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Giving Over


The following is a work of fiction. It is based on a long standing fantasy and inspired by a certain Miss who Intrigues me to no end. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

I had never met her, but I knew her so well. We had communicated via the internet for some time, and the amazing way our minds melded together during our long “chats” was nothing short of amazing.

She had come to realize and appreciate her predilection towards the dominatrix inside her, and for my part, I was just discovering the submissive soul within.

We would carry on these long discussion via email or chat engines that would carry on for days. Sometimes we talked about pop culture, or politics, or music, or history. But my favorite conversations by far were the ones we had about sex and the dom/sub relationship. We would break it down beyond the surface and really explore what steered someone towards one or the other, and further what made some people embrace the life style, while others ran from their own desires. We would exchange emails for days discussing how freeing it was to break down the barriers and give in to the carnal desire that threatened to burn so hot as to consume a person.

On a hot, muggy, summer night, I shut down my computer, and turned off the light. The windows were open and a slight breeze blew threw the room, cooling my skin where the sweat glistened and ran down my body. I had been composing an email to … lets call her Karen. I had espoused my belief that we should meet. That our conversations had reached a point where we would have to explore our interests in person if we were to take it “to the next level” I hadn’t heard from her in a few days, but that wasn’t uncommon. The real world often applies its own restrictions on how involved a person can be with their virtual lives.

I stood and looked down at my damp skin. Wearing only a pair of boxers in order to beat the heat, I had still worked up quite a sweat just sitting and thinking of Karen and all the things we could do together were we to actually meet.

Without thought, I bent and stripped my shorts from my body. As I stepped out of them, I knelt on the floor. Moonlight bathed my body as it streamed through the window. In my minds eye, I was kneeling before Karen. Head bent in supplication, awaiting her command. I could almost hear her telling me to lean forward and kiss her feet. The delicate bones of her foot underneath my wanting tongue. I could imagine her directing me to bathe her with my tongue, and I knew I would readily agree Spending minutes, hours, using only my mouth and fingers to explore her body.

In my fantasy, she would be dressed in cutoff jean shorts with a black, lace, bodice above.

Karen would have me remove her clothes. Teasing me by making me do it slowly.

In the real world, my firmly erect cock swayed in the moonlight as my fantasy played out in my mind.

After having me service her, I imagine Karen directing me to the bed. She has me lay down and she ties me to the four corners of the bed with silken scarves.

As I begin to envision all that follows, my hand, unbidden, begins to stroke my straining cock. As I kneel in the moonlight, fantasizing about this amazing woman and all the things we could do together, I orgasm, and cum harder than I ever thought possible.

Jets of warm jism shoot up onto my belly and chest as I revel in the thought of being with Karen in real life.

We have discussed this before, so I know I am not mistaken in my belief that if she were here, Karen would direct me to wipe the cum from my body with my fingers, and feed myself slowly. The taste of my sweat mixed with my hot semen is so erotic that my cock jerks and I cum once more.

I lay on the floor, in the light of the moon, and just luxuriate in thoughts of my internet mistress.

Eventually I rouse from my erotic musings and make my way to my bedroom. The light from the waning moon is more than enough to see by so I do not turn the lights on.

I make my way to the bathroom by feel alone, I run a nice hot shower and step in.

In the murky darkness of my shower, I close my eyes and soap my body, all the while thinking of Karen. When my soapy hands move down to my rod, which has once again become painfully erect, I begin stroking my cock to thoughts of Karen riding my prone body. I know from our conversations, that she would not allow me to cum until she was ready, so I restrain my self from reaching orgasm. Doing what I know she would want brings me great pleasure, and as I turn off the water and step out of the shower, I am proud and happy that I am a good sub.

I towel off and lay down upon my bed. I sleep on a bare sheet. I like to sleep nude, and because I rarely use the A/C, I don’t use any covers during the summer months.

I fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, my body clean and my desires satiated, for now.

3:00 a.m.

I am pulled from my slumber by a slight rustling noise. I lay still and quiet, unmoving in the semi darkness.

I hear a scratching noise, and a small flame erupts at the foot of my bed. Flame meets wick as candles are being lit all around my bedroom. I watch through half lidded eyes, at first unsure if I am truly awake or dreaming. After I begin to feel the temperature in my already over warm bedroom rise, I realize I am not asleep, but I remain still as I need to figure out what is going on before I move.

A dark figure moves about my room quietly, lighting candles in a slow methodical way. Finally, when twenty or so candles are lit, the figure turns towards my bed.

The orange glow of the candles reveals soft, shoulder length blonde hair and a slim figure. This night time intruder is clothed in black, and the garment appears to be thin or made of lace, as I see hints of skin here and there. Shadow obscures the face of my visitor as he, or she, begins to move towards me.

I suddenly feel completely vulnerable, lying naked as I am on a bare sheet. My shaved balls draw up tight against my body in some instinctual defense posture. My cock too shrinks up tight to my now sweating groin area.

I take stock of my surroundings, and realize I am lying spread eagle on my back, as defenseless as can be in my unclothed state.

I try to draw my arms and legs towards my body as I begin to turn on my side. I am trying to maintain my ruse of sleep, but it is no use.

As I turn, my arm and leg refuse to obey my body’s command. It takes about two seconds for my mind to come to grips with the fact that I am tied down! My arms and legs are securely fastened to the four corner posts of my bed by some sort of very soft cloth. The cloth is so soft in fact, that until I tried to move, I had not even known I was restrained.

My intruder speaks for the first time. “Uh-uh”, a feminine sounding voice. “You will not move unless I tell you to. And then you will only move as I allow, and only in the way I desire”

I had never heard this voice before, but I knew exactly who it was. Karen!! She had finally come to me. That is why I was unable to reach her for the last few days.

Instantly, my body’s defense mechanisms relax and my shrunken cock begins to rise to its full stature.

As my visitor notes this, she reaches down and grabs my cock and squeezes…hard.

“THIS you will keep under control unless I say other wise” she says sternly.

Amazingly, my body is so in tune with my submissive side that my burgeoning erection wilts until my penis is laying on my abdomen, as docile as I.

“How shall I begin?” Karen says.

She leans over me and I see her face for the first time in real life. She is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I had seen her pictures of course, but had no idea that the mere sight of her face could have such an effect on me. My heart races, my blood pounds through my body like a raging river.

“You are a miserable little slut, aren’t you?” she asks, and I know the correct response.

“Yes mistress”

“You are my slave and will obey any command I give, is this not true?”

“Yes mistress”

She reaches down and cups my balls with her warm hand, “and these? Who do they belong to?”

“You mistress”

“And this?”, she grabs my cock,”who does THIS belong to?”

“You mistress”

With no warning, and no preamble, she pushes the first two knuckles of her fore finger into my tight sphincter. “And this?”

“Yes mistress, that also belongs to you” I pant.

My excitement is almost too much to bear ad my body fights every instinct and my cock remains flaccid.

“I believe you will serve me well slave” Karen hisses. “ I will have some fun now. You will neither speak, nor will you cry out or attempt to move while I am playing, do you understand?”

“Yes mistress”

With this, she reaches down and pinches my right nipple between here thumb and forefinger. I have very sensitive nipples, which she knows, and the feeling is electric. She moves to my left nipple and pinches even harder. I fight my impulse to move under her touch, and bite my lip to keep from crying out.

She leans over and I feel her teeth on my right nipple as she continues to pinch and twist the left. She bites me, hard. Not hard enough to do any real damage, but I know I will be bruised. I am in heaven.

She lets her tongue trail down my body until her mouth hovers over my soft penis. I can feel her hot, moist breath when she says “ You had better not let this pathetic prick get hard”.

And then she takes my cock in her mouth. Because of the flaccid state of my dick, she takes the entire length in her mouth. It is hot, it is wet, and it is divine. I must concentrate to keep from becoming aroused. This in itself is turning me on more than I thought possible.

I feel her hand cup my balls and squeeze. The pain/pleasure is exquisite. Before I begin to lose control of my desires, she stands, my soft cock flopping back onto my abdomen with a wet sound.

“Time to show me how much you enjoy mye being here slut” she says with glee.

She climbs up onto my oversized bed. She is straddling my chest and I can see for the first time that she is indeed wearing black. A black, silk, onesie with a lace bodice, and a slit in the crotch. Her erect nipples peer out through openings in the bodice, and I see the swollen lips of her shaved vagina showing through the opening in the silk crotch.

She leans down over me, supporting herself with one arm, she grabs a handful of my hair with her free hand, and painfully forces my mouth to her breast.

“Suck my nipples slut, do it right or else.” She commands.

I do as she says, taking first one and then the other nipple in my salivating mouth. I suckle like a newborn and then begin to nibble and bite like I know she likes.

Her body begins to undulate against my chest as she becomes more and more turned on.

“That’s a goooood boy. A very good boy, would you like a treat?” she asks

“Yes mistress” I murmur around the soft flesh in my mouth.

She releases my hair and slides up my body. Our sweat mingles in the most delicious way as she moves. Finally she comes to rest with her beautifully fragrant pussy right in front of my lips. She rises onto her knees and lowers her body until I feel her swollen pussy lips touch my mouth.

I know better than to do anything until she tells me, so I remain motionless. She glances over her shoulder to ensure herself that I am in control of my body, and then she orders me to begin licking her pussy.

I do this slowly, taking my time to touch and taste ever centimeter of available flesh. I know Karen likes this because she has described this scenario to me many times. As she begins to get more and more worked up, her movements become more frantic. She begins to grind her flowing vagina into my face with wild abandon.

“Eat me you pussy boy! Eat me you slut!”

Everything she screams at me pushes us both further and further into the deliriousness of total release from societal morays.

“Suck my clit you cunt…suck it!” she orders. And I do. Taking her swollen bud in between my lips, I suck and nibble on her clit until she begins to scream and buck against my face like a rodeo cowboy.

As the orgasm courses through her body, my cock rises unbidden and I am no longer in control of my desire.

I moan and whimper as she continues to roll and pitch on my open mouth. As she begins to come down, she glances over her shoulder once again and sees my cock standing at attention.

“I thought you were told not to let THAT thing stand up” she snaps.

“I am sorry mistress, but you are so wonderful I could not contain myself.” I plead.

“Well, since you apparently cant control your own cock, you will have to be taught a lesson. You will service MY cock slut, do you understand?” she queries.

“I am sorry mistress, but I do not understand” I whimper.

She reaches onto the headboard and grabs something that she must have put there before I awoke.

As it comes into view, I see that it is a large, black, strap on dildo. It has a protrusion on the back side as well that I barely notice before she lowers the head of the monster to my lips.

“Lick my cock slave. Do it NOW” she says loudly.

I open my mouth and allow her to shove the monster dildo past my lips and into my mouth. As she maneuvers the apparatus so that she may fasten the straps around her waist and under her crotch, the big black dick is turned and pushed and pulled into and out of my mouth in a way that excites me even more.

I look up to see the vision above me. My beautiful Karen, proud breasts jutting out, smooth flat silk covered stomach, slim hips and this huge black cock. I almost came right then.

“Okay bitch, time to start sucking. “

She leans over me and rams the big dick in my mouth. I feel it hit the back of my throat causing my gag reflex to hit. The additional saliva coats the fat dildo and she begins to fuck my face in earnest. The harder she does this, and the further she forces this fake phallus into my throat, the more I get turned on.

I come to realize at some point that the protrusion on the back side of the strap on is to stimulate my mistress clit, and it must be working because she begins to moan and gyrate again in a way that lets me know she is once again experiencing orgasm.

“Get it good and wet pussy boy, you will be happier if you do” she says cryptically.

After another minute or two, she pulls the dildo from my mouth. I almost cry out because I want her to continue to fuck my face until she comes again.

“Now its time to see if you are real or if you are just a part time sub” Karen whispers, almost to herself.

She slides down my body until she is off the bed completely. She does something to the restraints on my wrists, and suddenly I have a lot more freedom, although I am still ties to the bed. She unties my legs completely and directs me to slide down the bed.

I do this until my legs are dangling over the foot of the bed and my ass is resting right on the edge of the foot.

She stands between my legs and leans over. Once again she takes my cock in her mouth. This time I am fully erect and she only takes about half, it is enough though. I almost cum right then.

Just as suddenly, she removes her mouth from my cock.

“No slave…not yet. Not yet” she whispers

:”Please mistress” I hear myself whine,” I am about to explode”

“Shut up you whiney little bitch!” she barks. “I decide when and IF you cum”

“Yes mistress” I meekly reply.

Karen reaches down and grabs something from the floor. Another toy perhaps? As she stands, I see she has a tube of something in her hand. She squirts a generous amount on her fingers and I feel her begin to coat my tight ass hole. The lubricant is cool, but warms quickly between her fingers and my rear.

As she begins to rub lubricant on the huge dildo, she looks at me and grins wickedly.

“Are you STILL my willing slave?” she says “or is the game too real now?”

I stare at her in disbelief. We had talked of this, but she knew I had never done anything like this before.

“No mistress, I am here for your amusement and enjoyment, use me as you will” I say this soft and low, but the excitement in my voice is unmistakable.

She moves closer, taking my legs one at a time and directing them over her shoulders. I feel her rubber cock between the cheeks of my ass and then pushing against my tight virgin hole.

Though my impulse is to resist, I fight that urge and actually push back into the big cock and Karen begins to slide it into me. Though her manner and words have been rough to this point, she is exceedingly gentle during this premier invasion of my ass.

Once she has the largest part of the length inside me, she stops.

“Okay you little cunt…time to make you mine”

Before she begins moving, the pain from the initial penetration begins to fade and a dull ache takes over. As she slowly begins to move the huge fake dick in and out of my tight ass, that ache becomes pleasure, and then as I watch my beautiful mistress begins to fuck me in earnest.

The glow from the candle silhouettes her perfectly. Her hands holding onto my thighs as she begins to thrust into me harder and harder.

I see the grin on her face as she says “You really are my little bitch aren’t you?, you love to have my big cock in your ass.” This last a statement.

“Oh yes mistress, yes, and yes, please fuck me…fuck me hard” I scream.

This she does, pounding my virgin hole like it was the last time she would ever be able to enjoy this.

My screaming and moaning draws her attention once more to my rigid cock. Her eyes become wide as she watches the effect her fucking me has on my cock which bobs and bounces with each stroke.

The clit tickler on the back side of the strap on must have been working her pretty good because as she continued to fuck me, that now familiar moaning began once more as she began to ratchet up to another orgasm.

As she came, she continued to fuck me, each thrust a punctuation on her own ecstasy.

As her orgasm began to cycle down, she opened her eyes and looked at me with undisguised hunger.

Pulling the dildo from my ass she once again leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. I knew that this time was for me, knew it in the way lovers know each others moods and bodies.

Karen began to swallow more and more of my cock. It only took seconds before I was cumming. With the restraint I had been practicing all evening, now that release had finally come, it was powerful. Thick, hot, ropes of cum shot out of my twitching cock.

I look down to see dribbles of cum escaping Karen’s lips.

As my orgasm subsides, and the last bit of cum is drained from my balls, Karen moves up over me and firmly plants her lips to mine. She forces my lips open with her tongue and we share my sweet cum.

She collapses on top of me and we both fell asleep.

When I awoke, I was untied. The sun was peeking through the curtains and all the candles were gone. If not for the pleasant ache in my ass, and the dried sweat and cum on my face and body, I would have believed it all a dream.

I heard the shower running and swung my legs off the bed and hurried to the bathroom.

As I swung the door open, she said “Well, my body is not going to wash itself, get in here, NOW!”

“Yes mistress.”

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