tagErotic CouplingsOnce Upon A Dream

Once Upon A Dream


It was late evening when she drove in the motel parking lot. She was tired, it had been a long day at work and her schedule had never had much playtime. Now things were different. She had known for weeks that she wanted to be with him and now it was finally their chance. She saw by viewing few car occupying the parking lot that her had gotten to the motel before her. They had already talked on the phone earlier that day and she knew which room had been rented, she pulled her car into the space marked with that room number and after fluffing her short red hair a bit, spraying on perfume, and checking her lipstick she walked to the door.

She heard his voice call out that the door was unlocked, so she opened it and walked inside the room. That was the first minute of her life that she ever believed in magic. The room had been transformed from typical sterile motel, into a intimate haven for lovers. Deep purple roses, her favorite, filled the corners of the room the scent meeting her before she ever closed the door.

"Do you like it, Sugar?" he asked as he pulled one of the roses from a vase and brought it to her.

"I'm overwhelmed," she breathed as she closed the door to look at her surroundings.

He gently kissed her stroking her face with the soft petals of the rose. He took her in his arms and held her for a second. Breathing in the scent of her perfume mixed with the roses, the smell giving him a heady rush of stimulation to his senses.

"I wanted our first time to be something that you would remember," he said, "something that would tell you how very special you have become to me."

She leaned against his body as she stared in awe at his work. The bed had been changed to soft satin sheets, champagne was being iced down on the dresser where two tall glasses sparkled beside it. Several rose petals lay on the pillows. Music played softly from a "boom box" setting on the floor. Candles lit the room and their flames danced and skipped about as she could feel her own heart beating in time with them.

He took her hand and lead her to the bathroom, again candles lit the room. A hot bath teaming over with bubbles awaited her. The motel towels had been replaced with huge soft cotton body towels that her had brought with him.

"I can't believe this," she said "I feel like a princess in a fairy tale."

"That's how I wanted you to feel, sugar," he answered, "and before this night is over I want to show you the difference in having sex and making love. I fully intend on being the best, the only and the last lover that you will ever need. Now let's get you into this bath to relax and close the doors to the rest of the world. This time belongs to only us."

"It's wonderful," she said looking into his eyes, "thank you."

"Sugar, you just have no idea of how wonderful it's going to be." he smiled at her. He slipped his hands around her and pulled her toward him. They kissed deeply. lips meeting lips, tongues roaming to seek and produce pleasure for the other, he could feel the heat of her body mold against his own. Her nipples already hard pushed against his chest through their clothing. He let his hands wander over her body while they continued the kiss. His lips moved from her mouth to her neck. He placed tiny quick kisses in the hollow of her neck while his fingers sought to unbutton her blouse.

He pulled the blouse from her arms, and unbuttoned her skirt letting it drop to the floor. He stood back to look at her. She had on a white lace bra, sheer enough that her could see the pink of her nipples through the material. Her stocking were tan, and attached to a white lace garter. She wore no panties.

"Looks to good to take off" he said.

"Mmmmm I promise to put them back on for you later." she whispered.

He unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. His hands covered them and he kneaded her soft skin. He lowered his head to take a nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling just a little before he kneeled before her to take off her stockings.

"Oh sugar," he said as he breathed in the smell of her soft moist sex, "I can't wait, I have to know what you taste like."

His fingers parted the red curls covering her mound and he could see just the tiniest bit of her clit protruding from the lips of her pussy. A sound somewhere between a sigh and a moan escaped his mouth, as his tongue tasted the very core of her sexuality. He felt her body tremble in response to his touch as he licked the warm wetness of pussy. He let his tongue travel the length of her slit and back again, sometimes using his teeth to nip at flesh surrounding it. She tasted like salty honey. His mouth found her clit and sucked it inside. He grasped her hips in his hands and began moving his tongue in and out of her, moving back to suck on her clit, until her could tell she was about to cum.

"Cum in my mouth, baby, let me taste you" he said "Don't wait, just fill me up with your sweetness."

Her body began to stiffen and her felt her wetness flow over his mouth. He heard her moan as she released herself into him. Waves of orgasms overtook her body and he continued to tongue her until they subsided.

"That sweetness, is to start to show you about making love" he said as he undid her garter, rolled down her stockings and helped her into the tub.

Both of them bathed and with still slightly damp skin, they returned to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed.

"I don't think that you are dry enough, darlin" she said as she moved toward him. She took his penis in her hand and began stroking the shaft up and down. He began to grow and harden in her hands. She kneeled before him this time and took his manhood into her mouth. He tasted clean. She licked all the way up and down his cock and then spread his legs so that she could reach underneath him and cup his balls in her hands. She stroked them gently as she suck on him, her mouth warming him and causing his erection to become fuller and harder yet.

She rotated between sucking and licking on him. Using her tongue on his cock the way a kitten laps up milk from a saucer.

"Oh yeah" he moaned as he shifted his body to give her better access. "Suck me baby, my dreams have been made of this for weeks now" He felt her hand under him again this time massaging the skin between this anus and the base of his cock. He throbbed at her touch, his cock jumping, he didn't think that he had ever been this hard in his life. Then he couldn't think only feel her hands on him, moving from his balls to his ass as she sucked and licked his cock. He could feel his balls tighten.

"Slow down baby," he breathed.

She began to lick his balls, giving his cock slight gentle touches with her fingers. She used her shoulders to lift his legs up giving herself freedom to touch and lick all of him. Her tongue circled around the sphincter muscles of his anus. He could feel the touch of her hands stronger on his cock as she masturbated him. It felt like she was all over him. His body was on fire. He knew that he wasn't going to last much longer until he came. Then her mouth was on him again, her tongue licking at the underside of the head of his engorged cock.

"Suck me, sugar," he said "I'm going cum in your mouth"

She sucked him hard, up and down, he felt his cock letting go and his cum shot into her faster than she could swallow it. It flowed out of her mouth and dripped down her face, but she continued to suck him until he had released every last drop into her.

He pulled her up on the bed beside him. Kissing her, tasting his own cum in her mouth. He held her close to him and for a time they drifted in and out of the peaceful afterglow of lovers.

She awoke sometime later to find that he was watching her sleep. His hand was on her left breast, thumb gently circling the nibble. She was already wet for him as she arched her body underneath him. He looked deep into her eyes and no words needed to be spoken between them. His hand slide from her breast down her stomach and between her thighs. She opened her legs for him as he slid two fingers inside her. His thumb found her clit and searched for the spot just under the hood that he knew would cause fiery sensations all over her body. She moaned aloud and rubbed her pussy against his hand. His thumb pressed harder and he began to move his fingers in and out of her.

"Do you like that, Sugar,?" he questioned.

"Oh yes, Darlin' it feels so good" she answered.

He stopped all movement but kept his fingers inside of her. Her pussy was tight around him and the muscles inside of her seemed to milk his fingers.

"Do you want more, baby,?" he asked, "You have to tell me what you want."

"Oh darlin finger fuck me, make me cum in your hand." she begged.

His fingers and thumb picked up their intensity again and he watched as her eyes closed. She arched her pelvis into his hand, riding him. Her breathing was hard and her breasts bounced freely as as she bucked against him.

"Oh yes, now," she screamed as she let the orgasm take over her body. She seemed to be free floating in space as she came against his hand time and time again.

He was hard and stiff, his cock throbbing, precum leaking out of the top. He rolled her over

"Get up on your hands and knees, sugar" he said.

She raised herself up to him. He could see her wet pussy wide open, moist from her cum. Her clit stuck out of her inner lips, pink and swollen. He used one hand to open her further and guided his cock home with the other hand. He thrust hard into her twice. He stopped after the second thrust and lay inside her. She moaned and moved against him, grinding her hips into his pelvic region. He held both of her hips in his hands, limiting her range of motion. Slowly inch by inch he began to draw himself out of her. Her moans turned to whimpers as she tried futilely to move against him. He left just the head of his cock inside her, using small thrusting motions in entered her, fucking her with only half of his cock.

Then he began his deep steady thrusts, all the way inside of her. He could feel her cervix against the head of his cock with each thrust. Her pussy squeezed him, it seemed like she was trying to draw him inside further still. He felt his balls began to tighten. His thrusts became faster, harder he felt the inside of her pussy start its contractions. She screamed his name over and over. His hot cum filled her so hard it was like water breaking through a dam. She couldn't hold it all, his cum mixed with hers and ran down her legs. His cock jumped and he shot another smaller time into her.

They collapsed on the bed. Heartbeats racing, breathing was almost impossible. They knew nothing in time or space for several minutes. He turned to her kissing her deeply. The champagne had gone untouched, the candlelight still flicked in the room and the rose petals lay crushed beneath their heads. She would remember this time. always as would he.

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