure without question? NO. I'm only ninety-nine percent sure."

"Maybe you're wrong."

"Paris, you heard her. That wasn't a simple observation. Ms. Peters is way too sharp not to have figured out what was going on. Not just my clothing, but our make-up, our expressions, even the state of the Headmaster's desk for heavens sake. They all would give it away to someone not as dense as Charleston and goodness knows she is anything but dense."

"All she said was that your blouse wasn't buttoned properly." Paris clung to the fading hope that the words their advisor had spoken meant only exactly what they said.

Rory rolled her eyes. "Wake UP Paris. She KNOWS."

"Oh GOD." Paris sat down abruptly. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know," admitted Rory. The two girls came together, holding each other, both seeking and giving reassurance. "I don't know."

For days the pair was on pins and needles. They had learned their lesson in one important respect; they maintained physical distance at school and were careful not to indulge in looks of longing across the halls or classrooms. At the same time though they kept up being close and chatty, after all, they were still best friends. They just had to balance that with the fact that they were now also lovers. The first was well-known, the second something they still wanted to keep under wraps. Not only did they fear the reception from friends, teachers and family but neither of them had yet the slightest clue where they were going with what they had admitted was a relationship "of some kind or other." Was it just a mutual crush? Was it something deeper?

During the nearly agonizing period of waiting they did manage to find some time together. There was no waking up together but there was some delicious fun of other kinds. Returning one evening from a college fair at the school Paris suddenly veered down a side road and pulled into a dirt lane. She shut off the car and grinned at Rory.

"Gee, I think we're out of gas!"

"Oh dear!" Rory pretended to cry out. "What will happen? We're all alone and lost out here in the dark and the wild, wild woods."

"There, there, fear not," soothed Paris as she took her friend into her arms. "I'll protect you."

Kisses were exchanged; soft and sweet at first before becoming deeper and showing the desire the two girls had for each other. Hands ran over each other. With the skill born of repeated practice Paris deftly unbuttoned the brunette's blazer and blouse and slid her hand inside Rory's bra. The other girl gasped, a gasp that the blonde returned as Rory ran her hand up the outside of the well formed leg pressing against her to cup the full ass and creep under the panties that did a very poor job of concealing the tight cheeks.

"But who," panted Rory as the kisses intensified, "Will protect you fair maiden?"

The pair toppled sideways in a tangle of arms and legs with Rory on top. Grasping hands continued to explore. With a deft tug Paris wrenched Rory's bra down and fastened her mouth on one of the exposed breasts. Suckling deeply she drew all she could of her friend's firm young orb into her mouth. Her tongue felt the dark pink nipple grow firm, helped along by the lashing that same tongue's tip was giving it.

Rory arched and Paris hung on. She ran her fingers down her friend's back and under the plaid skirt, cupping the firm little ass there. Rory nearly ripped open Paris' clothing until the other girl's bra was around her waist and her hands could cover both of her lover's breasts.

"Perfect," Rory whispered. "Made just for me." Slightly larger than her own, Paris' breasts filled her long fingered hands to perfection. Thumbs caressed full brown nipples. The blonde girl shivered and let out a deep moan around the breast that filled her mouth when Rory gently scraped her nails over the hard nubbins.

Paris bucked under her friend. Her hands jerked Rory's skirt up around her waist before returning to rub and squeeze the tight ass cheeks. Rory reared up, rolling Paris' legs into the air, although the blonde never lost the grip her mouth had on the breast it was engulfing. Nearly frantic, Rory struggled to pull Paris' satin French cut panties down her legs.

Reluctantly, the blonde released the tit she was suckling so Rory could kneel between her upraised legs and strip her already damp panties from her. As soon as she felt them slide free Paris grabbed Rory's ass again and yanked the brunette down on top of her.

Muted laughter erupted from both young women.

"My oh my are we horny today Paris Gellar?"

"Just for you Rory Gilmore." Two mouths locked together in a deep passionate kiss and all further teasing was done with lips and fingers and tongues.

Then Rory's pantyhose thigh pressed between Paris' legs and began to slide up and down, rasping against the wet blonde pussy. At the same time a planted foot and a bended knee saw a smooth bare thigh touch the taller girl's tangled brown bush. Both girls braced against the car door and began to rock hard against each other.

'Uh, UH!" grunted Rory as she drove her thigh against her friend. The girls shifted slightly, allowing Rory to be fully on top of the young woman who had become her friend, her classmate and now her lover. Slapping sounds filled the car as the brunette drove herself again and again against Paris. The two dripping pussys kissed again and again. Sweet nectar ran from each of them, mingling together where the friction of their young bodies turned it into perfume.

The girls frantically ground against each other. Paris' fingers dug into Rory's ass. Her feet, braced against the car door, allowed her to buck upwards each time the taller girl drove down. Paris tore her mouth from Rory's.

"Rory! Fuck meeeeee," she wailed.

"Yes." Rory thrust against her lover. "YES." Slapping sounds rose as she humped frantically up and down. "YESSSSSS!" Rory screamed and arched, holding herself against Paris. Two exposed and throbbing clits touched and both girls went off like rockets, Rory falling against her girlfriend and the two bodies shaking together in the fury of their orgasms.

The pair snuggled for a bit before Paris began to only partially mock complain about the cramped space they were in and how Rory seemed to be gaining some extra weight since their time in the Headmaster's office. They sat up and attempted to help each other readjust their clothing enough to cover up their activities for the brief period they would each have before going to bed when they got to their respective homes. Of course it took a long time to get straightened out as fingers had a habit of wandering inside the clothing they were supposed to be helping the other put in order. In fact Paris never did get her panties back on before they left.

In the midst of the giggling and touching Paris suddenly sat upright with an exclamation.

"What is it?" asked Rory, almost alarmed at first.

"I just remembered something important. Guess what? Madeline overheard a couple of the women who work up in the front office at school talking. It seems that Ms. Peters got a bit of a scolding from Mr. Charleston. Apparently she had scattered some papers the day we spent in the office and didn't get them back in the proper order. She told him she was sorry but she had not been paying attention when she shifted stuff to sit on the desk when she talked to us. After all, there are only two other chairs and she told him she didn't feel right sitting in HIS chair."

"I don't follow you," replied Rory.

"Don't you see? WE were the ones who scattered all that stuff. We knew we didn't get it all back exactly where it belonged but we thought he might not notice. She covered for us."

"Wow, so she did." The girls hugged. "We should have known better, after all," said Rory thoughtfully. "Ms. Peters is a wonderful person and she's very fond of both of us. She wouldn't have said anything if she had caught us on top of that desk I bet."

"Hmmm," teased Paris. "Do I detect a bit of a crush there? "Wonderful?'."

Rory snuggled with her friend and kissed her. "Jealous?" she teased back.

"Maybe. Maybe not. She IS very attractive after all."


That conversation sparked an idea that Rory was to mull over for a couple of days until the next meeting of "The Franklin" staff. When the meeting was over Rory managed to dither around doing little things to delay her departure until only she and Ms. Peters were left in the room. She scooped up her books and started to leave, only to make some indistinct remark and set her books down on the last desk. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that the advisor was looking at her.

Once again making a mumbling noise, Rory turned slightly and looked down. Her fingers caught them hem of her skirt and pulled it up just a little. She held it with one hand as she stroked her blue pantyhose with the fingers of the other one as though she was smoothing it on her leg. She bent her leg at the knee, making the muscles flex. She saw Ms. Peters opened her mouth to say something and then abruptly shut it when Rory hiked her skirt up even farther.

Rory slipped her foot from her shoe and balanced on her toes as though she was posing, which of course she was. She turned slightly back and forth, both to insure Ms. Peters had a good look at her as she smoothed and adjusted her pantyhose and to covertly gauge the older woman's reaction. Both were quite satisfactory. She continued her ministrations to her leg, working the side of her skirt up until it was nearly at her waist and revealing that she had not worn panties under her sheer to waist pantyhose. She ran her fingers up farther, touching not only the back of her thigh but the now showing curve of her bottom. Those fingers lingered there, stroking along the curves where her thighs became her ass, until with a satisfied grunt she dropped her skirt, slid her foot back into her shoe, gathered up her books and without looking at the desk left the room.

Later on, as they walked toward the parking lot, with barely concealed glee she told Paris what she had done.

"You didn't!" marveled her friend.

"I did," answered Rory, who was almost as amazed as Paris that she had actually gone through with her idea.

"And? What was her reaction?"

Rory giggled, almost giddy with excitement. "At first I thought she was going to say something like 'What are you doing?'. She didn't. I was careful peeking at her but she just sat there and stared. I swear her eyes were fixed on what I was doing and nothing else. She looked like she was hypnotized."

"Well, after all," breathed Paris, "They ARE very nice legs you know." Rory jumped as a set of fingers trailed up her leg in almost the same fashion as she had just described."

"Hey now! Not in public."

"There's no one around."

The girls were wrong. A certain dark-haired, dark-eyed advisor was watching through the window of her office. She caught her breath as Paris touched Rory. She watched as the girls linked fingers for just a moment before they scampered out of sight. Turning away from the window once they were gone she walked back to her desk and sat down.

Angelina's mind was in a whirl. Earlier she had started to mention to Rory that she should go to the ladies Room before adjusting her pantyhose and found that she couldn't say a word. Her eyes had locked onto the smooth slender leg and followed the seemingly unaware girl's exploration of it. When Rory had shifted and Angelina had caught sight of the swell of the young woman's butt, covered by nothing more than the smooth blue nylon, she had nearly moaned.

Moaned! At one of her students and another girl at that. She had to think this through.

The idea that Paris and Rory were involved had come as a bit of a surprise but had not really bothered her. They were still two nice girls that she liked a lot. Whatever happened between them was fine with her as long as they were happy.

That evening the drive back to her apartment seemed to speed by. She spent the evening correcting papers and entering grades in her laptop as well as reviewing this week's projected layout of "The Franklin". All of her actions were rather mechanical though tonight as her thoughts kept straying to what she had witnessed in the parking lot and in the classroom today.

She wished she could call her sometimes boyfriend David but he was out of town at a seminar and wouldn't be back for a week. Why hadn't she insisted on getting his hotel name and room number? Perhaps they took too much for granted; perhaps anything out of their ordinary on and off routine just wasn't done. But tonight she wanted to talk to him. In fact, tonight she would have loved to have him in bed and in her.

Well, that wasn't to be. So she took her shower, brushed her teeth and her hair and climbed into bed. She turned off the lights, rolled onto her side and then returned to her back. She sighed and then laughed softly. Sleep wasn't going to come without a little assistance tonight. Her hand slid under the covers, slipped down her body and between her legs.

With long familiarity she began to stroke herself, touching exactly where she liked to be touched. She closed her eyes as she squirmed slightly on the bed, imagining once more that the source of her stimulation wasn't her own fingers but was rather that of an attractive young woman

Usually Angelina fantasized about David. He was a good lover after all and she really was fond of him. Sometimes she thought about past boyfriends. After all, they weren't in any kind of official exclusive arrangement, although she saw no one else and she didn't think he did either. Sometimes her fantasy lover was just a composite of men she had known and men she just thought about.

Tonight though, memories of college long ago and a certain friend intruded. That other girl and she had never gone beyond kissing and a bit of petting but now she wondered what it might have been like had they gone further.

She tried to put those thoughts out of her mind as the pace of her fingers picked up and her body began to build. She succeeded, but no matter what image she tried to fix in her mind, another intruded. That intruder had long firm legs and blue pantyhose. In her mind Angelina could see those legs and the fingers touching them. She could see the curves of the tight bottom and when she reached the point of no return and she came all she could think of was Rory Gilmore and how much she wanted the lovely young student.

(To Be Continued)

(Next: Paris' turn to flirt)

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