tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGirl Next Door Ch. 02

Girl Next Door Ch. 02


Jimmy kept a watch on Miranda's backyard for the next couple of days, hoping that she would repeat her performance in the pool; but she didn't. The few times that he saw her she was on her way out somewhere, although he tried to go over a couple times when he was pretty sure that she was home no one answered the door. Disheartened, he thought that maybe she wasn't as interested in getting to know him as he was in getting to know her... it was definitely possible. Maybe he'd just been so excited by having a beautiful girl next door that he'd taken purely friendly overtures as being more than friendly... oh well. If nothing else, the images in his head of her bouncing up and down on the diving board, swimming naked and then masturbating were worth his entire summer's stay.

And then he got lucky again. He'd found a pair of binoculars and put them up on the window where he'd been watching her from before - it was a prime spot, through the branches to hide him a little but giving him a good view of the backyard. Walking by one of the other windows he glanced out and saw her setting up next to the pool... this time she had a bag with her but she was naked again. Very excited he raced to the other window, getting into position with the binoculars and putting them to his eyes.

She looked even better closer... this was the perfect distance so that he could see her from upper thighs to the top of her head, getting the full view of her body and also of her facial expressions. Smiling she went over and jumped into the pool again, floating around on her back while her breasts bobbled lusciously on her chest. Groaning happily as she went to the diving board, Jimmy slid one hand down into his pants to rub his aching dick; her boobs were flopping as she bounced on the diving board and then dove in.

It was just as good as show as it had been before, her naked glistening body jumping up and down while the fleshier parts of her jiggled enticingly... Jimmy was fisting himself firmly as he watched her in the pool. When she got out he fervently hoped that she was going to repeat the other day's activities... yes... YES! She got out a bottle of the lotion and began rubbing it all over her generous tits, taking a lot of time to rub it into her nipples, pinching the glistening buds. Rubbing his dick hard, he ran his thumb over the sensitive head and moaned as she started playing with her nipples.

Miranda's eyes were closed and her mouth was open, panting as she rubbed her breasts, pinching and twisting at the erect buds; her thighs spread open almost as if it was involuntary. Between her pink lips, pussy juices were collecting and shining, the lips parting as though asking for a dick to be rammed between them. Jimmy's breathing was getting heavy as she suddenly stopped and reached into her bag, causing him some consternation as he feared that she was going to stop.

Instead, she brought out a dildo. Not a particularly big one, in fact his dick was probably bigger than it, but still, he realized that she was going to masturbate with a dildo. He was actually going to get to watch a replica of a dick pushing its way in and out of her hot hole... this had to be the best summer he'd ever had. Taking the dildo, she rubbed it over her oiled tits and nipples, sliding it through the deep valley of cleavage and making Jimmy wish that it was his dick sliding between that slick flesh.

Moving the dildo down to her pussy, she slid it up and down between the pink lips a few times, getting it wet with her juices. Jimmy had the binoculars locked onto her body, his hand moving on his dick firmly as she poised the tip of the dildo at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly she started pushing it in, a little bit at a time, her mouth making a perfect 'o' as she sighed in lustful happiness, the plastic toy stretching her open. With the binoculars Jimmy could actually see her pussy hole opening up to accept the toy, like a mouth stretching wide as more and more of its length was pushed in. The fact that she was using a very life-like dildo made it even easier for him to imagine that it was his own dick pushing into her.

He kept his hand moving at the same pace that she was using to thrust the dildo into her body; enjoying the way her tits jiggled and the expressions on her face as she fucked herself. The binoculars were getting heavy in his hand but there was no question of him putting them down, they were giving him the best view that he'd ever had! Miranda began thrusting the dildo into her pussy faster and faster, and his hand picked up speed on his dick, feeling the orgasm starting to build in his balls as he watched her fuck herself.

Finally she slammed the dildo all the way in, the deepest it had gone yet and rubbed her clit furiously with her fingers as she thrashed in ecstatic orgasm; as her boobs bounced and her loud moans reached his ears, he shot his load, his dick throbbing in his hand. This was probably the best masturbation he'd ever had... how could it not be with the kind of stimulation he was getting? He sighed in completion as he finished cumming, his eyes focusing down on Miranda again.

The view had changed, the dildo was out of her pussy and she was standing so that he only could see her lower half... and she was facing the house he was in. Startled he brought the binoculars up to where she was looking straight at him.

"Did you like the show you sick fucker?!" she yelled up... cripes she looked angry. Jimmy felt frozen in place, he had no idea what to do... she'd obviously seen him, and really he was breaking the law... but damn, she'd been swimming around naked in her backyard! And masturbating! What guy his age was supposed to be able to resist watching that? Hell, with the way she looked, what guy ANY age was supposed to be able to resist that?

Flicking him off she turned and walked back towards the house, leaving him standing next to the window, binoculars in hand, completely stunned. His mind tried to figure out what had happened... had she known all along that he'd been watching her? In that case, why had she called him a sick fucker? If she'd been playing with herself just for his benefit then that would make her just as 'sick'... or so he thought anyway. Had he done something to make her notice? Moaned out loud?

Shaken and confused Jimmy put the binoculars down and retreated to the interior of the house, where there were no windows facing Miranda's.

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