Girl Like Me


I should have seen him coming. A girl like me, walking home alone at two in the morning. A girl like me, in a short jet black satin skirt, a dangerously revealing black tang top, and three inch black leather heels. A girl like me, who didn't listen to her friends when they told her she shouldn't leave the party by herself. They didn't understand that something or someone was drawing me out of the party that night.

I hit the dark pavement with purpose, but was still guided by the cheap dollar store fiesta lights of the drunken party. My heels made this rhythmic clicking sound as I swaggered into the night. I stared at my feet as they carried me away, hypnotized by my own beat. As I got a little further into my journey, the party's fiesta lights grew dim. I glanced back mometarily at the illuminated light allowing the glow to make me feel safe in my own skin; but as I returned to my route home the night surrounded me like a mink coat, dark and stifling.

This anxious feeling arose in my belly and I had the insatiable urge to turn... no... run back to the party house. I ignored the feeling. A girl like me never gives into her better judgment. Bad things never happen to a girl like me.

I reached my apartment unscathed, and took this huge sigh of relief as I raced up to my door. My feet were sore, and I couldn't wait to kick off my heels and lay out on my beige suade hand-me-down sofa.

I never made it to the couch.

As I opened and closed the door behind me kicking my shoes off as I did so, I felt an arm reach around my stomach. Before I even got the opportunity to register the event in my head and scream, a strong and calused hand clasped over my mouth, smearing my lipstick. The only thing that went through my head was, "fuck." I kicked up my legs in protest, but whomever was behind me was much stronger than I.

He dragged me deeper inside my apartment; only letting go of my mouth for a brief second to dead bolt my door. In that moment of freedom I screamed. Not a loud scream, but the kind of noise that leaves your throat when you're too stunned to elevate your voice. A garble, a cough, the sound didn't even reach the hallway. My whisper of a scream stopped right at his ears. My back was pressed against his chest, and I could feel his sweet breath on my ear. He laughed, a sinister laugh that chilled my bones. I could scent cigarettes on his words, and felt a shiver of desire creep down my stomach.

He again removed his hand from my mouth; I took the opportunity to attempt another scream. This time the sound was more guttural; full of fear and contempt. He grabbed my throat from behind and squeezed. All sounds ceased immediately. He told me definitively that if I screamed again he would choke the life out of me. His rough cigarette tainted voice made me wet. A girl like me, getting wet from a man who just threatened to kill her.

I nodded my head and he released his grip. I childishly asked him who he was. He childlishly didn't respond. He moved his hand down my neck, slowly, softly. He moved down to my chest and reached inside the top of my tang top. I wasn't wearing a bra, and he cupped my breast, letting his thumb circle around the hardening nipple. My legs started to get weak and I leaned back into him. He took his other hand off my waist and slid it up my skirt. He was going tortuously slow. At first I tried to resist his touch, but his hand quickly left my breast and was on my throat again, so I gave up easily. His hand reached my panties, and I guess he could feel the heat coming off of me, because he pulled me back tighter to him. I felt his hard cock against my spine. He gently moved my satin pink panties to the side and slid two fingers into my soaking wet cunt.

He was going far too slow, and I wanted more. I asked him in a whisper to take my panties off. He pulled his fingers out from me and turned me around. I looked into the ocean blue eyes of this man, this stranger, and the only thought going through my mind was," fuck me." He kneeled down in front of me and pulled off the only piece of cloth that was separating him from my eager cunt. Next came my skirt, then top, then my inhibitions, my cares, my fears. I wanted this man. I wanted this man with the ocean blue eyes to fuck me till I bled.

I stood physically and emotionally naked in front of him. I was exhilarated, terrified, livid, starving, nauseous, giddy, self conscious, apprehensive, deluded...and a hundred other emotions I can't even name. He pulled me down to the floor and told me to lay on my back. I did so without hesitation or question. He slid his hands up my legs and forcefully spread them apart. I jumped. My legs were shaking as he moved closer. When his hot breath was finally on me, I could feel myself getting wetter still. His tongue was on my clit a moment later. When the sensation hit me I couldn't help but wrap my legs around his shoulders while grabbing his hair and pulling his face into me. My body jerked up and down, and he grabbed my hips trying to hold me in place. I could not be controlled.

The moment before I was about to cum in his mouth he stopped. I let out an aggravated yelp. He moved up my body and put his right index finger in my mouth. I instinctively started sucking and nibbling on it. With his free hand he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He removed his finger from my mouth and stood up to remove the remainder of his clothing. The stranger ordered me to get on my knees. I knew what he wanted and smiled up at him. I could barely fit all of his cock in my mouth, but I tried my hardest. I would take the length of him in my throat, then swirl my tongue around his shaft as I pulled back to the tip. I got completely lost in his salty taste and he groaned his approval.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hair and pulled me off of his cock and onto my feet. I looked into those eyes again. The stranger put his hand on my cheek and I nuzzled it as he kissed me in a way that made my insides melt. While his tongue still danced with mine, he pulled my legs up around him. I locked them around his waist and continued to suck on his tongue, desperate for more.

With my body still locked around his, he walked over to my stainless steel kitchen counter and placed me on top of it. Without removing his lips from mine, I felt him slide his huge cock inside my soaking wet body. I pressed my lips harder against his. His strokes were slow and surprisingly gentle; I clung to him, digging my nails into the flesh on his back, afraid that if I let go I would wake up from this wasn't a dream.

He began fucking me harder while spitting, biting, and cursing against my neck. I winced in pain and dug my nails deeper. He arched backwards and pulled me closer to him. He was pounding me in a way that made my dishes rattle in the cabinet. I was screaming now...loud. I didn't care who could hear me, I wanted to scream.

With a cry from my throat I bellowed,"tell me to cum for you." He angrily ordered, "be a good little girl and cum for me now!"

He repeated it six times before his voice began to waver and sound disjointed. I wanted to feel him cum inside me, I begged. I begged until I could feel his seed filling me deeply. My whole body shook as an orgasm took over.

We stayed in the same position for five minutes lightly kissing. He pulled me off of the counter and took me to my bedroom. He placed my feet back on the soft carpet and lifted my covers while ordering me into bed. He told me to be a good girl and get some sleep. As he kissed me on the forehead he informed me that, "I'll be back the same time next week." I cooed, "I'll be waiting."

A girl like me would always be waiting...

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