tagInterracial LoveGirlfriend Meets His Roommates

Girlfriend Meets His Roommates


A college age girl goes to visit her boyfriend at college and stay the weekend. She is about 5'2 with brown hair, big full natural breast's, and though she is petite she has thick thighs and an ass that is thick and always gets the attention of the boys.

She hasn't met his roommates yet but when she gets there she is greeted by her boyfriend and he introduces her to 4 black guys 3 of which are his roommates and one that is just visiting his 'boys'. She didn't know his new roommates were all black and they were all pretty big and well built. She could tell that the black guy that was visiting was not a college student and looked more like a thug with his black under Armour cap and he seemed to be undressing her with his eyes and wasn't being discreet about it. She feels a little uncomfortable since she is only wearing a small tight white tang top and a pair of short cloth shorts that didn't cover much of her thick booty.

They do a little drinking and everyone loosens up a little. At one point the boyfriend goes to the restroom and the black guy who is visiting asks the girlfriend if she's ever been with a black guy and she and she says what do you mean? He smiles and says has any niggas been lucky enough to fuck your little white pussy. Is that clear enough for you? She starts squirming in her seat and for some reason she finds herself answering the outrageous question, No I haven't.

Later the boyfriend asks her if she wants to go upstairs and she agrees. Its been about a month since she last had sex since he's been at college and is horny as hell. All 4 black guys blatantly look at her tits and ass when she gets up and the visitor who has been very aggressive says you sure a white boy like you can handle all that girl by yourself. He gets a little mad and uncomfortable but she seems to smile and be sure he gets a good look at her ass cheeks hanging out of her short shorts. As they walk away he yells out "if you want some of this black dick just let me know". The boyfriend makes a racist comment about how black dudes act but the girl just says that he's just playing. They get in a small argument because the bf thinks she likes what he is saying and wants to take him up on his offer but she says she don't want to fight and takes off all of her clothes and lays on the bed. She starts playing with herself and realizes how wet she is from the black guys talking to her like they were. She grew up with rich parents and went to an all white school but she was turned on thinking about how taboo it would be for her to be with a black guy not to mention all the stories about their size.

He crawls between her legs and starts to eat her out. She is starting to get into it moaning and helping him out by spreading her pussy apart and playing with her big tits. She is usually pretty conservative so this is unusual for her to do especially when she starts to talk dirty telling him to eat her pussy.... All of a sudden they hear someone say i heard some strange noises coming from in here and wanted to make sure everything was ok. They turned to look and the black visitor (Damen) was standing in the room naked looking at the gf. The bf starts to panic especially when he notices that his gf hasn't quit playing with her pussy yet and was transfixed on his huge dick hanging between his legs. Damen gets a knowing grin on his face and starts walking closer to the bed where she is laying and the white bf is still between her legs but just looking up in disbelief. He is too scared to say anything because not only is this black guy about 6'2 250lbs and dark black but he is muscle from head to toe.

Damen walks up to the bed and starts playing with one of her big tits and leans over to suck it into his mouth. She lets out a slight moan and reaches one hand out to grab his huge black dick and starts to stroke it. The bf is confused, jealous, mad, and most of all surprised since he expected her to freak out when he walked in but now here they are. The bf finally manages to blurt out "what the fuck are you doing" and she looks down at him and says you always say you want me to be more open and try different things and now that I am you are getting mad. Then she lifts her head from the bed and takes about the first five inches of semi hard black dick into her pretty mouth then pulls it out and looks down at her bf and punches his head back into her pussy and tells him to keep eating her.

The bf reluctantly goes back to eating his girlfriend's pussy while she keeps herself busy sucking on the huge black dick. The bf hears his gf say "so I guess all the stories about black guys are true" and he just chuckled down at her. He is now grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth occasionally pulling the black cock out of her mouth and rubbing it all over her full pretty lips and face.

The bf looks up and asks the black thug if he thinks that's enough now. He laughs and says "you just keep eating that pussy and get it ready for me". Why don't you ask your girl here of she wants it to be enough. He didn't have to ask she answered first. "I don't want to stop I want to see what it feels like in me". He laughed and said she ain't fuckin with no white boy tonight he was gonna beat that pussy up and she moaned around his thick cock and came on her bfs tong.

After she came to senses a little bit she pushed her bfs face away from her pussy and her new black friend told him he could watch from across the room of leave but he wanted him off the bed. He chooses to watch which not even he understands the decision. The black thug stands beside the bed and put his gf on all fours facing him. He pushes his big dick deep into her wet mouth and reaches back to grabs both of her juicy ass cheeks smashing them and gripping them roughly while he is pumping his black cock into her willing mouth. He starts to get more aggressive telling her that's how a white girls supposed to suck nigger dick looking at her bf still stunned and turned on and tells him your girl has a good Fucking mouth and she responds by sucking him as deep as she can and slobbering heavily down his big tool. He pulls her off his dick by her hair and her mouth remains open hoping to be filled again.

He flips her around onto her back and pulls her to the edge of the bed spreading her legs wide exposing her bald white pussy to him. He grabs his throbbing slobbered cock and turns slightly so her bf can watch it enter her tight Lil pussy. He rubs it up and down her slit wetting his huge head then the moment she's been dying for he pushes in with a lot of resistance then the head pops onto her making her grunt and try to push away bit he has her by her hips and she has no choice but to take it. He pushes more and more into her with each stroke and she is moaning loud and telling him it's too big. He ignores her pleas and continues to feed it to her until he's buried with his heavy balls resting on her ass cheeks. She is already in a daze and he hasn't even started fucking her yet. You ready to get thug fucked girl? She manages to squeak out a yes as he starts pulling out and pushing his full length back into her now working her pussy aggressively and telling her bf he's gonna turn her into a black cock slut and really starts pounding her hard making her scream and moan ohhh fuck me fuck me like a slut!!!

He pulls out and lies on his back and orders her to "ride that nigger dick" and she straddles him and slides all the way down with her back to her bf he pulls her chest down to his somber bf can see his thick cock stretching her once tight pussy. She is bucking wildly moaning out of control and Cummings all over his dick and her bf can see the evidence running down his cock. He asks her if she's gonna give his boys some of this white pussy too and she replies I'll do anything just keep fucking me. He tells her to tell her bf to go get his boys and she complies by looking over her shoulder at him with an orgasmic look on her face and says go get every nigger you can find.

The bf and the other three black guys can hear her practically screaming from down the hall and when they get to the room she is on all fours her shoulders on the bed and her thick ass is in the air with the built black thug just pounding his huge black cock into her white pussy so hard and fast her ass cheeks jiggle with each thrust. He is fucking her relentlessly and she seems go loving this treatment and looks like she is having a constant orgasm and don't notice the bf and the other blacks watching and making comments about her. The black guy pulls out of her grabs her by the hair and swings her around so she on her side while he shoves his wet black dick into her mouth and unloads a huge load that she can't swallow and it explodes out of the corners of her mouth and onto her face. She lays there both hands between her legs holding her pussy as if she's sore. She's still moaning with her feet on the bed she is raising her ass into the air and back onto the bed with a dazed look in her eyes. She looked up and that's when she realizes she has three more to take care of. This is going to be a long weekend.

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The story is a sex fantasy.

Yes, the visiting black guy was depicted as a 'gangsta'. His 3 friends are depicted as guys who blindly follow the gang leader. Both are stereotypes. Period.

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