tagLoving WivesGite Ch. 02: French Gite Continued

Gite Ch. 02: French Gite Continued


The Village 02 - The Gite and Sex in Southern France

Authors note: If you want to know my vision of Monique, See the BBC 4 series Spiral, (Engrenages en francais) in France, Joséphine Karlsson, played by Audrey Fleurot. I Think of her as similar, but with blonde hair, younger of course, but just as determined.

The Gite is real, and last time I looked, was available for rent...

This is dedicated to glow worms.



"GOOD MORNING!" said Denise brightly, pulling open Beth's bedroom curtains, letting the bright French sunshine in. Beth opened her eyes, squinting, to keep the light out.

She looked at the space beside her. Empty.

"They left about six," Denise said, "they had some work to do." Denise looked at the dresser, at the money. "I see he did pay you, like I was. And left a tip too".

Beth looked at the dresser. There were the five 50-euro notes, laid flat, and another 50 note, folded in a Z standing up on top. Beth put her hand to her mouth, sitting up. "They don't really think we are ...?" She said.

"No," retorted Denise, "they know it's a joke, they just went all the way with it."

"Definitely all the way." replied Beth.

"It's nine am." said Denise, "I wasn't going to wake you, but they rang us just now."

"How?" interjected Beth. "The phone downstairs does not work, and they don't know our mobile numbers."

"Ah!" responded Denise, "The phone works now, somehow. Another mystery of this gite. Like where did the large towels come from last night?"

Beth looked pensive as she thought, and realised that they had appeared out of nowhere, somewhere outside the bathroom...

"Yes." said Denise, remembering the message she had to give, "We are invited to a meal at the restaurant, later this afternoon. Others will be there, and I said I would discuss with you and ring back soon."

Beth sat thinking. Denise started to speak and Beth put her hand up. "Please let me think." She said.

Beth said, "Do you think they will want... afterwards... to, er ... with us?" she stopped, not sure what to say.

"With a bit of luck!" said Denise, "Don't you want to? You were rather... enthusiastic about it last night, I seem to remember!"

Beth remembered, and sat there, looking at Denise. "I had a lot to drink." She said, helplessly.

"Try telling that to the priest, as an excuse," replied Denise.

Beth thought a little more. "I want to talk to Andrew," she stated, "and see whether he has... with Rachel. If he has, then I will... if not then I will have to... I don't know" she rambled, reaching for her mobile.


Andrew was in bed, asleep. He heard a phone ring near him, woke up and looked around. He was in Rachel's bedroom, Rachel lay beside him. His mobile was on his side table, ringing. He picked it up. Rachel woke, and sat up slowly. "Hello?" he said, quietly. "Oh hi! How are you?" a pause "No, I'm not at home..."

"Do not piss me about!" said Beth forcefully.

"OK," replied Andrew quietly, "I'm at Rachel's..." No hope now, tell the truth... "in bed with Rachel." he said.

"Oh! Thank god for that!" said Beth. Not quite the response that Andrew was expecting.

He looked at Rachel, who had overheard.

"She's alongside me, would you like a word?"

"Yes, please." replied Beth.

Andrew passed the phone over, his finger pressing the loudspeaker button, by accident as he did so. "Hi Beth," said Rachel, "so what was your French guy like?"

"Well, "said Beth, not realising she was on loudspeaker, "We started our meal, then these two were placed on a table just next to us, their wives were away, and we started chatting, then we joined the tables together. Eventually, they came back to the gite with a couple of bottles of champagne."

"Champagne?" said Rachel, looking at Andrew, "That is more than I got. Did you get flowers?"

"No," said Beth, "but it was late". Andrew made a mental note, flowers for Rachel today, and Beth when she returned.

Rachel took charge, hoping to hear what she wanted. Andrew looked at her with his eyebrows raised. "So... did you... er ... You know?"

"Yes" said Beth "twice, well twice and a half, really." Rachel wondered what 'a half' was, but decided to park that one for later. Rachel and Andrew looked at each other, with expressions of gratitude. "Can I talk to Andrew please." Beth quietly said.

"It's me." said Andrew, not knowing whether he should be joking, serious, or what.

"Thanks," said Beth. "The problem is that they have just rung Denise and offered to meet us this afternoon, and I didn't want to say 'yes' if you hadn't... Are you seeing Rachel tonight?" she asked brightly, as though Rachel and Andrew were going for a stroll.

"Well," said Andrew, looking at Rachel, "I haven't actually left yet, but I suppose I will soon. So, I will see if she invites me back." Rachel glared at him and started sliding her hand across to him, up his thigh, towards his cock, rotating her fingers as she did so... Reciting quietly an old nursery rhyme, quietly, so Beth would not hear:

Incy Wincy spider climbing up the spout

Down came the rain and washed the spider out

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain

And Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout again.

He tried to push her hand away, Rachel moved her hand around. She started a small hand fight with him, under the bedclothes, making spider movements with her fingers.

"Make sure you do," said Beth, "we don't want her neglected, do we?"

"No." said Andrew, trying not to laugh. "Look." said Andrew, trying to regain control of the conversation, and Rachel... "You are OK with all this, aren't you?" He said to Beth, "If not, we can stop this now."

"You are not going to stop me!" whispered Rachel.

"No, no, I want to carry on." said Beth.

"How's Denise?" said Andrew, hoping to divert Rachel.

"She's fine." replied Beth, looking at Denise. Denise nodded and held up three fingers, and half a finger. Beth wondered when the third one happened. She thought, and the second?

"Three and a half times she says." said Beth, happily. "We watched them in the shower, whilst we were in the bath."

"No holds barred." thought Andrew.

"Look," Beth returned, "this call will be costing me a fortune, so we are all OK with this, and you can call me tomorrow." They said their goodbyes, and ended the call.

Andrew allowed Rachel access to his cock, which was now becoming erect. Whilst she played, they discussed the call. Rachel understood. Beth had a wonderful evening and let herself go, then had doubts when the morning came, especially as she did not know what Andrew had done. Rachel was a little surprised, since Beth was fairly proper in her public attitude to sex, never even mentioning sex and being generally outraged at rumours of adultery amongst their acquaintances.

Andrew was a little surprised, when Beth had made the suggestion, of finding other partners, he was not sure that either she meant it, or would carry it out, if she had the chance. So, he had accepted the risk, that he would shag Rachel, and Beth would sleep alone. It had been good, he thought, that Denise was there, who was more outgoing, and had hinted at other sex partners before she married Colin.

Rachel broke his thoughts. "Once again, stop worrying about your wild wife, and deal with me" she whispered, "I think that we are a shag, or half a shag behind, at the moment. Only got a week to make up lost ground." She laid him down, with his cock sticking up, got up on her knees and straddled his thighs, she held his cock and raised herself up and forward. "Hold your cock for me." she said, and lowered herself down, enveloping him. She leant forward and kissed him. "Our turn." she whispered. He used both hands and fondled her breasts. She rose and fell on his cock. He tried to reach her clit, but couldn't. "Don't bother," she said, carrying on faster. "don't need it, but you will bring champagne tonight!" She got the rhythm going, the bed was creaking. "Damn bed" she said. "Need a new one. They only last for ten years of shagging, bit like husbands, really." She leant back, away from his hands, put her head back and groaned as she orgasmed. He came as her vagina spasmed around his cock. "Phew!" she said, as she lay forwards on him. He pulled her to him and ran his hands over her back, waist and bum. She lay on him and closed her eyes. He lay still, guessing she wanted just to lie there.


"So, we are on for tonight?" Denise asked Beth.

"Yes," said Beth, "I just wanted to make sure... I'm glad that I spoke to Rachel."

Denise said "Right, I'll go and phone them. Strip your bed, and bring the sheets downstairs, we'll wash them and put them back on later. I've done mine already." Beth did so, and took them downstairs. Denise was on the phone "Bye, see you later." she said, and put the phone down. "All done," she said, looking at Beth, "we go over at about four pm. It's an early meal, they are closed I think Sunday night."

"Fine," replied Beth, noticing that Denise was still naked, as she was. Denise took the bedclothes from Beth, put them in the washer, and switched it on. "Shall we make the beds?" suggested Beth.

"Not yet, let's have some breakfast." Answered Denise

"I'm not really bothered" said Beth, I'm just having an apple."

They sat at the table together. Denise poured some orange juice from the fridge.

"So, how was your night?" asked Denise, looking at Beth.

"Exciting." said Beth, after a pause. "They didn't waste any time, did they? Took us straight upstairs. He just gave me a hug and kiss, then stripped me, naked." She looked down, she was still naked. She had never been naked before anyone but Andrew, since she got married, well apart from doctors and hospitals. "He then got me to strip him." She paused, remembering what she had done, "Then... then I kissed the end of his cock and gave it a little suck!" I've never even done that for Andrew!" She blushed. Denise came around the table, stood Beth up and gave her a hug.

"Well done!" Said Denise.

"I saw you... later." said Beth. "What shall I tell Andrew?" she asked, in a worried tone.

"Nothing yet." advised Denise, seriously, recognising Beth's concern. "Just do it to him, when you get home."

"Should I tell him?" Asked Beth, still worried that she had gone too far.

"Up to you," said Denise gently, lowering her voice, "but with what we have all done, I think honesty and openness is the best way. No secrets. You know what he's done."

"Yes, but it gets worse. After we saw you, er, doing it in the shower, when we got back in the room he asked me to sixty-nine, and I said yes, just as though I did it all the time. I wanted to be like you, and be experienced with him. So, I did it to him, and he did me at the same time, with me on top of him." She rushed the words out. "And I enjoyed it, and took it all in, like you did."

Denise pulled Beth back to her and hugged her. Beth felt Denise's breasts against her, and looked down at their breasts squashed against each other. She looked up "I realised that it wasn't something dirty, so I thought I would try it. I thought that as I saw you two, and I want to do it for Andrew." Denise saw there was a tear in the corner of Beth's eye, and gave her a slow gentle kiss. Then pulled away.

"Well done," Denise said, "you did it for the right reasons."

Beth looked down again, "This is the first naked hug I have had with another woman." She said.

"Do you like it?" Said Denise.

"I think so." said Beth, slowly, and broke away.

"Look, I am still tired after our adventure, I'm going for a sleep until lunch time, how about you, Denise." she asked Beth.

"Good idea," replied Beth, "let's go up now."

Beth got to her room, the bed was bare, sheets in the washer. she went out of the room to get a spare set. She met Denise at the same task. Denise looked at her "Why don't we use the spare bed, in the room at the end of the corridor, and make these beds up later." Beth nodded and Denise led the way.

They got to the bed and stood, looking at it. "Do you sleep on the left, or right?" said Denise. they both laughed and got into the bed. "I've set the alarm for 2 pm, said Denise, that should give us enough time for showers and whatnot."

They fell asleep.

Beth woke up, wanting to pee. She realised that she was spooning with Denise, both on their sides. She smiled to herself, and thought it was natural, just like with her husband. Then she was shocked to realise that her hand was on Denise's breast, and what was worst, Denise's hand was holding it there! She unpeeled Denise's hand, slowly, so as not to wake her.

She returned from the toilet, and returned to bed, thought for a moment, got back in the spooning position, carefully, so as not to wake Denise. Lay a moment, noting that Denise did not move, and slowly returned her hand to Denise's breast. Denise slowly put her hand over Beth's, and squeezed gently. Beth realised that Denise was awake, and had some confusing emotions. She lay there thinking, and fell asleep again.

Beth woke suddenly, something had happened, she rolled over. Denise had gone! She could hear Denise downstairs through the open door. She lay quietly, wondering what was happening. She heard Denise coming up the stairs and down the corridor. She came in the room with two mugs on a tray, held gingerly in one hand, with the other arm behind her. "Did you hear the doorbell?" she asked.

"No." Beth replied carefully,

"It was Monique, the young waitress from the restaurant." Beth remembered, blond girl, 17, 18? "She brought us these, a 'gift from the gentlemen'." Denise brought out her hidden arm and displayed a large bunch of flowers, in a vase.

"What I didn't like, was that she gave me what I can only describe as a 'saucy wink'!" said Denise.

Beth laughed, "They are lovely." she said, red. blue and white they were, small, but delicate, 'like cornflowers,' thought Beth.

"Did you put something on to answer the door?" asked Beth.

"No," replied Denise, "I assumed it was a mistake, and just popped my head round the door, then I recognised her and as she was on her own, I let her in. That's when she told me her name. She told me that there will be several people at the meal tonight, about twenty, it's a family meal."

"We are not going to meet their families, are we?" said Beth in surprise.

"Looks like it," said Denise, offhandedly, "so what, we are never going to meet them again, they can gossip about us as much as they want." Denise got into bed, and started drinking her tea. "Drink it before it goes cold" she said to Beth.

"The only place things go cold here is in a fridge." said Beth. They finished their tea and lay down, on their backs. "Denise." said Beth, and stopped, not knowing what to say next.

Denise said quietly, "You want to talk about waking up with your hand on my breast?"

"I didn't mean to." said Beth, "I just woke up, and it was there, with your hand on mine."

"Yes." said Denise, "I put your hand on my breast, I wanted it there, I don't know why, I just did."

There was a long silence. Beth rolled over, facing Denise, "Have you ever been with a woman?" she asked.

"Only once," replied Denise, turning over to face her "at university, my friend and I had been out drinking, and we got back to our room, and started talking about two friends of ours, girls, who were gay, and we had seen them kissing, outside the bar." She paused and continued, "So we decided to give it a try, out of curiosity, we called it 'our female one-night stand'. There was no love, just friendship and a bit of fun."

"What did you do?" asked Beth, "Sorry, do you mind telling me?"

"No," said Denise, "I'll tell you. It was just the way I did it with boys, we sat on the edge of the bed and I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her, then we played with each other's breasts for a while, until we both felt aroused. As we were girls, we could talk about it. Then we put our hands up each other's jumpers, then unclipped each other's bras. We laughed, because we were much quicker at it than boys." She paused, and carried on. "So, I said 'this is silly' and we stood up and stripped each other, and had our first naked embrace with another woman." She paused again, then carried on "Then we got into bed and had a good old session with open mouth kissing and tongues, fondling of breasts and running hands over each other's bodies, all of our bodies." She said, looking at Beth and stopping.

Beth looked at her, "Go on" she said, quietly.

Denise carried on "Then we rubbed each other's clits and fingered each other's vaginas until we came." She finished. "We fell asleep, like you and I did, spooning," she said, "then when we woke up, we had another session and sixty-nined, with tongues." she added rather unnecessarily. "We never did it again, or wanted to, even though we sometimes talked about it. We never spoke to others about it, but I did tell Colin."

Beth stared at her. "Wow!" she said, "I never would have guessed." And paused, nearly said something, then stopped. She looked at Denise.

Denise looked at Beth. "Shall we try?" she whispered.

"Why not?" said Beth, reaching for her.

"Have you ever used a vibrator or dildo?" whispered Denise, putting a hand on Beth's chest.

"No!" replied Beth. Denise got up and left the room, as she reached the door, she turned and smiled at Beth, walked on then returned holding a small cloth bag.

Denise got back into bed, with the bag, "Don't talk, just enjoy." she said, putting one finger on Beth's lips and reaching for her.


Afterwards, they snoozed for a while, holding each other saying nothing, nothing to say.

The alarm went off, "Two pm." said Beth, "Let's shower."

"No point in being separate," said Denise, "not now."

They went into the shower room next to the spare bedroom. Beth looked at Denise. "Why last night didn't you use this room for a shower, and not the other bathroom, which has a bath and shower?"

Denise looked puzzled, "Jerome took me in there, perhaps he didn't realise that there were two bathrooms?"

"Yes, perhaps so." replied Beth.

Denise looked at Beth, at her pubic hair, Beth felt like covering herself, embarrassed. "Do you ever shave?" said Denise, pointing at Beth's pubic hair.

"No, I've never, never done that. Never had to... to look... sexy... I have trouble fighting Andrew off, not encouraging him!" She finished.

Denise looked at her "This is different, you now have a French lover, who you have to encourage. Believe me, sex is a lot better with a man who feels you are sexy and wants you for that, rather than someone who does it on a Saturday night, when you are both pissed!"

Beth looked at her, stunned. "Yes," she said, "I see what you mean."

Denise looked at her "Stay there, I'll get the razor."

Beth looked down at what Denise was doing. "She's gentle and careful," she thought "will it excite him? I'm going to find out..."

Beth turned the shower on, adjusted it and got in. Denise came back with soap, shampoo and towels, put the towels down and joined her. "I enjoy showers together," Beth said, "but previously only with my husband."

Yes" replied Denise, "it's a lot easier when someone else can wash your back."

"And front." said Beth turning the water off and soaping Denise's breasts. Denise returned the favour. They turned each other round, and washed each other by hand. They shampooed their own hair, and left it soapy for a moment as the embraced and kissed. "Wow," said Beth "mustn't get too used to this!"

"Better with a man." replied Denise.

"Yes, we saw you enjoying yourselves last night." said Beth, smiling. "Did you realise that we held off making love whilst we listened to your first time, last night?"

"So that was it," said Denise, "we thought you had done it at the same time as us, then had a quick second go!"

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