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Giving It Up


Do not read further if you are under the age of eighteen or are otherwise prohibited by law to view sexually explicit material.

Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without express consent from the author (me!).

This is my first attempt at writing something like this. I hope you enjoy it. Like most authors, I appreciate any comments/emails if you appreciated the story or have constructive suggestions.


It was an otherwise ordinary summer day when a peculiar incident happened to a very unsuspecting individual. The details of this man are unimportant. You could imagine any man in his place, including yourself (assuming you're a man); the story would unfold without much difference. The end, at any rate, would always be the same. So picture any man you wish.

We find our fellow on this day walking through a forest. Although it is not some thickly wooded labyrinth where one is hopeless to find any sensible direction, it is not so sparse and well-traveled as to already have a trail. In essence, it is a pleasantly untouched stretch of nature where one can get lost (but not too lost) in the joys that the earth gives us.

He has been hiking for several hours. In all honesty, he has completely lost track of time. It is a perfect day for a nature walk: the sun shines hotly and brightly above, but due to the trees, comes down only in parcels of beams. This both keeps the temperature at a perfectly comfortable level, but also plays a beautiful effect upon the scenery. The miles of untouched greenery is pleasing enough on its own, but being able to recognize every ray of sun that pours through gives an observer that much more appreciation for what it seen. Suffice to say, the scenery was enough to keep the man lost in his thoughts.

On the whole, this is by no means particularly interesting (except, of course, for the man). Under normal circumstances, he would eventually decide he had had enough, and head back out of this slice of Eden. However it is at this juncture where things went in an utterly unusual direction.

For the last half hour or so, he had heard rustling around the foliage off to his sides and to his rear. Assuming it was probably just birds flitting through the leaves, or at its most interesting perhaps a rabbit, he did not particularly think much of it (as one is prone to hear all kinds of noises in a nature untouched). Yet finally the situation changed when he heard a louder rustling and something that sounded like a sigh.

Thinking at first it was the wind, he nevertheless turned to see what was there. What he beheld put him in such a stupor that most could not understand it. There stood a woman of the utmost beauty that, in all honesty, cannot be remotely described with any kind of justice by this author. In age she looked to be young, perhaps somewhere in her twenties. She was thin, yet still had all of the remarkable curves that drive men to lust and women to envy. She had long, dark hair, which would almost appear to be black, but was revealed to be a kind of auburn brown when the sun hit it. It flowed down her back and shoulders, with wisps hanging suggestively, as if pointing, to her breasts.

Her skin was dark, like the natural tan one might find in those pleasant tones in South America where the Portuguese mixed with the natives and produced children lovelier than both. Her eyes also were dark, yet there was something youthful and exciting in them which made them sparkle. A smile of mischief, innocence, and bashfulness graced her face; her teeth lightly biting her lower lip in a way that was both childlike and seductive.

The only garment she wore was some kind of gossamer skirt around her waist. It covered her essentials and draped slightly down one leg to the knee, while leaving the thigh of the other completely exposed. She stood like this, hands clasped behind her back, chest slightly jutted out with that smile and curious look, shyly but intently staring at our man.

For his part, he was at a complete loss of wits. His heart first skipped a beat, and then pounded in his ears immediately. His jaw hung loosely open as if he had some thought to say something, but clearly hadn't a mind to know what that thought was. Sweat gathered in his palms and began to collect on his forehead. He was also painfully aroused.

It was not just lust at seeing this beautiful creature. In fact, if pressed to describe his emotions, he would not be able to come up with, or at least narrow down, anything. Every positive sensation one could ever feel towards another were somehow jumbled together. He was lost in absolute awe, like one thunderstruck with complete and total adoring love. She appeared to him as cute, beautiful, sexy, elegant, innocent, not-so-innocent... she projected all the facets that we typically ascribe selectively to different people, but never in one being, and never at the same time.

Before this moment, the man had a life. As prefaced earlier, it does not matter what his life was: whether he was single, married, dating, had a career, had a family... Whatever existence he had up to this point followed had, in this instant, began melting into the background. This girl consumed his mind.

She then slowly began to approach him. Placing one bare foot in front of the other, seductively swaying her hips (yet still innocently biting her lip), she advanced little by little, never looking away. The man stood there, still paralyzed in wonder, until she stood before him. His mouth was dry. He blinked hard and swallowed; his heart now beat somehow harder than before and he heard a slight ringing in his ears. A part of him feared he might pass out, but still he stood transfixed.

She unclasped her hands and gently grabbed each of his, which heretofore had simply floated in the same position that they were in when he first laid eyes on her. Her hands were small, yet with great assuredness guided his to her waist. He now held her on those lovely curves where the waist bends inward to form that classical hourglass stomach. Despite his clammy hands, upon touching her flawlessly soft skin, his own palms suddenly calmed and felt natural on her.

Releasing her hands from his own, she reached one hand around and gently held the back of his neck. Her other hand imperceptibly slid underneath his shirt and ran deliberately up his stomach to rest on his chest. This had the twin effects of both pulling his head toward her while keeping him firm by holding his torso at bay.

Her fingers gently scratched the back of his neck, which calmed his nerves, yet his heart still pounded against her other hand. Through this he was more aroused than he ever thought he could be in his life. He bulged so hard that he hurt, but the sensation of his skin on hers, and vice versa, distracted him.

Although this position only lasted a few moments, the time seemed immeasurable to him. At long last (and at the same time, too soon), the reverie was broken as she opened her mouth to speak. With confidence, and louder than he expected (for the rest of the world seemed to have fallen silent around him), she said, "I want you."

Even though it was only three little words, her voice was like some kind of song. She spoke with an unidentifiable accent that sent shivers down his entire body. He again blinked hard as she stared deeply in his eyes. Then, her brief buoyancy was suddenly replaced by that seeming-innocence and shyness. She broke eye contact and looked down at his feet, as if submitting to him. "Do you want me too?"

He trembled. In some other world, perhaps he could have resisted this situation. For an instant he regained some semblance of composure in his mind. Some part of him was certain, without any doubt, that if he said yes, he would abandon everything and everyone he knew. Had he been able to deny this woman, she would have had no choice but to disappear back into the woods, rejected. However, as said before, there was not a chance under this sun that that would have transpired.

Swallowing again, he tried to croak out a yes, but instead found himself give a weak nod. She felt the movement with the hand on his neck and looked back up into his eyes. Her face was one of pure joy: her eyes wide with pleasure and her mouth slightly open in a knowing smile.

She then reached up and pressed her lips against his. The sensation was something like feeling fireworks for the man. He closed his eyes, yet felt a multitude of colors flash beneath the lids and blind him anyway. It felt as if electricity was surging through his body and tickling every nerve with a pleasure that made him believe as if he was floating.

The kiss was separated and he felt his arms rise up above. Then he felt both her hands run over his chest, sides, and stomach. A kiss on his abdomen forced him to open his eyes and look at her again. He was now shirtless, and she was kneeling, running her hands over him, her face level with his waist. Yet even though she lowered herself to him, he could still feel that she was wholly in charge of the entire experience.

Next, she deftly worked his belt and pants. Gripping beneath his boxers, she pulled down everything and released him. He felt at once both relieved, as rescued from a prison, and also incapacitating anticipation for his cock to be touched. As for her, she smiled wide when seeing it bounce free of the clothes and breathed a sultry yesss.

The next thing the man knew, she had gotten up and pressed her entire body against his. Then he was falling, with her on top, onto his back. Somehow the impact of hitting the ground did not hurt him at all. He simply let out a slight "oof", which was drowned out by the girl giggling melodiously. She impressed onto his lips another passionate kiss, then placing her hands on his chest, pushed herself up onto his lap.

Without any ordeal or warning, she impossibly slid her body in a fashion that pushed his throbbing member into her. It glided in perfectly; she was clearly aroused. As it happened, he let out, "Oh God!" as this simple movement had felt better than even any sensation he had experienced in life. He tried to lift up his head, but the pleasure being too great, he dropped it back onto the ground and lay there.

She then rocked on him gently, yet firmly. He managed to get control of his hands and run them over her body. He cupped her ass, slid up her beautifully long, tan stomach, and cupped her breasts. As for her, she simply kept her hands on his chest, pushing lightly to give her leverage to move on him as she pleased.

This did not last particularly long (yet longer than he would have expected, considering the pure ecstasy he was feeling) before he realized he was going to reach an orgasm. He shut his eyes and bit his tongue, trying to hold it off, but it was useless. She did not let up at all, as if not caring about his concerns, and continued to rock. With a grunt and a sigh, his entire body shook without control as he came into her. He pulsed harder and longer than he ever had before, indeed more than he thought was possible. The orgasm racked his body and his hands simply trembled and fell to the ground, almost as if he was seizing from pleasure.

Before he had a chance to grow limp, the girl's hands left his chest. She lightly traced her nails down over his abdomen, tickling him as they went, and then pressed down on his pelvis just above the base of his penis. An alien sensation spread out from this touch to which the man did not know how to react. He was then further stupefied to realize that in doing this, he became as fully hard as he was when they began. His mouth was agape in wonder. He grabbed onto her hips with a force and control that had otherwise escaped him since he laid eyes on her. She placed her hands back on his chest and began riding him more earnestly than before.

With a sense of her rhythm, he helped guide her hips with his hands and did his best to push up as far into her as he could. He was greeted with soft moans of pleasure and approval that escaped her mouth. Her eyes were now closed, her head hanging limply down and she focused all her attention on the muscles in her legs and the sensations between them.

Her enthusiasm had such an effect on the man that without warning he found himself exploding inside her again, with the same force as before. This time, however, he managed to continue to hold onto her hips as she bucked on him. He found that he did not need her magical touch to keep hard; somehow he knew and felt that he could continue to sustain his passion. Having no idea how this was possible, and not having the will to even care, he simply gritted his teeth and tried to keep up with her mounting efforts.

Time seemed to fade away as to not have any inherent meaning anymore. He had no sensations except for the pleasure of the sex he was experiencing. He continued to have orgasms, but never fell limp. Although he could feel that the rest of his body began to grow weaker and weaker, his cock remained strong. It was as if any energy he had was drained into the one purpose of filling this woman.

He was completely soaked in sweat. For awhile he cried out in pleasure as she rode him harder and harder, but now he simply lay there, accepting the pleasure with unbridled lust. Her body finally began to glisten with sweat as well; a light sheen that somehow made her glow and look even sexier than before. Her hands pressed harder and harder into his chest, occasionally she would clench them and her nails would dig into his skin, drawing trace amounts of blood. She was not truly aware of anything but that of him that filled her. With complete desperation she focused on her own pleasure, her need for release was more than can be illustrated. It was simply a yearning desire that was greater than a starving hunger.

Her head now jerked up, facing the sky. Her mouth was agape, her moaning escalating into grunts. Finally her body began to shake and she knew she was about to be fulfilled. She pressed down on his cock as hard as she possibly could, no longer riding him, but impaling herself on him. She pressed her hands into his chest so hard that, were he not in senseless rapture, would have caused him enormous pain. Her eyes briefly fluttered open and her moaning stopped as she crushed him, but only for a moment. They were then clamped shut and she screamed as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

She did not rock, but grinded against the man without mercy. At her scream, he felt an orgasm more powerful than any he had already experienced from her burst out of him. As they came together, she began chanting, "Yes! Yes! Finally!" Some strange sense of relief swept over the man as she found release, as if he fulfilled some purpose greater than himself.

He could no longer feel any part of his body except for his hardness. With her orgasm, he felt as if he was being swept away in a breeze. His mind was leaving him as he literally began to fade away. What he could not see was that as she pressed her hands into his chest harder now, they were actually pushing through his body, turning it into a green and golden dust that floated away. This spread out from his chest and affected his entire body; he was dissolving into this mist. The last part of him to disappear was his cock, which like the rest of him, dispersed away once the girl rolled off and onto the ground in complete exhaustion.

She lay like that alone for some time, breathing hard and letting the sweat, among other things, trickle off her body unto the leaves and moss below. Total satisfaction overwhelmed her and she sighed. Eventually she raised herself and looked at her surroundings. Her face glowed heavenly, as is always the case after a woman is truly pleased. Her body still tingled from pleasure that radiated out from between her legs.

All that was left of the man now was the clothing that he once wore. Seeing it, the girl smiled and giggled. Her look was at the same time innocent and mischievous. Of course she knew exactly what she had done and what would happen. But she needed it. Her supernatural pleasure could only come at the complete and total willing sacrifice of another. She was addicted to it, and she always got it.

She now playfully skipped into the shadows and disappeared from sight. Content, happy, at ease with her longing, she would not again reveal herself until her addiction nagged at her again. Eventually she would feel that ache between her legs, the heat would overcome her body, and she would search for another to surrender for her pleasure.

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